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IBM FlashSystem 7200 Pricing Overview

IBM FlashSystem 7200


What is IBM FlashSystem 7200?

IBM's FlashSystem 7200 is a storage appliance.


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IBM FlashSystem 7200 Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Enterprise Flash Array Storage Solutions

12d Synergy

What is 12d Synergy?

12d Synergy is document management and project collaboration software for architectural, engineering and construction offices. 12d Synergy manages the thousands of emails, documents, tasks and gigabytes of geospatial & CAD data surrounding built environment projects. The vendor states their goal…

IBM FlashSystem 7200 Pricing-Related Quotes

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its connectivity seems reasonable. It is available at a low cost, but any number of low-cost and highly efficient systems will suffice. One of the small … It is available at low cost, but any number of low cost and highly efficient systems will suffice. Such as we can suffer … of time. It was also…

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time, and it's been ours to begin with since it's the most noteworthy. The cost is moreover sensible, and it is basic to preserve, subsequently, it is the

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performance. It will be the most cost-effective of all the virtual power systems, with enough connection. It is also affordable; but, having this many systems … systems with higher efficiency at a cheaper cost is plenty. A minor item to notice is that it may become stuck due…

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and streamline problem-solving. Also speeds up ticket creation. Price - IBM came in cheaper than any other vendor with full licensing and set of features … mode migration really was a good selling point. TCO of a new array was cheaper than the maintenance on the old existing arrays. IBM Storage Insights is … great saving a million pounds a year in ext…

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adequate. It is also accessible at a low cost, however having this many systems with higher efficiency at a lower cost is sufficient. A minor point to note … in less time, and it's been our first pick because it's the greatest. The price is likewise reasonable, and it is simple…

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storage spare this solution is not the first to come to mind due to high price - but they the request is for space + speed there might be a scenario where

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Price/performance ratio is one of the main purchasing metrics of a medium-sized … company. Considering that midsized companies are very sensitive about product price, it can be understood why they can make such a difficult decision about product

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around 70%. Saving significant amount of cost in cooling and power. Savings on spending management/administration cost, as the product is straightforward to … Secondly, to reduce the cost and unify all the storage ar…

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has ultra low latency. It is not suitable for smaller organizations as the cost of implementation is quite high and the Return on Investment wont be high … offers enterprise grade performance storage with lower storage latency at a cost which can be justified by the Return…

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and maintenance should be simple and easy for the beginners. It is quite expensive, maintenance costs can rise. Not recommended for smaller data sets. … High ROI More faster transferring Expensive at the capex Very reliable

Related Quote from Peter Suter

mainly because of the high cost. … The maintenance of IBM FlashSystem 7200 is also quite costly, which is not easily affordable for all. IBM FlashSystem 7200 … heart and grabbed all attention because the performance speed is of foremost value and it is very important…

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could be shown on which files the deduplication or compressions were stored. Cost … IBM Flashsystem 5000 is a product that does not cost much, but is highly efficient. … product among flash storage products should be evaluated according to the IOPS value results, not…

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Cost is little on higher side. At times data storage and retrievals were slower … with almost all the features and certainly gives a tough competition when priced right.

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Its subscription rate is unfair and is highly expensive. Reports should be elaborative probably with more insight and should inform … solution and this is one of its major positives. At such an inexpensive price it is the only tool that has been able to satisfy us thoroughly…

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performance of this platform. Now we have successfully unlocked the data value and now we can accelerate the business execution with end-to-end IBM FlashCore … Sometimes data reduction is difficult for the beginners. Ongoing maintenance cost should be improve. Implementation and Maintenance should be easier for the … Even organizations can virtualize the existing sto…

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Yes, we have benefited with the cost in the budget.

Related Quote from Panav Beri

performance and quality for their critical applications and services. The cost is a bit on the higher side but it compensates for the performance and support

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Training material needs to be improved Cost is bit on the higher side Initial configuration is somewhat difficult and

Related Quote from Verified User

Cost Smaller device Snapshot space

Related Quote from Pratyush Rana

Cost is bit high. Data reduction. Not recommended for smaller data sets. … would be quite tricky when it comes to smaller data sets and could be bit expensive given the size of data. … Compared to the 5000 model the 7200 is relatively cheap and does not require modern…

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suitable for big corporations who have to process and modify a lot of data. Its cost [may be] too high and I wouldn't recommend it for smaller businesses as it … powerful for small businesses and at that stage latency difference for cheaper alternatives won't matter much. … and a lot on maintenance too. Therefore, I would sa…

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Pricing is a bit higher … It is affordable It has a money back guarantee It is efficient … workloads because it has a better business acceleration ,it unlocks the value of data execution with end to end NVM-e powered IBM Flashcore technology

Related Quote from Ben Williams

being more of a product for restricted budgets, it certainly doesn’t feel a cheaper / budget product.

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many deduplication and compression features which helped us to save more cost with respect to space usage compared to other storage technologies. Performance … Reduce the product cost Support services can be improved

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The cost. Implementation. Maintenance.