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September 03, 2019

EMS Easy

Score 9 out of 10
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Our firm has been using EMS software for the last 20 years. The software has streamlined our conference room booking and catering/hospitality services. We use many of the reports and email confirmation service.
  • Automated Reporting
  • Sign
  • Mobile App
  • Installing Signs for each conference room showing availability and on the fly reservations.
  • Streamline reports
  • Implementing mobile app in the future.
  • Currently all of the features are meeting our requirements.
Incorporate the Sign App in our space to simplify requesting the space. This will save valuable time for our lawyers not having to make several calls to reserve the space.
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September 03, 2019

Pretty decent product

Score 8 out of 10
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EMS Software has been great in helping several areas within our university schedule events as well as complete course classroom assignments which would otherwise be incredibly cumbersome.
  • Easily assign rooms
  • Find appropriate rooms for events
  • Everyday use intuitive
  • Multiple features to suit a variety of needs.
  • It would be nice to have little information boxes for different fields/options that explained a bit about what that feature does and how it is important
  • It can be daunting to try to explore possibilities of features that are currently not in use. It would be nice to have an option for a help section that easily allowed you to see how you might fully take advantage of the features you already have access to for learning/ exploring purposes.
  • I can't open another window within EMS (activity book for example) without finishing my room assignment or reservation task. However, sometimes I really need to see two things at once and end up having to open another EMS entirely on a different monitor to be able to accomplish what I need to do (for example I may have two back to back classes that need to be in the same room or close, so I need to be able to see options for each class side by side.)
EMS has a wide range of features that can be well adapted for a large variety of needs. For the most part, it is very appropriate for most instances, but much smaller companies/institutions may find all the features unnecessary/overwhelming.
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Score 10 out of 10
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EMS software is being used across our whole organization. Our company has over 10,000 employees, different teams and locations. EMS helps us by allowing users to book room spaces for meetings or workspaces.
  • I like that EMS has the ability to create different templates for different types of rooms.
  • I like the ability to customize a templates experience for users such as allowing specific users to use the template as well as if room needs to be checked in to we can include this feature.
  • I like the Platform services service, which provides most of the functionalities EMS has to offer to our custom applications.
  • Platform services sometimes needs a little improvement such as compatibility and features that the web app has and platform services does not provide such as room types.
  • Platform services needs to include the ability to include favorites rooms that you can find within the web app.
EMS platform services is well suited to be included in custom applications. Some features are not offered in this service that you would find in the Web app but the service itself is great!
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August 20, 2019

EMS for University Use

Score 7 out of 10
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I work at a University and my office manages all non-academic bookings on campus. The registrar populates classroom assignments and athletics adds their game/practice schedules and our office reserves everything else.
  • Helps keep spaces and resources organized
  • Easy to use once you learn the system
  • Versatile
  • Steep learning curve
  • Can be clunky to use at times
  • Wish there were easier ways to bulk edit
  • Not always the most intuitive
It works well for us in the University setting and it would work well for anyone who has a lot of spaces to manage.
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Peggy Riann Aud profile photo
January 29, 2019

EMS Rocks!

Score 10 out of 10
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EMS is currently being used campus wide. However, we do not permit students to use the system, there isn’t a need for them to do so.
The campus users are able to book rooms for meetings, meals, conference and more. We also use the system for the academic side. Having all classes booked within EMS is such a huge help!
  • Desktop access: I love the book and the calendar. These two tools help me to keep up with all reservations and to quickly access buildings/rooms for booking.
  • Web access: the “random” feature for my clients to use is fantastic. When training campus users I show them this for their reoccurring bookings and it’s like I gave them a million dollars! They are so excited and express how much easier that function is to use. It certainly cuts down on the confusion.
  • Wizard: i often have issues with this feature. More than likely it’s operator error and I need to become better acquainted with the area, but I do like the idea of it and the ease of copying bookings.
  • Setting reminders for desktop users: it would be nice if you could select multiple users at once instead of one at a time.
EMS truly is great software! It has the potential to provide for an entire campus or company. As an event professional, I like to have every event, whether it’s a meeting, meal, conference, or class at my fingertips. The ease of access on the desktop side of EMS is terrific .
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Liane Little profile photo
February 01, 2019

EMS is the best!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
It is being used for scheduling trainings and meetings for hospital employees. EMS is used across our campus location and it helps with managing multiple scheduling events and organizes them.
  • Confirmation tool
  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • I love that things come in instantly, there is often no lag. This is such a productive tool for door signage, online room managing and reservations.
  • Adding multiple rooms to one booking instead of copying
  • More beginner tutorials on website
  • Less of a cost for upgrades
  • I wish there was a way to combine two rooms into one reservation if they are connected rooms that separate by a wall.
I think it is great that there is no way to double book something, rooms are visible from a web browser and they can easily manage space. The room cards and activity sheets are great too!
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Jennifer Springstead profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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It is being used across the organization but with four separate databases. Academics use it for course scheduling, and Athletics, Event Management and the Medical school use it as well. Some problems we've had include not being able to report on a global scale and not knowing what other departments are doing or areas might be available for use. It's been a problem having different web applications for people to log into depending on the space they are requesting. The API’s are not developed to sync with the systems so each group has to put their own information into EMS.
  • Ease of Use
  • Reporting (if system is set up correctly)
  • Visual views of bookings
  • Ease of bookings
  • More API’s especially with Buildings and space management systems
  • Adding emails to out of the box reports for contacts
  • Ability to split the screens within EMS so you can have multiple windows open at a time
It is well suited for the scheduling of classes. It is little challenging to understand at first, but if the parameters are set up correctly it will quickly assist in the scheduling of classes to rooms.
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Susan Adams profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
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Organizational wide to reserve over 40 conference rooms and services such as catering, AV and Facilities. We have dispatched the Web App to all users and the Desktop version to Managers and more prolific Executive Assistants.
  • User templates
  • Catering options
  • Notifications
  • Managing multiple bookings
  • Easy configuration initially but when it's time for changes it would be helpful to be able to call on someone and not open a help ticket each time
  • Combine Desktop with Web App so both types of users have the same experience. It is difficult to train and update two populations
  • There are some limitations to configurations that I feel are difficult to negotiate such as the parameters

May not be good right now for mobile app use. The Outlook plug-in is not as integrated as stated during the evaluation period. It still has some problems and can cause Outlook to crash. I have received feedback from my colleagues also stating the instability of the Outlook plug-in. It is great for making reservations and adding services through the use of templates.

It is not well suited for granting different access to different user populations.

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Rachel Rosado profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Is it being used for an all around platform for all of our accounting needs. We use it for AP/Payroll/AR and general journal entries.
  • Enters diverse pay rates in working with several unions.
  • Great for in-house Payroll for small or mid size companies.
  • Allowing for Multiple Account payable batches to be created simultaneously.
  • More user friendly for reporting.
  • Minimize the number of screens for inputting of accounts payable. No need for multiple screens for this.
  • Allow for more filters to be created for reporting purposes.
It’s great for manual entry of payroll for smaller companies. It’s not that great for salaried employees in bigger companies.
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Kristi Lacombe profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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We use the software to book space in 1 department on campus. It keeps our rooms' schedule and also provides us with utilization and sales reports.
  • We can build in setup time so that we have enough time to rearrange rooms between meetings.
  • We have a uniform way to book rooms.
  • We have a built in approval process for the meetings requested.
  • We can track inventory to prevent over booking.
  • We currently do not have a need for any other functions. It manages our room booking and provides us with plenty of reports that are useful in the business world.
We are able to do our billing for meetings and scheduling all in the same system. This helps to eliminate errors in having to enter into 2 separate systems.
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Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
EMS Software is used by our campus to manage most academic spaces and other event spaces. We use it as a risk management tool as well as to avoid event conflicts with classes. It has enabled us to be prepared for multiple large events on campus as well as to mitigate anyone who is advertising an event on campus without reserving the space.
  • EMS is user-friendly. The program for both the administrators and the end web user is pretty straightforward and easy to use.
  • EMS is very customizable for all of the different entities who use the software.
  • EMS has useful reports, and even custom reports can be created.
  • EMS has almost too many customizable features. Some of the custom functions can be done at different levels, but do the same thing, so it's hard to determine what part of the process to customize.
  • EMS Support isn't always the best for the end user who does not have access to the back end database or knowledge of the database functions.
  • The custom reports are missing a feature to pull a report when the status of the booking has changed.
EMS is well suited for academic, corporate, and office sharing spaces. It has many different integrations that can be made, including locking doors and controlling HVAC units. It is useful for booking rooms on demand and also for requesting rooms.
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Score 8 out of 10
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We use it for booking rooms throughout three Colleges: Cypress, Fullerton, NOCE. Currently, it is being used by the whole organization which includes multiple departments throughout the three campuses. EMS helps everyone manage building resources better. It allows them to see room's availability and book the rooms they need for hosting all events at the campuses.
  • Has a webpage and a desktop app
  • Can be reported on
  • Recurring booking features
  • Emailing features
  • ADA compliant feature is needed
  • Shopping cart feature is needed with the ability for users to make payment. This will allow users to easily pay for events that they book
  • EMS needs a page that showcases all the modules, and whether or not those features are included or a paid add-on
  • A public sandbox that allows users to test different features of the EMS application. This can help users decide whether or not a paid module they do not have is a worthwhile investment for their organization.
Good for booking but still not compliant with some necessary things like ADA. Currently, there are so many features in the EMS application but we do not know if we want anything more than what we have. Since there is no sandbox for us to explore new features, we are not sure if there are any features that can add value to our organization.
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
It addresses a number of issues because we have a number of departments that use the info, and all need to get information in different ways so we can adjust reports as needed for specific groups or people. We use EMS to schedule events for 4 different public buildings, many different types of private space as well as off-premise catering. Having something that is global and accessible is key.
  • Categories/resources. Being able to have specific times (or not) related to these are great.
  • Reports/queries
  • Utilizations
  • Different/more wizard options
  • Enhancements for attachments/booking levels
  • Easier integration to Event Master
Room scheduling over many buildings and resource usage. We used a different software for a short amount of time and went back to EMS.
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Kendra Wheeler profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Our department, Parking & Transportation Services, is currently using EMS to assign and reserve parking operations for small and large-scale events. We are able to assign both garage and surface spaces as well as utilize staffing and request signage, cones, barricades and other resources.
  • Use rooms as assigned parking locations: We are able to use the rooms & buildings functions to our advantage by naming them as different parking locations. Example: we use the building 'streets' to assign specific permit areas on popular streets around campus. We use the building 'garages' to assign parking for our 11 different garages.
  • Maintain inventory of our spaces: The inventory option has proven to be very useful in assisting us with assigning parking for multiple events on the same day. We have set the maximum number of spaces for each room and the alerts let us know if we are overbooking an area.
  • Automated reports: We have multiple divisions within our department that assist with ensuring parking is successful. An example is our Enforcement division, who assists with placing cones in reserved spaces. They do not use EMS to look up events and resource needs, so we have set a report to be automatically run and delivered to them daily. This report pulls the necessary details, including associated notes, so that this division can execute what is needed.
  • I would personally like to be able to upload attachments to a Client's profile. We have external clients in our database, and there are documents that would be better utilized if they could be stored in the Client's profile and retrieved as needed instead of the client having to submit with each request.
  • Having the ability to copy or move a Contact to a new Client would also be nice. I'm sure that many EMS users experience the movement of an employee from one division/department to another. The way EMS is currently configured requires the entry of a Contact into their new Client profile, which generates a duplicate Contact message. It would be nice to have the ability to add/remove a Contact within the database of Clients with just a few clicks.
Since we only use the software for parking-related needs, I don't have much feedback in this area. I did meet a few users at EMS Live that utilize the software for parking as well, but we knew little of other operations. The four of us did agree that we find the program useful based on our working knowledge.
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Allegra Pierce profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use EMS for two purposes. Each department in our museum uses EMS to book meeting spaces and plan their own internal events or events on behalf of the museum. I work in the Culinary/Special Events department. We work with external clients to plan private events at the museum. We use EMS during our whole process. We create bookings, build BEOS and invoice through EMS.

EMS helps everyone know what is happening in the building at any given time. We have many people and programs at the museum at any given time and we're able to give internal departments ability to see everything that is happening. We also use it as a communication tool. We have programmed several notifications that notify specific departments about reservations and resources. We also use the reporting function every day across departments.
  • Allows us to create specific reports for each department. For example, each month we report on financial earnings based on external events. EMS allows us to pull events based on parameters we set.
  • We are able to create resources specific to what we provide as a museum. For example, we can put completely customized menus into EMS. There is a lot of freedom in creating new resources.
  • We have many various event spaces as well as "non-building" items that need to be booked as rooms. For example, we have hundreds of tours that go through our building. We are able to set up tours as "rooms" and our staff is able to view the tours going on the same way they could view meeting rooms or event spaces. We also utilize this for van reservations.
  • It would be helpful if we could create multiple invoices per reservation. Currently, we can only create 1 invoice per event. So if a client needs a zero balance invoice, we can't send them a formal invoice. We have to send them a Summary of Charges. Once their payment is processed, then we can process the official invoice.
  • We have to use separate ticketing software for our museum. It would be helpful if EMS could talk to ticketing software or if it eventually had a ticketing function.
  • It would be helpful if EMS could also talk to staffing software or have a staffing function.
EMS is well suited to event venues that have several rental space options. You are able to view multiple areas at the same time so you're able to see multiple reservations at the same time. It also serves as a useful communication tool across departments. We have 200+ employees and several employees in each department have access to EMS. We're able to add notes and comments that can be seen by all necessary parties without having to use another tool such as a google sheet or shared document. In our venue, most of our services are in house (catering, facilities, av, etc.). EMS allows us to add all of those details into one space.

I found it was less useful in a venue that only had one main event space. It was still somewhat useful for creating BEOs, but we did not need EMS to it's full extent. We also only had 4 employees so communication was less difficult.
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Kate Scott profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We primarily use EMS software to manage and book conference rooms. Clients within our organization book over 15,000 meetings per year. They can also select services and resources like AV equipment, or request a technician. For larger events, we use EMS as an event management tool for organization of event services and billing to clients after the event. Other departments use EMS to support our conference rooms, whether it’s catering to verify order locations, setup/cleanup staff, facility maintenance, etc.
  • The customization and configuration options of EMS are unparalleled. There are so many options for permission settings that can be unique for each department’s needs.
  • EMS has excellent customer service. Their support staff is incredibly approachable and knowledgeable. My issues are always resolved with a friendly attitude.
  • The EMS Live conference is a great place to network with other users to compare tips and best practices. I always leave the conference with new ideas to implement.
  • EMS audits and tracks the history of each reservation, which is helpful when users cannot remember when or why they cancelled or modified their booking. It’s easy to show them their history with comments and email confirmations as proof that changes were not arbitrary or by mistake.
  • There are no areas for improvement as I see it with EMS.
EMS is perfect for small organizations all the way up through global corporations to manage and book everything from desk space to conference rooms to classrooms and even resources.
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Stephen Tucci profile photo
October 03, 2018

My EMS Snapshot

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
EMS schedules all of our facility space for Carmichael Complex. It is a 350,000 square foot wellness center that houses informal recreation, academic classes and varsity athletics. All facility spaces are in EMS for users (internal and external) to reserve space. EMS helps us reserve, schedule and bill organizations for utilizing Carmichael Complex.
  • Web Requests: Our organization uses web requests from two different groups (1. Academics 2. Programming). It allows the user to easily find and request space. On the back end it is easy for our Reservations Manager to view, modify and confirm the requests.
  • Dashboard: The Dashboard feature has been a great resource for our organization. We have built work flow processes and integrated them into the Dashboard. This allows our Reservations Manager to know where all the requests or changes to requests stand.
  • Room Availability Navigation from Desktop Client: Carmichael Complex is comprised of 350,000 square feet (3 indoor buildings) and 18 acres (3 outdoor complexes) we have to manage. The Desktop Client allows to easily see what is available and navigate through days, weeks and months at a time.
  • Visually Intimidating: As the supervisor of the staff utilizing EMS on a day-to-day basis, I only am in the system 2-3 days a week. Therefore, I am a novice user and I do not have the experience of using the product a lot. When I first started using the software, it was visually intimating with all of the tabs, drop downs, and options. It seemed very complex and not easy to navigate. It has gotten easier with more experience, but it is not my favorite interface.
  • G Suite Integration: Our institution is a G Suite client so we are excited about the possibilities once the G Suite Integration happens later this year! We had difficulties with individuals reserving space on Google Calendar and not reserving it through EMS.
  • Tutorials: It would be helpful to have access to tutorial videos to help individuals who do not use the software everyday. I am a fan of the 24/7 customer service support. It has been helpful.
EMS Software has been well suited for our reservation process. It has helped simplify the process for academics to reserve teaching spaces within our organization. Additionally, it has allowed our internal programming staff to look up, request and reserve space for their programs. It has taken a lot of pressure off of our Reservations Manager who could have up to 150+ requests every day.
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Jessica Wegner profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
EMS is being used by my whole organization. It provides a link to our academic database to room scheduling; offers end users self-service options; consolidates event planning to a one-stop shop environment; offers students an opportunity to schedule assessments; increases productivity in service departments

  • Room Scheduling - there are no questions about what rooms are being used on our campus! Great product to provide data for utilization and change management.
  • EMS Support - Each time I've called the team, they have been responsive and helped us problem solve small and large issues.
  • Communicating the company road map. They help our organize goals for the future; however, are also great in working with clients at various editions of the program.
  • Connecting clients in regions. Love the regional meetings. Would like to see more or assistance in connecting more with people in my region. Willing to talk up the product!
  • Master Calendar training/user guides. I feel this is a weak link. Hard to make progress if you don't have a computer programming/html/CSS background.
  • Frustrated that the 1st contact (AKA faculty member) that comes over from either an academic import utility or our academic planning sync does not list this person automatically as the web user. Tied to overall group "Registrar" instead. Blocks us from having faculty do self service for categories unless we manually enter all of the web users.
I think it's well suited for higher education. Less appropriate and frustrating for campuses who do not adopt it as a whole right away. I also find it a challenge for groups who want to take online payments through the web application. Also challenging for those who want to take care of other event planning details like registration.
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Maurice B. Stewart, MSOL profile photo
October 02, 2018

EMS is great!!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the EMS software to schedule our conference spaces to nonprofit groups in the Greater Cincinnati region and internal clients. I allows us to streamline our scheduling of our conference rooms and it helps keep us organized as to prevent double bookings. We use the software to invoice clients as well.
  • EMS doe a great job with allowing you to book meetings instantly using the booking. We have many nonprofit groups who have last minute requests and using the booking to make these last minute requests is very helpful.
  • EMS does a great job with editing multiple reservations using the reservation wizard function. When clients want the change the ending time to a group of bookings, We can use the wizard to perform the changes quickly and efficiently.
  • EMS does a great job at creating invoices for clients who use multiple services. We use to use excel to create invoices. Since implementing EMS, we are able to easily invoice clients via email after their meetings.
  • EMS often crashes when too many windows are open often during critical times. A fix for this would be greatly appreciated
  • EMS Web client could use an update that lets client add meetings to their calendars flawlessly.
EMS is well suited for handling a group of bookings using the wizard function. EMS is also well suited for handling reservations from outside groups using the web client.

EMS is not suited well for Outlook integration in my opinion. Clients often get their reservations added to the wrong date in their Outlook calendars. This results in people showing up for meetings that were not scheduled that day.
Read Maurice B. Stewart, MSOL's full review
Lynn Langston profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
EMS is used across multiple campus departments but not all departments. We are making moves as a university to move toward one universal system. I manage one area within the OIT that deals with video production and a media facility. EMS allows booking of rooms and services through one platform.
  • The consultants are very good and willing to help.
  • It has multiple pricing plans and rate schedules that allows for complex pricing.
  • The wizard provides tools to help repeat reservations and bookings.
  • All the information for a single reservation can't be accessed in one window without running a report. I would like to see one screen that includes all bookings and resources. Bonus if those features were also editable from the comprehensive window/view.
  • It can be slow. It sometimes takes time to open up booking and resource details. I want the system to work as fast as I can.
  • Calculations need to become an option on net reporting. We run more reports to try to capture this missing data.
EMS makes it easy for a requester to book space or services. When a user has to edit a complex reservation, it can be difficult for them to understand where they need to make changes or updates.
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Terrie DuBois profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used by the entire college. The college uses it to manage space along with the web app and master calendar to have transparency with what events are happening so there are no conflicting events. My office administers the software and uses it for catering, billing and booking events. It helps to have all buildings and spaces managed in the software so there is consistency across campus and a way to have a utilization report. It would be even more useful it the registrar would use it for booking classrooms. We currently only push classroom bookings into ems not the other way around. The reason being is that there are issues with the information in our SIS having to be very accurate and there are colleges that we have heard have had problems with this.
  • It can manage spaces and work with SIS very well.
  • It has an ability to invoice out of it.
  • It can manage resources.
  • It can report on sales from resources.
  • It is not compatible with Google, we are a Gmail college and we have to buy the G-suite to be able to have calendars available along with the rooms where as if I were an Outlook or Exchange client it would be no charge.
  • Cloud services has to be perfected. There are major problems with communication between EMS support and cloud services support.
  • The company seems to be moving away from catering and resources and is more a space software.
It is suited for being on premise as we have moved to cloud hosted and have had problems ever since. It also is turning into just a corporate software verses one that can book space and services such as food and catering.
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Gina Lee profile photo
October 02, 2018

EMS for Me!!!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
EMS is being used by the company that I work for. We use EMS to book rooms in our conference center and other areas in the building. We are currently rolling EMS out to our field office to be able to book rooms as well. It address issues with rooms being booked but not used. The EMS system allows rooms not being used to be released and we are not able to run reports on rooms being used /not used.
  • Reporting on resources.
  • Reporting on room bookings.
  • Reporting on room cancellations.
  • Web app is a one-stop shop for all booking needs.
  • When using the plugin for Outlook users would like to be able to move their meeting on the outlook side and not have to go into EMS.
  • Users would like the reoccurring option inside the Outlook app instead of selecting reoccurring first and then going into EMS.
EMS is well-suited for booking large meeting rooms when it comes to the conference center and less appropriate when a one-person room is needed.
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Jacob Nihipali profile photo
October 02, 2018

Best That I know of...

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Across the whole organization now with centeralized academic scheduling.
  • I like that they have different products like the master calendar which feed information between the two systems.
  • It has a lot of flexibility and allows us to configure it to our needs.
  • Automated reports and confirmations are huge.
  • The master calendar feature has been frustrating to implement and seems to have many issues. Tech staff is not the best to help with it.
  • Better support hours. Sometimes it takes weeks to get items resolved. Maybe because they don’t understand the issue at first.
  • Better online guidebooks. And an overall look at scheduling and the structure of how things can be done. A support group for users would be helpful along with a board where we can vote on implementation in or upgrade ideas that others have.
  • Better system to track what has been done and where things were left off. We were left with using reminders and sending them to each other but we are basically burying issues in text. A better way to track where an event was left off and knowing who approved it had exceptions would be awesome.
  • A better copy of the email version. It simply has the text but does not show the full context of the email copy in the reservation tab.
  • Email notification to the services so they can respond to the states. And a link so they could respond by email.
  • A better way to update groups and contacts by import. This does not work well. Or needs a clear sample import file. (More sample import files with the header of the columns would help a ton.)
  • Report on inventory available on a certain day in a certain room.
  • Room notes to automatically print on their confirmations. We have different confirmation copies but manually add on detailed reminders for various rooms.
I think it lacks support. I had better help and vision with talking from a colleague from a sister school. EMS does not do a good job at selling and giving their customers the full use of their product. I came last year to the conference and was not that impressed with the presentations as they seemed unprepared and subject matter was not in-depth. I was hesitant to come this year but our VP insisted. The online support and phone number is there but you cannot get a full view of what this product can do. It really is amazing but we can’t use what we don’t know.
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October 02, 2018

My Take on It

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Higher education for academic scheduling and events across campus. It is a one-stop shop for campus.
  • Very user friendly and manageable—Client.
  • Love the reports. Automation is very helpful.
  • Ability to configure and specify spaces.
  • I like that for auditing purposes, changes are tracked❤️
  • Master calendar. It’s not so user friendly and very busy.
  • Better support.
  • When an email is sent from EMS, you are not able to see the attachments that were sent. You can only see that it had attachments.
EMS is well suited when it comes to scheduling and planning events. All the resources that need to be notified can be notified for said event with the use of automated reports. You are able to capture necessary information from requesters through UDF’s. It’s also very useful in copying annual events and moving academic classes for a one day class move. Those are the easiest events to schedule; only updating of information is needed. Set up and tear down time is easily scheduled and can be seen by others along with availability of the spaces.
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October 02, 2018

EMS for simple users

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Within the Gallatin School at New York University, we use EMS to schedule our classrooms, conference rooms, studios, theater, and gallery spaces. Most recently, I developed (with the help of Brandi at EMS) a way to utilize EMS to schedule the production and operations student workers that interfaces between the desktop client and the VEMS platform.

We have streamlined our scheduling practices so students feel comfortable requesting space for their needs. Within the desktop client, I have setup users to approve specific rooms that they manage and approve.

For the staff scheduling, I created a “building” for the staff workers, and each worker is a “room” within that building. Each worker is given a VEMS acount from which they can schedule their classes and conflicts. I (as their approver) approve or deny these requests. Then, when I’m scheduling shifts, I am able to create a view where I can see our scheduled events and see which students “rooms” are available to be booked. Once booked, I can confirm their work shift via a confirmation. For a weekly schedule, I run a report under Event Schedule for each week, as well as running a Room Card report to give each student “room” a list of their shifts through the current date that is staffed.

Each school within NYU is using their own platform of EMS since schools do not share spaces within the University.
  • When used properly, EMS is a clean and concise communication tool. The options of how to manipulate the areas allow for efficient scheduling.
  • EMS offers a range of opportunities to streamline both your daily scheduling needs and communication with users.
  • I have developed a scheduling platform for my student workers. It took a lot to set this up. It would be wonderful if this option could be added as a software add-on.
  • Overall, I’m very happy with EMS software.
EMS is wonderful for anyone managing multiple spaces.
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About EMS Software

EMS Software is an enterprise space management, event, class and resource scheduling application acquired and now supported by Accruent in June 2018.

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