TrustRadius Searchlight is, like, seriously the best digital marketing research toolWe currently use Conductor Searchlight to manage our SEO presence and understand our digital competitors in terms of ranking and popularity. As we are a B2B business, competition is tight and search volume is small in our industry. Consequently, we use Conductor not only to determine what our comepetitors are doing, but also how search engines are changing the market place.,Competitive intel is fabulous Actual Keyword Rankings Custom reporting,Interface is a little clunky Would love to see more internal conversion reporting,10,Conductor's data is phenomenal. Since google analytics stripped most of their keyword data, it's really my go-to for discerning which keywords are truly converting. Futhermore, the depth of competitive intel in rankings is lacking in unpaid optimization, so it's nice to see who is organically competing with us rather than appearing in the same marketplace.,Search rank has definitely improved Helped me clear out some cluttery keyword strategies Is relatively easy to use as a reference,As it is mostly me running both, I am largely the person dictating synthesis between vendors,,9,10,25,2,Supporting a redesign/redirect Cleaning up cluttery data...why are we optimizing for kws that aren't really relevant to us? Pulling quick reporting GA doesn't necessarily give,Checking what other competitors are doing has been really illuminating Finding out people/businesses we never would have expected in our marketplace Learning about our growing popularity in asian markets Finding out how many terms we think are important aren't actually that important,I wish we could see better conversion tracking I would love to see integration with call/text streamlining/interconnecting reports,10,Adobe Illustrator CC, Google Analytics Premium, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio, Google Drive, Bing Ads, Percolate, Facebook for Business,Yes,No,Yes! They bended over backwards to train me and my colleague. Even though we both have crazy schedules, they really worked with us to make sure we knew how to get the most out of this platform,I love seeing the striking distance rankings Homepage pins are great Planning searches are also great Chat interface with Conductor employees is really helpful,Some of the custom reporting can be kind of hard I get that it's a lot of data, but exporting some of the reporting is time-consuming navigating between panes can be difficultConductor Searchlight - Saves time for a small teamPrimarily, I am the only user. I do however, use the dashboarding tools to produce reports that are shared with other people in the marketing department, including content creators, and also with the executive team. We bought Conductor Searchlight to help us to prioritize our search engine optimization efforts and have a seamless way to track and measure the success or failure of our optimization tactics. We did this so that we could take the optimization tasks in house, tie it more closely to content creation, and also eliminate the need for an agency partnership.,Reporting on status over time of particular keywords. This is their core competency so it is no surprise that they do it well. It is incredibly simple to build out groups of keywords, conduct optimization experiments and track the success or failure of your efforts over a longer range of time. Providing insight into the competitive landscape. At any moment, I can see how my competitors are for a particular keyword and how we stack up as well as pulling in information about their page meta information alongside my own. Tying search engine ranking to more typical measurements such as revenue, event tracking on a website etc. With the analytics integration you can get very granular in how you want to measure the success of your search engine optimization projects beyond just where you appear in a single generic Google search. Mobile reporting - You can (with associated fees) see exactly where you (and your competition) rank for specific keywords from mobile devices from specific locations. Very valuable to know how your efforts are impacting not only local to our business searches, but also those in places that are further away. As an international distributor, but with only a single storefront, this is particularly powerful.,Keeping notes and information on the tests and techniques that you've employed can be a bit cumbersome. They have been working on streamlining this. There ARE ways to keep all of your notes and info right in the platform, it just isn't always within a single click from where you are in the platform. Automation of tasks isn't really a priority. I wish there were some ways to automate outbound link requests from within the platform. There are tools to pull this data up and make it visible and if it was then tied in with WhoIs data to pull a technical email contact, that would be super awesome and timesaving. Some of the content segmentation tools aren't very intuitive. They take some getting used to. However, the good news is that the help documentation is available a single click from anywhere in the platform and there are lots of training resources. it just takes a bit of time to get up to speed.,9,Conductor Searchlight has greatly improved and decreased the amount of time we have to spend on reporting on search engine optimization tasks and results. We now spend 5 hours a week working directly in this tool and that includes prioritizing tasks, doing reporting, monitoring competition, and reaching out for backlinks. We have successfully moved our average search rank position across all tracked keywords from a 12 to a 9 in the last 12 months.,,1,1,Reviewing and monitoring our position on our main .com domain. Using the tool to expand and build up a new domain that we have that is focused on video. YouTube analytics is great for this. We use the tool extensively for an outbound link building campaign.,We were able to find some high priority problems with the structure and underlying foundation of our site and resolve them.,I want to get more into tying search ranking and position with content insights and also with Adobe Analytics.,10,Vendor implemented,No,Change management was minimal,I needed to review the keywords that were mined and added by the vendor to make sure they were aligned with business objectives. This wasn't an issue per se, but was the part where we had the most time internally.,10,10,Yes,I've only needed support a couple of times and both were great experiences. I upgraded my account once since I've been a customer, adding additional domains, additional modules and additional keywords. I was having some issues accessing one of the modules that I'd added and reported it. Within an hour, they had the issue resolved. I've NEVER had to reach out or inquire about the status on a ticket and I consider that exceptional in this day and age.,Looking at your pipeline, how your keywords are ranked is so incredibly easy. Super easy to see and review any recommendations for your site.,Setting up the content segments is a bit cumbersome. For some sites figuring out how to segment is also challenging depending on how your URL's are structured.,8,10,10Please, use anything but Conductor Searchlight! (So I can CRUSH YOU!!!!)Go Big or go Home? Conductor Searchlight lets you go big. EDDY uses Conductor Searchlight for 8 websites with excellent results. We give access to the Product Team and Creative Team so they can monitor progress and get ideas for content. The tool is only administered by the SEO Team. We use reports from Searchlight to support business decision making. Business Visibility: Excellent reporting and business intelligence with tools such as Keyword Pipeline. Focus: Conductor Searchlight helps us focus on the top opportunities across 8 sites and hundreds of thousands of pages.Excellent Training: Conductor Searchlight's documentation and training library are second to none. I can take junior people and feel very comfortable that they can quickly and effectively get up to speed.Power Tools: For myself and my other more experienced users Conductor Searchlight provides a wide array of power tools that we use to analyze our sites, content, and the related business performance.,Categorization allows us to create excellent drill down capability within the tool. We can zoom in from the site level down to very discrete section of the website and compare performance of those sections independently or in comparison to any other part of the website. This capability allows us to understand what ROI we are achieving based on content creation efforts. It helps us plan and ideate new content. The Keyword Visibility Tool is one of my favorites! The first thing I do every Monday morning is to log-in to Conductor Searchlight and review Keyword Visibility. We can quickly and effectively discern if there are any issues with site pages or if recent optimizations garnered us improvements. The tool helps to focus upcoming work as well. Do not underestimate "Categories"! Building out your categories in detail makes Conductor Searchlight an extremely effective tool. You can get a detailed "health" view of your site on the main page. This helps you identify opportunities that you would otherwise overlook with the Keyword Visibility Tool. You can compare similar categories and filter to compare multiple different types of categories. One click takes you to the Keyword Pipeline view for a given category and one more click can take you to the Keyword Visibility for that Category. This is exactly how I would design it myself. :),Wherefore art thou Webmaster Tools? Having the Page level detail (with keywords) from Webmaster Tools integrated into Conductor Searchlight in a similar way to Visibility Explore would be ideal. Especially since Google has made using Search Analytics painful with their last "update". Pages, not Keywords! Conductor Searchlight is slowly morphing to be a Content / Page platform. However, all of these tools started as keyword centric. For example, in the Keyword Visibility Tool I never click through the keywords. I open the associated pages instead. What I want are recommendations at the page level; not for discrete keywords. I have lots of ideas how to do this right. Let's talk.... Workflow. Simply not robust enough right now. Needs to be able to be assigned from almost anywhere in the platform.,10,How about a 243% in net profit within 4 months on our biggest site? The ability to measure the effectiveness of new content pieces helps our creative team come up with increasing better ideas. Both an ROI metric and an efficiency metric. Speed. We are able to do more faster and more effectively with Conductor Searchlight. This allows us to get the absolute most out of our staff.,BrightEdge,11,2,Content ROI. Website Migration. Revenue Generation through SEO Optimization.,Complete website migration including new content creation in support of what we saw in Conductor Searchlight. Tracking content generation through Social Shares and back-links through Keyword Pipeline to Revenue. Uncovering hidden gems. Areas of the website that we did not have on our content calendar yet had great potential for SEO optimizations.,Full integration of Social Signals and back-links into the tool. Integration of Google Tag Manager built content groupings into Conductor Searchlight's view of the site. Integration of webmaster tools page query data into Conductor Searchlight.,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product Third-party Reviews,The only thing that I would change in our selection criteria is to use more third party reviews. I find that well thought out and detailed reviews can help with the decision making process. It is very helpful to have your own decision making framework well established going into a review process. Again, third party reviews can help you flesh out your framework.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,None. How about really none! Did I mention none?,10,No,10,Yes,So many examples so little time... Categorization is a very important feature within Conductor Searchlight. As I was doing mas science once to totally revise my categories Kevin Blake took my example and just did it. I was not expecting that. I had sent him the example to make sure it made sense before I ran it across all of my keywords. He replied back how it made perfect sense and he had implemented it for me. Have tons of other similar examples.,The Bulk Keyword Update tool is your best friend. The ability to download into Excel what you are seeing on just about any screen is excellent. The Visibility Explorer and Paid & Natural Explorer are great tools.,Workflow needs to be enhanced to be triggered from many more areas within the tool, not just on the keyword recommendation pages. Please integrate with webmaster tools so I do not have to do this by hand for page level query information. Needs an auto categorize feature for recently optimized pages and their associated keywords.,No,9Stop Searching, Choose SearchlightWe chose Conductor Searchlight to help us identify opportunities to improve performance in organic search and drive additional traffic to our website, and I have been very happy with the success that we have with the product. We relied on Conductor Searchlight during a recent website redevelopment, where most of our URLs were changing. Through a customized Workspace we had a clear view of ranking and traffic shifts as we migrated to the new site and were able to easily identify content that was performing well and pages that needed additional optimization.One of the biggest benefits that I have seen with Conductor Searchlight is the support that I receive from Conductor. I have a dedicated team of professionals that work with me on an ongoing basis and help me maximize the effectiveness of the information provided and glean actionable data that will leverage our visibility in organic search.,Conductor provides excellent product support with regular ongoing meetings to help maximize the benefits from Searchlight. Conductor Searchlight provides both standard rankings as well as their "true rank," which is basically where you really are on the SERP, not just where you are on the 10 blue links, but where you are with the maps feature or news or other kinds of universal features. I love their competitive market share report, where you can get a clear picture of who owns the marketplace for key terms.,Just a couple of minor functionality issues, like having tables that remember your number of rows visible and ranking type.,10,We've been able to leverage the data from Conductor Searchlight to identify content issues and other optimization opportunities that have resulted in more traffic to our website.,BrightEdge,2,2,Site redesign Competitive analysis Benchmarking,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,10,NoConductor Searchlight helps us maintain a competitive edge.Conductor Searchlight is used to give us an overview of the soccer market. The information that we gather is used in multiple ways. At the most basic level, we use the keyword data to tell us how we are doing compared to our competition. This helps us give an idea of how we need to change, or where we are missing the mark. Furthermore, we'll use the data to help guide certain projects in terms of ROI, or use the information to help decide between the language we use on site, i.e. kits or jerseys, shoes or cleats. The information is used weekly in audits, and is a huge time saver. Currently Searchlight Conductor is primarily used just by myself, but the data is used by the marketing and creative departments. The tool helps us locate our problem areas and gives us insights on how to fix those. The data is invaluable in helping steer us towards channels that will increase our revenue by providing the relevant data needed to support site changes.,Conductor Searchlight gives a birds-eye view of the market. The tool shows the trends of our competitors in terms of average rank, which has been extremely helpful in determining what they did to advance. Furthermore, it proves keyword recommendations, which makes keyword research a great deal easier. The tool is so robust, that it covers all of our needs. I recommend it as often as I can. Conductor Searchlight displays the result types of the keywords we are ranking for. This has been very helpful in determining how well we are doing. If we find that a high value keyword at rank #3 is just an image, we use that information to start a plan for bumping it towards a product page or blog post. The information given really helps us know how well we are actually doing, and conductor presents it in an easy to use way. Conductor Searchlight has a preferred URL section that provides a recommendations. For example, if a keyword is ranking for a url that is not preferred, Conductor Searchlight will examine the preferred url and give a list of recommendations on how to fix the page. The information provided gives details on h1 tags, meta descriptions and other back-end items. It helps us save time by not having to manually poke around in the page.,Conductor Searchlight uses workspaces as quick access to sets of data. While useful, the drag and drop functionality of it can cause mishaps. Either something will resize by clicking on the wrong section, or it will just disappear until refreshed. You easily learn to work around it, but it can be frustrating. Conductor Searchlight has some Youtube Integration. It provides a basic level of detail about the channel, including how many people have subscribed, how many minutes watched, etc. I'd like to see more information, such as did anyone unsubscribe, as well as have the ability to have two channels per domain. The keyword bulk update uses an Excel file. It's a nice way to handle a ton of keywords, but added data, such as current search volume of each keyword would be nice. Currently, when deciding to remove low search volume keywords that just pad our rank, I have to switch between Conductor Searchlight and the keyword spreadsheet to figure out which keywords to dump. It's not that difficult, but extra data allowing time to be saved is always a plus.,10,Conductor Searchlight has been invaluable in proving that certain avenues taken have been worth it. For example, we've done multiple landing pages that are different from the standard LPs that used to be done. Conductor Searchlight has shown that the keywords associated with those keywords have done better in the SERPs then others. Using the business case section of Conductor Searchlight, I've been able to make a case for making specific pages that will help increase revenue. While I may not use their revenue forecast (even though it pulls from our Google Analytics Data), I use the CTR and other provided information from Conductor Searchlight to find out how much we'll gain by taking action. The keyword data does help our creative and marketing team see the fruit of their efforts. Sometimes it doesn't pay off, and other times the information tells us that there's a great opportunity to be had. When we use the information, we do see big jumps.,1,We use Conductor Searchlight's keyword analysis to see how well our pages are doing. We'll use this data to decide whether to try something new, or to see if the pages are doing great. Competitor trending and average ranking has provided a lot of information for us. Currently, it's being used to show us how we need to change and advance to continue to be competitive. We've started to use content mapping through Conductor Searchlight to help give us an idea of where our users are going, and where they may be dropping off.,The biggest use of the data is to show us how we need to redesign to remain competitive. A lot of our competitors have jumped in rankings, which we see in the trends, and we've noticed they've all had a decent redesign.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I can't think of any major way I would change my process. If my company was smaller and in a less competitive industry, I'd pay more attention to the price and other tools. While Conductor Searchlight is a great tool, it is expensive, so it's not for everyone. I'd also check around to see what others have to say, just to help my decision making.,Vendor implemented,No,10,Yes,Conductor Searchlight recently has added a new feature to their tool. I haven't had a lot of time to mess with it, but when I asked for some tips etc., they gave me a great list of useful information regarding the new feature, and offered to personally guide me through it. My customer service rep also offered to set everything up for me due to my busy schedule.,Keyword analysis is incredibly easy with Conductor Searchlight. You can easily see how your keywords are doing at a glance. if you want to delve into them for more detail, that's just a click away. Conductor Searchlight's competitors analysis is a breeze. Conductor Searchlight will even pull all of they keywords they are ranking for, giving you the opportunity to track for those same keywords. The trending graphs are also very useful in determining how we've gained or lost an advantage. Implementing our YouTube channels and Google Analytics accounts into Conductor Searchlight was a very easy process, and could be done without any help.,Workspaces can be fickle at times, with certain elements moving or disappearing if you accidentally drag them.,8Pretty Cool ToolConductor Searchlight was used for keyword ranking purposes by our SEO and SEM teams.,Keyword Ranking Marketshare Competition Analysis Compelling Content Ideas,Expense can be a bit high when you are a small business marketing agency,7,Increased customer engagement Increased ranking,Google Analytics,8,2,Competitive analysis Content engagement Keyword ranking,Blog topics On-page SEO,8,No,Product Features,Implemented in-house,No,None that I can think of,9,In-person training,10,9,10,No,I've never needed to reach out for support. Our SEO manager was in charge of the product and questions.,Keyword ranking Competitor analysis,9,9,10,7,No,File import/export,9,None,5,9,I was not a part of this process,No,I did not experience the upgrade,I'm not certain what the upgrade entails
Conductor Searchlight
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Conductor Searchlight
232 Ratings
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Score 8.9 out of 101
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November 20, 2017

Review: "Conductor Searchlight is, like, seriously the best digital marketing research tool"

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I really love using Searchlight Conductor. It's been absolutely critical to bringing a website that hasn't been optimized before into 2017. Its insights have automated issues I would have previously had to manually research, and its competitive data has helped me talk to other business units about our overall branding and strategy. Ultimately, it gives really great insights that help me plan.
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September 25, 2015

Review: "Conductor Searchlight helps us maintain a competitive edge."

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Conductor Searchlight has proven itself to be an invaluable tool. We've already renewed and are on our second year. The information provided has really helped us win big in certain areas of our industry, and we are hoping to use the data to further guide us in our changes and projects.
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About Conductor Searchlight

Conductor Searchlight is designed to generate customer intent insights that lead to compelling content, increased traffic, and higher organic marketing ROI.

The vendor says their technology enables marketers to understand their prospective customers' intent by revealing the trends and topics they are searching for at every phase of purchase process. Customizable dashboards and workflows guide marketers through the content creation process, empowering them to continuously measure, refine, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their SEO and content marketing efforts. Conductor's customers include global brands like Citibank, Birchbox, JanSport, athenahealth, and agencies like iProspect and Acronym.

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Does not have featureSocial SEO
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