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IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming

IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming



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We used it for a 2-hour premier of a movie and a zoom Q&A panel to major healthcare institutions around the country. We were looking for a …
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At St. Patrick's Cathedral, the video streaming service is used every day for daily Mass. We also stream organ recitals, music concerts, …

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What is IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming?

IBM Watson Media (formerly IBM Cloud Video) provides an enterprise video solution, powered by Watson AI, for creating, storing, managing, broadcasting and measuring the impact of live and recorded video. There are two editions: IBM Enterprise Video Streaming (private or…

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What is IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming?

IBM Watson Media (formerly IBM Cloud Video) provides an enterprise video solution, powered by Watson AI, for creating, storing, managing, broadcasting and measuring the impact of live and recorded video.

There are two editions:

  • IBM Enterprise Video Streaming (private or internal corporate communications)
  • IBM Video Streaming (external events and monetized video streaming)

Both editions include storage, event support, custom branding, content management, multi-user accounts, and real-time analytics. Both are powered by IBM Watson AI for automatic speech to text conversion and automated closed captioning.

IBM Enterprise Video Streaming is an internal video solution that secures video assets for employee use (typically access via single sign-on/corporate directories). Individual viewer tracking measures engagement on a per video or viewer basis. This solution is often used in conjunction with IBM's Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) offering which does stream splitting and edge caching to help protect the corporate network from the strain of video going across the network.

IBM Video Streaming, an external video solution with optional monetization option, powers video streaming for large external audiences. It offers scalability for massive viewership using the SD-CDN, a software defined content delivery network built with QoS (Quality of Service) in mind to reliably deliver video.

IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming Features

Video Marketing Features

  • Supported: Lead generation
  • Supported: Video personalization
  • Supported: Audience for distribution
  • Supported: eCommerce
  • Supported: Support for advertisements
  • Supported: Video SEO

Video Security Features

  • Supported: Video access controls
  • Supported: User management
  • Supported: SSO support
  • Supported: Password protection
  • Supported: Video link sharing
  • Supported: Embed restrictions
  • Supported: Internal video
  • Supported: External video

Video Player Features

  • Supported: Player customization
  • Supported: Embedded videos
  • Supported: Video quality / Bandwidth controls
  • Supported: Mobile compatibility

Video Analytics Features

  • Supported: Streaming quality reports
  • Supported: Per viewer tracking
  • Supported: Per video tracking
  • Supported: Video analytics dashboard

Video Hosting, Management & Storage Features

  • Supported: On-Demand video
  • Supported: Live streaming
  • Supported: Impact of streaming on network
  • Supported: Video upload & format support
  • Supported: Video library / File management
  • Supported: Video portal
  • Supported: Video downloads
  • Supported: Video editing
  • Supported: High definition support
  • Supported: Closed captioning / Transcription

Video Engagement Features

  • Supported: Audience polling
  • Supported: Audience Q&A / Live chat
  • Supported: Video comments

Additional Features

  • Supported: Scalability
  • Supported: Enterprise Security
  • Supported: Quality of Service
  • Supported: Integrated Content Management
  • Supported: Multi-CDN Delivery via SD-CDN
  • Supported: Cloud-based Transcoding
  • Supported: Social Sharing with Facebook and Twitter Integration
  • Supported: Integrated Chat
  • Supported: Live Analytics Dashboard
  • Supported: Auto-Recording
  • Supported: Custom Branding
  • Supported: Lead Capture
  • Supported: Live Playlists
  • Supported: Support for Professional Encoding/Production Gear
  • Supported: Enterprise Support Plans
  • Supported: Managed Event and Production Services
  • Supported: Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN)

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This is a screenshot from the viewer's portal experience (channel page).This is a view of how the automatically generated closed captions can be edited if necessary.This is a screenshot from the Analytics Console.This is a screenshot from the Watson Media CMSThis is a screenshot from the viewer's portal experience (channel page).

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Small Businesses (1-50 employees)15%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)50%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)35%

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web


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What is IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming's best feature?

Reviewers rate Live streaming highest, with a score of 9.8.

Who uses IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming?

The most common users of IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming are from Small Businesses and the Religious Institutions industry.


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Score 10 out of 10
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IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming is excellent for broadcasting video behind a gate while also providing smooth functionality. It offers many customizable features for various needs within our organization and for providing informational videos to our audiences.

The off-air feature allows for select videos to play prior to scheduled broadcasts--essentially, it allows for teasers/trailers to play before the actual featured videos. This proved extremely useful for our organization to provide a looping informational trailer before we launched our scheduled programming.

In addition, the live feature integration is phenomenal. The platform integrates with Zoom and this feature takes precedence over scheduled playlists which is a exceptional aspect because the user has the ability to schedule transition videos of specific slides that will be interrupted when those on the Zoom side are ready to go live. My organization used this for a live Q and A session to further engage the community and spread awareness of a lesser known form of dementia.

Finally, the support team was beyond responsive and accommodating. Any and all questions we had with setting up the platform, hammering out the details, and configuring the videos to run smoothly were addressed by the communicative and attentive IBM support team.

Overall, this is an incredibly advanced and feature-packed platform that would serve any and all video requirements an organization may need. It is well worth the investment and I highly recommend it.
  • Video scheduling
  • Integration with live platforms like Zoom
  • Off-air video capabilities for trailers and informative pre-feature clips
  • Use of Q & A/chat box for delivering messages to panelists in external platforms like Zoom
  • Superb technical support services
  • It isn't always user-friendly or straightforward, but the technical support team will assist in any way they can to walk users through the platform.
Best for
  • Pre-taped/scheduled videos
  • Providing access to specific video content over a certain period of time (e.g., limiting access to a video for a week or a month)
  • Provides gated features so access to content can be restricted or emails/viewer information can be collected.
  • Extensive metrics to determine video reach/viewership, which proves great for reporting to marketing departments.
Not best for
  • Videos you do not mind having available anytime
  • A library of content that you do not wish to place behind an access gate
  • One area of improvement on the platform is the ability to customize confirmation email send outs to video registrants.
My organization used the platform for a major educational video premiere, and the capability to stream for large audiences simultaneously while incorporating live elements was extraordinary. We are incredibly pleased with the end result and the virtual event kicked off without a single hiccup.
My organization had never used the platform previously, but the support team was responsive to our needs and were exceptional in walking us through the use of IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming. We were able to schedule multiple calls to address issues as they arose, and they even provided support during our live event. Though all of our issues were addressed prior to the live event, it was a great comfort to know that we could reach out at any moment and receive support in real-time, should we have needed it.
November 07, 2020

Thanks IBM

Todd Graham | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used it for a 2-hour premier of a movie and a zoom Q&A panel to major healthcare institutions around the country. We were looking for a reliable platform to provide the utmost clarity in streaming of a motion picture that was made. Also integration with Zoom was important.
  • Clarity.
  • Streaming capabilities.
  • Ease of use.
  • Integration with Zoom.
We wanted a reliable streaming service with national experience and name. We worked with a great team at IBM that gave us the opportunity to produce a program and guide us along the way.
Our event was not that large. We had 100 online at same time and it was flawless.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I manage live streaming for our university’s central communications office. I’ve used Ustream/IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming to centralize the streaming of major university events to one channel. I’ve also helped our smaller division set up their own channels for their events.

[Updated review on 10/2020: I decided to update this review after IBM stripped one more piece of useful functionality (a simple YouTube integration) without notice this week, and after many months of glitches in their web CMS and cloud platform. We have been a "metal plan" (self-serve) customer for years, and unfortunately, I can no longer recommend this product that deliver excellent performance for a good price. The price now is too high for what it currently delivers, relative to market peers. Save your money and look elsewhere if you're budget is below $20K per year for a live/VOD platform for your company.]
  • Rock-solid performance [updated review on 10/2020: not as reliable as 12 months ago]
  • Good video management system back-end [updated review on 10/2020: glitchy, waning engineering support]
  • Easy for non-technical users to grasp quickly
  • Invoicing - would like to see email notification/automation [updated review on 10/2020: Improved - of course, because it helps them collect $]
  • Updated templates for embedding channels on web pages [updated review on 10/2020: No major changes]
  • Beefing up event notification and functionality and subscription opportunities (this was stripped away earlier) [Updated review on 10/2020: Nothing new here]
Very solid performance. Friendly, supportive and responsive customer support. Great job to those on the front lines. You’ve kept me from canceling a few times in the past!

[updated review on 10/2020: IBM has very solid streaming infrastructure in place, and a live stream very seldom has any issues. But many other aspects of their streaming service has had significant glitches recently. If you're a "whale" customer looking to spend $50K a year or more on streaming, IBM may serve you well. But if you're a small to medium-sized business who wants to significantly over-pay for IBM Video's so-called self-serve, or "metal" plans, you will find great customer support but significantly lacking engineering support and product management. You could probably get a much better deal with Vimeo and other vendors in the sub-$15K annual range.]
We’ve greatly benefited from this scalability during our graduation ceremonies. Rock solid performance.

[Updated on 10/2020: Yes, while IBM can handle "massive concurrent viewership", if you have the budget for it, it's web and CMS infrastructure has significant glitches and, in some cases, its engineers haven't even deleted or removed feature buttons that the product no longer supports, and it makes it confusing to our teams when we try to onboard new users. It's bizarre, and reflects poorly on the IBM brand.]
November 16, 2019

IBM Watson Media Review

LeShawnda Fitzgerald | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Ready For Spanish uses IBM Watson Media streaming to teach our weekly kids Spanish classes to our online subscribers. This platform is used by our online teachers and allows us to broadcast and embed our pre-recorded and live Spanish courses.
  • It allows us to stream without special equipment. We mainly use our phones.
  • The quality of the videos is amazing and I love the fact that videos auto-save and you can download and edit them for later.
  • The program allows you to create playlists so that we can stream on our online channel 24/7
  • I'd like the option to be able to upload the videos directly to Vimeo.
  • The download speed could be faster.
  • The program is great and was perfect for what we needed.
I've already recommended this to other business owners who are looking for streaming ways to monetize their membership platforms. It is also very user friendly so you don't need to be a technical expert to use it.
Yes. We are able to host multiple users in our online Spanish classes. This is one of the major reasons we chose IBM Watson Media.
Beth Jinkerson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My church uses IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming to webcast all public assemblies for Bible study and worship of the church that meets at 138 Providence Road in Oak Ridge TN. We are a congregation of about 145 members drawn from Oak Ridge, Clinton, and Knoxville and surrounding rural areas. The webcast serves members who are homebound or otherwise unable to attend in person. We also make the assemblies available to interested people around the world.

IBM’s video streaming service is cost-effective for us since we are such a small congregation. We are able to use open-source free products to support our video stream, making this a uniquely accessible approach to a service that is of primary importance to our mission statement.
  • This service allows multiple viewers to either set up a free, ongoing account or watch anonymously without getting an account.
  • Whether or not the viewer logs into an account or views anonymously, they can participate in the chat room, another feature of IBM’s software. Here, one can ask questions, make comments, and ask for technical support. Our webcasting team also uses this chat room feature to manage/test technical details related to webcast quality and other specific settings for the stream (I.e., sound, image, camera focus, etc.).
  • The ability to auto-record is another useful feature for us. The company offers a generous 1000 hours of recorded content per month, which is more than enough for our roughly 4 hours of streaming per week on average. This makes it possible to save an entire year of worship and study time for playback.
  • Occasionally, we experience a form of static that lasts for about 1 to 2 minutes. It appears in the live stream and in the auto-recorded file, but not in the live worship assembly. It occurs roughly 1 in every 4 hours of webcast time. I wish there was a way to trace the source of that recurring static. The diagnostic tools could be more robust.
  • It would be nice if the chat room allowed a user photo/avatar for each user to personalize that a little more.
  • I have wished for a way that an admin could use a “laser pointer” on the video window to point out something on the feed that other live viewers could see.
  • It would be wonderful to have a mini-tutorial for viewers who are not technically savvy that would inform them of how to get to the site and explain how they can use the software. For example, how they can see and type in the chat room, how to maximize the screen and make it smaller. Some of our viewers are in nursing homes or otherwise limited in capability to learn to use this on their own.
This software is ideal for any size church. The ability to purchase a modest number of viewer-hours per month for a reasonable cost (no-ads) is hugely important for non-profit organizations. Being able to live-stream, record and watch from the archives is also great. Finally, the chat room allows for a more interactive experience than traditional tv broadcasting.
Our organization is not large, in fact, it is small. We appreciate this service more based on the fact that we are able to use such a powerful capability despite our modest size. We find that this supports us at our current size, yet offers a huge growth potential if we change our model of webcasting in the future.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We livestream a range of events, from our graduation ceremony to live Q & As. Essentially livestreaming gives us wider access to our stakeholders, be it colleagues, families of our students, prospective students or current students themselves.
  • Storage of footage is excellent, clear and easily managed.
  • Syncing to our streaming system is easy.
  • Reliability is always good.
  • The preview functionality of saved footage can be very laggy.
It suits a lot of our streaming in regards to having chat functionality and also as a lot of streams are to education establishments it is often much more user friendly in comparison to more social channels like youtube or facebook in regard to accessing whilst on site. To clarify, YouTube and Facebook are blocked on a lot of school's ICT systems so they struggle to access content on there, Ustream/IBM Watson always works.
We've streamed events to audiences from 2 people to 100s of people and the scalability has always been reliable and of ease. For example we streamed our graduation to multiple countries to hundreds of families who couldn't make the event. We've streamed TED talk stye events to a wide number of schools and even a Q & A around apprenticeships to one individual school - all of which scaled up/down in terms of interactivity/views easily.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming for our weekly Sunday Service broadcasting, and occasionally special events. We are able to use IBM's tools to track viewership and even integrate the stream and chat function into our website to reach people all over the United States. This is especially great for our elderly community and the rare occasion services are canceled due to bad weather.
  • Ease of use.
  • Flexibility of using different streaming software.
  • Great interface for viewers with no extra work.
  • Occasionally, I've had issues with losing connection, making it impossible to stream.
  • Metrics can be a little confusing to find accurate viewer numbers.
  • The web interface can make finding certain things like chat windows difficult to find.
IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming is great where the user would like have control over their in-house video system, and not have to think about it once it hits the RTMP. It's flexible enough that you don't have to be wary of using or not using specific components.
Where it would be less well-suited is someone who is not at all familiar with streaming and would need an all-in-one plug-and-play system. That being said, this is easy to use.
Being a medium-sized church, we don't see a large amount of viewership, e.g. more than 100 people per stream. Even at a small scale, we've found that we've been able to have a plan that works well financially, and when our number of viewers is above average, the cost associated is very reasonable.
Loual Puliafito | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At St. Patrick's Cathedral, the video streaming service is used every day for daily Mass. We also stream organ recitals, music concerts, and special occasions. Yes the streaming service is used by the entire organization. The biggest problem addressed is sharing the good works of the Cathedral with those people who are homebound or live in another part of the country or world.
  • It's great at hosting large amount of streamers at once. We reach upwards of 5,000 at a time.
  • The stream adjusts to the device the user is using.
  • Placing information in the stream is very easy.
  • I would like for it to approve its capabilities with connecting to social media.
Let's just say I was in a unique situation where all I had was my phone. I could literally broadcast a stream from my iPhone. Amazing!
Like I mentioned before, it the large amount a viewers during our live stream, it has worked perfectly!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Watson Video Streaming just once a year for our high school Senior Signing Day event in May of each year. It is pretty easy to navigate and the guys on the service line are great. They really want to help resolve your issue in the best manner possible. We stream our two-hour event for parents who are at work and attend the live event or other family members living outside the area and can't attend. We fundraise and take comments during the live stream. As I said, I really like the folks on the helpline.
  • The video is high quality!
  • Ease of use
  • Great customer service
  • Good pricing
  • Not a technician so I'm good for what I need it to do.
It is well suited for our event because we want our live streaming to be of high quality, but our funds are limited. Watson gives us both high quality at a cost even our small non-profit can afford. Ustream was good, but Watson Media is even better.
We are a relatively small public charter school. We had 72 graduates this spring and we live streamed our Senior Signing Day. This is an event when all students present where they will attend college. Some students perform skits, other do dance routines, some prepare 3-minute videos. All this is live-streamed to our school constituency i.e., parents, grandparents, our other schools, and everyone who could not attend the live event because they live outside of northeastern NC area. We have even had former teachers watch from Zimbabwe! We get great comments from viewers that we answer in real-time as well.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use video streaming for the online classes that we offer as part of our Master of Biblical Studies curriculum. Our online students can watch the classes live, or they can watch a recording of the class at their earliest convenience. We connect two IP address cameras to the video streaming platform (one on the students and one on the professors), and we control the cameras with an iPad. We also connect to the professor's computer as a Remote Desktop (3rd camera) to show PPT slides that he is showing to the class.
  • The streaming platform is easy to navigate from the back end. It does not take extensive training for someone to step in as a video live stream producer.
  • I like the functionality to create numerous channels to stream and host varying content.
  • Although the platform has the capability to produce a complicated stream with a lot of moving parts, it is also user-friendly enough for an iPhone user to set up a simple stream on his or her phone very easily.
  • When using a Remote Desktop source, it is very hard to connect the computer's audio to the stream. It has never worked well for us. And we have often had to use the audio from the room itself as opposed to directly from the computer.
  • The chat feature can be more natively integrated into the video source (chats could be overlayed on the video itself as opposed to the side). It would make the interaction more prominent.
  • The video editor could be significantly improved. It would be nice to be able to clip more than just the beginning and the end of a recorded video (i.e. if you want to clip a 10 second section from the middle of the video, you need to export the entire recording, import the file into a video editor, edit the video there, export the video out of the video editor, and then import the new file back into the Ustream channel).
It's better for a recording scenario than it is for a live scenario when you want rich and timely interaction. Because of the 20 second delay between what is live and what the UStream end-user is seeing, it makes meaningful interaction not as seamless as you would want it to be.
Our organization has not benefited from this scalability when streaming live events because we only stream to a limited number of students who are given the password to the channel (the class they are taking). However, we have had a couple of events that weren't password-protected, and the stream easily facilitated the numbers that were watching.
Frank Irzyk | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use IBM Watson Media Video Streaming to be able to provide parents and staff the ability to view significant public events in real-time and in recorded formats. Often parents and off-duty staff and even staff who are not able to leave classroom situations are able to view and participate in activities provided by the Overbrook School For The Blind and are able to view events in a time convenient to them. Students get a real kick out of being able to view performances that they were involved in after the fact. It is a bonus that the video and audio are crystal clear.
  • Stream and record significant events.
  • Stream and record staff events and meetings.
  • Stream events with moderately priced equipment.
  • Better opportunities to stream using wireless connections.
  • Simpler user interface.
IBM Watson is well suited for event streaming.
Our audiences generally comprise of family members of students and viewership is small but very appreciative.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a multi-site teaching facility. IBM Watson allows talks and presentations from one site to be streamed to other locations or to staff members at home. Due to the low-cost hardware required, any PC and a simple capture card, it outweighs more expensive solutions.
  • Low cost hardware requirement
  • Low cost subscription model
  • Easy to use
  • Automated subtitling included in subscription
  • More generous streaming capacity included in standard package
  • Better online video management tools - I discovered very old videos were being stored without my knowledge
Low viewership streams are where IBM Watson excels, this is not due to IBM's bandwidth capacity obviously! This is more down to a subscription model that, in effect, punishes you for having a popular stream.

There is no obvious security, so confidential data cannot be streamed using this service.

For a "quick and dirty" solution, this works well.
The subscription model grandfathered in from Ustream prevents massive concurrent viewership as bandwidth is limited, and exceeding that, it increases costs dramatically. If this has now changed, this hasn't been communicated well.
Eli Garfinkel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the IBM Streaming platform annually to provide a way for sick or incapacitated members of our congregation to see and hear our High Holy Day services in the fall. Our health-challenged congregants appreciate this service, as it allows them to feel like a part of our community even though they can’t physically attend. The service also helps those who find themselves out-of-town during the holidays.
  • It makes video streaming extremely simple. Anyone with basic computer skills can set it up.
  • It is very reasonably priced and the service is much more reliable than free options.
  • The quality is good.
  • A few have complained about the audio quality, but I am not sure that this is an IBM Watson issue. It may be a microphone problem or an issue with users' speakers.
  • I would like the system to be more compatible with Chromebooks. The audio was unacceptable when I used my Chromebook for live streaming, but good when I used my Mac.
  • I'd like the silver plan to include more user hours.
Whenever you need reliable, reasonably priced live streaming, IBM Watson is your answer! It's very good for places that don't have expensive cameras and large technology budgets. I like that I can "set and forget" it; we're not allowed to fiddle with technology during the holiday, so it's very important that our streaming service works reliably.
We don't really count as an organization that uses or needs massive video capacity. I'm glad, however, that the ability is there because it gives me confidence in the system's reliability.
Ryan McGarry | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use the streaming platform to stream user test sessions to our research partners and across the entire company. It enables everyone to see our testing as it's happening, to see our methodologies, and to communicate our test results live.
  • Streams high-quality video and audio.
  • Shows multiple feeds (camera and screen share) in the same view.
  • Quickly change video sources to participant testing sessions.
  • Sometimes bandwidth causes video quality to become very low.
This is an excellent platform for customizing multiple video and audio sources into a single view (e.g. screen share and user's webcam).
We have always been able to stream to as many users as we needed, so the software is truly excellent for this.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it for our annual conference, which takes place once a year. We live stream the sessions over a 4 day period. It gives us the ability to allow anyone to view our broadcast (with the link). Also, nice to allow comment streams.
  • Once set up, very easy to start/stop streams
  • Review saves streams, editing information
  • Sharing saved streams with others
  • Easy way to save streams and download later
  • I do not like the free version going away. It allowed us to keep streams available when we aren't live streaming (once a year).
  • Allow editing of multiple stream information (like the name).
Well suited for larger events where you don't know your target audience's availability to social media or their experience. Give them a link and they view. Also, they can go back and watch previous streams all in one place.
We've never had a complaint about the speed of service. We only typically have up to 100 simultaneous viewers, but the process is pretty smooth and seamless.
Johnny Ringo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We live stream our women's wrestling matches to audiences that pay for it.
  • Customer Service
  • Platform is easy to understand
  • Lower price
The pages between the Ustream and IBM platform still even confuses me. Thankfully, I have the login page on my computer, but it's not always easy to find. One simple unified login page would probably be best if you have not went this way already. My primary thing is price. $99 per month for basic is probably still high, so I will most likely shop around for the best price. Perhaps if you are not using premium features like overlays and some of the other bells whistles, you could break things up into a more basic package, say $19 or $29 per month.
Yes, we are still trying to find the right price to charge and trying to figure out the best perks on our end, but live streaming is going to be a big part of what we do for matches and interviewing personalities within the wrestling business and outside of it.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Its being used by all departments. It provides great search-ability functions that are highly utilized. It is an excellent tool to provide all staff and the public access to council meeting livestreams and minutes that has an excellent timestamp feature that saves a lot of staff time when reviewing previous council decisions.
  • Time stamp feature - saves time during review
  • Split screen view - great feature that shows the minutes or the agenda in a split screen view with the livestream video
  • Easy to schedule live stream events - one click on the agenda build page schedules an event in YouTube
  • It would be great to have the ability to pause the livestream event and then resume again. Currently you can only start/stop the event on YouTube.
  • The 'show video' tab for entering time stamps on the minutes page would be more user-friendly if the video window was larger. Currently it either a very small window that is un-scaleable, or full screen mode.
  • A default option to always have the 'show timestamps' button clicked for every set of minutes, so the user doesn't have to remember to click that option every time minutes are done.
Well suited for organizations that often refer back to the minutes and livestream for reference, who do more than one meeting per month, and who need to provide the public with access to their minutes and meeting videos.
Yes our organization has benefited, we have members of the public and absent council members view the meetings live if they are unable to attend.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We utilize IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming to distribute the live and archived streams from our weekend services to our website. This format is being used across the entire organization and we have found that it is a reliable resource in communicating with parishioners and other interested parties who could not attend the live event.
  • Quality video
  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple to incorporate into our website and other modes of communication
  • Few connectivity issues but occasionally there is that glitch.
We have found that Watson is a great option for our organization's size. Larger churches may have the option of utilizing more features by choosing a higher level of service. Smaller congregations may find it to be a bit expensive.
We are a very small organization so we have no opportunity to test this option.
Score 10 out of 10
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We have used Ustream for our weekly streaming broadcasts of worship services. It provides a platform for us to use this technology to increase our worship attendance and also provides access for those who are home-bound or traveling. Since our physical location will not allow us to increase in size, we had to introduce streaming in order to not stifle our congregation's growth.
  • It is reliable.
  • Customer support is readily available.
  • The quality of our broadcasts are favorable by our viewers.
  • It fits our needs and we have not found any limitations to the platform
  • More flexible billing options would be great.
We are pleased with the platform and have found it satisfactory to our needs.
When we started streaming we were only reaching a couple of dozen views a weekend. Today we average well over 175 per weekend. That really like having another entire congregation or added worship service.
Score 7 out of 10
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Our Church, Grace Fellowship Church, currently uses USTREAM to stream service to our website.
  • USTREAM is ideal for providing HD video streaming capabilities to multiple-platforms to include personal websites.
  • Their system or GUI is easy to use and allows the flexibility and customization for any organization big or small.
  • The system allows you to edit video in real-time by utilizing their trimming feature which will allow an organization to create new video and post/publish it with ease.
  • USTREAM struggles in rendering the video for download purposes in real-time. The average render time based on our experience is 24 hrs.
  • USTREAM would be beneficially if it could add features to stream to multi-platforms with ease, for example, like, ReStream.
USTREAM could be suited for any organization desiring to stream video in a simple way!
USTREAM has not helped us build our viewing audience and the majority of our viewers now view our services on Facebook which is not done through USTREAM.
Score 10 out of 10
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I am a self-employed business owner who regularly uses a live stream platform for masterclasses and events. I required a non-VOIP platform as I add a good deal of music. My offerings with crystal singing bowls and vocals as part of the work I do were distorted on other platforms and I've been very happy with Ustream.
  • Clear picture and sound
  • Option for live chat
  • Replay of published videos
  • I find there is a lag in the broadcast so that as I ask my viewers questions, their answers come 30 seconds to 2 minutes delayed. I realize part of this could be internet connection speed, but I have a good service that is fast for all other functions.
I feel it is well suited for educational purposes, sharing content, webinars, masterclasses, and live streams. It isn't the best for real-time interaction due to the time lag in the broadcast.
I don't feel I have anything pertinent to add here.
Score 9 out of 10
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It is used to live stream our Sunday services and events where some family member can't make the service. The services are then available for on-demand viewing.
  • Very few issues with connectivity to the servers. I think in the 10 years we have used it, we only had one case where the service was down. Can't say that for our sister church that uses Facebook. Seems to be one event per quarter with them.
  • The ability to trim the video down to remove extra content from the live broadcast. Would be nice if we could trim out elements in the middle.
  • Nice analytics.
  • Wide range of methods to get the servers.
  • The ability to edit or trim out content in the middle of the recording. The Trim feature is great for removing content from the beginning and end, nothing for the middle. If we could have in/out markers to put on the timeline, that would direct the player to only play those segments between the in/out markers.
I think it is sited well for all live presentations and education applications.
Yes, we have. It has enabled us to get our message out to traveling/homebound members. It has also allowed us to provide family members or friends access to a marriage or loss of a family members service.
Barry A Farnsworth | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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We started with Ustream many years ago. It worked great. We transitioned to IBM when they bought out Ustream. It worked OK for five months and then fell apart. We broadcast all our services at Victory Baptist Church over the web. People can watch from around the world.
  • I can't say it does anything particularly well now, except pass the buck and make excuses as to why their stuff doesn't work.
  • Videos are "jerky." Audio and video are out of synch.
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube now do not have any audio. They blame this on us, but our created product has not changed.
  • Videos that are downloaded are often unuseable because they are so far out of synch that it is distracting.
  • Customer Service's standard response is, "We've contacted engineering." Engineering never answers.
At its present level of service, it's not appropriate at all.
We used to benefit, but since December of 2018, the service has been unsatisfactory. They can't produce a decent video and they can't send a decent video to YouTube.
Score 10 out of 10
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We are using USTREAM as a ministry to deliver our church services and special programs to our congregation that are traveling and more importantly to our homebound members. Our members continually tell us what a valuable service and how meaningful this is to them. One of the most important features is the ability to have the services recorded and available on demand to time shift delivery to our congregation and potential members. We have one viewer in another state that is providing a financial donation to help support this ministry.
  • Recording as we are streaming
  • Provides recorded service for later viewing
  • Ubiquitous presence for our live services as well as archived services
  • Currently we are served well with the resources that are provided.
The ease of recording and being able to provide time shifted access to our congregation especially our homebound. The ability to access on desktop, and mobile devices is most appropriate for our use.
We had a video that saved to the incorrect format and the technical support folks converted it to the correct format and re-uploaded for us. The response time was excellent.
Score 7 out of 10
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We have been using IBM Watson to stream video for our monthly meetings, and it has been a great hand in recording passed meetings. The history and library can take you back for recorded meetings. I liked that it was cloud-based, and was able to access content anywhere we were, and also that it supports PC and Mac.
  • The video quality is very good.
  • It's good with broadcasting and streaming.
  • The sound quality was good.
  • The pricing was a little too high.
  • Areas with low bandwidth had problems with sound.
  • Support about the product is lacking.
This product is good for a large audience with more than 50 people, or less than that.
We had really benefited from using this service with not only saving the videos of past meetings, but also reaching out with the steaming link to most of our affiliates and partners during meetings. Also, we can look at the analytics and know how many people are viewing or attending the meeting.