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What is Lecorpio?

Lecorpio is a software platform for intellectual property (IP) and trademark management. It was acquired by Anaqua in 2017.
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What is Lecorpio?

Lecorpio is a software platform for intellectual property (IP) and trademark management. It was acquired by Anaqua in 2017.

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Score 7 out of 10
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Lecoprio is used by a single department in our firm and is fundamental to our relationship with our clients. Through Lecorpio, we communicate directly with our clients to provide documents and, more basically, to keep track of all our records in an organized manner.
  • Lecorpio is easy to use. Uploading documents is very quick and intuitive, as is accessing them later.
  • The ability to edit the information in the system for each record is straight forward.
  • Creating new connected records off existing records is quite easy and allows you to easily edit important details before the final creation, which is a plus.
  • It would be nice if there was a place in each record that would show a map indicating how each record is connected to each other within a family of records. As in, which records were created off which records, as a sort of family tree.
  • When uploading documents to a record, you are often limited by uploading only a single document for each activity. Occationally it would be helpful to have the option to "add" more uploads. Alternatively, there is no way to remove an uploaded document without replacing it or deleting the activity completely. An "x-out" option would be helpful.
  • When you are adding activities, the activities automatically organize by the date they were created, rather than the execution date included in the record. There is no way to reorganize activities in a record in cases where documents were not uploaded chronologically. In this case, you have to delete all the activities that are out of order and re-add them, which is a time sink.
I think that Lecorpio is well suited for keeping track of intellectual property records because it is easy to to navigate, upload, and edit specific information. I think it is useful for small families of records. However, without a easy way to see a "family tree" of how records were created, Lecorpio may be less useful for large families of records.
  • As a system that is easy to use, it is a big time saver. We can quickly upload all the records were need with the no-nonsense interface, and get more done in less time.
  • CPA Global's Memotech
CPA Global's Memotech has the benefit that Lecorpio does not of including a basic family tree in their records. While it is by no means perfect or exhaustive, it is a good start for a necessary feature. However, uploading documents in Memotech is slow and painful and often involves many errors. You also upload separately from the activity you have created and have to go search for the activity to make sure the document is put in the right place. In contrast, Lecorpio is fast, easy, and efficient for uploading.
Score 3 out of 10
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One of the big corporate clients at my previous firm used Lecorpio to communicate with their outside counsel regarding patent legal matters. The platform was used for reporting filings and correspondence, storing files and for communications between the client and the firm. Lecorpio replaced the previous ways of reporting and communicating via email, facsimile, US Mail, and telephone.
  • It's convenient to have the whole case history, including correspondence in one place online.
  • It makes the patent prosecution process more efficient when everyone is using one platform and there are set, easy ways of doing certain things: for example, reporting takes less time when it's done via Lecorpio rather than drafting and sending emails.
  • It is more secure to send privileged documents via Lecorpio because the risk of typing a wrong email address and sending a document to the wrong person is eliminated.
  • Personally, I did not like the Lecorpio interface that we used (it was all dull grey), it lacked the aesthetic quality that other platforms have (for example, Ipendo)
  • Some of the features were confusing. Sometimes, we would report things under certain categories and then we would get emails from the client to upload them. It would have been helpful to have all features be very simple and straightforward, so that there is no confusion about where to find certain files. Simpler categorizations would have been nice.
  • By comparison, I think that Ipendo was more user-friendly and easy to follow than Lecorpio.
Lecorpio was really good for reporting items such as patent office correspondence. Quick and easy. Communication with the client was a little more confusing on that platform. The attorneys that I worked with continued to use regular email and telephone, which resulted in the file history on Lecorpio not being complete.
  • Ipendo
Ipendo has a better interface and I feel like it is more intuitive to use in the patent prosecution field. It is
clear and easy - the tabs clearly define items hidden under them, it is easy to upload and download items to and from that platform.

On the other hand, I like that Lecorpio automatically stored the correspondence sent via the platform and in Ipendo, it has to be saved separately, so Lecorpio has that advantage (one less step).
Alex Mende | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Lecorpio is used by one of our clients to track and manage their IP portfolio.
  • Well, it's super easy to find what your looking for, as there are so many different fields for searching. It even handles Boolean searches pretty well... and partial searches.
  • The layout is easy to read, logical and clear.
  • It seems like a fairly stable application. I don't recall it "going down" much.
  • The updates are few and far between. I have had issues where the laws surrounding docket requirements were slow to keep up and going in manually to change docket dates is kind of cumbersome. It's been a while though since I had to do that....
  • As a management for references, this leaves much to be desired. It is cumbersome to enter references and I'm not aware that is cross cites at all.
  • It does seems slow to changes-- we requested an annuity tab be added-- takes a while to implement.
As I said, I'm not aware that Lecorpio is particularly robust when it comes to tracking cross-related patent applications. It seems great for tracking docket dates and general management proposes which works well for smaller clients with "simple" portfolios. But clients with large, complex interrelated applications would not be a solid choice.
  • Foundation IP
This is a better choice for tracking references for cross-cited application families. Lecorpio doesn't distinguish between families and applications related only by subject matter. However, its layout is poor and I would choose to have different information in the header, more like the Lecorpio set ups and layout. It also seems slower to use, more cumbersome in navigation.
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