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Exagrid EX Series

Exagrid EX Series


What is Exagrid EX Series?

The Exagrid EX Series offers a storage solution with deduplication.

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Exagrid is highly regarded by users as a must-have technology for serious backup operations. It provides peace of mind for backup storage, …
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Exagrid EX Series

10 out of 10
March 09, 2021
We're currently using Exagrid [EX Series] worldwide as a standard solution for Remote and smaller Sites, such as Vessels and Manufacturing …
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What is Exagrid EX Series?

The Exagrid EX Series offers a storage solution with deduplication.

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What is Exagrid EX Series?

Exagrid EX Series Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Exagrid is highly regarded by users as a must-have technology for serious backup operations. It provides peace of mind for backup storage, ensuring safety from ransomware locks. Many users find that Exagrid works best when paired with Veeam backup and replication. With its economical enterprise backup storage on disk, replication to an alternate site, and excellent deduplication capabilities, Exagrid offers a reliable solution for storing backups. DBAs appreciate the product for its ability to handle a large amount of backups and retain meaningful data for a long time without consuming excessive disk space. The compression capabilities of Exagrid are highly effective, resulting in fast performance. Additionally, IT departments use Exagrid to store backups that are a month or older before eventually moving them to AWS or Azure.

Exagrid is used worldwide as a standard solution for remote and smaller sites, such as vessels and manufacturing plants. The product enables frequent backups every 15 minutes from multiple database servers, eliminating the need for tapes and increasing efficiency. By using Exagrid, companies have eliminated tapes and achieved cost reduction while storing backups for one or two months before moving them to the cloud. The native integration of Exagrid with Veeam Backup and Replication further enhances backup speeds by eliminating unnecessary data traffic hops. The management interface of Exagrid is user-friendly, allowing for easy management of multiple nodes. Its storage space is divided into a landing zone and a retention zone, providing faster data restoration in the landing zone and excellent deduplication in the retention zone. Overall, Exagrid's versatility and reliability make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a robust backup storage solution.

Great Support: Many users have found the support provided by ExaGrid to be exceptional. They appreciate that upgrades are coordinated with a dedicated support engineer and are often suggested and performed proactively. The technical support team is knowledgeable and helpful during the upgrade process.

Reliable and Fast Performance: Several users praise the appliance for its reliability and speed. It consistently performs as advertised, meeting their expectations. This is particularly important for maintaining database backups. Additionally, the appliance offers good compression, allowing users to store a large amount of data in a small space.

Efficient Deduplication and Compression: A number of users highlight the efficiency of ExaGrid's deduplication and compression algorithms. These features enable them to store a significant amount of data without taking up excessive storage space. Users appreciate that deduplication processing is done on the grid without impacting production workloads.

Complex Initial Configuration: Some users have found the initial configuration in complex environments to be a bit challenging, requiring additional time and effort to set up the product effectively. However, once deployed, everything worked perfectly.

Need for Fine-Tuning: Several reviewers mentioned the need for fine-tuning when it comes to deduplication and backup from Veeam. Users have felt that these aspects could be improved upon to enhance overall performance.

Higher Price Than Expected: A number of users expressed their opinion that the product is priced slightly higher than their expectations. They feel that a more competitive pricing structure would make it a better value proposition.


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using the Exagrid EX Series in our company since 2018 to solve the issue of storing backups. We use it to store backups for one or two months before to data moved to the Azure. We are using a combination of Veeam and Exagrid. After the implementation we have completely eliminated tapes and we had overall costs reduction. We currently use it on remote sites like and our vessels.
  • Reduced physical space
  • Easy configuration and handling
  • Great cost savings with backup
  • Pre-implementation support from Exagrid
  • Better integration with cloud environment
  • Faster handling interface speed
We have Exagrid [EX Series] in different environments and it has adapted very well to both. We have used it for larger environments and its scalability if properly and takes up little physical space. We also use it as a backup solution for smaller environments, such as our vessels. I don't see where the adaptability of Exagrid [EX Series] can be bad or unadjustable.
  • Drastic cost reduction
  • Scalability
  • Interface easy to handle
  • Faster data recovery speed
  • Reduced backup tape costs
  • Improve a backup standard for the entire company
Lower cost of implementation versus scalability. In addition to promoting a perfect interface with Veem, which has become the company's backup tool. We also had the opportunity with Exagrid [EX Series] to have a global maintenance contract, which meant a reduction in support expenses.
March 09, 2021

Exagrid EX Series

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We're currently using Exagrid [EX Series] worldwide as a standard solution for Remote and smaller Sites, such as Vessels and Manufacturing plants.
One of the main benefits is the native integration with Veeam Backup and Replication solution, as Exagrid [EX Series] has a internal "data mover". Being recognized as a 'data mover' by Veeam removes one hop on the data traffic and helps increasing the backup speeds.
Exagrid EX Series has 10Gbps ports, that can be configured in a active/backup mode or in a LACP / port aggregation channel, increasing even more the backup speeds.
It has a very friendly management interface, where you can manage multiple Exagrid nodes and do all the daily / required activities.
The Exagrid [EX Series] storage space is divided in 2: a 'landing zone' and a 'retention zone'.
Landing zone, as the name says, is where the backup 'lands'. This area has no deduplication/compression enabled, what makes a little faster to restore data when needed. You can configure how much time, or how many copies do you want to keep on the 'landing zone' before moving data to 'retention zone'.
When moving data to 'retention zone', Exagrid [EX Series] deduplicates it, providing an excellent retention capability.
  • High backup speeds
  • Native Veeam integration
  • Deduplication/efficiency savings
  • Friendly management interface
  • Native replication between Exagrid boxes
  • Support (Exagrid has a 'personalized' support, what I think has some room for improvement)
In our environment, we're using Exagrid [EX Series] on Remote/smaller sites, with something around 50TB of data (to be protected) and it works really well.
I see no reason for it to work on larger scales, it is very scalable, you can natively replicate backup data between Exagrid appliances (like in a Prod/DR scenario). So, it should work fine on larger environments also.
  • Native Veeam integration
  • 10Gbps network interface ports
  • It helped us to replace the backup to tape on smaller sites
  • Being able to complete the backup jobs within the backup window
  • HPE StoreOnce and Commvault HyperScale
We have used other 'backup to disk' appliances in the past, such as HPE StoreOnce and Commvault Hyperscale and Exagrid [EX Series] is a way more simple to implement and to manage. You can configure everything you need from the web-based management interface.
Shawn Umansky | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the EX13000E series as backup targets for Veeam backups. We have three appliances clustered at each site with two sites, for a total of 39 TB of space per site.
  • Its landing space allows for extremely fast data ingestion.
  • Its compression and de-duplication algorithms make it very efficient.
  • ExaGrid support is excellent; I check in with my dedicated account rep twice a year, and they make sure my hardware is up to date. They take care of all software upgrades for me.
  • I don't have much to add here. Overall, it has been a solid purchase for us.
If you have a need for a high performance backup target that can ingest a large amount of data on the front end, then process it later. If you use Veeam, the two work very well together.
  • The exemplary support means I have been able to free up my valuable time to focus on other things.
  • I rarely have to think about the product, which means it is doing its job.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Exagrid EX series is currently being used by our IT department to address the issue of storing backups. We use it to store backups that are a month or older before they are eventually moved to AWS. Exagrid helps us use virtual backups and by using a combination of Veeam,Exagrid, and Glacier, we have completely eliminated tapes and reduced overall coats and in the process increased efficiency which was generally a problem with the traditional tape backup.
  • Dedupes and compresses data extremely well. We have a total of 100 TB that seems like a PB for our use case.
  • Provides a cifs share platform if that is one of your needs.
  • We deployed a physical appliance un our DC that provides us 100TB of storage. It is easily scalable and easy to use.
  • Technical support helps you with the upgrade process in case of new release and they are very knowledgeable.
  • GUI is easy to use and the product requires no learning curve.
  • Helped us eliminate traditional tape backups which were not reliable and took longer for the backup and recovery process.
  • Very quick and easy recovery in case of a DR scenario compared to other backup solutions.
  • Cost-effective.
It is well suited for all sized environments especially if you are currently using tape backups. Provides a very easy to use GUI amd their support is outstanding.
  • Having a virtual/physical appliance is a downside especially for small/mid-scale organizations who want to migrate to the cloud.
  • Pays for itself over time as it is very reliable and elimates the need of tape.
We used Symantec tape making the decision to move to Exagrid.
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