ClickDimensions is an email marketing and marketing automation platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Features include email marketing, web tracking, lead scoring, social discovery, campaign tracking, and form capture. It is built on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. is Best Suited for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM UsersClickDimensions will soon be deprecated within our organization due to the fact that we have found a marketing automation solution that better fits our needs and integrates with other products. While it's great for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM users, solely, if you're using more channels, it's not as thorough or compatible, so to say.,Connects with Microsoft Dynamics,Multi-channel integration User-friendliness Relevance to modern marketplace,6,Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM is Easy User-friendly Syncing with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Training is Accessible,Act-On Software,10,000 to 25,000,B2B,Act-On SoftwareClickDimensions Marketing!We use ClickDimensions to send and track email campaigns and event emails, as well as to create and use forms to track usage and click rates. We like being able to see what people click and then tailor future communications based on their interests. The insights are very valuable to us and help establish better relationships.,Email design Email send Campaign automation Analysis Analytics,Overall ease of use Integration with WordPress Better support,8,Leads Prospects Better relationship understanding,Constant Contact and HubSpot,100,000 to 250,000,B2B,Elasticsearch, Microsoft Visio, VMware Horizon (formerly VMware View)ClickDimensions ReviewClickDimensions is currently being used by both our Marketing and Sales teams. It allows us to see, collect and analyze all sorts of user data for our marketing and sales activities, then take the appropriate action(s) based on the data collected. The integration between ClickDimensions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is pretty seamless.,Excellent email statistics and campaign reporting Easy to implement lead scoring and collecting of data Easy to use web forms, email templates and surveys Accessible training and support help when needed,Implementation of new features could be rolled out more effectively, fewer errors (ex: campaign automations),8,We have better insights on potential leads and have the data to be able to qualify these leads.,SurveyMonkey, Endeca and Hootsuite Enterprise,Not available,B2BGood marketing platform in a regrettable CRMI used ClickDimensions as our main marketing automation platform. I lead the marketing team and ClickDimensions helped us with automated workflows, email campaigns, creating landing pages and more.,The nurture campaign builder was great. Easy to use and to follow along with. The drop and drag editor was easy to use and you could start using it with no training. I always like when a service offers a certification for their product. ClickDimensions training was easy to follow, gave good content/tips/tricks and really helped me learn the platform.,I used ClickDimensions within Dynamics. That is really it's only downfall, Microsoft Dynamics, some of the areas of ClickDimensions are in different areas of and sometimes hard to remember where to find. If you are familiar and like Dynamics and its top ribbon, then ClickDimensions will be great for you.,9,Made sending emails easier Brought landing page creation inside our company and was easy to do Opened the door to new ways of marketing ourselves,HubSpot,Less than 10,000,B2B,HubSpotClickdimensions - where integration actually becomes an impedimentClickdimensions is used primarily as an email marketing tool by our company, allowing us to send emails to marketing lists and measure their effectiveness. We also use it to gather contact information from forms on our website. More recently we've started to use the data on website traffic and page views. It is used primarily by central marketing, although product marketing is responsible for generating email content. Clickdimensions was implemented to allow us to do email marketing directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.,Easy to pull information from Dynamics CRM, as it's fully integrated. Straightforward email marketing tools. Form builder is easy to use, and pushes captured information straight into Dynamics.,Intergration with Dynamics CRM actually turns out to be a disadvantage, as the system is constrained heavily in its utility by how Dynamics runs. For example, creating marketing lists for segmentation is particularly arduous if Contacts and Lead entities are in use. Clickdimensions relies on Dynamics business processes to run automation events, which means if there's a lot going on then it can snarl up the CRM server significantly. Getting data imported into CRM and Clickdimensions is extremely clunky - when it doesn't fail entirely, it is often buggy. Drag and drop email editor is not great, often introducing undesired stylings due to cut and pasting. The real power in this system is being able to monitor key metrics, such as email clicks or page views. However, all of these have to be set up manually in Dynamics to truly leverage the system. And to act on these metrics requires business processes in CRM, as only email clicks and form submissions can be used as triggers from within CRM.,3,Clickdimensions has allowed us to email our list of 100,000+ contacts regularly.,Hubspot and Mailchimp,100,000 to 250,000,Both,Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Moz, HubSpot,Once templates are setup, building and sending an email is really straightforward,Creating segments using marketing lists in Clickdimensions and Dynamics is a real pain in the bum. Importing data into the system is very cumbersome and buggy.,3Best Option for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users.Our organization uses ClickDimensions for marketing automation, email marketing (A/B split testing, email sends, campaign responses, engagement, etc.), surveys, landing pages, forms, campaign automation, and lead qualification. We use it specifically in the Marketing Department for these reasons however, we have used it to survey employees as well as a weekly communication & test for our safety bulletin because we work in the construction industry.,Developing Landing Pages, Email Sends, Forms, and Surveys without HTML Knowledge. It can be used with code knowledge or without making it a super easy interface to work in. Integrates flawlessly with Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Versions 2011-Current. ClickDimensions offers a free certification for deployment in a 3 class, online webinar & test. Great way to learn Microsoft CRM capabilities and the software itself.,Survey functionality is not as robust as other platforms such as Qualtrics. When upgrading, certain aspects of Microsoft Dynamics can revert back to initial deployment state. Only integrates with Microsoft Dynamics.,8,Tracking Email Engagement by customer is much easier. Real Time Stats/Email Engagement Report already built in. Lead scoring helps develop more qualified leads.,,Less than 10,000,B2B,InsideView, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,Email Templates Landing Pages Forms,Survey,Yes,9ClickDimensions User ReviewClickDimensions is centrally used by the marketing department at our company. They primarily use the Email Marketing features for newsletters, email blasts, etc. Our company also provides consulting services - including CRM solutions - so we have multiple clients that have implemented the technology to integrate with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM environments.,Email Sends. Nurture Campaigns. Web Tracking.,Integration with CRM is not flawless. All data cannot migrate to other environments. Technical support response time.,8,Web activity tracking. Maintaining contact with leads and current customers.,,25,000 to 100,000,Both,Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Atlassian Confluence, JIRA Software,Yes,6,ClickDimensions provides a phone number directly to their support team. This feature is advantageous when quick questions need to be answered or any kind of emergency arises.
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Score 6.8 out of 101
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28 Ratings
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Score 6.8 out of 101

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About ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions is an email marketing and marketing automation platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Features include email marketing, web tracking, lead scoring, social discovery, campaign tracking, and form capture. It is built on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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