BlueJeans is a cloud-based web conferencing and unified communications software with multi-vendor, multi-device interoperability with both mobile and browser integration for businesses of any size. BlueJeans also provides several collaboration tools and integration with commonly used applications. Is A Great Videoconference And Screensharing OptionBlueJeans is used for more high profile meetings in our more technologically advanced conference rooms. It is also available to the entire organization as an option for specific needs. The main need is if presenters would like to share videos. The teams the currently uses BlueJeans the most are our Pristine Seas team and the Education team. For both, it provides that video sharing functionality that other services do not currently have.,Customer service is great! A company may have a great product but if customer service is terrible, that company may lost customers. On the other hand, a company may have an ok product but the customer service is so exceptional, that it might not even matter what the product is. With BlueJeans, both the product and customer service are top quality! Our major selling point is that BlueJeans provides a way to seamlessly share videos remotely. No other platform we have tried has a way of doing this as well as BlueJeans. BlueJeans is also very flexible on the amount of people that may join a call. Customer service may provide options for even higher counts (150+) if needed. The BlueJeans analytics for each meeting are an important part for any company looking to have a transparent eco friendly approach. We often share how many miles, gas, etc. funds have been saved because the meeting was virtual instead of in person.,Video sharing could be made better by allowing people to simply go through their presentation (Keynot/PowerPoint, etc.) without having to upload the video ahead of time (I believe BlueJeans is working on this). Providing an option to choose what join information to share with remote participants would also be great. Currently, every option is sent (joining from phone, mobile, and a videoconference unit). Most of the time, we are sending to participants who do not and will not be using a videoconference unit. I usually just delete that information from the message, but it would be easier (and one less step) if that could be an option.,10,Money saved on travel expenses for remote participants. (Food, transportation, hotels, etc.) Time savings on important matters; instead of waiting a day or 2 to coordinate travel to get a remote participant in town to discuss, we can set up a BlueJeans meeting within minutes. Better remote experience for our teams that have a large catalog of video content that must be share with remote participants.,Google Hangouts, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Zoom, WebEx Event Center and GoToMeeting,8,BlueJeans may be integrated with calendars. However, since BlueJeans is not our main platform, we do not use that feature. We do not use many of the BlueJeans integration features because of the other platforms we mainly use.,The command center is well equipped for our needs to monitor usage, administer rights to users, view and print up meeting analytics, etc. It also helps us in troubleshooting issues that are reported in meetings.,5,5,Using it so share videos International phone dialing options Recording meetings,As a way to document meetings (recording) without necessarily having someone on the other end As a way to interface with non BlueJeans videoconference products,As better features are added, BlueJeans becomes more valuable Hoping to take advantage of some new features in the works,5,Google Hangouts, WebEx Event Center, GoToMeeting, Zoom,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product,I'm not sure if it would change too much or at all.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,User testing User adoption,8,Online training Self-taught,8,Yes. There may be a slight learning curve for those with admin rights...,8,Perhaps provide a way to have global settings for different groups. For example, an admin team may want to have remote participants muted on entry, but other meetings may not want that option. Although this setting may be set on a per meeting (or recurring meeting) basis, maybe it could also be tied to a group or team...,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,No - the product does not support adding custom code,No configuration has been made,7,Yes,Yes...We have been dealing with an issue for most of the year where audio would drop out for one of our remote participants from only one of our conference rooms. We tried everything, including switching out systems, rewiring the rooms, upgrading firmware, etc. The BlueJeans team sat in on a couple of calls and provided more details regarding what could possibly be happening. Some of these calls lasted 4 hours! They did not have to do that, but they did. Although the issue was not resolved (we think it's just a bad room, although it is one of our more technically advanced rooms), we appreciate the support team going above and beyond....,Chat Screensharing Mic control options,Video sharing Polling/Q&A,Yes,8,10,9,Google Calendar,Google Hangouts,Single Signon,9,Ensure you have the right components necessary for a successful integration.,8,8,N/A,Keep the lines of communication open!,No,Pending upgrade: video sharing process improved!,Video sharing is supposed to be seamless (no more pre uploads!) Better audio quality New interfaces with better navigation,No,NoOur team likes BlueJeansWe are a 100% online business with employees scattered all over the country (and some team members abroad), working from their homes. BlueJeans is what we use for all of our group meetings, as well as some one-on-one sessions. Aside from simply having a way to meet together with our geographic separation, we extensively use the screen sharing feature to talk about the systems we are working with. Most people choose not to turn their video cameras on. I also sometimes use this to help customers with technical issues they are having; if it's something where I can't figure out why it's working for me but not them, I use BlueJeans to have them share their screen so I can figure out what's happening on their computer specifically.,The sound is always clear -- a number of employees have commented on that. We used to use GoToMeeting, and when we got BlueJeans, that was the most frequent comment about why they liked BlueJeans better. I've used GoToMeeting with our company and attended WebEx and Zoom with other companies, and while there are generally no complaints about the sound at the others, something about BlueJeans sound seems exceptionally clear. It's cheap. I'm not sure about the current price comparison, but when we switched from GoToMeeting to BlueJeans, BlueJeans was about one-third of the price of GoToMeeting. It's easy to use. I've had much fewer issues with people joining, being able to mute them, and things of that nature than I had with GoToMeeting. Screen sharing is easier also. There's also a permanent personal meeting number that I can use anytime for an instant, unplanned meeting. Customer support has been excellent. They're generally easy to get in contact with and are knowledgeable and helpful.,One thing that I liked better about GoToMeeting was the separation of the chat box from the main screen. It's important to be able to see the chat box while I'm presenting, but the way it's set up on BlueJeans, it's combined with the main screen and so it's quite inconvenient. Another problem with this is that if I'm sharing my screen for presenting, when I look at the chats-- which would even include private chats-- they show up for everyone to see. This is a major flaw. The chat box should be separate. I have recurring meetings, with meeting numbers, which I would like to send out reminders of to team members. In version 1 of BlueJeans, I could copy and paste those. In the current version (2), I cannot; I have to memorize and type them in manually to my reminder messages. For my permanent person meeting number, I can copy it easily. However, this is not possible with other meeting IDs. Why would they make the meeting numbers not possible to copy? Similarly, in version 1, after the meeting, I could copy the chat box, which I kept with the meeting's presentation and meeting minutes for recordkeeping. The chats could also remind me who said what in the meeting for the purpose of writing my meeting minutes. With version 2, chat is no longer copiable, so I have to use multiple screenshots to get all the chats -- what a pain. Scheduling meetings is not convenient. It forces me to a web page to do so.,9,The biggest return on investment is that it only costs one-third of what we were paying with Citrix GoToMeeting. We've always used online meetings, so there isn't really any other change in ROI from what we used previously.,GoToMeeting, Zoom and Webex Meetings,9,I would like to be able to schedule meetings directly in BlueJeans, but it seems to only work with Google and Outlook, and I don't use either of those tools (I use Mac Calendar). So, when I want to schedule a meeting, it takes me to a web page -- I don't like that. Beyond that, I haven't investigated how it integrates with anything else.,We don't have this feature at our organization.,No,9,Yes,During the time we couldn't get version 2 to work, I was glad when someone finally offered to allow us to downgrade back to version 1 again.A great conferencing solution for growing companies!Audio and video quality is above everything short of the massively more expensive tele-presence systems, and far above our old vendor Highfive. Setup was easy, and calendar integration on the Dolby has been helpful with user adoption. Overall it has been a great and high quality meeting system that has scaled with our hyper-growth.,Audio Quality, which was the main reason we left our old vendor Ease of integration into G-suite for calendars Meetings show on the Dolby conference phone and on the TV, which keeps people from occupying rooms when they are booked,Cost of licenses, we have had to restrict contractors from the service to keep BlueJeans in budget Training from BlueJeans was VERY boring, and most users just opted to figure things out for themselves The Intel NUC can reboot randomly for Windows update, I know this is an issue with Windows 10, but having to reboot the NUC once a month is an unnecessary chore for my IT staff,9,Great for recruiting, as they can hold high quality interviews from HQ Reduced the amount of travel needed Great for live events where not everyone can attend in person,Highfive,10,Integration with G-suite calendar has been great, you can simply add the call with the click of a button then chose to show or hide the event. I will say for anyone using this set all events to public, then train executive assistants on how to hide meetings al-a-carte rather than having everything show as busy. this will greatly cut down on the number of people who will hog a conference room for hours at a time.,Monitoring is ok, but we are looking at quality and usage metrics over security. we keep a close eye on the overall meeting rating, so that we can address issues at offices with consistent problems. Command center makes calendar integration very easy, and allows us to see the status of every room remotely. Also the process to Flash the Dolby phones with an SIP number was very straightforward.,416,30,decrease travel cost livestream company events ability to record meetings, for people who could not attend live,We livestream a weekly Q&A with our COO using blujeans but it is broadcasted via workplace by facebook because bluejeans displays upcoming events on the television we were able to scrap the plan to install screens near the door of each room SIP phone functionality with the dolby phone has made for very clear conference calls,All team meetings expansion can use this when going international, with less travel,10,OneLogin, Dialpad, Fuze, Jamf Pro,Yes,Product Usability Third-party Reviews,I think we would have rolled it out region by region rather than all at once, as wiring and coordinating installation and setup at 90+ offices in three time zones in under 2 weeks was really difficult. We did work with conferencing advisors who took a lot of the logistical work off of onsite and HQ IT,Third-party professional services,No,Change management was minimal,90+ offices going live in under 2 weeks was a little too much, we should have just gone region by region installation crews were either fantastic or terrible not all of our rooms had enough ethernet so we had to buy PoE switches for a few of the rooms,9,No,10,We had an issue with reporting, where we had users putting in a ticket for an office that the call quality was awful. Our network engineer couldn't find any outages or slowdowns from the isp and our network utilization was low, but the calls were grainy with poor audio. With one quick slack message our rep had his engineers on it, and within 24 hours it was fine. They wouldn't tell me exactly what they did other than "we made a change on the back end" but it worked and was a quick turnaround.,making calls from an integrated calendar event recording calls using the room system which displays the event on the dolby phone with a connect button,screen sharing is a url when using a room system call in is difficult with meetings that have an additional pin screen share is quite laggy and not good for displaying video,Yes, but I don't use itGreat performance, probably the best product ever used in this categoryWe use it across the organization whenever we need to do sales meetings with potential prospects, or we need to meet any relevant person outside our company.,Accessibility Very good quality of connection Provide all features required for a meeting,Can't find a feature that lets you draw during the meeting Requires an app to be used if you want to do a computer communication,9,It reduced technical difficulties when using video conference, compared to other systems,Skype,9,I usually copy and paste the meeting link and other ways to access the call in any calendar invite I send. Would be great if we could have a shortcut to add them when creating the invite, although that is a Google dependency. I'm not using any other social feature of BlueJeans.,I didn't see two-factor authentication in place. Although, it would be nice to have a way to add a password to the meeting link, in case we share the link publicly and we want to restrict the audience. All the other options and monitoring tools look fine to me, but I never really had the need for them.,3,,Sales Business meeting Investors meeting,hr candidate interview,internal meeting daily standup,8,Skype, Zoom,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product,I don't think i would change the evaluation. I would probably will look again at how easy is to access and how many time the customer face any trouble to access it, which is the most problematic things happening in skype or other platform. Then I will look closely to the price,Don't know,No,Change management was minimal,sometime on mobile it could become difficult to install and use,10,Self-taught,Yes, not much different from other products so it wasn't much difficult,8,I think it's just as it is,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,No - the product does not support adding custom code,No, maybe i just added some additional app,No,10,No,I never had to ask for support, so it's even better,video call mute/pause with space bar,whiteboard, never noticed, too much click required,Yes, but I don't use it,9,10,9,Google calendar,noExcellent video and audio conferencing suiteBlueJeans is used across all sites, teams and departments throughout the organisation. We utilize the full suite of products, BlueJeans is our primary real time collaboration tool, we no longer user audio only conferencing services.,Video conferencing is a core capability with high quality and performance. Audio conferencing is exceptional with the Dolby Digital engine for background noise reduction. The pace of change and development is extremely fast and well delivered,Rate of developments results in a regularly changing environment requiring additional application deployments.,9,More face to face conversations resulting in higher employee retention. Improved flexible working capability resulting in attraction of higher quality candidates.,WebEx Meetings,9,Outlook calendar integration enables a meeting to be created with a BlueJeans session on one additional click.,Command Centre enables detailed monitoring of a single meeting as well as aggregate monitoring across all meetings, this enables us to understand the use profile, challenges and issues relating to meetings in order to address them and improve the use of the services.,1400,16,Departmental meetings across different locations. Cross functional meetings across different locations and timezones. Sharing training sessions worldwide either through direct attendance or through sharing recorded meetings.,Joining meetings from the car park of a customer to deliver product development needs to quickly alter the direction of a product.,Inter building communications for dispensary and stock ordering requests.,9,Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Acrobat DC,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,I would do the same again, we ended up with a great product.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Equipping all users with the right tools to use BlueJeans,9,No,8,No,After raising an issue the BlueJeans support person reached out directly to the end user to discuss the event, gathered the diagnostic logs, reviewed them and fed back the findings to us and the user, this went on to change our support process, we received great feedback from the user as they felt listened to and improved our relationship with them.,Connecting to a meeting. Scheduling a meeting. Enabling my web cam and audio.,Sharing content when I have multiple copies of the same application open and only want to share one. Sharing content within a meeting room.,YesPerfect tool for video conferencesMain tool used for video conferences and call conferences around the company spread over about 20 countries. All the departments use it and everyone is happy of the performances and quality of the audio and video.,Easy to use High quality of the video Flexible (PC, phone, mobile),Not easy to integrate to Outlook Not available with toll free numbers,9,Money saved on travel Discussing in video conference creates more confidence with people on the other side of the world,Skype for Business,9,I didn't find a good integration with the other tools,Good... sometimes I've had problems in creating the report of the usage by people... because if you change the assignment of a user then the report is a bit confusing and probably not accurate,100,3,board meeting training ordinary conference call to discuss business,training on line board of directors strategical committee,no plans,9,Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick), Salesforce Analytics Cloud, BOARD, Microsoft Dynamics AX,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,i followed the right process... i contacted few vendors, get some demo, had for a short period a demo account.. and I choose,Don't know,none,9,8,No,a user of my organizatino created by himself a test user for the system. then we wanted to include the user in our standrd organization,open a new video call share file and screen start a private chat with other partecipants,reporting on user usage register a video conference change admin nameBlueJeans for those who like data[It's] Used to host company-wide meetings and has an easily trackable and Gmail calendar integrated app. It assists in allowing anyone in the company to create meetings, save meeting recordings and also lets users across our company to sit in major all hands meetings from their laptops to their phones which is pretty cool.,Tracking: allows admin to track and monitor quality of calls and frequency, which allows you to pinpoint possible issues easily if for some reason people are having difficulties in calling others. Calendar integration: Blue jeans makes it extremely to connect your google account and allow users to sync calls with their calendar so you dont have to fiddle around second guessing meeting numbers. Simply open blue jeans and if there is a call on schedule click join.,The only issue that has been bugging me is that when a user leaves the company and we delete their account, we are unable to re-use their conference call number. There should be a way to hard delete it from our systems so we can reuse numbers.,7,Not something I can personally track, but can say it makes doing meetings and internal group all hands very easy,Google Hangouts, Skype and Slack,Skype, Slack,,3,For all hands meetings. Recording of major conference calls where we post them so that employees who have missed important all hands can watch later, very use-full. Creating 1:1 meetings is very important as our company is spread across the world and being able to easily schedule and meet up is great.,Not anything ground breaking, but for all hands we use the administrative powers to manage which rooms are visible to viewers who is able to talk, mute certain people etc on the fly. As stress full as it can be it is very usefull.,So far just a continuation of what we are doing right now.,8,Not Sure,Price Product Features Product Usability Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports,Nothing would really change except that there may have been more products out in the market that are more established and developed as blue jeans. Finding products like this depends when you are doing your search because everything changes so quickly and features you need may not be available for newer platforms or vice versa.,Don't know,Change management was minimal,N/A I was not part of the team when implementation occurred, but all I know is the IT heads just needed some training on how to use the admin control panels.,8,8,The time Blue jeans was great was when we needed to do certain specific things during a massive all hands meeting and we could not have anything go wrong. So blue jeans provided a moderator from them, that helped monitor quality of calls and manage the meetings to make sure everything went smoothly.,Scheduling a call with someone through google calendars and then simply opening up blue jeans and seeing the calls populate for easy joining.,when no meetings are scheduled the meeting codes for individual can easily be forgot,Yes,8
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467 Ratings
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J Lee Harshbarger profile photo
February 15, 2019

Our team likes BlueJeans

Score 9 out of 10
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They've been easy to contact, knowledgeable, and helpful. Tickets aren't left to die. Most of the time we don't need them, but in January 2018 when they switched from version 1 to 2, we needed support extensively, and this is the kind of situation where you learn what a company's support is really like. The version change was a disaster for us -- everything worked fine in 1, but in 2 we couldn't even hold a meeting because it keep disconnecting everyone, or audio didn't work, and all kinds of craziness, especially for people with Windows computers. They couldn't figure out what the problem was because they could not reproduce it. We finally asked them to give us version 1 back, and they did, but they continued to work on the issue until it finally got resolved. It took a couple months, but once it got resolved, we haven't had troubles with version 2 anymore.
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January 21, 2019

Excellent video and audio conferencing suite

Score 9 out of 10
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Support is there when we need it at the right level, there was a time when the support wasn't as good as it is now, however recently the support has been on target with our expectations or exceeding them.
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July 27, 2018

BlueJeans for those who like data

Score 7 out of 10
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There has been some downside in terms of response but cant really fault heavily because it is expected when a large volume of users need help but there can only be so many people to assist. On the other hand the support team is very helpful in that they are willing and able to jump in your admin control panels and help host a meeting with you to troubleshoot issues or just make things go smoothly.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

High quality audio (277)
High quality video (275)
Low bandwidth requirements (256)
Mobile support (237)
Desktop sharing (267)
Whiteboards (109)
Calendar integration (244)
Meeting initiation (259)
Integrates with social media (93)
Record meetings / events (224)
Slideshows (164)
Live chat (198)
Audience polling (78)
Q&A (103)
User authentication (177)
Participant roles & permissions (186)
Confidential attendee list (127)

About BlueJeans

The BlueJeans meetings platform aims to bring video, audio and web conferencing together with the collaboration tools people use every day.

It is a cloud service that connects desktops, mobile devices and room systems in one video meeting. According to the vendor, BlueJeans makes meetings fast to join and simple to use, so people can work productively where and how they want.

BlueJeans Features

Performance & Compatibility of Online Events Software Features
Has featureHigh quality audio
Has featureHigh quality video
Has featureLow bandwidth requirements
Has featureChrome compatible
Has featureFirefox compatible
Has featureSafari compatible
Does not have featureIE compatible
Has featureAvailable for Linux
Has featureAvailable for OS X
Has featureAvailable for Windows
Has featureMobile support
Screen Sharing Features
Has featureDesktop sharing
Does not have featureDocument/File sharing
Has featureApplication sharing
Has featureWhiteboards
Online Meetings / Events Features
Has featureScheduling
Has featureCalendar integration
Has featureMeeting initiation
Has featureEnd meetings
Has featureIntegrates with social media
Has featureRecord meetings / events
Has featureDial-in attendance
Has featureOnline attendance
Has featureMute
Has featureSlideshows
Has featureMedia
Has featureInternational calling
Has featureMultiple webcam streams
Online Events Collaboration Features
Has featureLive chat
Has featureAudience polling
Has featureQ&A
Has featureMeeting space storage
Has featureAnnotation
Has featureRemote support features
Online Events Security Features
Has featureUser authentication
Has featureParticipant roles & permissions
Has featureParticipant list
Has featureConfidential attendee list
Has featureSecure file sharing

BlueJeans Integrations

Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Workplace by Facebook, HipChat, Canvas, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Google Calendar, Alexa for Business

BlueJeans Competitors

Zoom, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), WebEx


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Optional

BlueJeans Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

BlueJeans Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:Global
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, German, French