HootSuite Enterprise provides a centralized platform for managing streams from different social media channels and posting/ engaging across channels simultaneously. It also has strong team / workflow features and good mobile apps.!It's being used by the corporate social media team along with the social media admins from our regional hospitals and service lines.,Publishing to multiple channels Scheduling in advance Content library,It would be nice to be able to add more streams to a page for monitoring. Sometimes have difficulty with geo targeting of search results,9,25,Employee efficiency Social care/customer service Better engagement,Sprout Social,9,2,Publishing Engagement Social Care,Love the content library for creating standard messaging that creates consistency across the organization when it comes to social care. The integration of Nexgate Social Patrol for security to monitor for potential HIPAA or PHI violations Reports on team performance,Further development of the content library for use developing drafts for campaigns that can then be approved before publishing The ability to publish photo galleries Native integration of Instagram and the ability to geotarget Instgram search The ability to monitor competitor and/or industry social channels,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation,I don't think we'd change anything. The reality is that there are many platforms and tools that are available for social media monitoring and engagement. It seems like there is a new one every day. Some of them have good features that are similar to Hootsuite. The difference in my mind is Hootsuite's experience and reputation. They are clearly an established leader that continues to innovate.,No,9,Yes,Standard reports Adding social channels Making assignments to team members Scheduling posts,Integration with LinkedIn is not the best. Not sure where the issue lies, but I can't use the Hootlet tool to schedule a post because it doesn't properly import the picture for the post.,Yes,9,10,8,10,10,Hootsuite took the time to learn about our specific needs related to the channels we utilize and the industry in which we work. They provided several potential solutions and variations from which we could choose. We were able to then provide feedback on what we needed and didn't need when it came to the various features like training, crisis management simulations, scanning for any channels related to our company and price.,Don't be afraid to negotiate. Hootsuite is very willing to work with you to create a custom solution that will meet your specific needs. And, the solution can scale as you grow or your needs change or expand. For instance, you don't have to start with a custom training or education solution. The Hootsuite Enterprise comes with access to Hootsuite Universities extensive library of video training. But, if at a later time you want to implement any of their additional custom training, you can do that. And, it's easy to add seats to the platform as your team grows, or as you expand use throughout your organization.HootSuite Enterprise: Great functionality but at too great a price?We are a small advertising/marketing/PR agency and we have a social media team that uses HootSuite Enterprise to manage client social media accounts, as well as our agency's own accounts. HootSuite Enterprise lets us monitor conversations, schedule messages and run analytics for multiple clients, each with multiple social media accounts, from one shared dashboard without each person having to know passwords or sign in to multiple accounts. Most (but not all) clients also have one or two of their staff members who can share the same dashboard with our staff to form a joint team. After we do initial orientation for our staff or client team members, we can enable them to enroll in "HootSuite University" to continue their education independently. We can quickly build client-specific Twitter lists and integrate a client's existing apps (e.g., Salesforce or Mail Chimp, or Constant Contact) to efficiently implement an advanced social media strategy for our nonprofit, public sector, and small business clients.,Works well with a broad range of social media networks (Google+ pages, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn corporate/groups/individuals, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, FourSquare, Instagram, Storify, ScoopIt, SurveyMonkey, etc.) so everything can be managed (and analyzed) in one place securely. Customized analytic reports can be built for each client and scheduled for automatic distribution on a set schedule. HootSuite University enables self-paced independent learning for new staff and clients. "Template" posts/messages can be developed and saved for each social media team, which ensures quality for routine hiring/recruitment and customer service messages. When monitoring/listening for certain topics, you can easily email or assign specific posts and comments directly to the responsible or interested party.,Although at the Enterprise level there is an expedited support function, we have found the speed and quality of the responses to be spotty. The Enterprise level is extremely pricey and clients routinely downgrade to the Pro version to save money. Only links are tracked, so if clients or staff forget or use another app or web version of a social network, no analytics are available. (There is a custom url shortning function, but it is outrageously expensive.) We find that the integrated HootSuite Syndicator and the RSS Reader app are extremely slow and bog down everything, so we continue to subscribe to Feedly to monitor RSS feeds for individual client industries. While pricing at the Pro level is published, the Enterprise pricing is not -- which continually makes us (and our clients) worry that as small firms we are overpaying relative to the Fortune 1000 and other 'big guys.',7,5,Reduced staff time needed for training new clients on HootSuite and social media in general from using HootSuite University. Negative ROI because after training and set up, clients migrate to Pro version to save money. (We are not resellers and do not mark up HootSuite charges, but smaller clients can save significantly by switching from paying their pro rata share of our Enterprise version to a Pro version.) Increased employee efficiency from logging in and scanning/monitoring multiple client accounts from one dashboard.,,6,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,If a client or staff member has an existing free HootSuite account, the transfer of ownership and set up in HootSuite Enterprise caused confusion. A client administrator inadvertently deleted Twitter lists and account reports that took quite a bit of time to recreate.,8,Building a custom dashboard with streams for each social media network, list or group is a breeze. Building and scheduling custom reports is easy. Integrating apps such as Salesforce or Constant Contact is easy.,Adding a new staff team member or client team member to a fully set up existing client team. People get confused and we'd like to be able to simply 'copy' an existing set up for them Enrollment in HootSuite University is all or nothing. For clients, we'd prefer to be able to select specific modules for them and block modules more appropriate for the agency. The work around for adding more than 10 streams to a tab, or more than 20 (?) tabs to a dashboard is annoying. Just let me add more, rather than make me "add an app" and then convert it to something else.,Yes,9,8HootSuite as one of the leading Social Media management platformsEffective overview of Social Media environment thanks to the well-developed dashboard and customization options. Good tracking & monitoring capabilities thanks to the simplicity of adding required data (tweet) streams. Easy-to-use communication capabilties. The highly intuitive HootSuite dashboard makes it very easy for users to publish new content, and reply to other users, on various different platforms, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Integrated link shortener. Effective & customized KPI reports that offer good first overview of business performance with an additional option to integrate your Google Analytics account.,Competitor analysis could be improved in the future. At the moment, HootSuite is lacking superior capabilities around tracking competitor performance. Access to historical data is rather limited, but this is a common issue for most of the tools in this category.,Increased social media community that generates more leads can be partially attributed to the integration of HootSuite into our business activities.,9,,9,2,Social Media management Communication "Buzz" monitoring,9,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training Self-taught,8,From my personal experience and the experience collected from other clients, including complete newcomers, there are no big issues encountered in learning this tool. In case some tips & tricks are necessary, most of answers can be found on the web.,No,8,8,10,9,Integration with Google Analytics may be done in the future, and this is already supported by HootSuite.,Clients considering Pro and Enterprise plans can negotiate on different topics, including how many users are going to work with the tools; what kind of support is necessary; and the amount of credits required to track the data via analytics reports. For this reason, it is advisable to decide exactly how the tool will be used before engaging into a firm business relationship. Bear in mind that you have an option to try things out with a trial account, so use this trial wisely!.Hootsuite Enterprise for Social Media AgencyAutomating the posting of content across various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.). It would take a very long time to do this manually. We would have to write our own software and figure out the APIs to do this any other way.,The reporting didn't work particularly well for our clients' needs. Most of our clients were paying too little to warrant in-depth reporting, so it wasn't really a big issue. There are a lot of great reporting modules that our clients just couldn't take advantage of due to their small size. There is a limit (200) on how "tabs" one user can create. This hasn't yet been an issue but it may end up being one. Not much else. It's solid.,Automation of monitoring and posting results in a lot of time and labor savings. We're able to leverage employees at a lower base via the team infrastructure and security levels.,9,10,10,2,Automation of social media account monitoring and content posting for 200+ small business clients.,,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training Self-taught,10,It's pretty intuitive. Getting setup is the toughest part, but it's not terribly difficult.,Yes,10,9,10,9,Google Docs would be great since we build our content calendars using a Google Docs template provided by Hootsuite. It would save us a lot of time exporting and importing batches of content for each client. Pinterest,,We had an initial trial of a couple of months to be sure we could work with the software before committing to a full year. That was great!HootSuite ReviewFeatures that seem to work well: Monitoring conversations in real time. Scheduling automatic post. Team management.,When posting across several platforms their can be considerable delays. At times there are system outages.,Direct contact with targeted audience. Staff knowledge of advantages of the system has increased which has led to measurable productivity. Brand awareness.,9,9,12,8,Under the recruiting umbrella it allowed for us to compose the "Iron Triangle" which is the alignment of three different departments. Also, to monitor and engage our audience in an effective manner. Lastly, the collaborative tool that allows for the assignment of task.,,Implemented in-house,9,Self-taught,Training is a MUST and a lot of things will be missed if training is not conducted. Training builds confidence and efficiency with the product!,No,9,8,9,9,Not at this time.,,Internal approval for two years. Signed a one year contract with GSA pricing.
Hootsuite Enterprise
253 Ratings
Score 7.8 out of 101
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Hootsuite Enterprise
253 Ratings
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Score 7.8 out of 101
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November 12, 2012

Hootsuite Enterprise Review: "Team functionality and clean UI are great."

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Any outages are communicated in advance and have not been a problem. We let our clients know based on communications from HootSuite.
Since we operate 24/7 with multiple shifts, planned outages can interfere with our operations, but we can always work around it.
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HootSuite Enterprise provides a centralized platform for managing streams from different social media channels and posting/ engaging across channels simultaneously. It also has strong team / workflow features and good mobile apps.

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