Remedy ITSM is a broad suite of ITSM tools with strong integrations to other BMC tools. The product is used mainly by global brands and is offered in on-premise and SaaS configurations. helps faster resolution of issuesWe are using BMC remedy for service management. We are leveraging automated assignments and redirecting the tickets, reducing the manual effort.,Automated assignments are very helpful. Reporting is very good.,I don't see any major improvements, but having more flexibility in ticket auto assignments would help.,8,It helped our business to quickly resolve problems faced through faster resolution of tickets.,,Salesforce Community Cloud,,30,Incident Management Contract Management Change Management Service requests,Customize reports for people from different applications Create new fields as per user requirement,9,No,Price Prior Experience with the Product Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,No ideas in the near futureThe "Remedy" for your ITIL based solutionWe currently use it just for our IT for change, incident, work order, problem and asset management. However, we are shortly rolling out MyIT for non-IT users to be onboarded for self service applications.We are able to use it to tie in with our service vendor for changes and incident management via web and email services.,Enterprise level configuration and power. Very customizable and adapts very well to changes in our infrastructure. Flexible ITIL solution. With the ability to customize rules and configurations, we can make it work well with how we currently implement ITIL in our corporation. Self service management. By using Atrium Integrator and Atrium Orchestrator, it can help reduce the amount of workload on the IT Service Desk.,Custom applications can be made but they require a lot of work to maintain. You must take care when adding custom roles to the application. When you install things like Virtual Chat, it has pre-defined role IDs, which if you have inadvertently used, it overwrites your own roles. There is no comprehensive list of used role IDs, so it's "buyer beware" when you use them.,9,It has helped to bring all of our IT into alignment and methodologies when it comes to change management. With MyIT and Remedy 9, we are finally able to onboard our non-IT users and provide self service options that are not overwhelming in an IT based world.,Jira,BMC Remedy Asset Management, BMC Atrium CMDB,300,6,Change Request management Incident management Day to day Work Order management,Auto created tickets from Incident Health checks Automated Change Requests for database reloads Self service automation,10,Yes,10,Yes,One of our team members had, inadvertently, removed permissions from some of our server teams. As a result, Tivoli was creating 15 records per incident because they did not get back the proper responses via email. BMC worked with us over the weekend to come to a resolution and determine a fix, even though it was (ultimately) our own fault for the issue.Remedy=Knowledge Base/ProductivityBMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite is used as a ticket system to track workload and is used by a single department.,Knowledge Base Organization Ease of use,Not easily customized,7,I don't get paid to figure this piece out but it is a useful tool/software,Trackit and LANDesk Service Desk,3,3,Ticketing Knowledge Base Functionality,We use it for ticketing which was its intended purpose. No other use required.,7,Yes,Price Product Usability Product Reputation Analyst Reports,I would not change this action.,Implemented in-house,No,I was not around during the initial implementation,10,Self-taught,Yes, although I am probably missing out on a lot of other features since I was not shown all the features of the programs.,5,None that I can think of other than mentioned in the previous page.,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,None other than mentioned earlier.,No,8,No,Can't think of a scenario.,All aspects Particularly knowledge base,Customization,8,8,8,7,Remedy was already implemented when I moved over as IT coordinator.,No, vendor was around as much as needed.BMC puts the aaS in SaaS, but the Promise in on-PremiseFor an additional fee, detailed review can be found in State of the ITSM Market at: http://www.itsmuniversity.netNorthcraft Analytics is a provider of business intelligence applications for IT Support & Operations built on the Microsoft BI Stack. Advanced Metrics for IT was originally built to address some of the limitations in reporting associated with the BMC Remedy reporting technology. We have since developed into a competitor of BMC Dashboards and Analytics, offering a Hybrid OLAP approach for enterprise IT departments (which we define as > 100 employees in IT).,Data-Driven Configuration for quick setup of Categories, Support Departments, Locations, Assignment, Templates & more. Depth of Functionality across the ITSM Modules to reduce customization for mature IT organizations Customization - BMC Remedy AR System is an on-premise Rapid Application Development platform Inexpensive New Customer Licensing - When BMC changed pricing for BMC Remedy ITSM (in the blue model shift back in 2008), they became the least expensive ERP4IT style suite. Scalability - There are multiple customers running with 1000s of concurrent users on BMC Remedy. The largest commercial deployment has 8,000+ concurrent users. Upgrades - Even though BMC Remedy has a horrible reputation, they have changed their architecture in BMC Remedy ITSM 7.6.4 to add "overlays" which is something that none of their competitors have. This allows customized workflows to be seamlessly migrated, albeit with additional configuration required. Still, it should be applauded as an advance.,Usability - BMC has been addressing usability issues since the release of ITSM 7.0 (a major shift in architecture). Northcraft Analytics measures average handling time for Incidents, which is about 5% higher than ServiceNow on average. That being said, there is more depth in functionality which leads to increased handling with the benefit of better reporting for management. Still, usability is usually mentioned by customers as an issue. SaaS Reliability - BMC Remedy on Demand (not built from the ground up for SaaS) has struggled on the IT Operations side. For a native SaaS offering from BMC - Remedyforce is worth a closer look. It's built on the platform which is truly SaaS. Surveys - BMC Remedy ITSM has had basically the same survey functionality since version 4. It's time for an update. Kinetic Survey is a reliable alternative. Notification subscription - BMC added email conversation management in BMC Remedy ITSM 8.1, but BMC really needs to give users that ability to subscribe to IT notifications that they would like/prefer not to receive. Group by Group Auto-Assignment - Currently BMC offers group assignment OR individual assignment. Automated round-robin individual assignment would be very helpful if it could enabled for certain groups only... rather than all of them. For example, the L1 team could have individual assignments... but not every group. Graphical Workflow - BMC's acquisition of Abydos hasn't yet made it into the ITSM product line. This would help BMC compete more favorably with ServiceNow's glide workflow engine.,7,Potentially lower operational expenditures than SaaS model due to a variety of complex factors (depends on exact price, maintenance bill, storage, administration, implementation, etc...) Higher % of Automated Incident Resolution (via automation) for customers with integrated IT Operations products from BMC Greater % of Release & Change orchestration (in total customer base) leading to lower average change durations Lower average approval times for changes due to native serial and parallel workflows (no coding required). Potentially much higher administrative costs due to poor implementation/support/upgrade partner. In fact, it makes much more sense financially to work with BMC's implementation community in all but the most exceptional circumstances. Increased % of Incidents & Requests created and resolved from Self-Service Higher % of customers with automated incident generation from event management, lowering handling times (not necessarily resolution!),,10,No,3,No,Advanced search function is excellent Full-Text Search is excellent, because it goes across multiple tables. The floating application bar is very convenient The breadcrumbs are a nice recent enhancement Submitting an Incident is straightforward and simple,Change Management is robust, but cumbersome It's easy to get stuck in certain phases/stages of a change request While you are certainly following a process, it seems like your hands are tied if you want to log something simple. This does depend on application configuration. CMDB navigation is tough, but there is quite a bit of information that is gathered automatically with ADDM, so it might not be as big a deal. Nearly all of the problem management functions should be replaced by knowledge management. For example, why is there a solutions database (keyword only searching) inside problem management... when there is a simple and robust knowledge management application with full-text searching?,Yes,7BMC RemedyIt is being used across the whole organization. It address how our departments process work, incident, problem and change requests.,Out of the box it is ready to be used effectively. It integrates well with other tools and processes for enhanced functionality. Easy to customize when needed.,Upgrading the ITSM software should be easier.,8,Less incidents following changes Better coordination and understanding of assets and relationships.,Dynatrace Data Center Real-User Monitoring, CA NetQoS Performance Center, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor,1000,4,Work Requests Incident Management Change Management,Integrated the Discovery and Dependency Mapping software to populate ITSM,Expand/continue to implement Configuration management,8,Not Sure,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,7,No,7,No,Yes, but I don't use it,7
140 Ratings
Score 8.0 out of 101
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BMC Helix ITSM Reviews

140 Ratings
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Score 8.0 out of 101

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June 20, 2016

BMC Remedy

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BMC Helix ITSM combines the latest in digital and cognitive automation technologies to transform best-practice ITSM principles you’ve come to appreciate from Remedy, enabling you to provide superior service management across multi-cloud environments that is intelligent and predictive.

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