TrustRadius, Flexibility and SimplicityWe embed TIBCO Jaspersoft into our commercial application(s) that we sell to customers We embed TIBCO Jaspersoft into our internally used application(s) We use TIBCO Jaspersoft for print-ready, pixel-perfect reporting,Jaspersoft can be seamlessly embedded into web applications. Jaspersoft is easily customized allowing nearly complete control over the reporting environment. Jaspersoft is scalable allowing it to grow to meet the needs of our growing user base as our deployment rolls out across the country. Jaspersoft is easy to learn for the report developer.,Jaspersoft Studio is a little "buggy" having to be closed and re-opened periodically throughout the day. Multi-select queries return and load the entire query result set rather than allowing "lazy-loading" of records as a user scrolls. This results in slow loading report parameter screens as the lists are loaded. It would be great to have source control (such as Version One or Git) better integrated into Jaspersoft. Version of Jaspersoft Studio has some bugs where some button on the main toolbar simply do not function (such as "Publish the file on JasperReports Server."),9,Jaspersoft has had a huge positive impact for my company. Our reporting platform has been one of the most reliable parts of our new system having been running in production for more than six months without a single production outage. The users love the ability to run reports themselves, real-time and export them in a number of formats. As a developer, I appreciate the back-end ability to monitor and debug any issues the users have such as report performance and accessibility. Having the ability to use a pre-defined template for new report creation allows for the rapid creation and deployment of new reports in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.,Jaspersoft Premium Support (No annual case limit),Our current implementation of Jaspersoft touches two data sources in a single web interface. Although we do not currently use Jaspersoft across multiple platforms or a large variety of data sources, we realize that may be a future need and appreciate the flexibility provided by Jaspersoft if that need arises. As our company continues to grow and we integrate more of our business units together, this broad platform support may become critically important in the future.,Multi-tenancy is a feature we currently use as we provide reports to internal users for client reports, reports to external clients (specific to an account) and accounting reports to our internal financial team. As all of these reports are accessed through the same web-interface it is critical to segment them by security and profiles.,Business Objects SRC and Microsoft SQL Server,9,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,The product was quite easy to learn the basics. Once I got more deeply into the product and began developing more complex solutions, my training became more intricate and I had to learn the product in more detail. However, overall would rate Jaspersoft as one of the more intuitive report development interfaces I have used.,None/Don't Know/Other,,,Real-time reporting Multiple data sources Mobile device reporting access Data visualizations,We have fully integrated Jaspersoft into a custom-developed web site for use by corporate personnel as well as clients Using our in-house developed web site, we have developed a very robust report scheduling system,We hope to use a future edition of Jaspersoft to query data from multiple, disparate data sources We plan to use Jaspersoft ad-hoc reporting,10,Microsoft Office 365, Snagit, Skype for Business,No,Product Features Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,We are satisfied with our evaluation and selection process.,Yes,Yes,I was experiencing an issue where I was unable to use the publish button on my toolbar to publish reports. Jaspersoft support responded quickly with a work-around while they researched the issue. Within a couple of days, they were able to provide a patch correcting the issue.,Easy to insert an externally developed query into a report Easy to control deployment to multiple environments,It is difficult, if not impossible to incorporate source control with Jaspersoft It is currently not possible to use data from multiple data sources in a single report Upon publishing a report, it is frustrating that Jaspersoft does not save my publication preferences from report to report,9Top heavy but worth it in the end!We embed TIBCO Jaspersoft into our commercial application(s) that we sell to customers,Pixel perfect reports Multi-tenancy Jaspersoft Studio - a powerful tool for designing reports and publishing them seamlessly to the server SSO (Single Sign-On) Affordable BI stack,Dated UI. Definitely not Web 2.0! Multi-tenant row level security and data domains are not easily implemented without consultants. Learning curve. Training and documentation drives success, even for technical folks. Lack of sample reports/templates for the education vertical. Server config/license management should be web accessible for the superuser.,7,No ROI realized yet. However, we are rebooting the project and have a better chance at success this time. Utilizing TIBCO resources to attain our goal this time, versus using third party external vendors.,We run on an open source stack and offer Jaspersoft as a SaaS product. So broad platform support is nice to have but not critical to us as long as our stack is supported.,Extremely important, especially for SaaS vendors like us that have a single database for all the clients. Data security and logical segmentation are critical to us and we would not even have considered Jaspersoft if it did not have native support for multi-tenancy.,Microsoft Power BI, Sisense and Tableau Online,5,Vendor implemented Professional services company,5,Online training,5,We used the UpShift customer success program for installation, training, upgrading, patching,etc. Not the best use perhaps but we needed to ensure a solid production environment for our clients. We burned through the hours with a reasonable outcome but no documentation/hand-off or follow through.,No,No,Not experienced it yet on the technical support side. On the business side though, The Client Success Manager is quite eager to help and reaches out frequently to check in. That can be attributes to good account management strategy as well. Also to be fair, Professional Services supported their work really well even after the engagement was complete. A part of that depends on the relationship you strike up with them as well.,Building basic reports. However, you need to be at least an intermediate level SQL expert as the bulk of the report creation logic lies in the SQL. Basic dashboards. User and Role Management Connecting to data. We used JDBC. Interactions with Reports/Dashboards and Data Export functions,Setting up row level security in multi-tenant deployments. We had to hire experts. Jaspersoft Studio Professional is very clunky to use Dated UI and UX concepts lead to the lack of intuitiveness. Visualize.js, with its shortcomings. iFrame embeds for Analytics is not the best or modern approach for integrations. That is what we had to use.,Yes, but I don't use it,6Jasper Reports Server needs work with authencationWe use TIBCO Jaspersoft for print-ready, pixel-perfect reporting,Reports are easy to access/use for end users. User rights are easy to see how they break down for each user.,Jasper Reports Server really needs support for CAC (common access card) authentication or at least allow external authentication to authenticate internal users. My goal is to put a unique identifier, found on each CAC, as an attribute on each internal Jasper Reports Server accounts. I then want to authenticate users by making reference to this attribute then logging the users in as an internal user. I currently have my setup working with externally defined users, but it is a pain and I am trying to move to internally defined users.,7,Jasper Reports Server's greatest strength is that it allows for reports to be deployed on the fly without having to create a new build or restart the web application.,Jaspersoft Standard Support or Professional Standard Support for AWS (12 annual cases),As long as Jasper Reports Server supports our web application and database, we are good.,I don't currently utilize the multi-tenancy functionality.,,8,Implemented in-house,5,In-person training Self-taught,7,End users don't need training but administrators need some instruction.,N/A,40,2,Fast report creation Easy user role assignment Easy report permissions,N/A,N/A,8,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,No changes.,Yes,No,I had an issue importing the standard css design template and the Jaspersoft support person was able to supply the zip file I needed to import into Jasper Reports Server.,Report downloading is very easy and available in major formats like PDF and Excel,Backend CAC external authentication is difficult but fine other than that,9Reporting made easyWe embed TIBCO Jaspersoft into our commercial application(s) that we sell to customers,Jaspersoft provides flexibility to create new domains dynamically instead of enforcing the need pre-defining them prior to launch of the product. Easy to integrate with any application Enhanced mobile app will make it handy to use jaspersoft even when we are not at home.,We have a default RowLimit of 200K set in the application at server level. We do not have an option to make it tenant specific. Few customers on a shared machine will want it to increase it to 500K but with this limitation it'll be applied for all other customers sharing the same server and that might affect performance. Error screens Jaspersoft shows the complete 200+ lines of stack trace in an error screen in the UI. We can have better error handling applied while displaying in UI.. In the application logs, it is better to include the tenant info as well. Otherwise, it is confusing to debug issue of one tenant while other tenants are being used. Tenant level auditing. As per jaspersoft, enabling auditing will have performance hit on the server. As we do not have option to enable tenant level auditing, it is enabling auditing on all tenants and causing performance issues.,8,Flexibility to define own domains from the UILess time to develop reportsIncreased customer satisfactionApplication more competitive,Jaspersoft Premium Support (No annual case limit),This definitely makes an end user's options flexible as per their need, instead of enforcing the use of specific OS, servers, data sources and architecture.,Multi-tenancy makes the application maintenance easy with just one common DB and website instead of having one database and one website for each customer / tenant.,SSRS,3,Vendor implemented,4,Online training Self-taught,4,YES. This is easy to learn.,Got access to customer success manager to escalate cases.,1000,10,Develop OOB reports Admins can create their OOB domains Users can create their own reports using existing domains,........ ........ ........,........ ........ ........,5,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,......,Yes,Yes,We had multiple support engineers worked on a ticket across different timezones,Building domains Creating adhoc views and reports Scheduling reports,FTP configurations,Yes, but I don't use it,5Jaspersoft in a high demand 24/7 operationWe embed TIBCO Jaspersoft into our commercial application(s) that we sell to customers We use TIBCO Jaspersoft for print-ready, pixel-perfect reporting,Support is excellent - very quick response time and good information. Report server seems to run quickly and reliably without much attention. Training material readily available. Significant ability to customize the product,I would like to see an administrator dashboard in the report server tool to monitor report generations, report failures, currently running reports with ability to kill long running reports, etc. GUI access to the many, many settings that can be added/tweaked on the report server. I would like to see easier access to add functions within the report without writing an external jar file. we don't use java on a day to day basis so I found the process of adding a custom library of functions a little awkward. We also allow our users to make copies of our reports to customize on their own. Since they are non-technical, the process of writing a function for themselves is usually over their heads. Our customers are very much missing the ability to select specific fields from a print-ready report display and export to Excel. Our previous product had it and we hear it from everyone as we replace it. Current export of a print-formatted report to Excel tries to render it so it looks visibly the same, but it just ends up unusable for any sort of normal spreadsheet usage.,7,The price of the product and support agreement was the attraction for us. The nature of the licensing agreement was much more friendly than our previous experience.,These types of considerations don't usually come up until you run into a roadblock. And I suppose it says something that we have not run into one yet. There always seemed to be a different approach to take as we implemented such that we have not run into any problems that could not be overcome. We only have two different datasource options, we dictated the platform for the report server, and we left the report server using the default application server and repository database so we are not likely one of the more demanding architectures.,This is something we have little experience in yet, but are happy to see that the product seems to support that well. We do have a cloud offering and appreciate the ability to have clear separation between customers.,,8,Yes,No,adding simple changes to table based reports through the screen viewer is quite nice. sorting, filtering, hiding and showing columns, etc. Also the ability to save those changes as a new report format. the timezone shifting on dates and times printed on the report was surprisingly easy. we were using TIMEZONE WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE database types with Oracle to accomplish the timezone shifting for us, but Jasper accomplishes the same thing with any date/time data type. comparing report changes from one version to the next. Since the report is all XML, it's a simple visual diff.,Determining what reports are currently executing without diving into the API, and creating your own UI to manage them.,Yes, but I don't use it,7
Windows, Linux, Mac
TIBCO Jaspersoft
236 Ratings
Score 7.5 out of 101

TIBCO Jaspersoft Reviews

TIBCO Jaspersoft
236 Ratings
Score 7.5 out of 101
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Ken Sparks profile photo
October 09, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "Jaspersoft--Power, Flexibility and Simplicity"

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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With the exception of the relatively few previously mentioned limitations, Jaspersoft is very usable.
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Rahul Goswami profile photo
May 22, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "Top heavy but worth it in the end!"

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


The end results are pretty good but the journey to get there is not very smooth and requires solid skills in many technical areas thereby making it ineffective for just plain business users. For them, just consumption is the only practical way to go.
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No photo available
May 22, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "Jasper Reports Server needs work with authencation"

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


End user usability seems to be pretty good but not perfect.
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No photo available
May 31, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "Reporting made easy"

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


We are satisfied with the product but not with the support standards.
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Gerald Meachem profile photo
March 08, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "Jaspersoft in a high demand 24/7 operation"

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


I think it's a tool well suited for a software developer. Others with less coding skills could struggle somewhat with the tool. I find java a little unforgiving as a language for expressions and not very user friendly for the technically dis-inclined. Sometimes the numeric conversions cause issues (who knew that 0 and 0.0 would cause different things to happen). Previous experience with a reporting tool that used visual basic for its' expressions that I found much simpler to use. On the other hand, java is so widespread, you can easily google the syntax to accomplish what you need to do.
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Craig LaValle profile photo
March 02, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "Jaspersoft -- Flexibility and Power at the Core of your Business"

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source


JasperSoft is, by nature, a very technical product. They have made it as simple as possible to use but no simpler.
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Peter Larabell profile photo
May 08, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "Jasper Reports is a great piece of software for reporting."

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


It is SUPER easy for end users, and software admins. It's also easy for people making reports. Overall, I really don't have any complaints about it. It just works well for my organization.
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Milan Paunovic profile photo
March 03, 2018

TIBCO Jaspersoft Review: "About Jasper"

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source


Jasper looks good but it is not that easy to configure. Everything in config files. If you need customization it needs a lot of work. And when you configure it and it works, you forget about what you did, and when you have a problems investigation is slow. When everything is working it is usefull
Read Milan Paunovic's full review

Feature Scorecard Summary

Pixel Perfect reports (69)
Customizable dashboards (69)
Report Formatting Templates (67)
Drill-down analysis (72)
Formatting capabilities (78)
Report sharing and collaboration (63)
Publish to Web (60)
Publish to PDF (80)
Report Versioning (44)
Report Delivery Scheduling (64)
Delivery to Remote Servers (48)
Pre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.) (57)
Location Analytics / Geographic Visualization (42)
Multi-User Support (named login) (77)
Role-Based Security Model (74)
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete) (70)
Single Sign-On (SSO) (58)
Responsive Design for Web Access (46)
Dedicated iOS Application (25)
Dedicated Android Application (23)
Dashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile (33)
Javascript API (51)
iFrames (44)
Java API (44)
Themeable User Interface (UI) (44)
Customizable Platform (Open Source) (47)

About TIBCO Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft is a Business Intelligence suite that brings users worldwide more timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes, through an embeddable reporting and analytics. The vendor says Jaspersoft is a cost-effective platform, and its goal is to help users make better decisions faster.

TIBCO Jaspersoft Features

BI Platform Features
Does not have featureAdministration via Windows App
Does not have featureAdministration via MacOS App
Has featureAdministration via Web Interface
Has featureLive Connection to External Data
Has featureSnapshot of External Data
Does not have featureIn-memory data model
Has featureOLAP (Pre-processed cube representation)
Has featureROLAP (SQL-layer querying)
Has featureMulti-Data Source Reporting (Blending)
Has featureData warehouse / dictionary layer
Has featureETL Capability
Has featureETL Scheduler
Supported Data Sources Features
Has featureMS Excel Workbooks
Has featureText Files (CSV, etc)
Has featureOracle
Has featureMS SQL Server
Has featureIBM DB2
Has featurePostgres
Has featureMySQL
Does not have featureODBC
Has featureCloudera Hadoop
Has featureHortonworks Hadoop
Has featureEMC Greenplum
Has featureIBM Netezza
Has featureHP Vertica
Has featureParAccel
Has featureSAP Hana
Has featureTeradata
Does not have featureSage 500
Has featureSalesforce
Has featureSAP
Has featureGoogle Analytics
BI Standard Reporting Features
Has featurePixel Perfect reports
Has featureCustomizable dashboards
Has featureReport Formatting Templates
Ad-hoc Reporting Features
Has featureDrill-down analysis
Has featureFormatting capabilities
Does not have featurePredictive modeling
Does not have featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Has featureReport sharing and collaboration
Report Output and Scheduling Features
Has featurePublish to Web
Has featurePublish to PDF
Has featureOutput Raw Supporting Data
Has featureReport Versioning
Has featureReport Delivery Scheduling
Has featureDelivery to Remote Servers
Data Discovery and Visualization Features
Has featurePre-built visualization formats (heatmaps, scatter plots etc.)
Has featureLocation Analytics / Geographic Visualization
Does not have featurePredictive Analytics
Does not have featureSupport for Machine Learning models
Does not have featurePattern Recognition and Data Mining
Does not have featureIntegration with R or other statistical packages
Access Control and Security Features
Has featureMulti-User Support (named login)
Has featureRole-Based Security Model
Has featureMultiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Has featureReport-Level Access Control
Has featureTable-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Has featureField-Level Access Control (BI-layer)
Has featureSingle Sign-On (SSO)
Mobile Capabilities Features
Has featureResponsive Design for Web Access
Has featureDedicated iOS Application
Has featureDedicated Android Application
Has featureDashboard / Report / Visualization Interactivity on Mobile
Application Program Interfaces (APIs) / Embedding Features
Has featureREST API
Has featureJavascript API
Has featureiFrames
Has featureJava API
Has featureThemeable User Interface (UI)
Has featureCustomizable Platform (Open Source)
Additional Features
Has featureMulti-tenancy
Has featureAudit Logging

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TIBCO Jaspersoft Product Overview

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TIBCO Jaspersoft Integrations

Amazon Web Services, Docker, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

TIBCO Jaspersoft Competitors


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?No

Jaspersoft offers flexible pricing for ISVs and SaaS per customer or by CPU core.

TIBCO Jaspersoft Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, plus the ability to add additional languages