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January 22, 2018

Hoover's Review

Score 6 out of 10
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Hoover's has given us many sales leads that we would not have found otherwise. It also gives insight into the company prior to contacting. The listing of employees is helpful as well.
  • The large data base of leads
  • That you are able to bring up leads for any industry you are currently researching
  • The information on the contacts is kept current and up to date
  • Being able to link to their D&B report if you are a subscriber to both Hoovers & DNBi.
When researching for leads in a specific industry or trying to obtain contacts within those companies
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Justin Roodman profile photo
Score 2 out of 10
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[We're] Using Hoovers to find new prospect's contact information and reach out to them to inform them of the existence of our product and its benefits. Primarily we are utilizing it to find company name and follow information for individual contacts with specific titles: name, email, and phone. We are a small company where I am the primary business development rep.
  • Provides email addresses for prospects
  • Allows sorting of prospects by industry type
  • Business intelligence for industry specific events
  • Pricing is far too high for what you get. We were forced due to budget to get the cheapest plan possible, which is still $265/month with a 1-year contract.
  • User interface is awful. With the lowest price plan, you're extremely limited on exports, so you have to use grid view to manually copy files into Excel to still acquire data en masse. I have a 24" widescreen monitor and there are *5* scroll bars on my page needed for me to see the data in total due to their poor user interface.
  • Extreme lack of direct phone contact numbers for prospect records. We trialed a competitor and they had far more direct lines for prospects in our target markets. Company general numbers do not produce near the positive results that direct dials do.
Hoover's would be well suited for big companies who are not limited by budget and can afford to throw around over 400 bucks a month to get their data. The platform might also be ideal for those seeking additional "business intelligence" regarding news for their industry.

Small businesses who are budget conscious are not necessarily going to fare well with the platform, between the cost per month and the one year contract. Those looking for direct dial phone numbers would do well to look to another product.
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LeAnn Perkins profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Hoover's is used by marketing and sales. It's great for org charts and company info.
  • It's accurate.
  • It provides detailed org charts.
  • It's user-friendly.
  • More small business info would be nice.
  • Sometimes the info is old.
It's great for finding the contacts you're looking for. The org charts and company info are top notch.
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Richard Ingram profile photo
December 15, 2015

Great product, intuitive!

Score 8 out of 10
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I really like the ability to quickly find a phone number, website url, or email syntax for an account that I am prospecting for. Also, as you start typing to search for a company, it begins to auto-populate with possible accounts you are looking for and provides the headquarters location in the preview results so I know for a fact that I am selecting the right account that I should be looking into.
  • Find updated contacts.
  • List companies easily when typing them or adding them in.
  • Companies that have merged are listed without current information.
  • Updated addresses.
  • Employee turnover needs to update sooner.
Hoover's is a good tool if you are looking for basic information on companies. For larger companies with public reporting Hoover's is a great source for information. I think almost every company with a sales/business development force has used Hoover's in the past.
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Stanley Szeliga profile photo
December 18, 2014

Hoovers 2014

Score 8 out of 10
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Hoovers is being used by the inside sales department to find appropriate contact information for key companies to better perform outreach.
  • shows company key financial information
  • shows correct phone numbers and address
  • shows key company contacts to look for
  • shows recent news for the company
  • have easier to use filters when searching for companies
  • separate companies that are out of business into a separate area in search
  • flag employees or data that may be out of date
it is well suited for any sales division that needs to do background research on a company before making a phone call. It is also well suited for finding key financial information when deciding whether or not to invest into a company.
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Micah Tinklepaugh profile photo
Score 4 out of 10
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As a small consulting firm specializing in Virtual Worlds rehearsal we would use Hoover's to gather financial performance indications from privately held companies. There were five people in the organization, two executives, one IT director, and one manager. We all used the service. After gathering the key financials and competitive information we would build a profile of the organizations behavior over time with which to enter realistic data into a video game simulation (3D) where our clients would control an avatar. Hoover's would usually give us 1-3 pieces of information that we required 10 data points. We wanted the ten but could only come up with a little bit given that they were privately held companies and Hoover's had far less on them the plethora of data already provided by finance search engines. Usually executives names, merger history, business operations, etc would show up. It did not give us deep business intelligence but provided skeletal pattern with which to piece together what we were looking for.

  • Hoover's has good information architecture in one sense that allowed you to keep track of where you have looked and also add anticipatory links for things you might like to research or know.
  • It was great for finding a more complete picture of the companies history.
  • It was helpful for piecing together contact information for people you may not have known worked there.
  • Often multiple listings of the same data were presented which required clicking through each one to be sure you didn't miss any pertinent info.
  • It would be nice to see recommended containers such as 'other people viewed' or interactive visual charts mapping company assets or leadership.
  • The Data they provide often isn't accurate or is often outdated.
As a business and marketing intern, my experience while in school using these services is limited. But I will say that more accurate sales leads and competitive intelligence can be garnered just by using Data.com (a free service if you upload contacts) in conjunction with LinkedIn. The email formula needed for sales leads is found from Data.com and every contact within an organization is on LinkedIn. You also get competitor's workforce sizes and many other data points that if used creatively will help you integrate approximations for the financials of companies like how much they might have in parts of their budget to spend on a technology you want to sell them. I'd honestly rather spend an hour going back and forth between those sites aggregating it into an Excel spread sheet than spending company resources on Hoover's.
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Score 1 out of 10
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Not a very useful product that costs way too much and has terrible support. Does not honor their refund policy, does not present you with all options for purchase, dishonest sales reps.
  • It has data.
  • Poor quality product
  • Dishonest sales
  • No support
  • Does not honor refund request
I would never recommend Hoover's to anyone.
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June 07, 2016

Hoover's Rocks!

Score 8 out of 10
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Hoover's was used by the marketing and business development team at the firm - attorneys would use it sparingly but for the most part our division would use the product and pass along information to the attorneys. When preparing biz dev pitches we would use Hoover's to get as much info as possible on the target companies.
  • Executive bios
  • Company details and facts
  • Key player contact info
  • Tool was a bit clunky and not intuitive
  • Information wasn't always up to date or accurate
  • Load times were sometimes slow
Hoover's was great when we wanted detailed company descriptions on what they do, how much revenue they generate, where their offices are located. I preferred to use other tools when looking up company bios - Linkedin was a better resource with much more up to date information which is key when looking for contact info.
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