TrustRadius team efficiency and customer contact with Gainsight!Gainsight is currently used by our Customer Success Team to streamline the management of assigned accounts. We have more than 100 accounts assigned to each CSM and Gainsight helps us keep our contact on point.,The dashboards help me to know where I am in the lifecycle of my accounts and also brings to light in a nice visual way any accounts experiencing risk factors so that I can delve in and address any issues. The CTAs (Call to Action) task list is key in helping me stay on top of my accounts. I love the ability to easily send emails directly from CTAs. This really streamlines the workflow. Integration with SalesForce is key and brings timeline items to the forefront for others within our organization.,The ability to easily generate reports of captured data would be nice.,9,9,There are some higher level accounts that I believe are very important for executives to have insight into but not for the majority. I think the interest lies with general account health, revenue projections, etc.,Improve retention Increase employee efficiencyMy Insight into Gainsight - First ImpressionsOur Client Success team utilizes Gainsight to aid in the management of their customers. It provides insight into their history, business goals, feature adoption, etc. Our consultants love the email functionality in Gainsight that helps them pinpoint who to reach out to and what to say through their cockpits, CTAs and email assist.,Gainsight has great support! We love the relationship we have with our CSM at Gainsight, as well as access to their support team, online knowledge base, and their Community. We love the Rules Engine and how we can customize Gainsight to work for us. We have built rules that comb through our customer accounts and usage to give us great things to reach out to about them. We can customize email templates based on these rules and create efficiency for our consultants. The concept behind Success Plans - we're all about it! We like that Gainsight offers a way to track a plan being created and customized for our customer base. We tailor them and let our consultants tweak them further based on their relationships.,Reporting - we have faced limitations and trouble implementing reports. They aren't user friendly and can't be edited easily by users who are looking to access their own reports. The product is powerful which makes it difficult to learn. Since it's so robust, their is a learning curve for sure!,8,9,We have an executive dashboard but haven't perfect the reports in it as of yet. Visibility into heath score trends and having the ability to drill into C360 views of customers will be helpful once we can make everything perfectly relevant.,Increased efficiency Focus/move in mindset to being more proactive & strategic consultants as opposed to reactive support Increased visibility into customer account usage, support, and needs,We're happy with Gainsight however implementation is still in progressOur CS team, including VP of CS, uses Gainsight happily. The biggest pain point that was resolved by Gainsight is account management in terms of (1) reacting on different changes in customer's life (2) capturing lifecycle events on time (like QBRs, pre-renewal meetings, EBRs, etc.).,Ease of data transition from internal sources to Gainsight through different connectors. Smooth integration with SFDC data. Very sound and powerful rule engine. From a CSM perspective - clear workspace (i.e. Cockpit). Integrated outreach engine that Gainsight develops constantly. Great Community!,Ability to pull data from Gainsight via API. Yes, it's possible to pull CSV files via bionic rules but the whole process isn't intuitive and still has limitations like no way how we can get text areas (timeline notes) from Gainsight. Community is great but more detailed manuals (especially for those using relationships heavily) would be of such a great help. It's so difficult to find an answer for a particular question sometimes. Huge dependency on SFDC admins.,9,10,Right now only the VP of CS uses Gainsight. She uses dashboards for tracking amount of time spent for customer facing activities and improvements in overall BoB health sliced and diced by segments and CSMs. We're only at the beginning of our journey.,We significantly improved our ongoing (vs Onboarding) work with accounts. Our CSMs definitely became much more organized and happy. We managed to move from reacting to a proactive phase in working with customers.,totango and StrikedeckWe can finally see with GainsightGainsight was purchased for use by the customer success and growth & renewals account executive teams. Gainsight addressed several needs for our organization: 1. It serves as an information aggregator, pulling together key metrics from a variety of internal systems. 2. It provides proactive notification of actionable changes within our customer base. 3. It provides a framework for standardized messaging across the team. 4. It provides a platform to build automated outreach/NPS programs. 5. It helped us build customer scorecard/risk measures.,Gainsight CTA (Calls to Action) are game changing. Having real-time notifications of actionable data is vital to our team's ability to service customers. The C360 Report provides a concise overview of each customer. This saves a lot of time in the meeting preparation phase. Gainsight CoPilot has allowed us to reach more customers with less effort.,Dashboards & Reports are slightly hard to use. There is a steep learning curve to putting these together. CoPilot outreach cannot be scheduled to skip weekends. NPS functionality is great out of the box - CSAT is more manual to set up.,10,10,We send C360 reports to Execs prior to customer meetings. We have not leverage dashboards at the executive level yet (although we plan to).,We can do more with less headcount by using Gainsight. Our CSMs can manage a larger number of customer because of the automation and proactive notification functionality. Our Growth & Renewals Account Executives receive immediate notification of accounts in an "overage" billing state. This allows us to consolidate those overages into a new contract more effectively, which saves our customers money. Lifecycle management has made it possible for us to be sure we are contacting customers at relevant touchpoints. This helps our customers be more successful with our tool and ensures they feel supported.,Zuora and TotangoEarly Use Gainsight ReviewCurrently used only by customer success organization. Solves the problems of: hard to find data in SFDC; need for health information, both subjective and objective; need for efficient and automated workflow for customer contact; need for alerts and triggers for activities; real-time info visibility back into SFDC for the rest of the org.,Automated workflow and activity creation, with a centralized dashboard for CSMs to manage their work, allows CSMs to spend their time on more valuable work Flexible health scoring based on many factors including quantifiable product use and subjective aspects like relationship status allows us to fine tune and focus our energy where it's needed most Ability to view rolled-up information on accounts that have multiple sub-accounts and see all relevant data within the 360 even for simple accounts, means less time searching and manually compiling data to get an overall view,Every CTA requires a task to sync to SFDC, and sometimes the CTA and task are really the same thing (managing an escalation, for example) Reporting seems somewhat limited, including visualization - but could be our lack of maturity Logging activity from different places shows in different areas, tagged differently, and reported to SFDC differently. Means CSMs have to make a lot of decisions on where and how to log - leads to wasted time and inconsistency,9,6,Our vice president uses Customer 360 daily. No other execs in the org use Gainsight at this time. We were charged with proving its worth before more licenses will be purchased.,Increased efficiency Haven't used long enough to recognize more quantifiable outcomes,, Totango and ClientSuccess,7,1,at-a-glance visibility to centralized customer information ability to track and score product usage workflow management for CSM team sharing CS information across the org via integration with SFDC,We're not quite there yet, still focused on the basics,expand visibility of Customer health and 360 data across the org via integrations with SFDC and ZenDesk automated triggers for changes in health or behavior automated onboarding and messaging for certain customers,9,, Zendesk,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,I wouldn't change what we did, nor would I change the outcome. We spent an appropriate amount of time, energy, and analysis for our situation, and were thoughtful about not just our current needs but where we wanted to mature in the future. Gainsight met our needs, and their view on the future aligns well with our strategy overall.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,We haven't encountered any issues during implementation,8,Yes,We have had many questions related to Scorecard 2.0 and Relationships. Some were answered by Support, and some were answered by our Implementation dude (who is great). Support team never hesitates to get on a call with me and our Sales Ops team to explain features, and our Implementation dude meets with us every week to help us understand use cases and best practices.,Cockpit - the concept is simple and intuitive Customer 360 - this has been a lifesaver for CSMs, considering we had to look in approximately 17 places across several systems to gather basic information on each account.,Copilot - powerlists and so forth are more complex than expected Scorecards - there have been great improvements, but we're using usage data and the combination of the data and the switch to Scorecard 2.0 has been a little longer than expected. Reporting - not that hard to use per se, but more difficult and less powerful/flexible than desired. Would love to see improvements in this area!,8Gainsight FeedbackOur Customer Success Management department leverages Gainsight on a daily basis to have key insights into our customers health, real-time notifications of customer behavior changes, and simplify workflows for all of our CSMs.,Using rules to create trigger notification to our CSMs around customer behavior changes while associating it with actionable tasks is easy and straightforward. Combined information from a single source makes preparing for customer Business Reviews quick and scalable.,Improved agility with product and bug releases would be huge. Better project management abilities for large scale projects with customers would be a big win.,9,10,We have seen large improvements in the ability to scale account portfolios with the use of Gainsight.,Daily usage of Gainsight - The number 1 toolI have been a frequent user of Gainsight since we implemented it within Planview (1.5 years ago, daily usage) It provides me with a great overview of my customers' health, creates call to actions for opps, events and risks. You can easily get useful and very valuable data from gainsight in prep for executive business reviews. Before we had gainsight, it was a struggle to find and put together usage information to present to the customer. Now it's done with a couple of clicks!,Sponsor tracking Call to actions Usage data,10,1,Visibility into customer accounts for management when it comes to escalations and accounts being on the watch list is very important.,Improved our trust against customers - we now really know how they use our product,ClickViewLove GainSight!We have multiple reporting systems and it is difficult to consume all metrics for a customer from all these different sources. GainSight brings all that together and helps account managers manage their accounts more efficiently. GainSight is currently being used by account managers here, but we see opportunities where other teams can be benefitted too.,Ease of integration with different sources of information. The C360 page is a charm! You can add multiple sections with dashboards on it. The Usage section is really powerful and helps combine metrics from different domains into one section, where it becomes very easy to track the trend of usage metrics. The 'normalize' option is an added advantage to track the percentage changes over time. The report builder is very easy to use.,There are limitations on email outreaches like no support for tabular reports, limitation of 5 reports on an email template etc. Also, there is a lack of functionality to not trigger an email outreach if none of the reports on the email have data. There are times when the recipients get email that has nothing to track. Report builder is pretty simple to use but lacks the functionality to handle a bit complex computations. The reports don't allow end users to build aggregates on the fly. For example, a generic daily report needs to be seen rolled-up to monthly, quarterly or yearly views, based on a user's preference. The way it works today is that it requires the developers to design different aggregated views of the same report, so you end up cluttering the dashboard with just different views of the same data. The global dashboard doesn't allow adding reports that are built on data sources from different domains - meaning, you can add a MDA report and a SFDC report on the same dashboard.,9,11 to 25 people,Improved efficiency of reporting on customer metrics Helped track customer usage trends easily and better Helped consolidate information from different sources to take a complete decision,Yes, they are pretty helpful! I haven't been to Pulse events yet, but have explored the user groups and university stuff and found them immensely helpful.,The Joy of Working with GainsightWe engaged with Gainsight about six months ago and signed a contract with them about two months ago. We launched our initial pilot group of a dozen users just this week and plan to roll out to another 150 users within the next 45 days. Our use is pretty broad-ranging as we employ the Gainsight platform to develop our 360-degree view of the customer including a focus on driving positive account heath scores and platform usage trends. We use the considerable insight Gainsight provides to set our strategic account development plans and customer success reviews as well as to apply the appropriate attention to customers in need of our support and engagement based on the "Calls to Action" that help guide our team as to the most critical tasks, events, alerts and issues to resolve.,Pulls together customer information from Salesforce into an easily digestible format and enables you to analyze additional customer data that resides outside of the Salesforce environment. Creates a focus around automatically calculated objective and subjective account health score metrics for a quick and accurate read on the accounts that require attention and strategic prioritization. Focuses your teams on strategic account planning based on the customer's objectives, needs, and challenges. Provides "Calls to Action" (CTAs) that automatically bring to your attention issues, risks and challenges to enable better proactive resolution. Gainsight as a company lives, embodies and exemplifies the concept of customer success like very few companies in the world. Their level of support, engagement and absolute trusted partnership is unrivaled. Professional services that totally understand our needs and requirements and expertly guide us to success.,The contacts in the Sponsor tracking tile should be able to be maneuvered into an org-chart configuration.,10,More than 100 people,Handle customer Issues more quickly and effectively. Better understand root causes to determine proactive solutions designed to reduce customer services issues. Proactively keep in close touch with potentially "at risk" customers.,Pulse is an amazing event. There are so many opportunities to network with like-minded professionals with similar challenges and objectives. There are numerous excellent presentations, seminars and panel discussions to attend, and best of all, it is fun. The user groups are great as well, usually run by passionate advocates, they are packed with great ideas, suggestions and best practices.,TotangoGainsight - Customer Success Efficiency ToolGainsight is used in a few different groups in my organization from account management, to client success, and strategic account management. The tool is used to increase visibility on interaction with accounts, encourage collaboration, and increase time individual time efficiency. We had to do quite a bit of customization to take the existing functionality and make it our own, but it's been well worth it.,Gainsight provides an aesthetically pleasing view of relevant information for all of my accounts. 360 pulls in data from salesforce that I can review quickly, and access easily. Timeline in particular has been very useful for my team. The ability to search, pull in contacts, and organize each client interaction has been very helpful. We are looking forward to the enhancement which includes task lists on timeline. Success Plans have been...HUGE. It's a way for account management & strategic accounts to work together on a client's success - and create a specific plan to get there.,Gainsight in itself is glitchy. It has a general slowness which is frustrating, and a lot of times we have to use different browsers to access certain parts of it because they simply won't open or throws errors. While we love the success plans- we wish that the feature would be designed to be ever living (one success plan), and for the objectives in itself to be completed... the fact that success plans ideally should be completed doesn't really correlate with how strategic accounts manage their clients. I wish there was a way to limit certain playbooks by role. For example if I want to pull in a particular playbook for strategic accounts, I don't need to see playbooks that belong to account management... it just clutters up my view. I'd like to see playbooks that are approved for use in my particular role.,9,More than 100 people,Boost employee efficiency Encourage collaboration between teams Increase visibility on client interaction Increase visibility on client data,I myself haven't ventured into this area as of yet. However, my company is sending multiple people to Pulse. I would expect that I would take a ton of ideas and information back to my team from that event. I would especially be interested in a user group in my area (Northern CA). I think talking with other GS clients on best practices would be especially helpful.Great for making CSMs more proactive and getting insight into customer behavior, but you're in for a lot of workWe are using it primarily for our Customer Success team and to support our Sales Team during the trial process. Our Customer Success team uses Gainsight for CTAs (all events-based at the moment - new client onboard, QBR reminders - but also some performance CTAs, like an alert that their new account hasn't reached our designated "passing" onboarding score), the C360 page to support QBRs, and their client dashboard at times. Our Director of Customer Success has her own dashboard that she monitors for going over CTAs and keeping tabs on how our new clients are onboarding. We also use Copilot to send out trial nurture emails and to automate emails coming "from" our Account Executives and introducing them to our renewal managers (we automate these outreaches because lots of clients fit into this low-touch bucket).,CTAs and other rules-based features: CTAs are great because you can query your customer data every day and be alerted if/when your customer is exhibiting specific behaviors. For instance, we have a CTA set up to alert our CSMs if their new customer is 2 weeks into onboarding and has not yet received a "passing" score for onboarding. CoPilot: Copilot has a lot of the same features of CTAs but you can easily automate sending emails to people who meet specified qualifications. For instance, we send an trial nurture emails from Gainsight to accounts in the trial process who are days 2, 5, and 7 into their trial. Usage data view on C360 page: Our team gets a lot of value out of seeing their client's usage activity over time via the C360 page.,Too many features: I think Gainsight could benefit from focusing on a handful of key features v. trying to do everything. There are so many tabs and so many areas that I can adjust that it's often overwhelming. Releases: Honestly, I have to brace myself for Gainsight product releases because at least some process that I set-up which was largely "set it and forget it" stops working after a release. I lose a lot of time redoing rules I've made in the rules engine with startling frequency. Support responsiveness: this was exacerbated after the previous release which made sense, but support often takes a full 24 hours to get back to me and simply say they're reviewing my ticket. Whenever I have an issue with Gainsight I assume it'll take the entire week to resolve.,5,11 to 25 people,Improve retention via event-based alerts and keeping our CSMs proactive Increase trial engagement Measure client satisfaction via NPS and other surveys,I do not leverage these resources. However, I went to Success Express in 2014 and found it useful.,Tatango and Bluenose AnalyticsGainsight has the potential to transform an organization!Gainsight is a customer success department's best friend. It really has the power to transform an organization and lives up to its promise as a way to get a 360 view of a customer list. Gainsight is used daily by the customer success manager at Skyword as a way to understand customer risk, identify product adoption trends, conduct research and ensure that all assigned tasks are being completed. Gainsight helps us ensure there are no surprises when it comes to customer churn.,Gainsight works incredibly well with SFDC so it makes data integrity something you can count on. Gainsight is extremely customizable so you can really use it in a way that works best for your organization. Gainsight has a very active user community and knowledgeable support desk that makes it easy to find answers to the questions that come up.,Gainsight is what you make of it. It's such a robust software that you need to dedicate significant time to making it valuable for your organization. Gainsight's isn't the most user-friendly software. I find it takes time before a CSM fully understands how it can help their day to day. Admins have an even harder job of learning the ins and outs of rule creation, dashboard building, and troubleshooting. Gainsight is built on top of SFDC, so you really need to ensure that your SFDC is set up in a way that will work with Gainsight.,8,11 to 25 people,A true understanding of how our customers are using our product. An easier way to spot risk and deploy plans to save accounts. A single system that complies all the data we need to make the right decisions.,Gainsight has a very valuable user group where you can find answers to your questions big and small. I don't really find myself contributing, but actively consume what others are adding. Gainsight has a robust online learning center, but I find the trainings a little slow and very expensive for what you get. I've yet to go to a Pulse event but am looking forward to the main event in May.,TotangoA growing company with a desire to learn all that GS has to offerCurrently, only our Customer Success department is using Gainsight. We are slowly growing a success operations team, and as we do, they are starting to use the software more and more. We use it to track overall happiness with our product and healthiness with our company and adoption of our product.,Easy to use interface Love the timeline feature to easily see a history of interactions Historical tracking of usage,Reporting across various data sources is limited Their usage data is auto-aggregated and cannot be customized Rules based logic is not often intuitive. You need to learn to think in "gainsight" ways,9,11 to 25 people,More accurate reporting and expanded capabilities More accountability for CSM successes and failures House various metrics and data sources under one roof which improves efficiency of the CSMs,I post on the community when I have product requests or ideas that support doesn't have solutions to and they send me there. The response rate there is hit and miss. Sometimes there is immediate follow through from the product teams but others are never responded to. We attended Pulse last year, but are sending more representatives this year as we found it very useful.,Close.ioGainsight ReviewIt is being used by our success and account management team to track client usage and adoption but also to track our overall renewals and upsells.,Health scoring Identifying red flags early on through automated CTAs Insight into customer usage and adoption,More bidirectional sync between Salesforce and gainsight Calculations in reporting,9,10,Very important. We’ve built high-level dashboards for then and they actually have licenses.,Identify customer health Identify red flags and adoption Identify upsell opportunities,z-insightSuccess with GainsightInitially, we needed a tool to centralize our client data as well as keep our Client Success team organized with their tasks with managing so many clients. We continue to solve for other problems year over year as our Gainsight CSM digs into our business needs and opens the door to features that she feels would best suit us.,Gainsight has allowed our Client Success team to manage our clients efficiently. The tool is key to managing our client life cycle from initial engagement, through implementation and Go Live phases, and following through to Renewal. Being able to trigger alerts as well as tasks for CSMs based on usage and on life cycle stage has been crucial. Customer support is great. The Support desk communicates frequently when working through submitted tickets and our Client Success Manager thinks outside the box when making strategic recommendations for our business. Next up is utilizing co-pilot to it's fullest so that we can better manage our low-touch clients.,The rules engine is incredibly useful however, many times I need Support assistance with setting them up properly. I'm not sure how to make it more user friendly as it's a pretty technical tool, but I can dream.,9,11 to 25 people,Increase efficiency working with clients Lower CSM turnoverGainsight is PowerfulWe use Gainsight for Client Health scoring, Renewal Tracking, Churn Risk Mitigation, NPS Scoring, and Release Note Communications,Great visualization of Client Health across the entire customer base Highly flexible in Rule definition and customer segmentation Constant product innovation,Requires a good amount of administration to take full advantage of all the capabilities Pricing model,9,9,We created a Client Health Heatmap to understand potential churn risk. It was mapped using client size, tenure, and health score,Overall churn rate reduction High customer engagement based on Calls to Action More proactive renewal processManual CTA Usage ReviewCurrently used by two departments, although our department has the heaviest usage of Gainsight in our org.,Where Salesforce data is available to trigger CTAs from, it does a nice job of scheduling tasks The C360 provides valuable, at a glance information Logging manual CTAs is a valuable activity tracking mechanism for us,Overall slowness Cockpit is difficult to filter and navigate Configurability has been a challenge in areas of the application - we use manual CTAs heavily and the only date field available to our users to manipulate is the due date. We use this date field to represent the date the activity actually occurred. The delta between due date meaning for a manual CTA and a triggered CTA has presented significant reporting challenges and confusion for upper management. Sometimes impactful bugs really hinder our reporting capabilities. My entire department's metrics are based on closed CTAs, and when the close dates suddenly stop populating it is a real problem for us.,5,11 to 25 people,Tracking adherence to customer lifecycle engagement Activity tracking by type Proving value/ROI of CEM (CSM) organization - helping us prove business case to add headcount,Pulse last year was great and attending again next year. Sometimes we leverage the articles published.,Be ready to make an investment to really get value from GainsightGainsight is being used within our customer success team. The business problem that it addresses is helping us scale our communications to our growing client base, including our tech-touch clients.,Thought leadership Implementation Training Identifying strategic accounts and focusing on them,Product stability. One example we have socialized with Gainsight is the sponsor tracking integration with LinkedIn. I believe they have a solution that will be deployed later this year, which we are looking forward to. My team does not have a good perception of our CSM based on lack of responsiveness and a training where she did not come across as very prepared or knowledgeable on the product. Really emphasize the importance of making a significant investment in this product in order to achieve desired results during the purchasing process. We need to be good buyers, but I did not fully appreciate the level of investment needed to make use of this product at the outset.,8,11 to 25 people,We are still looking to achieve these benefits.,I attended the CCO Summit. My team is also attending PULSE.Gainsight ReviewIt is being used by our client success department to help standardize/uniform the calls and experience our clients are receiving.,Call to actions functionality. Customer friendly user interface. Integration with Salesforce.,Objective CTAs being removed from cockpit and only showing in Success Plans, this should be an admin's decision. Unable to do a formula in reporting/dashboards.,8,More than 100 people,Help uniform the client experience. Improve retention and upsell potential,This will be my first year attending Pulse. I took the free admin course after administering Gainsight for several months so I did not find it super beneficial but could see how it would be useful for an admin starting out.Gainsight is a great customer success toolOur customer success team uses Gainsight to measure our deployment health, project manage our deployments, and send customer emails.,Gainsight's rules engine is really straightforward to use and I love that someone with little programming knowledge can set up rules to fire Calls to Action and make sure project tasks are getting completed. The ability to use the tool to look at customer usage and pull that data into emails is really huge. We haven't been able to use that feature just yet, but I'm looking forward to using it with our clients soon. Measuring health of our deployments, in a standard fashion, across the team, is really important. It allows us to see and address risks before they become bigger issues.,We'd like to see the reports function become more useful. We want to be able to pull data from multiple objects without having to set up complex custom MDA tables and rules, and we should be able to include tables from the reports in emails. I'd also like to see relationship health reporting become more robust. I currently have to export our relationship health scores every Monday morning to a customized google sheet in order to color the values and provide that as the executive report to our leadership team. Setting up and testing outreaches could also be easier. It should be much more straightforward to put together test outreach lists. Sending out reports from the dashboard function is fairly crude. The powerpoint formatting is not well done and as a result the reports don't look very professional and I think often get ignored when sent to our team. We should be able to export the dashboard in an email format to our internal team.,8,6 to 10 people,Boosted employee efficiency Increased Customer Success team visibility within the organization,I use the Gainsight community for support questions often and really value that the Product Team is active within the forums. It makes me feel as if my voice and requests are being heard.,New Customer to GainsightGainsight is utilized by our organization within our Relationship Management team, which is our more strategic client management group, as well as our Client Experience Managers (also known as CSMs in the Gainsight world). The Client Experience Managers are our heavy users of Gainsight and primarily use Gainsight to manage client lifecycle engagement. It helps ensure our CEMs are engaging on a regular cadence with our client base.,Visually engaging UI and ease of navigation. Consolidation of client data in one view that is easy for our CEMs to navigate and review prior to clients' meetings and calls. Seamless integration with SalesForce so our users really feel like they're in one application.,The rules engine! It's clearly built for technical resources. Not being able to utilize query functionality such as current quarter, prior quarter, this year, etc...instead of having to use what feels like a formula to calculate a date range can be frustrating. I have nightmares about # of N days from rule date. Gainsight Dashboard stickiness. It often causes issues with our users. Would love to see a reset to default or something that easily resets to the default dashboard filters or clear filters. This would be a huge help. Global Filters are the enemy....I hate having to always clone a report that really I have to rebuild just so I don't have to add all my global filters. It's just clunky.,7,26 to 50 people,Improve retention Resolve customer issues Boost employee efficiency,The Gainsight Community has been a great help as the Gainsight administrator. I often search the community to review other clients' experience with functionality and for tips to optimize how we're utilizing Gainsight. I've been able to attend Pulse as a customer who just signed and had not gone live last year to this year where I look forward to attending Pulse as a live customer with more insight and knowledge to aid in my discussions and sessions.Does not disappoint!Our team uses Gainsight to manage customer success activities throughout the lifecycle of our software deployments. It allows our team to stay coordinated, identify and manage risks across our company and communicate with our customers. We also use Gainsight to standardize many of our internal and external processes through the use of playbooks. Our executives value the transparency that it provides for our portfolio.,Through use of the scorecard feature, Gainsight allows us to manage risk across many complex enterprise deployments. Via playbooks, it has allowed us to standardize our processes and automate many key activities for the team. With the integration into Salesforce it has allowed our customer success and sales teams to collaborate more effectively.,We're satisfied with our Gainsight purchase and don't see any areas for improvement worth noting. Our team frequently comments on the community and feel like we're being heard.,10,11 to 25 people,Gainsight has helped us boost retention by 5% Gainsight has helped us boost employee efficiency by allowing our CSMs to grow account load by 40% Gainsight has improved inter-company risk management processes thus allowing us to get ahead of critical customer issues.,Our CS operations team uses the community extensively to gain ideas, learn best practices or identify product features that can help our business. The response and support from both Gainsight and community members are a reason that we continue to use the community as a trusted reference source. We haven't use Customer Success University yet. Some of our team spent some time at Pulse last year and gave it very high marks for the value of the content and sessions.,Totango and NateroGainsight: Making Customer Success More ManageableI recently worked for a social media marketing SaaS company with several software products available to large enterprise customers and Gainsight was implemented across the Customer Success organization, specifically the Customer Partner group. Prior to Gainsight, the Customer Partnerships team had no direct line of sight into the usage data of our customers. During any given period of time, we were unable to understand if our customers were successfully using the software they had subscribed to. Gainsight was able to address this gap by providing valuable usage data and insights critical to helping the Customer Partner group clearly understand which specific customers were in need of deeper servicing and support.,Automatic recurring usage reports: This is a nice feature that takes the burden off of the user having to manually pull reports. Reports can be set up to be delivered via email, at a specific cadence, and provided an at-a-glance overview of customer usage data for a specific time period. Customer360: Gainsight does a good job of providing a centralized area of their product where users can see an up-to-date view of their entire customer portfolio and then drill down into specific accounts to better understand overall customer heath, contract value, contract duration, and important account notes. Gainsight excels at integrating with other systems, for example our Client Success team needed to be able to hook into our training groups management tool and quickly see how many existing training credits a customer might have and when they were expiring. Having this information available inside Gainsight saved us valuable time by providing us with information that was historically hard to obtain.,Using Gainsight for any kind of substantial "task management" seemed to fall short. The result was having to use several additional tools outside of Gainsight. For example, it would be nice to have a Gmail integration where emails could be turned into tasks within Gainsight. One area where there is room for more improvement is reporting. The UI still seems clunky and not as intuitive as it could be. This area of the product could benefit from an overhaul focused on both UI/ease of use and data access. Integration with Linkedin is a feature that could add a ton of value for customer success teams, however, it was never reliable and often fired off alerts about org changes that were false.,8,Gainsight had a very positive impact on the Customer Success Team's ability to have a clear line-of-sight and tracking around customer usage.,JIRA Service Desk, Slack, WebEx Meetings,26 to 50 peopleA review from an average userCurrently being used with our Sales & Churn organization. Its being used to understand future needs of companies and get consistency with different people for the same task.,Great at surveys, great at combining information from different places in order to give a full view. Automated CTAs are great for telling people when to do a task and knowing when they're not doing it.,integration from 3rd party tools is not great. If it doesn't come from salesforce its painful.,9,1 to 5 people,Created customer segmentation. Helping with churn.,I don't do the pulse events but I know others do and like them. The CSU is great for finding answers to almost everything, when I don't find an answer the support team is super helpful and responsive.,Success with GainsightGainsight is used extensively across our Customer Success organization, but also by all other customer facing functions like Sales, Channel Management, Finance, etc. It is used to manage the health of our existing customers and to provide easy access to information, guidance on customer success processes, and general customer management for our CSMs.,Health Scoring Proactive Health management,Long term analytics health change tracking,9,11 to 25 people,CSM effeciency,We went through some CS University classes. Some of our team has attended Pulse and the feedback was strong.
361 Ratings
Score 8.4 out of 101
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Gainsight Reviews

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361 Ratings
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Score 8.4 out of 101

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Russell Gray profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Return on Investment

  • We can do more with less headcount by using Gainsight. Our CSMs can manage a larger number of customer because of the automation and proactive notification functionality.
  • Our Growth & Renewals Account Executives receive immediate notification of accounts in an "overage" billing state. This allows us to consolidate those overages into a new contract more effectively, which saves our customers money.
  • Lifecycle management has made it possible for us to be sure we are contacting customers at relevant touchpoints. This helps our customers be more successful with our tool and ensures they feel supported.
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Rohit Kapoor profile photo
July 25, 2017

Love GainSight!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Return on Investment

  • Improved efficiency of reporting on customer metrics
  • Helped track customer usage trends easily and better
  • Helped consolidate information from different sources to take a complete decision
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Sierra Pesek profile photo
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Return on Investment

  • Tracking adherence to customer lifecycle engagement
  • Activity tracking by type
  • Proving value/ROI of CEM (CSM) organization - helping us prove business case to add headcount
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Domenic Armano profile photo
March 15, 2017

Does not disappoint!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Return on Investment

  • Gainsight has helped us boost retention by 5%
  • Gainsight has helped us boost employee efficiency by allowing our CSMs to grow account load by 40%
  • Gainsight has improved inter-company risk management processes thus allowing us to get ahead of critical customer issues.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Role-based user permissions (146)
API (105)
Integration with (183)
Integration with Marketo (45)
Integration with Eloqua (18)
Product usage (175)
Help desk / support tickets (149)
NPS surveys (151)
Sponsor tracking (145)
Customer profiles (175)
Automated workflow (189)
Internal collaboration (175)
Customer health scoring (188)
Customer segmentation (161)
Customer health trends (177)
Engagement analytics (157)
Revenue forecasting (98)
Dashboards (190)

About Gainsight

Gainsight says they enable business transformation through their passionate community, proven expertise, and cutting edge technology. In addition to the largest customer success community, the vendor says they also have a diverse, 333+ customer base spanning across Fortune 1000 companies such as HP, Cisco and Adobe and growth businesses like Box and Shopify.

Via their community and customers, Gainsight says they have developed deep expertise around customer success best practices which are embedded into the product. Additionally, the vendor says 50% of their company headcount is dedicated to R&D, and that their platform can serve business needs across various customer segments. The vendor’s value proposition is that their product innovations are consistently first to market and built to scale from day one.

Gainsight says their customers see an average of 4% higher retention and 20% faster growth than their peers.

Gainsight Features

Customer Data Extraction / Integration Features
Has featureProduct usage
Has featureHelp desk / support tickets
Has featureOnline customer community
Has featureBilling
Has featureMarketing emails
Customer Success Management Features
Has featureNPS surveys
Has featureSponsor tracking
Has featureCustomer profiles
Has featureAutomated workflow
Has featureInternal collaboration
Has featureCustomer health scoring
Has featureCustomer segmentation
CSM Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureCustomer health trends
Has featureEngagement analytics
Has featureRevenue forecasting
Has featureDashboards
Has featureCustomer lifetime value
Has featureChurn rate
Security Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions
Platform & Infrastructure Features
Has featureAPI
Has featureIntegration with
Has featureIntegration with Marketo
Has featureIntegration with Eloqua
Additional Features
Has featureCustomer360
Has feature4D Analytics
Has featureCustomer Lifecycle Cockpit
Has featureIn-product best practices library of resources
Has feature60 second video message to Customers

Gainsight Screenshots

Gainsight Integrations

Gainsight Competitors

Totango, Amity, Service Source


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

Gainsight Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Gainsight Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android