Spredfast is a social media management platform. Key features include: Plan and Organize Social Campaigns, Manage Real-Time Engagement, and Learn and Prove Social Impact Customer Service Goes a Long WayAcross global marketing departments.,Constantly updating and improving their product to keep it current and leading edge. Training modules are excellent, constant training on updates, low barrier of use for people to adopt the platform. Prompt technical support.,Much is done remotely, more person to person check-ins between client reps and clients would be nice. I would love to be able to edit posts directly from Spredfast after publishing instead of needing to go into the native platform to fix typos, etc.,10,Social media are mostly marketing and relationship building platforms for us. Research scientists make up a relatively small (but growing) part of the social media landscape. Life scientists are still more likely to contact via email or phone for technical assistance, mostly because their questions are highly complex. However, we are increasingly seeing questions via FB messenger from regions of the world not served by branch offices. So social care is becoming more important.,10,10,We are continuing to expand here. We have gained efficiencies through Spredfast already in customer care, and we are seeing more collaboration and sharing of content and assets through the platform.,We are integrated with Google Analytics. We are looking at integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.,10,10,Sprinklr, Sprout Social and Meltwater Media Intelligence Platform,Spredfast summit is an excellent way to immerse myself in social and get ideas and information from many different sources. I have found it amazingly useful, and I wish I could get at least half of the marketing department to attend. The webinars have always been high quality, and I pay attention to the emails I get indicating what has been published on the Spredfast blog.,20,1,social editorial calendar management and campaign planning evaluation of campaign performance, high- or over-performing content, identification of influencers social customer care and response,We have been able to use the Intelligence leaderboard to identify over-performing content from scientific publishers that our customers typically follow and use that craft an agile, newsroom strategy for content creation We are able to obtain VOC from social listening,Managing promotions or contests,9,It's expensive, but it has enabled our global social media to be more coordinated and collaborative. We've gained a great deal of efficiencyAwesome product, great support.I've used Spredfast at two different technology companies. Here are some use cases: 1) Strategic Marketing Campaign. Jive Software wanted to reach a new audience and broaden awareness for their SaaS application for teams. Through analysis and content strategy, we worked with the Spredfast services team to launch a multi-faceted social campaign around the “Office Hero”—creating a persona, an interactive social experience, and a mix of paid, earned, and owned social content. The social content created performed 43% better than email and 170-190% better than traditional advertising. 2) Influencer Engagement. We use Spredfast Intelligence and Conversations to find and build relationships with key technology evangelists. 3) Social Customer Service. At a B2B technology organization, we integrated Spredfast with Salesforce to provide real-time, customer support on a variety of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.,For the last seven years, I've used Spredfast tools to build scalable, B2B social media programs that include real-time monitoring, optimization, reporting and displays. Spredfast has flexible products. I've used it at various companies with different social strategies, team sizes, organizational workflows, and security frameworks. Spredfast integrates with marquee digital products like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Tableau.,Integration with stock photography provider like Adobe or iStock. Integration with Chinese social media platforms,10,Social media is a core component to our brand awareness and demand generation goals. We also use it to help with a low volume of customer support requests.,10,10,9,10,Radian6, Adobe Social, Sprinklr, Hootsuite Enterprise, Hootsuite Pro, Lithium Social Media Management, Sprout Social and Buffer,20,1,Core social media responsibilities – listening, publishing, engagement, activation, analytics Relationship building with influencers, press, analysts Marketing campaigns Customer support Lead generation Product Feedback Research Primary use case for the core social media team; however, we use a combination of Spredfast and Jive Anywhere connect social conversations to employee social intranet and public-facing communities. Additionally, Spredfast lets the social media team serve as a human filter to “highlight” key conversations to various groups – support, executives, sales, etc.,10,Improved customer support response time, increase lead generation, workforce productivity gains.,,Vendor implemented,Online training In-person training,8,7,No,Integrated Google Analytics,9,10More channels, more data, more resultsAt Social Factor, Spredfast Conversations is implemented for internal marketing purposes and on behalf of all of our clients. It's been instrumental to managing 3 - 20 accounts for each of over 25 clients. It provides a unified place to write and draft content, monitor key conversations, and to aggregate and analyze metrics.,Robust user and account management Metrics and analytics for multiple channels all in one place Content approval process in the system minimize risks,Every once in a while you can get a data blip on reports,9,,Increased efficiency publishing Minimized risk Increased efficiency reviewing data,,9Spredfast makes the dream last!I think this tool is meant for a team of any size. I am the sole social media manager for my brand and it has been a great tool in the sense that I can see what is being said about my brand and respond accordingly. I wish I could get everything out of analytics with a click or two, but I can export what I need from my streams and extract the data I need from there. Overall, I and my c-suite are big fans of Spredfast.,Listening The account and support teams are outstanding,Analytics - I can still get the great data from native sites. If no luck there, I pull data out of Spredfast and manipulate it manually in excel.,10,1,Better customer service Faster response times Better reach,Adobe Social,HootSuite Enterprise,9Spredfast - A Social Media Relationship Platform offering great tools and spectacular customer service.Great for managing and planning content for weekly channel distribution, along with pic/text repositories for easy access and posting. Great metrics for individual posts, which is helpful in gauging content impact and copy resonance. "Highlight" function allows for ease of communication between team members, especially when addressing customer service issues. Provides a high level view of my weekly content calendar, allowing for visual determination of over / under posting. Great customer service! Very quick to respond. Great repository of learning tools - videos and instructions.,This is a very good tool, and they are constantly improving it with new features. However, there is a continuous learning curve as new features are rolled out and implemented.,We've improved our customer service immensely using Spredfast. Getting questions and complaints to the right people is much easier because of the "Highlight" function. Spredfast metrics have allowed us to pinpoint engaging content and copy, which we've used for re-engagemet and as an instructional for what works best with our audience. The high-level calender gave us an aerial view of our daily output, which led us to the conclusion that we were over posting through our channels. Spredfast metrics have allowed us to determine our monthly follower counts, which we've used as a benchmark for gauging improvement in social spaces.,6,10A Winner at Analytics, Spredfast Fails at UI and Social CRMContent labels (tracking what types of content does particularly well, based on labels the user defines). Detailed analytics for individual posts as well as entire initiatives or platforms. Notifying users when content deadlines are approaching or draft posts aren't approved for publishing.,User interface. The UI looks like it's from the '90s, and is not intuitive for new users. It is, however, better than the Hootsuite UI, in my opinion. On a sliding scale, Hootsuite has the most antiquated UI, Spredfast's is outdated but the tools are at least useful, and newer aesthetically pleasing tools like Sprout Social have the best UI. Editorial calendar display style. The calendar of upcoming and past posts is a good idea, in theory, but in practice the calendar is extremely slow to load, skips weeks or months at a time when scrolling, and makes it hard to find the specific day or post you're looking for. Publishing process. Since the tool does use an editorial calendar to track all upcoming posts, the tool should let users click on a day that doesn't have content scheduled and allow users to post directly to that day. Instead, you have to pick a day/time without having any indication of whether posts are already scheduled for that day/time. You can reference the editorial calendar that's open in the background, but given the calendar's scrolling issues, this is not practical or efficient.,Our team uses social media to increase brand awareness. Spredfast has helped us achieve and measure our progress towards this goal. Content labels allowed us to track which content performed best. Knowing this enabled us to tailor future content and write posts that followers actually wanted to read and share, which then increased our social media following organically by thousands of users over the past year. Our Spredfast account reps worked with us personally to perform an in-depth analysis of our social media followers. We now know who our key brand advocates and influential followers are. During our company's annual conference, Spredfast's monitoring tools were invaluable for tracking mentions of the company and the conference. The tool also helped us track visits to the company website from social posts, which helped prove to executive leadership the value of social media.,2,3Think insurance companies don't use social? Well they do, and they use SpredfastSpredfast solves any issue with legal requirements. It provides channels that send your content through in order to get approved by the right people and sent out to the right channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Spredfast is great when it comes to bulk uploaded and scheduling out content onto your social sites in the future. The bulk upload tool is very easy and makes things efficient. Spredfast analytics by initiative are an amazing way to see how well your content is performing and how many people are engaging with your content. It is a great tool to make sure you stay on track with engagement.,For some reason, Spredfast runs very slowly. It times out and has errors way more than I would like. It can be very frustrating. Spredfast doesn't have a very good content tracking system. Because not all people have access to the content sent out through Spredfast, we still have to manually account for the content we put out and track its approval process for legal and auditing purposes. Spredfast only has Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to send content to. I would love it if it had other social sites like Instagram, Sharepoint, YouTube. Spredfast doesn't have a good way to respond to current comments in real-time using their approval process. Although they have collections that show different feeds of different social sites. The option is there to respond to them in real-time, but the response does not go through an approval path. We need this capability in order to respond to our followers in real time.,HCCMIS Social Influence has increased by 227% in one quarter. Referral traffic from Facebook is up 37% in one quarter. Referral traffic from LinkedIn is up 42% in one quarter. About 30% of my accounts have been discovered using social media.,5,6Spredfast - best in class social CRMSocial Listening. Content deployment: We publish four main types of content: 1) Branding and advertising (promotion of new lines, etc.). 2) Amplification of PR events. 3) Reputation management. This is really responding to escalated customer service issues. We have a call center to manage customer service issues, but Spredfast does not integrate with this system. 4) Social campaigns. These are themed campaigns for which we create original content. Robust labeling for detailed analytics: This is a new feature in Spredfast, and is extremely valuable to us. The problem with social analytics is that there is no consistency regarding metrics across platforms like Twitter and Facebook - they all measure slightly different things. It's very difficult to get aggregate reporting at the granular campaign level. Labeling solves this problem by making it possible to tag everything related to a social campaign and aggregate metrics at the campaign level. This allows us to mine all the social data per campaign and really understand what is happening.,Even with a great UX, it can always be easier and faster.,Spredfast has allowed us to ramp up our social advertising efforts, resulting in an increase in ROI.,9,9,10,0,This is our primary tool for listening for, identifying and responding to all social inquires made to Brooks Brothers. It's also our primary content deployment system for social.,,,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,9,Online training Self-taught,8,I recommend a combination of both online training from the services team, supplemented by their online tools.,No,9,8,10,8,SiteCatalyst (Omniture): This is important for us to understand the conversion funnel. We know that social typically doesn't have a very high conversion rate compared to email and other channels. However, even if social is unlikely to be the last touch resulting in a sale, it is definitely part of the conversion funnel. Integration of Spredfast with SiteCatalyst helps us to understand attribution. For example, a large number of people might be driven to our website by a social campaign. It's very helpful to understand who among them converted following additional touches through other channels.,BazaarVoice: We use BazaarVoice's Q&A functionality called "Ask and Answer" to manage customer questions. It would be nice to integrate Spredfast with this so that there could be a single place to resolve customer issues, rather than two separate places. This would allow us to track response times, etc. in a centralized way.,Splash Media Review of SpredfastSpredfast provides my team with a unique and clear perspective of the social media landscape they manage on behalf of clients. Social media analytics are clear and easy to understand giving our people actionable data.,For us, we love how well the listening streams integrate with our workflow. It's easy for one person to identify a conversation or great content and pass it to another team member or repurpose it for a post. Content labels are a huge plus. They allow you to mark content that later be sliced and analyzed to help garner better business decisions.,We're a social media agency and collectively spend a huge amount of time on listening, content curation and leveraging data to drive decisions. Spredfast has helped us expedite all those tasks and save us time.,9,9Spredfast to VictoryContent labeling. Getting metrics for every campaign is always quick and easy, you can even export your metrics onto a spreadsheet for easier reporting Social inbox, I can easily keep track of, not only my own campaigns, but also of any other conversation I want to track and even measure. Customer service. The Spredfast customer service team, on top of providing top of the line videos to get the user more acclimated with their product, they also respond to any customer service query within MINUTES.,There are no tools for native retweeting, making one go to the native Twitter app in order to do so. The content bank tool could be a little more robust, I wish there was a way to archive tweetable content (links and such) - or a bank content that one could format into a tweet at a later date.,Spredfast has led to increased efficiency, we can find out when to tweet, who to tweet to, and what kind of content works very quickly. Metrics reports thanks to Spredfast are now much more comprehensive and robust. The content labeling tools are key to the Spredfast experience where you can measure campaigns against other campaigns. This makes sure we can deliver better content at MassChallenge. Better customer service, we have a better idea of who our supporters are thanks to Spredfast. The social inbox tools make sure we can highlight certain tweets coming in to the best employee able to deal with the question.,10,10Good foundation, still has improvement to do thoughMonitors across many different content streams Presents top metrics in dashboard view that is easily plugged-into client presentations Ease of use in setting up searches,Presentation of streams can get confusing if you have a bunch set up. Requires scrolling across many different columns to get to the ones you want for a specific report. Dashboard views are nice, but not-customizable Search functions seemed a little lacklustre,Identification of a spokesperson for a major brand. Huge return on this one. It was a celebrity but no one knew they were tweeting "on the down-low" about the brand Early warning identification of problems Ability to hone in on specific tags and streams helped frame the conversation we monitored,6,6Quick and To The Point: Spredfast ReviewSpredfast has extensive data exports that are easily manipulated into actionable reports.,Their IT open ticket time can use improvement. Faster response and a free flow of communication so the user knows that actions are being taken to fix the problem. Sometimes server speed is very slow. Dashboards and data takes time to load onto the screen. Spredfast needs to ping the APIs of the social channels more frequently so that data is as real time as possible.,All the data, easily obtainable in one place allowed for quicker and cleaner data pulls to provide analysis,7,7Finally... A New Method of Marketing!Mass Relevance does an excellent job at pooling different aspects of social media that are popular today, such as Twitter and Instagram. Social Media continues to be of utmost importance in communicating with customers, and Mass Relevance allows for easy capitalization on that factor. It is incredibly easy to manage. You can click on a stream, and approve or reject content that is queued for a particular segment on the site. In this way, you are able to control what media/content you are displaying on your page at all times. It has a clean design, and can be altered to suit any format or layout that you or your company prefers. I was able to draw a picture of the layout that I wanted, and that was directly translated to the Mass Relevance page.,While the content is easy to approve or reject, I had to go through each stream and reject the same content once they were already used on a particular queue. It would be useful to have an option to reject content in other streams that could pop-up when you are going through content/ The page was slow to load at times, and definitely had to be adjusted based on which browser was used to access it. Some of the panels of content on the page that had a rotation of photos to cycle through would seem stagnant, or would only cycle through the most recently approved photos. While this may be preferred by other users, I would have liked it to do a complete cycle of content.,8,The Mass Relevance page housed our Intern Video Series, which got approximately 3,500 views in 8 weeks. This was amazing since it was the first time that the company implemented the project. There was an increased interest in the internship program by other employees within the company, since the page was a fun way to keep track of their progress throughout the program. The page definitely accrued more interest from students themselves in the company's internship programs, and using the page as a marketing tool was used to increase the number of applications to those programs.,8Great Enterprise Platfrom For Cross Functional AreasThe onboarding process is seamless and extremely efficient. It's a matter of flipping a switch and the platform is built for you and your company's needs. The customer service is top notch. Both from the support side and the account relationship side. When working with platforms that rely on a third party, customer service is essential and Spredfast has nailed it. Extremely timely and helpful. They take ordinary expectations and far exceed them. When implementing an enterprise social platform for an organization, a lot of times there might be folks who aren't so socially tech-savvy. The educational resources provided by Spredfast help bridge that gap.,Mobile - Was surprised to see a lack of mobility with the software. But, this is in the works and currently in beta. So soon to come. UI - I am a very visual person so this is extremely important. When first using the platform it seemed very clunky - UI-wise - but sense then they have slowly made progress in the right direction. Still room for plenty of improvement. Platfrom Collaboration - Some of the collaboration functionally with team members within the platform could be better or enhanced. Having a chat function within the tool itself would be a tremendous benefit and perk.,Better customer service. It allows us to better monitor the space with various cross-functional areas within the organization. Increased efficiency when using Macros. This allows us to eliminate steps and clicks being able to respond to customer inquiries much quicker.,8,8A professional SMMS for big brands with budget.After a previous SMMS and some time spent in an accurate search, the marketing department of the company I work for (as Social Media Coordinator) chose Spreadfast. The company was looking for an advanced tool to share among customer service and social media marketing departments.,High level of innovation and customization Good if you need to triage Advanced tool for web analytics,Canned answers. The way you manage and make available canned answers is time costing. I donno if it's a problem by Spreadfast or by Facebook but it happens that while you are performing actions via Spreadfast there are delays or technical issues in having them done.,7,Pricey Slow Not high learning curve,Tracx,Hootsuite,Tweetdeck,Buffer,7Spredfast Review from Consumer Community ManagersTweet scheduling. Geo-targeting on Facebook posts. Inclusion of post categories for analysis.,Image inclusion/preview within Facebook posts.,increased efficiency lack of working on weekends for employees,1,8Highly SatisfiedEase of use for my team who sets up and creates the streaming platform Seamless transfer of my company's branding onto products Customer Support,Filtering out consumers who are over-tweeting or filling up the feed.,9,Increased audience engagement with social media Increase audience participation in company events Given our audience the feeling like they are involved with the company,10Spredfast is the SMMS all the other SMMSs want to be likeAllows users to monitor multiple social initiatives while managing, scheduling and promoting their content across all social channels on a daily basis. Provides detailed analytics for each initiative, enabling users to define realistic goals and report on social successes. Offers users a variety of customer support tools to optimize their experience, including tutorials, videos and training sessions. Delivers relevant and timely updates to keep users at the forefront of innovation and technology.,Minor performance lags and aesthetic glitches that are probably only noticeable to those who work in the platform 7+ hours a day. While the software is largely intuitive, it can be intimidating to someone with limited SMMS experience.,Measurable analytics of daily activity, including proactive and reactive engagement with multiple client communities. Expedited response time through advanced monitoring and publishing systems. Eliminated time spent retroactively fixing the results of frequent bugs and system errors often experienced with previous SMMS providers.,10,10Pleased with SpredfastSpredfast enables RadioShack to monitor incoming social messages from fans and ensure that they're handled appropriately Spredfast allows RadioShack to efficiently manage our posting schedule and easily pull reports to judge the performance of those outgoing posts,The metrics/analytics can be a bit of a chore to navigate, and I can't always get the actual metrics that I'm looking for. If you add too many streams, Spredfast can slow down and become less speedy.,We're able to measure our impressions for various campaigns and map those to instore visits/online transactions.,7,7Very strong analytics. Not ideal for competitor tracking.Ease of on boarding new accounts. Once everything has been set up, adding new social accounts is very simple. Analytics are very strong. Not everything is tracked, but Spredfast is very good at tracking accounts, campaigns, conversions etc. Scheduled publishing is a breeze. Most issues we have encountered are a result of some issues with the Twitter API, and not Spredfast. The company is extremely easy to work with. We have made many product suggestions and they have frequently listened to us and made changes that we suggested.,There are some minor issues in exporting data. Depending on which channels are supported for a given brand, when we export data, the rows and columns do not always match up perfectly. Competitor data (our competitors) is not built-in. For example, account growth for our competitors are is not easy to track. We actually use a competitive product (Wildfire) to do this.,Main operational benefit is time savings. It’s now possible for us to schedule posts across multiple channels simultaneously. The time this saves the team can be spent on higher-order work such as actually being social: interacting with customers!,9,30,10,1,Outbound marketing campaigns / brand management (By March 2010) Management of disparate Facebook and Twitter corporate accounts with message scheduling / monitoring and rolled-up analytics. We monitor the following social media properties: Facebook Twitter RSS Feeds YourTube Flickr Blogs,,Vendor implemented,10,In-person training,9,No,9,7,10,Currently integrated with Omniture and Google for web analytics.,we are looking at integrating with SFDC (primarily for customer service) but have not done so yet.,As an early customer, we likely got preferential pricing. Pricing model has changed recently: • Initially, pricing was by “initiative” which is analogous to brand. We have 13 total initiatives. • They have recently switched to a set-based modelSpredfast - Because you live and die by the analytics.Amazing for analytics, tracking, and social media trends. Good for listening to the social landscape of your brand. Great for consolidating and monitoring all your social media profiles in one place.,Can be overwhelming for first time users. Easy to get lost in "set-up" and customization of feeds.,Increased efficiency in social media management for brands.,8,8Spredfast is a great platformWith Spredfast, I can specifically target certain people and the analytics are great. Spredfast is easy to learn, user-friendly and visually appealing. I like how I can see all social conversations happening about my company in one place.,Spredfast is great for all of our needs at this time.,We are in the beginning stages of using Spredfast, but it has helped us so far get visibility into all the social conversations about our company.,10,10Spredfast - Highly RecommendedContent Planning: Able to plan ahead and schedule out the approved content for each client. Collections: Able to select keywords to pull articles, blogs, and reviews mentioning those keywords on the internet. Analytics: Directly pulls insights from platform, but also uses other algorithms to give a better insight into the consumer, content, and platform habits.,Facebook API: Spredfast does a great job of doing what they can for Facebook - but because of the privacy of this API, it limits any third party tool to be accurate 100% of the time.,Positive: Spredfast has given our company countless reasons to use them for our 60+ clients and be able to manage and project manage all the content that has to be distributed on a daily basis.,10,10A social marketing suite with stellar service, competitive productExcellent tool for managing 100+ business users, setting permissions and analysis of customer engagement and business user activity Excellent tool for publishing to Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus in our use case Best-in-class for customer service management and escalation,Mobile has needed improvement and Spredfast is making progress on that Still some strides to make in analytics and UI,Net positive,9,10Non-stop innovation!Workflows and auditing: Spredfast allowed me to see how often my community manager was posting, how often she was creating content that was engaging, and what the best times for her to post were. I could add an intern to an approval path so that her posts weren't published without being vetted by a senior employee. I could assign replies to Spredfast users with due dates -- and then measure how often they replied on time. Everything that takes place within Spredfast has an audit trail -- I could see who edited what and when, who highlighted what for whom, and so on. Through the platform, you can measure reach of social campaigns, manage social CRM, tag content for R&D, and even pull in your Google Analytics stats to create a more complete view of what you're doing online. Security -- for a national brand like Jason's, it's really important for us to keep our Twitter and Facebook logins private instead of sharing them with multiple users. Because of the way Spredfast works, you can grant access in a LOT of really customized ways without ever giving up logins or passwords (e.g., granting access to Twitter but not Facebook, or to just one Facebook page even if you have 200 of them). When someone leaves the company, you simply turn off access. No need to change all of your credentials.,I do wish there had been a seamless way to integrate email marketing stats into the social CRM piece and the analytics.,Reduction in customer service and marketing overhead, increase in customer frequency, among others.,10,10,10,Measurement and reporting Workflows and auditing Allows a company to see what's possible in the social landscape Publishing and listening at scale,,,Implemented in-house,10,Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,8,It was easy for me because, again, I'm a geek. For others, I'd recommend joining Spredfast's webinars for ongoing training.,No,10,7,9,7, Email vendor(s),
Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)
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Score 8.0 out of 101
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Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Reviews

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)
109 Ratings
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Travis Burchart profile photo
October 16, 2014

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Review: "Spredfast - A Social Media Relationship Platform offering great tools and spectacular customer service."

Score 6 out of 10
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Spredfast is easy to use, and customer support responds within minutes. Also, they continue to upgrade the product, which means they're responding and reacting to customer needs and input and to the always changing landscape of social media.
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Christina Hadly profile photo
October 25, 2013

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Review: "A Winner at Analytics, Spredfast Fails at UI and Social CRM"

Score 3 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

At the company that uses Spredfast, I don't make the purchasing decisions, so our Spredfast contract will undoubtedly be renewed. However, I also manage another company's social media presence, and I do make the purchasing decisions there. When transitioning them away from Hootsuite, I didn't even consider Spredfast because I don't like their UI or calendar features. Instead, I purchased the tool SproutSocial, which has a much better UI, is more intuitive, and incorporates social CRM features. SproutSocial easily tracks mentions of your company name and brand keywords, then funnels them into one integrated inbox. Spredfast insists on separating things into "streams", and doesn't really allow you to funnel social mentions to customer service or sales teams.
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Ryan Miller profile photo
January 13, 2014

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium): "Splash Media Review of Spredfast"

Score 9 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

The customer and tech support we have access to is amazing. I've vetted plenty of social media tools and platforms and many of them overlap in service so having excellent customer support is key. We're going on our second year with Spredfast and look forward to many more.
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Jibran Malek profile photo
November 12, 2013

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Review: "Spredfast to Victory"

Score 10 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

Even with some of it's cons, I have never been disappointed with Spredfast. Before acquiring Spredfast, I researched a ton of tools but Spredfast has easily been the best one. It's content labels and automatic link shortening (you can even sync it to your account) is incredibly useful for social media management. This is definitely a tool you'll want to look into.
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Jay Boynton profile photo
November 02, 2013

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Review: "Good foundation, still has improvement to do though"

Score 6 out of 10
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Would have gone higher but in the interest of having experience with a wider field of tools it would be better to see what else is out there. It was good for reporting on a specific hashtag conversation or specific @ mention stream and is straightforward to set that up. But generating outputs beyond the dashboard view required doing some manual work that took a bit of time. Also not being able to see the # of Twitter followers for a particular person's account from the dashboard was an unwelcome delay forcing us to click into each person's account to calculate reach.
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Gino Abbate III, MBA profile photo
November 01, 2013

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium): "Quick and To The Point: Spredfast Review"

Score 7 out of 10
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With more publishing platforms hitting the market with advanced analytics functions, Spredfast needs to stay up to date and ahead of the curve to continue to be relevant in the space.
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Amanda Botha profile photo
October 31, 2013

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Review: "Finally... A New Method of Marketing!"

Score 8 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

Overall, I think that Mass Relevance is a great platform as a marketing tool for any program, event or product. There is power in it's ability to pool media and content with a pre-approval process. It could use some improvement on the user interface of the page, but overall it is fun, new and exciting! I would definitely work with Mass Relevance again if I had the opportunity, or recommend it to other companies/customers.
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No photo available
October 26, 2013

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Review: "Spredfast - Because you live and die by the analytics."

Score 8 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

There is no product like Spredfast. Our company lives and dies by the analytics, and to date we have not seen a more comprehensive analytics structure for any social media management tool. Spredfast support is also fantastic, responding and resolving any and all questions, ideas, or complaints, usually in 24 hours.
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No photo available
January 13, 2014

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Review: "A social marketing suite with stellar service, competitive product"

Score 10 out of 10
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Likelihood to Renew

Service support is outstanding and the product meets our business need. The hesitancy to renew is the "unknown" of which social networks we prioritize in the future and how Spredfast innovates to meet the need.
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Sentiment analysis (23)
Broad channel coverage (29)
Content planning and scheduling (28)
Audience targeting (24)
Content optimization (5)
Workflow management (25)
Automated routing and prioritization (20)
Customer interaction histories (23)
Bulk actions (22)
Lead generation (9)
Content marketing (18)
Paid media management (2)
Campaigns and promotions (20)
Twitter (30)
Facebook (31)
LinkedIn (20)
Google+ (16)
Instagram (30)
Pinterest (14)
YouTube (20)
Campaign success analytics (26)
Real-time tracking (27)
Competitor analysis (21)
Role-based user permissions & privileges (31)
Mobile access (28)

About Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)

According to the vendor, Khoros is a customer engagement platform built to turn siloed knowledge into enterprise value, and customers into contributors. By connecting consumer insights across all departments, the vendor claims Khoros gives companies the ability to run their business with their customers, anticipating their needs and accelerating sales, loyalty, and innovation. With 2,000+ customers, including 52 of the Interbrand 100, and ten offices globally, Khoros powers approximately 500 million digital interactions every day. From social media to online communities and messaging to digital customer care, the vendor says Khoros helps companies authentically connect with customers throughout their journey.

The vendor promises that Khoros Marketing enables brands to engage customers with meaningful campaigns that foster loyalty and drive business results. Key benefits include:

Scalable Workflows: Orchestrate social campaigns across teams and accounts to drive business results.
Actionable Insights: Be in lockstep with your market, your competition, and your audiences.
Strong Governance: Proactively govern across your social footprint.
Meaningful Analytics: Connect your social performance to larger business objectives.

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Features

Listening/monitoring Features
Has featureBoolean keyword searches
Has featureFiltering out noise/spam
Has featureSentiment analysis
Has featureBroad channel coverage
Publishing Features
Has featureContent planning and scheduling
Has featureAudience targeting
Does not have featureContent optimization
Has featureWorkflow management
Engagement Features
Has featureAutomated routing and prioritization
Has featureCustomer interaction histories
Has featureBulk actions
Marketing Features
Has featureLead generation
Has featureContent marketing
Does not have featurePaid media management
Has featureCampaigns and promotions
Channel coverage/integration Features
Has featureTwitter
Has featureFacebook
Has featureLinkedIn
Has featureGoogle+
Has featureInstagram
Has featurePinterest
Has featureYouTube
Reporting/analytics Features
Has featureCampaign success analytics
Has featureReal-time tracking
Has featureCompetitor analysis
Account management Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions & privileges
Has featureMobile access

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Integrations

Bitly, Brandwatch, Domo, Google Analytics, NetBase, Opal, Origami Logic, Oracle Siebel CRM, Synthesio, Symantec, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Bynder Enterprise DAM, Widen Collective, Smarsh Connected Suite (formerly Actiance), Bazaarvoice, Crimson Hexagon, Grabyo, IBM, Kenshoo, Linkinfluence, RadiumOne, Salesforce, Tableau, Vizrt,, Pandorabots,,

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Competitors

Adobe Social, Sprinklr Social + Messaging Suite, Salesforce Social Studio


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Optional

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Support Options

 Paid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:Spredfast has many customers with global deployments
Supported Languages: Any language the Social Networks themselves support