HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing engine that includes tools for email marketing, landing page creation, social media marketing, content management, reporting & analytics, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. - A platform with a soulHubSpot is the best tool to use when learning marketing automation. Our marketing team uses HubSpot Enterprise for emails, forms, landing pages, web chat, and social scheduling. Our biggest pain point has our third-party integration with our CRM-- we use Microsoft Dynamics 365. The more tools/features you're able to use in HubSpot, the more convenient (and powerful) it becomes as you really can benefit from having "everything you need in one place". But as companies grow, it gets harder and harder to maintain that vision. I wish we could take advantage of all of the HubSpot Enterprise features we pay for but too many of our existing tools overlap with them and that's where the importance of reliable integrations come into play.,Simple, intuitive interface. Great support and learning resources. Marketing best practices are built into the product. HubSpot makes it easy to learn marketing automation. HubSpot's methodology helps marketers keep it human. Workflows look like they were designed by a kindergartener-- I love how simple they are to understand and build.,CRM function was too limited for us to use. Would love to see greater flexibility with reporting dashboards. Would love to be able to use spend/budget data from LinkedIn Ads connection. Doesn't offer integration with CRM and suggested third-party partner was painful to work with. Can't A/B test automated emails-- have to use workaround.,8,Streamlines our marketing efforts so we can focus on what really matters. Automates so many mundane processes that we used to do manually. Ease of use makes training and transferring ownership/management of the tool more efficient.,ClickDimensions,25,000 to 100,000,B2B,Microsoft Teams, LucidchartThe ONE tool you need to fully manage and scale your customer experienceHubSpot is at the core of our sales and marketing processes. With their CRM, Sales and Marketing suites, we've been able to scale our efforts and streamline how we work from day to day. Thanks to HubSpot, we also have improved clarity, communication and reporting across departments and with marketing in general.,Brilliant marketing automation and content creation tools Enhanced data and analytics for marketing and sales KPIs and processes Ease of use and wealth of training materials (easy to onboard new staff),Some marketing functionality could be improved (like the design for pop-up forms) A/B testing doesn't work well when there's no form on the page (harder to measure clicks) Some data discrepancies between HubSpot and Google Analytics,10,Being able to set and measure KPIs, and achieve them quarter by quarter. A much closer relationship between sales and marketing as we have a space that helps us work together. As a marketing team, we can move at least 30% faster thanks to the solutions HubSpot provides.,Salesforce Lightning Platform and Intercom,100,000 to 250,000,B2B,Intercom, Hotjar, Adobe Acrobat DCOne of the best tool for Sales and marketing people to grow their businessBeing a salesperson, I use HubSpot as a tool which keeps track of mail sent to the client and also identifies whether or not the client opened my email. Using HubSpot, we also check who are the people that have visited our website and what are the articles they read so that we can contact them accordingly. Hubspot is being used by only Sales and sometimes by Operation department in my organization. Directly or indirectly, HubSpot helps me to identify which group of people can be converted to the client, or it helps to identify who are the people who show interest in our business.,If I send the mail through Hubspot, then I can track out the details through it like when the mail was opened, how much time was spent by the client on it. Also, using HubSpot I can keep track of all the projects received from a particular client. It can be easily integrated with Outlook and the company's website.,The user Interface needs to be improved. It's a bit costly. If one goes for free version, then it provides limited features, which forces us to go for a paid version of Hubspot. Sometimes it works slow.,10,It really helps me in getting more clients. Using HubSpot, I am able to keep track of all the activity I had with every client. I can also organize all the projects received from clients.,Less than 10,000,Both,Slack, Zoom, ClearbitRecommend Hubspot!We use HubSpot as our marketing automation tool. We send emails, make calls, have landing pages and forms that come from it so we can keep track of how things are going.,They connect to your Gmail, so whenever you send an email from Gmail you can CHOOSE whether it gets sent to Hubspot or not. They track whether people have opened your emails or not, so you get to see how your email is doing. Hubspot makes it easier to track which contacts are mine and when was the last time I contacted them.,Hubspot is supposed to automatically email us when someone does something on our landing page, we have had some people who got lost in there from not receiving the contact. Hubspot and Salesforce are supposed to integrate with each other and sync, but sometimes that does not happen. If Hubspot is not maintained, information can get really messy, and people can receive emails that they are not supposed to.,9,Hubspot allows us to work remotely and have our work checked. Hubspot has been messy and our analytics are not working well (I think this is more an internal problem than a Hubspot problem). I have never seen such a good support response as the one from Hubspot.,250,000 to 1 million,B2B,ZoomInfo, EverString, Salesforce.comHubSpot: Welcome homeWe use it across the entire organization. By implementing HubSpot along with an inbound marketing methodology, we are able to keep our sales pipeline full. Our company is able to scale with marginally less effort thanks to HubSpot's intuitive automation, attribution, and reporting tools. Identifying our audience has never been easier.,Marketing automation. Closed-loop reporting. Attribution.,Integration with some lesser-known CRMs. Not built for companies who still cold-call.,9,Expanded our clientele. Gave us superior insights into our ideal customer profiles. Reporting allows us to create scaleable models.,Oracle Eloqua,25,000 to 100,000,Both,Databox, Adobe Photoshop, Teamwork ProjectsBest tool I've ever used. Not sure anything will ever beat HubSpot!HubSpot is used by our marketing, sales, and customer success departments. We use HubSpot for email automation, live chat, landing pages, our website, occasionally social media, sales pipeline, and so much more. I really love using this tool. It provides our sales and marketing team with so much valuable information and allows us all to have visibility on what is in the sales pipeline, and what our customers and leads are doing. Having our website in HubSpot makes editing it so easy, especially for people who have zero technical experience.,It's easy to use for non-tech focused employees. Being able to update the website without having to get a tech person involved is great. We have an overview of our leads activities, which means we can improve our content offerings. The entire company has visibility on how the sales pipeline looks every month, meaning we know if we're on track or not.,This is difficult to answer, as HubSpot can do no wrong in our eyes. I'd probably say that a con is that it comes across as overwhelming to new users, as there is so much it can do. I remembered when I logged in for the first time I thought there's no way I'm ever going to like using this as it's so complicated. It takes time to learn best practices, as there is so much to this tool. Their training lounge is great, and by no means wasted. However, their courses are long! I don't have an entire 3 days to spend on learning when I simply want to jump in and learn through practice. It would be great if the training videos were a lot shorter.,10,Sales, marketing and customer success are all on the same page and have clear objectives. We can all use HubSpot to ensure we are on track and aligned. The website being hosted in HubSpot means it's easy for anyone to update. We don't need to disturb our already busy dev team. All marketing materials, especially emails, are aligned with each other, meaning we can control when our users are getting sent material. We no longer overshare or send multiple emails in one day.,,100,000 to 250,000,Both,Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Premiere ProHubSpot is good, but could be greatWe're using Hubspot for lead generation and lead nurturing. It integrates with and helps the sales team get qualified leads through multiple channels. It also allows reporting on acquisition and conversion as well as data export. The tool is mainly used by our marketing department and the commercial organization.,Information sync between Hubspot and Salesforce. B2B lead nurturing across multiple channels. Ease of use and intuitive user interface.,Email template management system is outdated and has lots of limitations. No PPC integration. No automated lead database cleaning.,7,Relatively easy to set up and use. Increased lead conversion and goal achievement. Decreased churning leads.,Oracle Eloqua,25,000 to 100,000,B2BNew User Impressed with CRM CapabilitiesWe are at the tail-end of the process of setting up HubSpot. We purchased their marketing enterprise solution to replace our existing CRM. We use HubSpot for emailing marketing, landing pages, and both outbound and inbound marketing campaigns.,Emailing marketing. Landing page inbound marketing campaigns. Social media communications.,Designing some pages requires CSS knowledge. No simple WebEx integration.,9,The ease of setting up landing pages, thank you pages, and campaigns around them, has all shown us significant ROI.,25,000 to 100,000,B2BIt is improving continuouslyWe use HubSpot mainly in the marketing department for email blasts, social media posts and workflows. It basically covers everything we need for marketing and its analytic tools are easy to use and make it easy to generate reports. HubSpot helps us segment contacts easily with smart lists so you can easily target the contacts you want to send emails to.,Workflows are easy to set up and run. I like how the campaigns pull everything together in a place for us to review. Smart lists make segmenting contacts easy.,Social publishing sometimes doesn't work so well. There's some delays. Sometimes the content just doesn't get posted right away and I have to reschedule it again so it gets published later.,7,it helps us generate leads it helps us engage with customers/followers,100,000 to 250,000,Both,20,CRM Social Media email workflows,integration with wordpress blog a lot of educational materials you can learn,content strategy,8HubSpot for Sales and Marketing team - everything in one place!We use HubSpot in our agency to manage all of our Sales & Marketing activities. HubSpot is a great way to align teams so that everyone has a clear view on the data we have available on prospects and customers. This means we can create strategies and content with a clear understanding of what is resonating with our contacts and customers.,HubSpot provides centralised management of contact information and insights for the whole business to access, in a very user-friendly way. HubSpot delivers a solid set of tools both for the Sales and Marketing teams, along with some of the best training and support in the market to drive value from these tools and processes. HubSpot integrates other tools and services really well, so we can keep data in one place We have a great relationship with the team at HubSpot as well as the ecosystem of supporting vendors and customers. There are numerous groups and educational resources to support HubSpot and learn about inbound marketing.,HubSpot has grown the number of tools it offers so keeping pace with these can take some effort, but you don't have to do everything at one! Start with the basics and see some great results.,10,HubSpot has helped our agency grow 50%+ in revenue year-on-year The blog saw a 1271% increase in traffic,Drift and Salesforce Lightning,Less than 10,000,B2B,Drift, Vidyard, SlackA Single Solution for Marketing-Sales Alignment that DeliversWe initially looked at HubSpot as a replacement for Marketo, which was no longer serving the needs of our Marketing team to generate new leads at the pace we needed to keep growing the business. Among HubSpot, we evaluated Eloqua, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Pardot. Throughout the trial we pursued with HubSpot, we also checked in with our analyst community (Gartner, Forrester) and our end users. Overall, we experienced HubSpot as an intuitive, all-inclusive marketing automation platform that was easy to navigate, with robust reporting capabilities (through an add-on) and a tool that could grow with us as the needs of our business demanded.,One-stop platform for our marketing needs: email, social media, video, paid, and organic search. Robust reporting capabilities with an ability to generate custom reporting through a paid upgrade. Additional tools for the business development and sales team to align with marketing and streamline prospecting.,As we don't use HubSpot's CRM, some of the data mapping to Salesforce is still lacking. However, HubSpot's dedicated support team is extremely helpful with providing solutions and we have a direct line to the product team, which is working our suggestions into its roadmap. Initially, HubSpot did not support multi-currency. As an enterprise-level customer, this was essential to our deal tracking, as we conduct business throughout the world. At this year's Inbound, multi-currency capabilities were announced, and we're very excited. HubSpot currently does not sync multiple deal flows. This makes reporting out of HubSpot for our sales executives difficult and means that we do not have a single source of reporting and have to rely on both SFDC and HubSpot.,10,Since implementing HubSpot, we have had a 60% increase in net new opportunity generation. We have logged three record-breaking sales quarters. Our sales team is now using HubSpot Sales Pro to streamline prospecting, close more deals faster, and get more qualified leads into our FlyWheel.,Marketo,250,000 to 1 million,B2B,PandaDoc, ReadyTalk, Salesforce LightningEasy to UseThe marketing department uses HubSpot to manage most marketing activities and campaigns.,creating blog posts creating and managing emails creating and managing landing pages,social media setup, management and metrics,8,tracking of landing page success,Marketo and Oracle Eloqua,100,000 to 250,000,B2BSimple, powerful marketing automation for small and medium businessesWe purchased HubSpot to assist with graduate program marketing. It makes our communications team more agile, giving us the ability create emails and webpages without assistance from our web team. Though we're underutilizing its marketing automation capabilities—e.g., executing campaigns based on visitors' activity on our website—its email workflow has saved a lot of time and guaranteed faster responses to prospects.,The UI is great—very easy to learn and use! Data refreshes quickly, setting apart HubSpot from other similar software I’ve used. Add-ons and tie-ins to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. are simple and powerful.,HubSpot is overly dependent on lists for marketing automation. Managing so many lists in the system has become unwieldy and messy. There aren’t enough organizational tools within HubSpot, so it becomes challenging to navigate after only a few months of use. Integration with other tools isn’t always easy, so it may be preferred for organizations that want to use HubSpot for everything: marketing automation, CRM, etc.,9,Our marketing and communication team produced more new webpages and email than with previous tools. Our landing pages built in HubSpot did not perform adequately to justify the cost. (I accept the possibility of user error!) Onboarding was quick and easy—no time wasted there!,Pardot and Salesforce Lightning,10,000 to 25,000,B2C,Pardot, MailChimp, SlackHubspot is a joy for inbound marketersHubSpot is used to manage all sales and marketing operations. We use the HubSpot CRM to manage sales contacts and push through deals. We also deploy the marketing tools to manage workflows, send marketing emails, create forms and manage content. It has helped us to improve productivity, upgrade our marketing processes and clean our database.,It is easy to implement and manage workflows. HubSpot provides clear and comprehensive email marketing reporting. You can use cross-object data to create lists of contacts (e.g. show me contacts who work at companies based in Poland).,I find it confusing and difficult to set up sales reports. You can't merge deals together in the CRM. It's expensive and they break up features into add-ons... the costs add up.,8,HubSpot has enabled us to replace a number of other marketing tools - everything can be managed in one place, with one price. It has reduced the time we spend to analyze our email marketing - it has automated a lot of manual processes. It offers an A/B function for email marketing, which we use to improve our open and click rates.,Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM),25,000 to 100,000,B2B,Zapier, Microsoft 365 Business, Google AnalyticsHubSpot ReviewWe use HubSpot for our own marketing management and automation, as well as for our clients. It's absolutely the best CRM out there - in-depth analytics, easy management, great user experience. This tool is super comprehensive and will allow you and your team to set up and follow entire campaigns, create content, monitor and engage, even assign tasks and manage the projects. It covers CRM, marketing, and sales - all of it united and interconnected. It made it easy for our team to work together, streamline our efforts, helped in lead generation and nurturing all the way to the customer stage.,Clear-analytics - their dashboards are amazing. You can clearly track lead generation sources, and actions your subscribers took after they converted. Did they keep reading your content? Checked the pricing page? Clicked on CTA? Lead scoring - you can assign each action a specific number of points and make sure that your sales team gets SQLs interested in your product/service. Lead scoring and nurturing through HubSpot will help you position yourself as a source of value rather than a seller. Email Marketing - Easy and simple campaign building, automation, tracking, and analyzing. Leadflows - easy optin solution for your site that's integrated with your campaigns. And at no additional cost!,Landing Pages could be better. Changing/designing them is not very easy if you're not willing to purchase already made templates. Having functionality to build pages easily, like you can in LeadPages or ClickFunnels would bring Hubspot's game to a whole new level. Blogging - feature to import blog posts straight from a document (like Google Drive) would save us hours of work!,8,Since we started using it we managed to streamline and focus our marketing efforts that resulted in higher lead generation and sales.,Hatchbuck and SharpSpring,Less than 10,000,Both,Hatchbuck, SharpSpringAbsolutely LOVE HubSpot - great usability!We currently use HubSpot for our marketing campaigns, social media publishing and email tracking. We are also currently integrating the HubSpot tracking metric with our CRM database to use lead scoring for not only new customers, but also for our existing accounts. HubSpot is also the host for our website and we have integrated an additional Shopify site domain for tracking and campaign workflow purposes.,Web, Email, Social, SEO, Page performance, AB Testing metrics (essentially all metrics a marketer would look at can be tracked on HubSpot) Workflow and Campaign Automation tools Integrations and Apps Ease of website updates. Modules and coding are easy to rearrange, update and change Excellent customer service and fast response times to inquiries/ challenges Trainings and community,No Webex meeting tool integration More in depth website auditing for SEO, Ranking Words, Backline profile No Instagram integration Sales reporting for marketers to track entire funnel easily,10,Great email campaign ROI Website updates and promotion since the move to HubSpot in 2016 has led to more leads and conversions than in company history Website views and social impressions have more than tripled since using HubSpot Social engagement and internal time to strategy instead of tactics,10,000 to 25,000,B2B,ConnectWise ManageHubspot is the way to goWe use HubSpot for the marketing department and also our blogs and landing pages. We also use it to schedule meeting and assign tasks to different people in the company.,Landing pages Tracking leads Scheduling meetings Task management Reminders of meetings or tasks,We can't use it to send a bunch of emails at once Expensive, especially for a start up,9,We got some clients - that's the positive side. It has made marketing easy and less stressful It's nice to have reminders of meetings, webinars and tasks,,Less than 10,000,B2C,MailChimpA complete suite of marketing automation toolsOur sales and marketing departments use HubSpot's suite of tools - namely for our website and blog, as well as marketing automation (email automation). HubSpot is great because we can integrate our website and blog with our landing pages, website forms, CTAs, and the entirety of our lead generation efforts. HubSpot is unique in this way because hardly any marketing automation vendors offer all of these things into one solution. We really needed to upgrade the platform our website was built on, and choosing HubSpot was a no-brainer because of their complete toolset.,HubSpot's pricing model is friendly to small businesses, so you aren't charged based on number of users but instead based on number of contacts in the system. As your org grows, you can grow with HubSpot. HubSpot's website and blog tool is easy to use, but also very customizable for those who have more CSS/HTML experience. HubSpot has great marketing and sales related training resources - not necessarily particular to their software, but around the concepts of marketing in general which is really helpful.,HubSpot isn't as customizable as some of the other major CRM solutions out there, but in terms of marketing automation they do just fine. Reporting is limited - you can pay for a reporting add-on and there are standard dashboards available, but it isn't much.,8,HubSpot saves us a lot of time because we can automate our follow-up processes with new leads that come in (sending automated emails). HubSpot allows us to track CTAs (Calls-to-Action) on our website and blog so we know what's working the best and make changes from there. HubSpot has allowed us to create A/B tests for our landing pages so we can optimize lead conversions across our website.,Unbounce, Weebly, WordPress and,Less than 10,000,B2B,Salesforce Lightning, Unbounce, WeeblyHubSpot Takes the Cake!We use HubSpot across our Marketing Department to manage our blogs, landing pages, conversions, email lists, social media, and more. It has been a great way to keep all our information in one space that allows multiple people access. It's been great for collaboration and allowing multiple people in our small department to handle multiple things across the platform.,It's very intuitive for the user, making it easy for new employees to pick up the software It has a ton of certifications, across multiple departments, furthering the education of employees Its social publishing makes it super easy to schedule a ton of posts and see reporting on it, all in one place.,Continuing to grow their certifications and classes,10,It has made it much more manageable to report on all the marketing efforts made with all the reporting options.,10,000 to 25,000,BothWhy I love HubSpot and why you should love it also.I used Hubspot in the agency where I worked for 7 years. Currently I am an independent consulting entrepreneur and I only use the free version of both products, marketing and CRM. Even being limited versions, they are quite useful. I have hubspot connected to my web in Wordpress through a plugin and the great thing is that, thanks to collected forms, I can follow up on any conversion that takes place on my website. These contacts become part of my database on the platform, but at the same time I use it to redirect contacts to Mailchimp, which I use for shipping and automation. Additional use the tool "Lead Flows" and recently added the "forms" to that version. What I like most is the monitoring of a user's life cycle according to their behavior.,Content management - it facilitates the creation of any piece of content. From a post to social networks, a blog post, a mailing or Landing Page. Contact management - because it allows for a total tracking of each user from reaching away until it becomes a client. Also it helps to monitor the life cycle of each contact and creating smart for debugging database lists. Keyword management - I love completely handling the keywords of HubSpot because it helps you to do research, it helps you track and in each publication helps you with optimizing contents. The forms - with smart fields [you can] avoid asking the same information from frequent contacts and this helps us limit our database with additional information about each person.,Keywords suggestions only work in English and short tail keywords. Pricing more realistic for some markets Maybe some ambassador or entrepreneur program,9,Increase in traffic, contacts, sales, search engine ranking, etc.,Wordpress,Less than 10,000,B2B,Asana, Bitrix24, Google Drive, Canva, MailChimp, Adobe PhotoshopEverything in one place!Use it for pretty much everything for the whole organisation! Everything is in one place and the menu is easy to navigate so you always know how to find the tools you want. It also allows the business to see deep analytics that help us piece together the buyer's journey really well!,The work flows tool is amazing at automating different assets The integrations are really sophisticated and mean that you have more data in 1 place The customer service team is always fast to respond,Not sure!,9,Being a platinum partner this gives us a competitive edge!,Less than 10,000,BothHubSpot - All-in-one marketing platformWe use HubSpot as a marketing automation platform across our marketing department. On any given day, we probably have 10 - 15 people using various parts of the software. We use it for email, lead nurturing, lead scoring, persona segmentation, analytics and reporting, paid ads reporting, blogs, landing pages, CTA, A/B testing for small things like email and CTAs, keyword research, and more. We have HubSpot integrated with our other main tools in marketing including Brightcove, Salesforce, and Wordpress as our CMS.,HubSpot is an excellent comprehensive marketing automation platform for a small to medium-sized company. The email capabilities in HubSpot are simple to use and they offer good analytics and list capabilities. The reporting capabilities for HubSpot are some of the easiest we have. We use Google Analytics and a few other tools like Mixpanel, CrazyEgg, and SFDC, but HubSpot reports are very intuitive.,The forms software was a little limited if you don't do custom CSS work, but I believe this has improved. We are now able to produce good-looking landing pages and forms. Some of the HubSpot emails are not as mobile-responsive as I would like them to be, but this could be user-error on our part. HubSpot used to have limited integrations but they are adding to those every month and now all of our major technologies we use integrate well.,9,We've quadrupled leads since starting to use HubSpot Our revenue has tripled over the past 5 years that we've used HubSpot to drive more leads. Organic traffic has increased by 50% using the tools in HubSpot.,Moz, MailChimp and Google Analytics,25,000 to 100,000,B2B,Optimizely, WordPress, BrightcoveSo far, so great! Give HubSpot a try!We're using HubSpot to streamline our inbound marketing efforts - social media, website, email campaigns, etc. The company's digital marketing department primarily uses the software with input from the entire company. We're addressing problems like a clunky web management system, an even clunkier email campaign management system, website responsiveness, and lack of overall contact management/lead scoring. As an update - the entire company is using the HubSpot CRM to track deals, sales activity and more.,HubSpot support is great. They're always available (till 8pm EST) and ready to answer the simplest to the most detailed questions. The ability to craft and edit web pages using COS is time-saving. If you want to add a social following section to your site, for example, you simply click ADD MODULE and select SOCIAL FOLLOWING. Pretty cool! HubSpot Academy is a great way to learn anything relevant to HubSpot and/or inbound marketing. They start with the basics and move on up! The INBOUND events in Boston are amazing. Too much to learn in such a short time but love every second of it! Responds to ideas and requests from us - the users. Over the years, hundreds of product enhancements have made HubSpot even better!,The "dashboard" is pretty busy, to say the least. Lots of menus and submenus. As a new user, I sometimes feel lost. Making changes to a web page can sometimes be tricky. For example, you might think changing the wording of a menu item would be simple. However you find the wording of the menu item isn't tied to a particular page at all, but a template. You then have to search for the correct template to make edits. For some reason, a lot of the emails HubSpot generates (our leads, the HubSpot blog, etc.) are marked as spam. We had to whitelist all HubSpot IP addresses within our email servers. Update - this is still a huge issue with HubSpot. Sometimes HubSpot thinks bigger than they can swiftly deliver. They're giving all COS clients HTTPS capabilities but it's taking forever to roll out. But still, kudos for engineering and onboarding this! Reports adds on should really be free. Our client wants these basic reports that are supposed to be free but aren't.,10,We're still new at this, but so far I've seen increased employee efficiency, particularly when using HubSpot COS as opposed to a clunky web content management system. HubSpot Academy courses have given employees a greater inbound marketing knowledge base. Because we're now offering HubSpot as a service (we're a partner), we've seen our sales revenue grow with new retainers.,Less than 10,000,B2B,HubSpot CRM, Adobe Photoshop, Basecamp, Canva,Email marketing Lead nurturing Lead scoring and grading Landing pages List segmentation Sales intelligence Sales campaigns Revenue cycle modeling Integration with CRM system Integration with webinar system Social marketing SEO Blogging Surveys,10,9,7,10,10,2,Optimizing our inbound marketing to be found more and get more business. Managing other companies' inbound marketing through HubSpot. Managing our deals and sales pipeline using HubSpot CRM.,We've been able to do some pretty complex data migrations for our clients who are moving from an old CRM to HubSpot. We've done more field manipulations, data uploads, merges, etc. than most agencies. The integration with Survey Monkey has allowed us to program workflows that nurture contacts based on their survey responses. We've also rewarded contacts based on survey responses using the Survey Monkey integration. For example - if someone completes a survey after an event, they're invited to download the event's presentation as a PDF.,Lead scoring. We've started with this but we really need to get serious about rating prospects, segmenting them and handling them accordingly. We need to use smart content more - that is - if someone comes to our website a 2nd time, we want to show them a different CTA.,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I would have done it sooner! We're happy with HubSpot so we don't have much to change here.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,Cut off dates - be sure to stop using one system and switch over before the cut off date.,9,Online training In-person training Self-taught,9,10,HubSpot's pretty intuitive and there is some degree of self training that is acceptable. However if you try to self learn all of it, you'll end up wasting time by fiddling around in the system. Use the Academy!,No,9,Yes,Yes - I wanted to create a very specific list of contacts and market to them. I was new and there was a lot of segmentation involved. I needed to create new fields and populate them as well. The support person walked me through every step. Not only did I get what I needed done, but I learned how to do it next time.,Social media publishing Email campaign design and send Contact management,Contact view in the crm Some reporting,Yes,9,8,10HubSpot GSD "gets s.... done"We use Hubspot as our content management system for our website, our CRM and also for all the inbound marketing processes. We moved across almost exactly 12 months ago and got rid of all the PAIN(!) of WordPress, themes, CRM, mail tools and an endless selection of third party tools - all of which we were trying to integrate to do just what HubSpot already did - and a thousand times better! We now use HubSpot for everything - albeit we are still only just scratching the surface of its capabilities. I just love it and my stress levels have gone down hugely. (Even though I have a strong technical background, the prior two years we tried to get a website working with a developer and failed - we junked the whole thing and got up-and-working on HubSpot in just a few weeks). The other thing that's great about HubSpot is that there are so many skilled and talented people who work in the HubSpot community, so getting excellent help at very affordable cost is now so easy. Any small organisation - who wants to look like they have a "big organisation" budget can really benefit. In learning how to use HubSpot, you also learn how to "do" inbound marketing. The support is fast, knowledgeable and enthusiastic so you never get stuck.,Content loading is a cinch. And the templates make it easy for everyone to keep to a consistent look and feel. Emails are easy to set up and send to your list. Ease of use - even non technical people can load content and use the HubSpot tools - it's so easy to onboard new people to using HubSpot. It has the wonderful quality of being both easy to start with and then rich enough to keep you going.,Honestly - its so much better than all the "stuff" I was using previously - at the moment I can't think of a "con".,10,We are doubling our traffic each month - pretty neat! More importantly we get tracking stats and Hubspot support helps us to understand what these mean - e.g. 4.5% clicks on a form - is that good or bad - so that we can then plan what to do next. My stress levels have gone down! Even though my to-do list is getting longer because I can see so many opportunities. ;-) I firmly believe than when we develop into a $50million/yr business from effectively a new startup - we will see the day we discovered Hubspot as one of our key turning points. We knew what we wanted to do and Hubspot has helped us to get the message out.,,Less than 10,000,Both,,10,Yes,I asked a really obscure question re URLS and SEO and they were able to answer it.Give it a go - you won't regret it!!We use HubSpot for all of our CRM needs, website development, content marketing, e-mail marketing, analytics, and lead generation. HubSpot is quite quickly becoming a bit part of our day to day activities. Our sales team is using the CRM more consistently and constantly and relying on the information within it more and our marketing team is starting to create more marketing campaigns through the marketing side to help assist the sales team and also boost brand awareness and measure different campaign outputs.,CRM - the capabilities within the CRM, (which is free) are amazing, especially considering that it is free. We were paying for a different CRM software, and it didn't have half the capabilities that HubSpot's CRM has. Clean looking, and easy to use, the uptake from the sales team to use it was super quick and there haven't been any complaints about it. Reporting - essential to our board members and upper management, the reporting add on is great and gives you a great overview of the business. Marketing - integration with the CRM means there is no loss of information between the two products. Creating campaigns is easy and can give you some great results and insight into what works and what doesn't work.,CRM & Reporting - there is no multi-currency currently which makes it hard as we operate over several countries. CRM - currently no parent-child accounts which makes it hard to manage partner channel sales.,10,Positive impact - reporting outputs. Because all of our social media/websites is tied into HubSpot, we are able to get useful reports from it and make marketing decisions and build strategies from the data.,Less than 10,000,B2B,Trello, Proposify, Zendesk,25,3,We are now able to measure our marketing which we weren't doing previously. It's easy to see what works and what doesn't and then plan more effective marketing campaigns moving forwards. It has lead to an alignment of our different teams in the business. There is clear visibility of what sales/marketing is doing, who we are talking to, how deals are going, etc.,9,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,Vendor implemented,No,10,10,No,Yes, but I don't use it,9
1435 Ratings
Score 8.3 out of 101
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1435 Ratings
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Score 8.3 out of 101

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Feature Scorecard Summary

WYSIWYG email editor (287)
Dynamic content (288)
Ability to test dynamic content (265)
Landing pages (316)
A/B testing (245)
Mobile optimization (309)
Email deliverability (316)
List management (316)
Triggered drip sequences (235)
Lead nurturing (307)
Lead scoring and grading (282)
Data quality management (285)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (255)
Calendaring (266)
Event/webinar marketing (218)
Social sharing and campaigns (299)
Social profile integration (289)
Dashboards (315)
Standard reports (315)
Custom reports (277)
API (219)
Role-based workflow & approvals (239)
Customizability (261)
Integration with (197)
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (78)
Integration with SugarCRM (73)

About HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing engine that includes tools for email marketing, landing page creation, social media marketing, content management, reporting & analytics, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. The vendor says over 18,000 customers in more than 90 countries use HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing & sales software platform to transform the way they connect with new customers.

HubSpot's all-in-one marketing automation suite broadly includes:

  • A Content Management System to create and manage forms, landing pages, templates and blogs
  • Online Marketing capabilities to ensure that content can be found through search engines, social networks, email, blogs, etc.
  • Lead Management for generating, nurturing, scoring, segmenting and tracking leads
  • Reporting & Analysis to track and optimize all marketing data including contacts, content and website

HubSpot's marketing platform integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, or can be used with the free HubSpot CRM for a true all-in-one experience. The vendor says this results in less hassle, more control, and an inbound strategy that actually works.

HubSpot aims to help businesses leave behind dated approaches to driving business growth in favor of an inbound approach - attracting new visitors, converting them as leads, closing them as customers, and delighting them over the long term.

HubSpot Features

Email & Online Marketing Features
Has featureWYSIWYG email editor
Has featureDynamic content
Has featureAbility to test dynamic content
Has featureLanding pages
Has featureA/B testing
Has featureMobile optimization
Has featureEmail deliverability
Has featureList management
Has featureTriggered drip sequences
Lead Management Features
Has featureLead nurturing
Has featureLead scoring and grading
Has featureData quality management
Has featureAutomated sales alerts and tasks
Campaign Management Features
Has featureCalendaring
Has featureEvent/webinar marketing
Social Media Marketing Features
Has featureSocial sharing and campaigns
Has featureSocial profile integration
Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Platform & Infrastructure Features
Has featureAPI
Has featureRole-based workflow & approvals
Has featureCustomizability
Has featureIntegration with
Has featureIntegration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Has featureIntegration with SugarCRM

HubSpot Screenshots

HubSpot Integrations

NetSuite, Pipeliner CRM,, Unbounce, Survicate, GaggleAMP Amplify, SnapEngage, Boingnet, Evergage, Wrike, Wistia, Pipemonk, Zendesk, FreshBooks, PandaDoc, Perfect Audience, UberConference, Eventbrite, Teamwork Projects, GoToWebinar, WorkflowMax, SurveyMonkey, Shopify, Smartling, BrightInfo, Invoca, DataHero, HelloSign, Leadpages, Dropbox, Google Drive, WordPress, BigCommerce, Uberflip, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Zerys, Infer, GlobalMeet Webinar Unpublished, Membrain, SalesforceIQ, App Data Room, inboundli, Zapier, Appcues, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Magento Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento), Zendesk Sell (formerly Base), SlideShare, BlogMutt, Pocket & Instapaper, Pipedrive CRM, Gravity Forms, Wufoo Forms, BoostSuite, GoChime, Seventh Sense, Scripted

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Basic$200per month (up to 100 contacts)
Pro$800per month (up to 1,000 contacts)
Enterprise$2,400per month (up to 10,000 contacts)

HubSpot Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

HubSpot Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:United States, Argentina, Austria, Australia/Cocos/Christmas Island, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland/Aland Islands, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, India, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom
Supported Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish