TrustRadius Manage - Hands down the best I've ever experienced!We use ConnectWise Manage to run our entire managed services business. We use ConnectWise to invoice, purchase, ticket, schedule, dispatch, and manage our customers and more.,ConnectWise technical support staff are the best I've ever experienced in my 20+ years in IT!! CW Manage provides an MSP with all the necessary tools to run the entire business. nothing is left out. CW Manage integrations with other MSP applications is very broad. when we look for new tools we only use those that integrate and we've never had a problem finding them. CW Manage continues to improve the product. always pushing forward with new innovations!,I wish that bundled items could be added to agreement additions. I would like to see the "agr_header_recid" field added to the agreement list screen.,10,Manage Clients Manage Projects Manage Multiple Locations Manage SLAs Manage Time Tracking and Billing Manage Scheduling and Dispatch,We have near perfect visibility into time/resouce per client We have a much higher degree of control and visibility of costs Operational efficiency has improved by roughly 33%,We regularly attend the user group sessions and have found them to be of tremendous impact to our growth, innovation and efficiency,,7,2,all of the business in one application business data is relevant and available keeps us competitive flexible fits our changing needs,keep us with employee PTO,streamline IT,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,no change,No,10,Yes,exceptional support in my mind describes the connectwise support culture as a whole not just one support instance. Anyone can do an exceptional job every so often but few organizations can deliver exceptional support consistently. Connectwise sets the standard for application support!,support desk functions invoicing marketing,report writer,Yes,10,10,10,9ConnectWise can connect a lot together!Connectwise manage is used across multiple departments. Initially, we only migrated single elements (service desk) and later on, we were able to switch other departments to it too. Additionally, after buying another company out, their processes were integrated into ConnectWise too, unifying the processes across the organization.,Timekeeping and expenses - easy to assign time to tasks and mobile app allows for quick upload of receipts. Integration with other automated systems, currently our IT monitoring system is linked to CW and any issue flagged by it is automatically creating (and closing if self-resolved!) tickets for servicedesk. Fully web based - there is a desktop client but since one of recent patches the web client looks exactly the same and allows for quick access to CW from pretty much anywhere with no fuss. Really convenient!,Missing options for two factor authentication with more common systems, hoping for this to be added soon! Frequent patching is recommended due to amount of improvements and fixes, not necessarily a bad thing but carries an additional overhead of testing and implementation time. As any bigger system it takes time to get used too, which can cause the initial settling in time to be a bit longer.,8,Manage Clients Manage Projects Manage SLAs Manage Time Tracking and Billing,ConnectWise allows for better management of teams and much better timekeeping which results in increases efficiency. Keeping track of expenses reduced the overhead of admin team (no more bags of paper receipts !!!). Third party tool integration automated lots of tasks, instead of engineers checking email reports or monitoring consoles, they simply get tickets assigned and can work on them as those are auto-logged by ConnectWise. That's hours of time saved per team member.,I am not an active community member and have not used this much. I am aware there is a vast knowledge base, forum and update request page which seems to work well (one of my suggestions got implemented in pretty much next patch).,ServiceNow,8,912 Years of using ConnectWise and have never looked backWe have been using Connectwise since 2004 and use it in every aspect of our operation across all departments. We use it for ticket management, project management, sales tracking, T&M and agreement invoicing, client communication and asset tracking. We also use Streamline IT for clients with their own in-house IT departments. The only feature we do not use is the product procurement module.,Connectwise has done an excellent job of facilitating the different invoicing practices for each business model. The range of flexibility in invoicing depending upon client, site or location and agreement is quite impressive. And, if a mistake is made, it is really easy to delete and recreate with the fear of losing information. The way in which time is recording and reported makes it very to monitor exactly what your team is doing and if each time entry is properly entered. I appreciate the flexibility of using workflow rules to notify us of key events or items that are outside of set parameters to help us make sure we don't miss critical events.,There are several functions that require too many clicks. Each time I select an item that opens a progress pop-up, when it is finished you have to select Close Window. I wish it would show the progress and automatically close the window for me. Much like my previous entry, I wish I could mark my time entry as Complete without having to select Mark as Done > Select the time to mark as done > Select Save. I would appreciate it if they could move it from 3 clicks to 1. If there are multiple scheduled events, have a second link that says Mark All as Done. That way I could select Mark Done or Mark All as Done. Either way, it is just one click. The Invoice Print button appears to take a lot longer than it used to. I don't know what changed, but it takes FOREVER to preview an invoice. I will often select another application to do something else while waiting for the invoice preview to load. This is very anoying.,10,Manage Clients Manage Projects Manage Multiple Locations Manage SLAs Manage Time Tracking and Billing Manage Scheduling and Dispatch,Negative: If you don't have ConnectWise properly configured, you can completely mess up your invoicing. There have been several times that we have wrestled to understand why elements are being billed incorrectly only to learn that we didn't set up the billing parameters properly. Once we properly configured the tool, it works just like it is supposed to. Positive: When the entire team is using it as they should, nothing falls through the cracks. Positive: When you get into a "he said - she said" situation with a client, I love the audit trail feature. It can be a great CYA providing evidence that we did what we said we did, complete with time stamps.,The ConnectWise University is the most complete tool of its kind that I have ever used. I appreciate the lengths that ConnectWise goes through to to completely document their product with explaination, KB articles, use case tips and video tutorials. The user groups are very helpful to see how other users are dealing with the same every day business challenges with ConnectWise and business in general. IT Nation has always been my favorite industry event. They are to be commended on the attention to detail they put into them.,9,8ConnectWise is your tool if you are an MSPWe use ConnectWise as the primary tool to run our entire organization. It is invaluable as a tool and we have put considerable resources into developing and customizing the product. If you are an MSP, this and LabTech (both owned by the same company) are your tools.,Single tool for all departments Good integration with some powerful 3rd party tools Well developed and mature software,Patches can break things, we always patch far behind! Can be delayed years for promised key features,9,Manage Clients Manage Projects Manage Multiple Locations Manage SLAs Manage Time Tracking and Billing Manage Scheduling and Dispatch,It is a single tool for most aspects of the business, which is it's primary strength,IT Nation is a good event and we often attend.,6A very well integrated product with several strengths but is somewhat lacking as a CRM which will fit many SMB complete office needs.We currently use ConnectWise as the central service, ticketing, time keeping, billing\invoicing, configuration, project and opportunity management product across our entire organization. Most recently we are adopting use of the reporting and dashboarding functionality added in v2015.As an all in one product, ConnectWise facilitates the ease of maintaining both historical and relational information for our customer delivery from opportunity origination through billing. Having a unified database which contains information regarding the various aspects of our company also provides easier retrieval of the BI we need to successfully maintain and grow our business.,Service Ticketing- Intuitive interface provides time tracking, service details, inter-relational references to configuration, agreements as well as a concise audit trail of associated activities. Workflow Rules- Flexible workflow rule creation allows for auto-functional event based activity such as resource assignment, board moves, email notifications and more for service ticketing, configurations and agreements. This is useful for service tickling as well as important event notification such as impending warranty and agreement expirations,CRM- The CRM aspect is not the strongest element of ConnectWise and could use improvement in both functionality and performance. Time outs are experienced on several database queries within this module which often frustrates our CRM users.,8,Better business intelligence has assisted us in making critical business decision regarding service, sales and operational aspects of our company. Faster service assignment and intelligent resource management reduces time for service delivery. Closed loop information systems provides additional levels of customer service required by our clients.,,83,Implemented in-house Professional services company,7,10,7ConnectWise for MSPsConnectWise has the unique ability to tie together all people and processes within our organization, making it an essential tool for everyone in our organization. From service to sales to finance to product integration, ConnectWise is designed to weave all of these disparate silos together into a centralized, meaningful way. Many of the products and services we use, tie directly into ConnectWise, making alerting, ticketing and billing a snap. With scheduling, time entry, ticket tracking and workflow automation features, not only is invoicing is more efficient than ever but the product has been designed to be scalable to grow with your organization.,Agreement billing is easy with correct work role and work type configurations, giving you the ability to streamline your billing process, but also the flexibility to easily address your clients with unique billing arrangements. Workflows can be configured to alert anyone in your team to exception-conditions. Expiring agreement in 3 months? Warranty expiration in 45 days? Negative survey? Missed SLA? Emergency tickets? Not a problem with Connectwise's workflows. Product integration allows for better alerting, with improved ticket categorization for data analytics. Outside Sales benefits from improved reporting helping you determine what is and is not working, track your sales quotas and project your growth based on successful sales. Inside Sales benefits from streamlined quote creation and delivery, activity and ticket tracking all while delivering key sales metrics. New GUI Reporting interface allows SQL-novices to drag and drop fields to make the reports that are meaningful to you.,Knowledge Base is weak. The ability to send Project surveys is limited to tickets within the Project, but not the project itself. The current release cycle is very aggressive. Be prepared to update the program every 30 (or fewer) days. The program's flexibility can be a weakness, so you will need to educate your team. ConnectWise University is a great resource - use it.,9,Better data analytics to identify problematic products and services. Increased employee utilization, better resource management. The product's workflow automation allows for scalability. Directly improves customer service through the closed loop features. Indirectly improves service through reporting, which allows us to better know what we do and don't do well.,Autotask,100,2,Resource Scheduling Tracking Time against Agreements Improved resource management Better reporting on key metrics Service delivery is built on the ITIL standard,Workflows Automated alert notification letting the system tell "Freemium" clients when alerts happen, and letting the clients leverage 'Self - service" to tell us when they want us to resolve an issue. Customized reporting. Once we found we could dig into the database, we've been creating custom reports ever since. The last time I checked, I think we had around 110 custom reports.,Improve Project Management Project Surveys Leverage more automation through workflows Hopefully the Knowledge Base will improve and we can utilize it.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,If we had to go through the process again, we would make the same decision to use ConnectWise, although I like to think we would have better trained our employees and better adopted best-practices.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,Encouraging the employees to adopt the best practices. Training. Understanding how data flowed from time entry to agreements to billing. It took some time to get invoicing adjusted.,7,Yes,9,Yes,We had some database issues, stemming from an update. ConnectWise support was able to identify the table corruption and work with us overnight to resolve the issue.,Ticketing Workflows Project Management,Invoicing QuickBooks Integration,Yes,9,6
Windows, Mac
ConnectWise Manage
215 Ratings
Score 8.1 out of 101
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ConnectWise Manage Reviews

ConnectWise Manage
215 Ratings
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Score 8.1 out of 101

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October 01, 2017

ConnectWise can connect a lot together!

Score 8 out of 10
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The performance has been stable with our system from the very beginning to right now where we use it in sync with different tools pulling data out or adding data in (it glue, Solarwinds rmm, etc)
The only time we managed to kill it was a wrongly created report run against it so cannot complain at all!
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Wes Jensen profile photo
July 27, 2017

12 Years of using ConnectWise and have never looked back

Score 10 out of 10
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Overall, I love CW Manage. I think it is a great platform, but nothing is learned from saying "You're great!" So I will share 2 issues where I think improvement can be made.

1. There are times where service requests are closed inappropriately without explanation or warning which can be frustrating. I have learned that I must work extra hard to manage my open issues to ensure that they don't just disappear without resolution.

2. I recently found that I had mistakenly been charged $50 a month for a year for services I did not have. When I brought this to CW's attention, I was quickly given a credit memo and an apology, which was nice, but it was still annoying.
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David Pavuk profile photo
April 27, 2016

A very well integrated product with several strengths but is somewhat lacking as a CRM which will fit many SMB complete office needs.

Score 8 out of 10
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Some tab for certain areas load speeds could be better. Dashboards can load slowly when they reference multiple reports. Some reports can load slowly based on the tables and views they are accessing. At times the SQL queries being performed in the background can actually timeout and a tab or screen will fail to load.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Organize and prioritize service tickets (60)
Expert directory (31)
Subscription-based notifications (38)
ITSM collaboration and documentation (44)
Ticket creation and submission (60)
Ticket response (59)
External knowledge base (43)
Internal knowledge base (50)
Customer portal (56)
IVR (13)
Social integration (21)
Email support (55)
Help Desk CRM integration (50)

About ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage calls itself a business management platform for companies that sell, service, and support technology. According to the vendor, the product supports 110,000 users and helps them achieve greater accountability, operational efficiency, and profitability. The platform is cloud-based and integrates business-process automation, help desk and customer service, sales, marketing, project management, and business analytics in order to streamline a company's operations.

ConnectWise Manage is the hub of the ConnectWise suite, a set of solutions for technology solution providers that aims to give an end-to-end view and total control over their business.

ConnectWise also gives its users access to a network of ideas, experts, and solutions. ConnectWise has been in business for more than 15 years.

ConnectWise Manage Features

Incident and problem management Features
Has featureOrganize and prioritize service tickets
Has featureExpert directory
Has featureSubscription-based notifications
Has featureITSM collaboration and documentation
Has featureTicket creation and submission
Has featureTicket response
Has featureAutomated responses
Has featureAttachments/Screencasts
Has featureSLA management
Self Help Community Features
Has featureForums
Has featureExternal knowledge base
Has featureInternal knowledge base
Has featureQ and A
Has featureSurveys/polls
Multi-Channel Help Features
Has featureCustomer portal
Has featureLive help chat
Has featurePhone support
Has featureIVR
Has featureCall scripting
Has featureSocial integration
Has featureEmail support
Has featureHelp Desk CRM integration

ConnectWise Manage Screenshots

ConnectWise Manage Integrations

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal), ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal), ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal), ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)

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ConnectWise Manage Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

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 Paid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

ConnectWise Manage Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom
Supported Languages: English