Conversocial is a social customer service software that enables companies to engage in large volumes of social media conversations with their customers. The cloud-based software combines intelligent prioritization with team management workflows to enable companies to quickly and efficiently join and create conversations with their customers. Companies including Hertz, Tesco, Groupon, and Go Daddy have seen decreases in time and cost to serve by using Conversocial. like ConverAwesomeConversocial is used by our Digital Marketing team to manage workflow for our social media channels.,Increases productivity by reducing the amount of time spent responding and monitoring our highly active social media channels. History of interactions are grouped by individual conversations providing quick and easy research options. Customer support is beyond fantastic. Questions are answered almost immediately from the Conversocial team.,It could be easier to group together individuals who have interacted with out brand the most.,Increased employee efficiency Drastically eeduced number of "lost" or "forgotten" cases Allows digital team to provide better service and research support to the Customer Relations team,10,,10,10,10,10,10Conversocial creates clever Customer ConnectionsOur business used Conversocial to remedy our CRM needs in social media. We've recently implemented it in our Customer Contact Centre to address our clients customer service needs with more proficiency. It helped to organize communications received through Social Media and provided a platform to respond to those clients in a quick manner.,Conversocial provides an orderly, easily navigated platform for routing and answering social media comments and inquiries. This makes the tool easy to train and understand. It also segments and archives the communications in an accessible way for review or recovery. There are different levels of management within the tool that also allows for managing a team through a dashboard of information. Managers are able to set limitations for different ability levels within their teams and to edit responses if necessary. This is a security, not only in practicality but also in peace of mind for a business. Conversocial also creates insightful analytics that can be produced at the push of a single button at any time. You also have a page within the tool that provides real time analytics that are crucial to a business should a crisis occur. The support team at Conversocial were very attentive to matters if issues came up. The resolutions were never far behind the reporting of a problem.,Determining the sentiment of a social message is something that every predictive modeled Social CRM tool can improve on. Mechanism for posting to a native site might be more robust. Although our business did not choose to post through the tool. We did not use any other mechanism to automate our posts.,The inclusion of Conversocial in our Customer Contact Centre, addressing our clients customer service needs, created a great impact to the ability of our business to focus on a stronger social media strategy. This results in creating more opportunities for engagement and acquisition for a business.,10,,500 to 1,000 per week,6,9,9,9Conversocial: Keeping Community Manager's sane since 2009Conversocial is currently being used by our Social Media Community Managers within the organization. There are five CMs and Conversocial addresses the daily activity and engagement we see on our Facebook page and at times we also pull in our conversations that occur on Twitter. Daily, our Community Management team uses their features to sort through responses, assign incoming comments/posts/messages to team members, tag responses, filter content, apply sentiment, etc. We also pull reports from Conversocial to identify trends and see our community's reaction to our content.Conversocial keeps our Community Managment team organized, and with their features we are able to act quickly when responding to others and we also work with different departments to help our community members out.,Previous conversations: This is one of the main reasons why I personally love Conversocial over Hootsuite and other social media engagement tools. Conversocial pulls in all previous interactions we've had with community members and it helps us identify if we've already addressed their problem, if they are a detractor/advocate, and so much more. With other engagement tools, it's frustrating as a community member may repost the same thing over and over again, but at different time periods. If you're unable to see what someone has said in the past, we may waste our time replying to the same thing multiple times, or we also risk responding with the same general advice, when we could try a different approach. Tags and filters: Conversocials use of tags and filters are extremely simple to use. They have shortcuts which help you easily assign a tag to an item and then you can easily pull up each of those tags within Conversocial itself or your can open up an external report. If my team is in a hurry and wants to quickly see a certain tag, we can use the filter option and within seconds we have all the information we need. Simple shortcuts: Conversocial has several shortcuts that save my team a lot of time. One single button on my keyboard can apply sentiment and archive something so it's out of my way. I can also use shortcuts to apply a tag, assign an item, and do other tasks. It may seem like a small benefit but each second saved really adds up throughout each day and week. Communication: As we know, technology has issues and every tech issue Conversocial has experiences has been handled extremely well. I've never encountered any issues contacting Conversocial, we're always notified when they are working on a solution and once the problem has been fixed. We also receive random pop-ups within Conversocial to notify us of known issues before our team experiences them, and when there is a new feature that we should be aware of. Their communication is always on point and it's great to know that we can always rely on them.,Ban settings: currently, you can only ban from one single page at a time. Our organization has a few different pages and it would be nice if we could ban one user across all pages in one single click Reply and notes section: in the past it was easy to add a note as a reply. Conversocial has since changed this and made the 'reply' section very bold so you do not accidentally type a note in the reply section. Tagging: It would be nice if we could tag users from Conversocial. However, this seems to be a Facebook issue and not a Conversocial one.,Conversocial is helping us improve customer service each and every day. By staying organized and on top of our Community Management, our organization is able to help community members and improve their experience. We are also able to improve sales as potential students come to our Facebook page asking for help and we can provide more information and direct them to the right place. Conversocial helps our organization identify trends through their use of tags and filters. This helps us escalate important issues to leadership so we can make any necessary changes and improvements.,9,Radian6,HootSuite Enterprise,1,000 to 5,000 per week,,9,,Conversocial - The Customer Care PowerhouseConversocial was used for a past client primarily for social media customer service related issues. I truly believe that Conversocial understands and recognizes the importance of agents being active on social media. It is a convenient and reliable way to manage social interactions across all channels. Department managers can also collaborate on responses and track issues more efficiently. Since the tool is meant to improve customer care efficiency on social media, the reporting feature is structured to highlight how customer care experts are managing the influx of messages and conversations. Businesses can get valuable insight into how many messages are coming in, the times that messages are often coming in, the sentiment surrounding those conversations, and how long it takes different agents to answer questions. In addition, businesses can analyze brand mentions, tags and word clouds with common terms associated with their brand. From this information, businesses can then re-evaluate how their social care processes are impacting their business goals and brand sentiment both online and offline.,Businesses can analyze how long it takes different agents to respond to customer inquiries on social media. This helps them understand staffing, response time, and how to become more efficient with customer care. By utilizing the tagging and sentiment features across all conversations, businesses can better understand what their customers are talking most frequently about on social media and whether it's positive or negative. This can help identify frequent product issues that may lead to future design improvements. Through the dashboard, customer representatives can also easily assign conversations to the appropriate team member. This makes it more efficient for different managers to handle different conversations related to their product expertise.,I would like to see an improvement in the reporting dashboard which is something I mentioned to Josh (the CEO) on a call back in April. He said that it is something they are working on but to remember that this is truly a customer service social media platform so some of the features that I would like to see may not fit well with the users of the product.,Conversocial was used to improve communication for customer service related inquiries on social media. Since I was using the product on behalf of another business, I don't know the ROI.,8,,1,000 to 5,000 per week,5,8,6,6JackThreads' use of Conversocial for Social Customer ServiceAllows us to handle social volume at an extremely productive rate while still gathering dispositioning data on customer interactions. We're able to easily download data sets for business analysis and anecdotal evidence. Allows us to proactively provide service to customers who have not yet directly reached out to our department, which increases our likelihood of recovering those customers.,Training/approval modules are useful, but it's difficult to collaborate dynamically in helping agents rewrite their responses if they're not approved. It's possible to either reject or approve an outgoing message from an agent, but it's difficult to edit the message and make some suggestions to send back to the agent and have him modify it before re-submitting for approval.,With a contact per hour rate 7-10 X faster than before, we're saving on cost per contact.,9,,2,2,Conversocial allows us to connect with customers who reach out to us over social media effectively and provide resolutions that exceed their expectations and industry standards. Conversocial gives us the ability to efficiently proactively search for customers who need help with service issues, order conversion, or product recommendations.,9,,Vendor implemented,10,Online training Self-taught,9,The basics are easy to learn, but to achieve full efficiency, I would recommend some training.,No,9,10,9,10,We're actively looking for ways to integrate Conversocial with our own Facebook API/log-in tool.Conversocial ReviewConversocial is currently used by the social media team to monitor all of the brand's Facebook accounts. We currently have 7 users who monitor and reply to posts and comments. We are able to assign messages to various team members, as well as track sentiment and other metrics. This allows us to more easily listen to our communities and engage our fans and customers.,The latest version of Conversocial (called Conversations) brings messages together grouped by conversation or discussion topic. This allows us to quickly see related messages before assigning or responding to a post. Conversocial allows us to view all the posts from our various channels in one inbox, or to choose which channels to view. With 50+ different Facebook accounts to monitor, this is a huge time saver for us. We can also filter by only private messages. Notes made on individual comments are now visible in the main view, as is the whole action history for those comments, allowing us to have all the information we need to make decisions. Another feature I love is the ability to simply scroll up or down to view older or newer messages from a user whose comment you have selected in the main view. Keyboard shortcuts allow for quick and easy marking of sentiment. They even have keys that mark the sentiment and archive the post at once, saving us extra clicks.,Conversocial has a start on analytics, especially with the ability to change time periods to view, but more features are needed here. User profile information is shown on the right now, but for this to be really useful, we need to be able to edit this information and to store additional data we find on each user. Getting through a large number of posts (50+) can sometimes be difficult because they are all arrayed on the left, but only about 20 per page show, and longer messages do not show completely in that view. You can use the check boxes on the left to select multiple messages and assign or archive them all at once. This is not a big issue but could be improved.,10,Increased employee efficiency Better customer service because we can respond to our customers and potential customers faster and on their preferred channel.,,9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,A free demo period would be useful, as other vendors are currently offering.,9,Yes,When I asked support why the number of conversations shown in analytics was higher than the number of messages shown, instead of lower as it usually was, the responding rep went above and beyond in exploring the issue and explaining it.,Assigning posts to team members. I can select multiple posts at once and then select the team member from a drop-down menu. Adding tags to posts. Shortcut keys make this even easier. Viewing previous interactions from the user I have selected - they all show up in the main view, just scroll down or scroll up. Banning a user from Facebook. This can be done from within Conversocial with just a click and a confirmation. Choosing which Platform/channel to view items from. One can also select multiple channels and all items come into the unified queue. View simple analytics for a selected time period, such as # of items tagged with specific tags, or # items each team member responded to and average handling times. For Twitter, I love how Conversocial readily shows the selected user's profile info on the right, including number of followers. In our other tool, Radian 6, this requires an additional two clicks and takes time to load, making it faster to just click though to the web profile.,Ban a user from several brand Facebook pages at once - this is not supported, you have to ban the user from each page one by one. For a brand with 60+ pages, this can be frustrating when it happens. Analytics - they need more comprehensive analytics, which they are working on. Conversocial's search feature can be frustrating sometimes. When searching for a user profile name, for example, it seems that it sometimes finds it and other times does not. I haven't been able to nail this down yet for sure.,10Conversocial - Our preferred platform for Social Media Customer ServiceIntelligent prioritization of actionable communications Custom workflows and assignments so each message can be routed to the appropriate agent Reports with not only the usual social/engagement stats, but also metrics that are compatible with traditional call center metrics to enable apples-to-apples performance comparisons. Full publication management capability on FB and Twitter for marketing posts Comprehensive permissions & drafting/approval tools to enable easy on-boarding of new users & agents Great interface - very easy to use and require minimal training. A key differentiator.,Could have more filtering options and improved search capability in the archives. UI clarity of back-end screens could be improved Integration of additional social networks would be welcome, especially LinkedIn, YouTube, & Instagram Mobile accessibility is fairly limited Analytics could be more flexible in terms of filtering and view options,Improved loyalty/retention Improved social sentiment Cost savings by addressing issues before they hit call center/email,10,10,50,2,Deployment of customer care team on Facebook & Twitter Publication of marketing content Monitoring/reporting,,,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,10,Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,10,Customized the setting to fit our workflows.,No,10,10,10,9,CRM,,Pricing model is very transparent. Not much special negotiation - competitively priced from the outset.
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Conway Stone profile photo
November 19, 2014

Review: "Conversocial creates clever Customer Connections"

Score 10 out of 10
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Early on we did comparisons with Hootsuite and later with Adobe. While they have similarities, the difference at the time and likely currently, was the personal interest and general accessibility of Conversocial's platform and people. The combination of an effective CRM solution and a team that was readily available to help proved to be the winning formula for our business.
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Amy Ortega profile photo
November 15, 2014

Review: "Conversocial: Keeping Community Manager's sane since 2009"

Score 9 out of 10
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Alternatives Considered

  • Radian6,HootSuite Enterprise
I have also used Radian6 and Hootsuite. I did not like that you we're unable to archive in Hootsuite and could not see previous conversations. Hootsuite also had way too many columns that you could create and it was very disorganized in my opinion. Radian6 is a great tool but has way too many details. It is also a pain to delete anything within Radian6 and you have to create a specific stack just to delete. This is crazy to me there should be a delete option close by since there is bound to be a time or two that a CM post needs to be removed ASAP. I also do not like the previous conversations option in Radian6 as it does not pull in all previous responses and I have yet to see it actually work correctly.
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Kellen McAvoy profile photo
November 13, 2014

Review: "Conversocial - The Customer Care Powerhouse"

Score 8 out of 10
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Alternatives Considered

I have experience with Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Simplify 360, Conversocial, Radian6, Cision, and Wildfire. Each of the platforms has a different strength. Conversocial excels at customer service management while Sprout Social is ideal for social media monitoring/engagement, reporting, and identifying influencers. Radian6 is beneficial for monitoring and tracking conversations. Wildfire is no longer available but it was an advanced platform with robust capabilities. More information about the platforms I have used can be found in a blog post I wrote here:
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Nolan Perry profile photo
August 11, 2014

"Conversocial Review"

Score 10 out of 10
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Alternatives Considered

I have used HootSuite and Salesforce Radian6 and so far, Conversocial is my favorite. Where Radian6 excels for categorization of posts, Conversocial has a much easier learning curve. I did not use HootSuite for more than a month before the company switched us to Conversocial so I can't really offer a comparison there.
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Andrey Grigoryev profile photo
July 23, 2013

Review: "Conversocial - Our preferred platform for Social Media Customer Service"

Score 10 out of 10
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Alternatives Considered

We performed a full evaluation of HootSuite, SocialEngage, and Oracle RightNow. Conversocial was selected for several reasons, including the intuitive interface (very important for CS agents, who are already working in a multitude of complex systems), capacity to support our custom workflows and assignment processes, and the robust analytic dashboard capable of reporting on metrics specific to customer care. The excellent support and flexibility in customizing of the tool for our purposes were critical selling factors as well.
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Conversocial is a customer engagement platform that promises to deliver a unified approach to a new generation of customer care. The vendor says Conversocial enables hundreds of global brands including Google, Tesco and Hertz to ensure they are supporting in-the-moment resolution, at scale, to drive profitable and lasting relationships on all Social Messaging channels. Conversocial aims to create a clear digital path for brand and consumer engagement that combines excellent technology and services.

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