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Four Winds Interactive


What is Four Winds Interactive?

Four Winds Interactive headquartered in Denver offers their digital signage content manager and content player applications to enterprises of various sizes in many industries, providing digital content to large live digital signs and billboards in arenas and airports to smaller...
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What is Four Winds Interactive?

Four Winds Interactive headquartered in Denver offers their digital signage content manager and content player applications to enterprises of various sizes in many industries, providing digital content to large live digital signs and billboards in arenas and airports to smaller kiosks and…

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What is Four Winds Interactive?

Four Winds Interactive headquartered in Denver offers their digital signage content manager and content player applications to enterprises of various sizes in many industries, providing digital content to large live digital signs and billboards in arenas and airports to smaller kiosks and interactive consoles for customers in entertainment venues, banks, and other industries and locations.

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Ashley Pauls | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use the Four Winds Interactive "Content Manager Desktop" to manage the kiosk in our building. This kiosk is available to visitors at our building and contains building maps, information about our organization, and a rotating selection of slides to advertise our events and programs. The Content Manager Desktop enables me to update the kiosk, arrange slides, etc.
  • You can create an elaborate kiosk design with a variety of features
  • Allows us to be connected to the larger university kiosk system
  • I can update the kiosk from my desktop without going downstairs to the actual kiosk
  • There is a big learning curve - the program is complex and not the easiest to learn
  • Works great once you know what you're doing, but can be tricky to operate
If you want to create an elaborate, multi-leveled kiosk for your organization, Four Winds Interactive Content Manager Desktop can definitely do that for you. Just know going in that it's not the easiest to operate, and definitely devote time to training. Definitely have a couple of people go through this training, so it's not just one person in your organization that can operate Four Winds.
  • Works better than our old kiosk system
  • Helped us modernize the look of our kiosk
It works well for our kiosk purposes, but again, is a little complex for those who may not be as comfortable/experienced with technology.
Ben Erling | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Four Winds Interactive is being used to power our nationwide network of screens that entertain, educate and help process queues of people in captive waiting environments. It addresses the problem of frustrated consumers who may need or want more information about the venue or their transaction, and with the help of our partners, organizes and processes transactions with visual cues on screen.
  • The FWi platform handles very complex or unique situations better than other signage solutions. They support every standard type of data and web service, and through a supplemental Integration Framework product they can support almost anything out there... or things that aren't even out there yet.
  • Their support and assistance has gotten very good over the years; I'd say it is now excellent. Their team of sign builders and engineers have advanced knowledge of the product and how it can be used; you won't get a "did you try restarting it?" when dealing with them.
  • The documentation for their products is lacking. I'm a fairly capable IT professional, so often times I just need something to point me in the right direction. Unfortunately, for their flagship software products, the documentation is very basic, and sometimes non-existent for more advanced capabilities.
If you have need of a signage solution for a single screen or single location, this may not be the best choice. It is a feature-packed solution that can outperform even the highest-priced signage software companies, but if you don't need to take advantage of these capabilities and just need some powerpoint slides on a screen, I wouldn't recommend Four Winds Interactive (FWi). If you have need of a multiple location, multiple-screen signage network, this is your solution - especially if you have to integrate with other solutions, vendors or data.
  • It has provided us with a reliable and capable platform to build our business model on. Advertising revenue is our main source of revenue, and FWi has provided us the only solution that can accommodate both the needs of our sponsors AND the needs of our venues. The successful ROI of FWI cannot be overstated.
Simply put, FWi outperforms just about any other software solution by being more adaptable and more reliable, while being competitively priced for its class (top shelf). It's not as cheap as using "free" signage software that's in the cloud, or built into display screens (LG), but if you plan on doing more than running slides and you plan on doing it in multiple locations and screens, this is the platform to do it on - especially if your venues and needs vary across the network.
Their support is always spot-on, although they can be a bit delayed following up depending on the type of issue you're having.
October 01, 2019

Four Winds and Retail

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Four Winds provides software and hardware solutions for large digital displays in our retail stores.
  • Great digital signage software and hardware
  • Excellent personal business partner with fabulous account representatives
  • Top notch execution team willing to go the extra mile
  • Hardware lifecycle and forecasting
  • Costs can be a bit cryptic and high
Great software company committed to bringing a high quality digital experience.
  • Not really applicable sorry
Great business partners
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have a 1200+ player unit display system that is used to display advertising, marketing, slot progressives, restaurant menus, convention center door displays, and event readerboards. It is also been customized to perform a variety of live marketing events such as drawings and special bonuses for gaming players. Our system spans 20 different properties which each will have its own unique advertising, marketing, and gaming content. Our prior display system was all custom and Four Winds has enabled us to eliminate almost all the custom applications because the functionality needed is built into the FWI software infrastructure.
  • The FWI player Hot Swap is great. If a player under warranty fails, I simply contact them to send me a replacement and the display is back up in no time.
  • FWI Technical support is very informed and will escalate to the highest possible technical level to get an issue resolved. As a well-informed user of the FWI system I have requested and received immediate escalation.
  • The FWI team is very friendly and cordial in every communication. It shows the passion they have for doing a great job.
  • When working with a large installation the amount of mouse clicking and dragging and setting of settings and make your hand a bit sore but the modular component setup of this software demands a lot of settings.
  • As a custom software designer myself I would like to see more group effective operations so I could effect a change at a property level instead of an individual player level.
  • Upgrading to a new version of the software I have left to the experts at FWI because it is rather complex. They state they are working on better ways to perform large upgrades.
I chose this display system software because the FWI team allowed me to propose scenarios that I needed to implement and they showed me immediately in their software how it could be done. These scenarios required custom software on my old display system but the FWI Content Manager already had the functionality I needed built right in. I have many different types of applications I use and FWI Content Manager has always provided me with the tools I needed to complete the task with little or no outside custom software. This means others in my department who are not programmers can work within the FWI software to create custom functionality at a "user" level. This software also can test the skills of a seasoned programmer because It can be as complex as most custom programs.
  • The FWI display system has allowed us to create some very unique and one of a kind promotions that help us maintain a leading role in the Las Vegas locals market.
  • The savings from not printing posters and other collateral have nearly paid for the display system in a very short time.
  • The display system also allows us to promote many different things in a single location, unlike print.
  • We can also advertise to different demographics based on location within a property such as gaming floor, floor perimeter, and non-gaming areas.
Most display systems are not truly designed for large enterprise installations and even fewer an equipment and designed to provide the wide connections to other systems that FWI has built into their software. Because our company is always wanting to be on the leading edge of local gaming market share, we have been able to create a few very unique custom promotion systems that allow us to perform promotions that no one else can.
I rate the technical support as a 9 only because being a highly technical person my questions tend to be far more complex than any tech supports tier 1 & 2 techs would know how to handle. Normally, I will ask for immediate escalation but if the tech wants to take a shot at my problem I will give them the full techy explanation and allow them to decide when an escalation is required.
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