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Citrix RightSignature


What is Citrix RightSignature?

Citrix RightSignature is an electronic signature system competing directly with Adobe Sign and DocuSign. RightSignature was acquired by Citrix in October 2014.
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Easy to use

7 out of 10
November 18, 2022
I have used Citrix RightSignature to confirm and finalise documents relating to building work and contracts. Most of the paperwork is now …
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Awesome product!

10 out of 10
October 14, 2019
I use RightSignature for all our documents that need to be signed. It solves us having to send hard copies by mail and storing them in a …
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Product Details

What is Citrix RightSignature?

Citrix RightSignature is an electronic signature system competing directly with Adobe Sign and DocuSign. RightSignature was acquired by Citrix in October 2014.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Citrix RightSignature is an electronic signature system competing directly with Adobe Sign and DocuSign. RightSignature was acquired by Citrix in October 2014.

Citrix RightSignature starts at $14.

DocuSign, Signix MyDoX, and OneSpan Sign are common alternatives for Citrix RightSignature.

Reviewers rate Implementation Rating highest, with a score of 9.

The most common users of Citrix RightSignature are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Michael Sypes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using RightSignature to generate conditional offers of employment (COEs) using a semi-automated system integrated with our home grown applicant tracking system. By doing so, we have greatly reduced the amount of paper wasted in printing signing and scanning documents. In addition, we have eased the procedures for both hiring managers and Human Resources personnel charged with tracking the hiring process. We are currently using this for a significant subset of our new hires, with plans to expand into other categories, eventually encompassing most, if not all, new hires.
  • Excellent API for integrating with your own system. Well documented and easy to use.
  • First-rate technical support, and great customer support overall
  • Flexible billing options to meet a variety of needs
  • An overall low cost solution compared to some of the really big names out there
  • User Interface for manually creating documents is less than intuitive
  • Many aspects of the document creation process are also non-intuitive, so that if you create a boilerplate and find a mistake, you may need to start all over again
  • Limited support for PDFs with checkboxes and essentially none for selection lists
  • Some technical shortcomings in how to handle sending or retrieving links to documents for signing, especially for embedding iframes in pages
For small to mid-scale companies and needs, RightSignature is a fine solution. It has certainly proven to be a cost effective solution to creating about 6 documents per day using their API from our internal system. Limited support for complex documents might be a hindrance if you need really fancy outputs. Effective use of RS requires a bit of a learning curve to negotiate their interface for creating and processing documents, both manually from their webpages and through the API.
  • Much improved efficiency through ease-of-use for front-line hiring managers, as well as easier tracking for HR personnel
  • Cost-effective replacement for old-fashioned paperwork
  • Potential expansion to other uses.
  • Adobe Echosign,Sertifi,DocuSign,e-SignLive
RightSignature was by far a much cheaper solution than Echosign, which would have cost 5x - 10x as much and didn't necessarily have an easy-to-use API for integration with our existing systems. Most of the other solutions I explored were unresponsive to my queries for information on pricing and technical information on how best to make use of their offerings.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
Very affordable pricing, and a logical format for us: Their pricing is based on the number of documents being produced rather than individual users capable of logging into the system, which seems to be the norm among other vendors I investigated. Also, the sales and technical representatives I spoke with were fantastic right from the very start and have continued to be so.
I would only refine my search based on pricing tiers, product support and usability. We have been very happy with the service provided by RightSignature. They would certainly be my first go-to if I needed to resolve a similar issue in the future. I doubt that another vendor could outdo the service we have received so far.
  • Implemented in-house
I started with some some basic development testing before releasing the new system in a limited fashion to selected locations in our organization. After a week or so with very positive feedback, and none to indicate any problems, we moved to a broader implementation encompassing a particular category of use across the whole organization. We have plans to expand our use to other categories in the near future, once those departments finalize some of their specific needs for implementation.
Change management was minimal
The roll-out of the new functionality of our system integrating with RightSignature was handled through our regular change management system. Nothing out of the ordinary was required, and the implementation at each phase was relatively seamless. End users were given a heads up and training materials on how to use the new system prior to implementation. The only glitches were people not following directions, and additional improvements have bee rolled out to handle those situations.
  • End users not following directions.
  • A technical glitch that interferes with a desired workflow for us. This is currently being looked into as a bug. We have a work-around in the meantime.
  • Did I mention end-users not following directions?
Good documentation for the API. With a little help from RS tech staff, any competent programmer should be able to integrate RightSignature with an existing system in a week or three. That help is easy to get as well.
Overall customer support has been great, with questions getting rapid, accurate, and complete responses routinely. In addition, their technical support has been second-to-none! I have gotten one-on-one help from a programmer with technical support on how to best utilize their API (which is well-documented besides) and been able to get problems resolved quickly and efficiently.
I've reported on a couple of bugs or at least things that needed improvement. They have been resolved directly or indirectly very quickly, usually within 48 hours, and often within a week. I do have one outstanding bug report, but I am sure it is still being worked worked on diligently, and hope it gets resolved soon. We have, with RS's help, implemented a work-around in the meantime.
I have received top-notch support from the very beginning! When first trying RightSignature out, I was greatly assisted by a member of their technical support team in getting set up to use their API. I have had marvelous interactions as I have returned with new questions and implemented improvements as our system has developed. If there is any one great selling point to RightSignature, it is their support.
  • Basic use of the API using sample code they've provided.
  • Simple production of documents from a template.
  • Sending emails with links or retrieve tokens to access signing pages for documents.
  • Prefilling of checkboxes is clunky, as that's not a basic type.
  • Manual readjustment of templates during testing. Several times I found that a simple change required starting over from scratch.
  • The user interface for accessing and creating documents by hand could be more intuitive.
Some of the clunkiness in the user interface and the processing of documents could be made more seamless. However, once you get over that learning curve, it's straightforward enough. The API for integrating external systems is well documented, and the support crew is great at getting you over the rough spots. There's nothing bad about their system, just a few things I thought could be more elegant.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I liked the simplicity of working with RightSignature. When we needed a client to sign a document or contract I could easily upload a pdf then enter the name and email of the client I wanted to send it to. I could designate areas on the document where I needed the client to initial, sign, and date. It was easy to add initial boxes, date boxes, and signature fields. I would then use RightSignature to electronically send this marked up document to the client. I would receive an email notification from RightSignature once the client completed signing the document. Electronic documents are faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly than paper faxes. I liked having the electronic copy of the document for my files since it was much easier than dealing with stacks of paper files. If the client decided that they wanted to amend part of the contract I could easily use RightSignature to make the changes and then resubmit the document to the client for signing. Everything was done quickly and easily for both my company and the client. Based on my positive experiences, I would recommend using RightSignature for your business needs.
  • Easy to use, simply upload a pdf, then add initial boxes, date boxes, and signature fields and send it electronically.
  • Environmentally friendly, no need to fax paper documents back and forth.
  • Save documents electronically with ease rather than dealing with stacks of paper files.
  • Easily make changes to documents and resubmit them for signing.
  • Great for obtaining signed contracts quickly and with ease.
  • Some clients in older age brackets did not like working with electronic documents and software.
  • It was difficult at times to make the initial boxes a uniform size when preparing the document in RightSignature.
  • Sometimes it could be difficult to insert a signature box into a small space on the document.
  • Documents were only saved on the system for a limited amount of time.
It is very suitable for sending contracts and documents back and forth for signing. It is easy to amend documents and resend them. It is great for sending electronic documents quickly and with ease. It is environmentally friendly and saves paper. I would suggest making sure that the client is comfortable using electronic documents and online signing tools. Documents are sent via email so you would want to know the confidentiality level required before using RightSignature. I had a positive experience with this product.
  • Better customer service.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Faster conversion of leads to sales.
  • Meets the changing demands of the electronic business marketplace.
I really like the simplicity and ease of use of the product and would recommend it to others.
  • Implemented in-house
  • Easy to upload a pdf
  • Easy to add boxes for initialing a document
  • Easy to add boxes to add dates to documents
  • Easy to add a signature field to have a client sign a contract
  • Easy to send documents back and forth between a company and a client
  • Adding initial or date boxes that are a uniform size.
  • Making a signature box fit in a small area of the document.
  • Getting a signature box to show up exactly on the line where you want the document signed.
The product is quick and easy to use and environmentally friendly because it reduces printing papers and allows for electronic submission of documents and electronic filing.
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