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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 31, 2019

Bizible Offers Great Insight Into Attribution Sources

Score 9 out of 10
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Bizible was used by the marketing, sales and business operations teams to determine the life cycles of prospects and new customers. This helped us answer questions about the journey prospects would take, and the average timeline of that journey, before they signed on with us. Previously, we didn't have much insight into the process and the attribution model only account for first and last touch, so Bizible was able to provide us with a more holistic view.
  • Providing insight into the behaviors of prospects and clients.
  • Allowing us to choose the attribution model that works best for our organization.
  • Giving us data to show which campaigns and efforts were making an impact during the buying cycle.
  • We could only look at activity at the contact level, but we really wanted to be able to see activity at the account level.
  • The ROI dashboard could be a little more user-friendly with easier filtering functionality.
  • It would be great if they had more integrations so we could get a more holistic view across all efforts, but that is most likely in the works.
Bizible was great for creating our multi-touch attribution model and allowed our marketing team to gain real insight into our online and offline marketing efforts. It integrated directly with Salesforce, as well, so the sales and Biz Ops teams were able to have access to the same information we were seeing which helped with transparency.

For us, it wasn't the perfect tool only because we tended to look at activity at the account level in Salesforce, but we could only view activity at the contact level within Bizible so there was a bit of a mis-match there.
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Aaron (Kelsey) Cole | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 05, 2019

Bizible changes how you think about marketing efforts

Score 8 out of 10
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We use Bizible to provide a more complex understanding of marketing attribution beyond a first touch model. Bizible integrates into our CRM campaign data to assess the value of a particular campaign against revenue yield. Therefore, Bizible redistributes the ROI (or, more appropriately distributes the ROI) of our marketing programs across campaigns which gives us a better platform for understanding the ROI of an individual plays, and which combinations of plays are most effective at yielding revenue from our growth programs. Our business model and the product has long, large deals at very large companies, and understanding efforts even against a relatively small sample size is immensely useful in optimizing our growth spend.
  • Bizible has a robust SDFC integration.
  • Bizible has several attribution models which can be deployed to suit your enterprise's own particularities.
  • Bizible allows you to look at the micro view (IE, understand attribution for a given opportunity) but also macro views (which types of campaigns are most effective).
  • Bizible doesn't backtrack particularly well- so it takes several months or quarters after implementation to get a firm grasp of your attribution.
  • Bizible's SFDC widget is slow loading.
  • Any analytics product can be misused to narrow a story or tell a biased one- and Biz is no exception.
Bizible is well suited for high touch, long sales cycles. It is ideal for deals with multiple stakeholders on the prospect side, and enterprises which use many different marketing channels ranging from digital to physical. I imagine it is not particularly useful when dealing with a first touch heavy transaction (high volume/low-cost interactions).
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 04, 2019

Bizible is a great tool, but be mindful of the setup and a potential need for data visualization software

Score 8 out of 10
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We use Bizible to help tie marketing efforts to revenue. Before, we were having difficulty connecting which efforts actually produced how much revenue, and what influenced revenue. Marketing ops brings this tracking into Tableau to help show ROI in reports so all stakeholders can see what is working and what isn't.
  • Ability to create custom campaign tracking for attribution.
  • Ability to use different attribution models to answer different marketing questions.
  • Their customer support is helpful.
  • There was a pretty steep learning curve to implement what our company needed.
  • The "Discover" section of Bizible isn't as useful as we had hoped. We really need something like Tableau to tell the story.
Bizible is well suited if you want to figure out which marketing programs/tactics are actually contributing to revenue, and if the return justifies the expense. Example, Initially we might do a tradeshow and only have 4 leads come from it. On the surface, it looks poorly but using Bizible we can see that these helped produce $2 million in revenue. This might be compared to a PPC campaign, which produced 100 leads, but only $100K in revenue was produced. We have a little more complex marketing setup and many of our channel partners can't report into our Salesforce instance, so it makes it difficult to track how effective these efforts are from a revenue standpoint. As mentioned, the Discover section isn't as helpful to me in campaigns, as I feel like I have to send it to marketing ops and tie it with other data to get the insights I need. Initially, I thought it would be a fairly robust self-serve item, but this didn't turn out to be the case.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 04, 2019

Best multi-touch attribution platform

Score 10 out of 10
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Bizible is being used to gain a better understanding of all touchpoints that occur during the customer journey to see how those tie to the sales cycle. It is being used by the Marketing organization currently, but will be expanded out to additional departments over time. The business problem it addresses is to better understand what channels, content, and more have the most and least impact to company revenue.
  • Reporting
  • Transparency
  • Customer success/onboarding
  • More detail in Discover dashboard
  • Simplify report setup
  • More APIs
Bizible is fantastic for gaining an understanding of every touchpoint that takes place across the entire sales cycle. It helped us to expand from using a last-touch model to see what other channels and content had a large impact that helped drive a lead to become an opportunity.
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Melissa Davies | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 06, 2018

Multi Touch Attribution on Steroids

Score 9 out of 10
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Bizable is being used to provide marketing insight and ROI reporting. Bizable allows us to track interactions across channels regardless if it's property - so we can see how many touches it takes before a person becomes "known". We also use it to track interactions on an account basis to support our ABM programs.

[It's] Multi touch attribution on steroids.
  • Tracking and reporting on buyer journey
  • Customizable shopping cart (when shopping cart is gated)
If you are marketing across different channels - Paid Search, Organic Search, Programmatic Display, Email, Third-Party, etc., in order to properly evaluate if its working and what are the highest performing buyer journies and ROI - specifically multi-touch - you need Bizable otherwise you are really only able to see what they did after they were known vs. what drove them to become known.
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Michelle Oliphant | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 16, 2018

Bizible is the Best

Score 9 out of 10
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I am part of the marketing team who manages Bizible for our organization. Marketing uses it primarily for reporting, specifically around how different channels influence our pipeline. The tool itself provides great insight into what's working and what's not, as well as helping us to identify trends and patterns. It is fairly easy to use, and as new integrations to different ad platforms are added, it's getting easier and easier. In addition, our rep Graeme, is so helpful and easy to get in touch with. Whenever we have questions, he responds right away! I will be curious to see how the Marketo integration influences the product.
  • Full circle reporting. This is notoriously important in marketing, and this tool makes it possible.
  • Great dashboards in Salesforce. With visual ways to see the data, everyone can understand it easily.
  • Creative ways to track different things (e.g. content performance). Again, it's so important to track performance of all elements of marketing, and this tool makes it possible.
  • Some of the input of cost is tedious, though it's getting better. Formerly there was only the AdWords integration and no social, though social is being adding over time.
  • Some elements of the system are less user friendly, such as adding channels.
For our use case, where we are attempting to justify our programs and spending, Bizible is really the best tool. I highly recommend it.
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Therese Flannery | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 23, 2018

Great tool for multi-touch attribution!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Bizible to track marketing activity and for multi-touch attribution of marketing touchpoints.
  • Marketing attribution
  • Multi-touch attribution models
  • Marketing analytics
  • Building custom reports can be difficult
Bizible is great when you have multiple marketing channels and want to track their effectiveness throughout the funnel. If you don't use many channels or market to prospects at different stages of the funnel, there is not as much need for multi-touch attribution.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 12, 2019

Amazing Tool for Lead Attribution

Score 10 out of 10
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Bizible is helping our organization better identify where our leads are coming from. We're able to track online touches better and have better attribution to channels. It's helping us know which paid channels/campaigns are actually performing and how our organic channels are performing. With better visibility, we're able to scale faster, make more informed decisions, and fix things quicker than before.
  • Organic search attribution.
  • Improved logic for multi-channel attribution.
  • Integrates easily with SalesForce.
  • .You need time to fine tune the system
  • We still haven't been able to setup multi-touch attribution.
  • Large data sets can slow the program down.
Bizible is great for providing better visibility and attribution to our demand generation team. This helps us know which leads are coming from which channels (paid, email, review sites, organic search, etc). We're able to better allocate our spend and optimize the channels that are providing the highest ROI and most recurring revenue.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 23, 2019

Learn what marketing channels are actually working

Score 9 out of 10
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We use Bizible on the marketing side of the house to help with reporting and marketing attribution. Recently we standardized our reporting and focus on a few key reports in Bizible rather than trying to look at everything. We understand in the marketing organization that to close a prospect multiple touches are needed and Bizible helps us report on those touchpoints and see the ROI from channels and campaigns.
  • Marketing Attribution.
  • In-depth reporting.
  • ABM functionality.
  • Great customer support and training.
  • Standardized out of pocket reporting.
  • Cost analysis.
  • Cohorted data.
I would recommend Bizible when trying to find a solution for marketing attribution. What Bizible has that its competitors don't is the ability for website tracking so you can see insights from your website in Salesforce, which is great for condensing reporting.
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Sarah Mayer | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 15, 2018

Attribute your marketing

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Bizible is being used by our Marketing and Sales departments to monitor what leads come in from what channel. This helps our Sales team to follow up with their leads in a more personalized way. This also helps Marketing put budget into our best performing channels, and also allows us to bring reporting back to management and finance to show what campaigns are working best.
  • Attribute inbound leads to a specific channel. This helps us see which channels perform best for our business.
  • Attribution reporting. I can use Salesforce reports to apply different attribution models to different touchpoints and have my percentage and revenue automatically calculated.
  • Paid ad optimization. Bizible automatically pulls in paid ad spend and calculates ROI.
  • Bizible's attribution window is only 30 minutes, so if a lead takes longer than 30 minutes to fill out a form, the attribution is incorrectly given to Web Direct.
  • Bizible's dashboard is not very helpful for reporting other than paid ad spend. Their dashboard is not a waterfall model.
  • Out of the box native Salesforce reporting still needs to be fully customized.
For marketing departments pushing multi-channel campaigns and are utilizing UTM parameters and accurate reporting, this tool would help you to attribute dollars to your campaigns. This is not a tool for smaller companies who aren't reporting on these metrics.
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Ryan Severns | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 21, 2017

Solid B2B marketing software

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Bizible is being used as the underpinning for all of our marketing analytics. From Salesforce integration that allows individual sales reps to see interactions, to ROI reporting on marketing spend, to deeper analytics to drive optimization. Bizible is primarily used by the marketing department, but has impact across all of the company. They deliver on B2B marketing analytics and multi touch attribution, both of which were key drivers of our decision making.
  • Multi Touch Attribution
  • B2B Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • UI
Bizible is good for any B2B company looking for marketing attribution, especially how all elements of marketing spend affect purchase decisions. This allows spend that is targeted through the entire purchase funnel to get rolled into ROI calculations.
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Alex Schutte | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 14, 2017

Bizible Removes a Marketer's Blindspots

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
I own the digital marketing for my company and recommended implementing Bizible to get more granular attribution tracking for our digital campaigns. The things that attracted me to Bizible were 1) true first touch attribution capabilities via the web script 2) a direct integration with Google AdWords to get attribution down to the keyword level 3) having several different attribution models at our fingertips 4) having the data live and report on directly within our SFDC environment. Bizible has allowed me to optimize my digital marketing dollars to create a full funnel strategy, reduce our advertising cost per lead, and increase deal velocity. Bizible is currently only used by the digital team, whereas the rest of the team uses standard SFDC campaign reporting and attribution via an SFDC app called Magic Robot. We are exploring ways to ezpand Bizible beyond just digital though.
  • Website tracking and true first touch attribution
  • Source tracking and UTM parameter identification/segmentation
  • Google AdWords integration
  • Being able to integrate with the SFDC Campaign Object
  • Easier ways to customize the Channel segmentation rules beyond requesting it from them
  • A way to limit the attribution window, i.e., if we only want to credit touchpoints within X number of days prior to Opportunity creation
  • Very well suited if your organization lives and breathes in Salesforce and is comfortable with creating and customizing Salesforce reports.
  • Very good for teams with heavy Digital marketing investments that want to measure more granularly.
  • Can be a challenge if you are heavily reliant on the Salesforce campaign object and custom fields within it.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 09, 2017

Make Intelligent Decisions with Bizible

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Bizible is being used across our organization to monitor channel and campaign attribution and lead to opportunity creation. With Bizible data, we've also been able to set up content attribution reports in Salesforce to shine light on which of our blog posts and resources contribute to lead to opportunity conversion.
  • Attribution models - there are several ways to look at the data, and Bizible's first touch, lead creation, full path, custom, etc. attribution models are very easy to switch back and forth between.
  • Integration with Salesforce - It's a seamless set up and fully integrated into Salesforce reports.
  • Slick graphics and easy to understand summary data. You don't always have to wade through spreadsheets to get the answers you need.
  • Customer resources - There used to be a great Bizible University page we could reference with training videos that linked from our instance. It's no longer there, and we've been unable to locate it since.
  • Initial offline channel set-up - This wasn't an intuitive process for us and we struggled a bit getting it set up - even with help from our customer success manager. Having a video to reference, or examples to see would have helped us wrap our heads around the end result we were working towards. Once it clicked with us, we got it going and it all fell in to place, but it took us awhile to get there.
Vanity metrics - opens, clicks, webpage view - don't cut it anymore. They never really did. Bizible provides actionable, meaningful data that impacts our business. We can fine tune channels, see which assets are performing and which aren't, and intelligently prioritize where we need to focus on making updates or adjustments to our offerings.
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About Bizible

Bizible from Marketo, an Adobe company, is marketing attribution software that is used by B2B marketers to measure and optimize marketing by revenue.
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Has featureMulti-touch B2B marketing attribution
Has featureOmnichannel attribution, e.g. online and offline channels
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Bizible Integrations, Optimizely, Pardot, Marketo, SnapEngage, Olark, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick)

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Google Analytics, Full Circle Insights, Convertro (discontinued)

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