Maarten Westdorp profile photo
Maarten WestdorpMarketing Programs Manager EMEA | Computer Software | 51-200 employees
10 of 10  |  6/2/2016

I believe Marketo works very well for our organization but I do believe your company needs to be of a certain size for the investment in Marketo to actually make sense. Also make sure you have a Marketo expert on your team to help out with the initial setup, because if you start with a good initial...

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Andrew Windle profile photo
Andrew WindleEmail Marketing Specialist | Marketing and Advertising | 201-500 employees
8 of 10  |  1/21/2014

We use Interactive Marketing Hub to automate email campaigns, monitor performance, and execute deliverables. It is used by our department, but also drives decisions in other departments as well. It goes a long way towards creating truly automated and response-driven marketing content, which is a...

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Sherri Kesinger profile photo
Sherri KesingerPrincipal | Marketing and Advertising | 1-10 employees
8 of 10  |  7/20/2015

Businesses should address their integration (CRM) needs. If they require an email platform to easily design and stay in touch with leads and clients (including list segmentation) on an ongoing basis, Constant Contact is a good tool. If they need more advanced integration with systems such as CRM,...

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Joi Brooks profile photo
Joi BrooksEmail Marketing Campaign Manager | Marketing and Advertising | 11-50 employees
10 of 10  |  4/15/2016

MailChimp has every potential of providing sophisticated solutions for large businesses. With that said, I have on numerous occasions recommended MailChimp to smaller businesses. However, for a large-sized, mature business, I might offer a number of other email marketing products and providers as...

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Deirdre Daily profile photo
Deirdre DailyOnline Sales & Marketing Manager | Consumer Goods | 201-500 employees
6 of 10  |  3/31/2014

This tool is in reality more robust than we need it to be...We cast a large net and post significant revenue across 14 ecom sites, however this tool may be better suited for organizations with one ecommerce site that is within the top 500 and has vast email lists and lots of data on their...

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Brent Banning profile photo
Brent BanningMost recently Senior Client Services Manager & Client Services Team Leader | Marketing and Advertising | 5001-10,000 employees
9 of 10  |  3/28/2014

The more data you have, the more likely I would recommend IBM Campaign over the other tools in the market. It is truly an Enterprise Marketing Management solution, that can be built on as you mature your marketing requirements from traditional channels to the evolving channels under the digital...

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Steve Keifer profile photo
Steve KeiferCMO (Chief Marketing Officer) | Internet | 5001-10,000 employees
9 of 10  |  5/29/2015

For large implementations and databases I still believe Eloqua is the best marketing automation tool out there. However, the marketing automation space is becoming much more competitive. Far more innovative startups (that are easier to use) are capturing market share quickly. If you are small or...

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Richard Bakare profile photo
Richard BakareEngagement Manager | Information Technology and Services | 11-50 employees
9 of 10  |  10/30/2013

I would say we got 100% of our investment and probably more from our Pardot integration. We were only 17 people across all departments but were able to operate like 50 or more. We were able to sign up 100's of accounts in our first few months and that volume never seemed overwhelming thanks to some...

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Brett Johnson profile photo
Brett JohnsonMarketing Automation Specialist | Recreational Facilities and Services | 201-500 employees
10 of 10  |  2/2/2016

We are using Act-On as a marketing team to send out one-off emails, drip campaigns, landing pages, forms, track web behavior, and assign lead scores. Soon, our sales team will be making of use of Act-On to track hot leads as they come in and are assigned. The problem being solved is we needed more...

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Andrea Galizia profile photo
Andrea GaliziaCEO | Information Technology and Services | 1-10 employees
10 of 10  |  6/8/2015

As a startup, currently in freemium beta, we are using this for e-mail campaigns and ensuring transactional e-mails and drip campaigns with success. We are successfully capturing leads and 7Sheep is helping us to position ourselves for when we come out of beta. It is basically being used across the...

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Martin Aranovitch profile photo
Martin AranovitchFounder, - WordPress Training Plugin | E-Learning | 1-10 employees
10 of 10  |  8/14/2016

Most people equate WordPress with "blogging". WordPress has evolved way beyond blogging to the point where many people are visiting websites that don't look like blogs, but are actually being powered by WordPress.

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Authenticated ReviewerEngineer in Customer Service | Furniture | 11-50 employees
10 of 10  |  9/18/2014

Our experience was on selling large items in small quantities, e-mail automation worked pretty well. In the selection process, we asked about the Magento e-commerce integration and checked the usage of Emarsys interface.

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Kristen Conrad profile photo
Kristen ConradNorth American Marketing Operations | 10,001+ employees
8 of 10  |  10/30/2013

We feel that Neolane really adds value to our organization and has allowed marketing to progress - storing databases more efficiently, sharing campaigns across the world, pushing leads directly into our CRM system.

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Adam Weller profile photo
Adam WellerSenior Interactive Marketing Specialist | Financial Services | 10,001+ employees
8 of 10  |  2/11/2016

Google Analytics is well-suited towards tracking most straightforward interactive marketing campaigns - emails, click data, download data, user visits, opens, and things of that nature. It is less suited toward providing up to the minute data results - sometime it can take several hours before the...

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McKane Davis profile photo
McKane DavisPresident, CTO | Arts and Crafts | 51-200 employees
7 of 10  |  4/9/2016

We use Bronto in our marketing and technology departments regularly. We use it to send email marketing campaigns and transactional emails to our customers. Bronto allows us to send beautiful, highly targeted emails to our users and to create workflows for drip and abandonment campaigns. We use the...

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Randy Guidry profile photo
Randy GuidryExternal Communications Leader | Transportation/Trucking/Railroad | 5001-10,000 employees
10 of 10  |  12/10/2015

We started out using HubSpot simply for email marketing and automation. HubSpot's value has quickly expanded and we are now finding it invaluable for lead generation and for housing marketing intelligence for not only our customers, but also our own employees and even our recruiting efforts.

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Tara Needham profile photo
Tara NeedhamOwner, Independent Contractor | Health, Wellness and Fitness | 1-10 employees
5 of 10  |  5/8/2015

Infusionsoft has a proficient CRM, but its email broadcast service leaves a lot to be desired.

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Andrew Dunifer, MBA/MS MIS profile photo
Andrew Dunifer, MBA/MS MISMarketing and Business Development Manager | Entertainment | 1-10 employees
3 of 10  |  1/16/2014

SugarCRM does the trick if you are looking for an open Source CRM application and you don't have a ton of cash for the big name CRM platforms.

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Lee Cullom profile photo
Lee CullomPresident | Computer Software | 11-50 employees
9 of 10  |  2/3/2015

We chose Microsoft BI due to performance, functionality, TCO and openness (yes, I know, this sounds strange for Microsoft).

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Steven Bohlender profile photo
Steven BohlenderExecutive Vice President | Computer Software | 51-200 employees
10 of 10  |  9/17/2014

Ease of use, using a drag and drop user interface is paramount. Tableau offers a unique "show me" function where up to 24 different visualization types can be selected with a click (only valid choices are highlighted). This really helps novice users decide what type of chart works best....

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