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Josh Randall | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2020

MailChimp is an awesome email marketing tool

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mailchimp to communicate with our growing subscriber list about the annual event our company promotes. We send campaigns for everything from information to promoting the sales of products. We've found Mailchimp to be easy to use and works really well for everything we need to do. The ability to schedule campaigns is especially great. We use it for our entire organization. It solves the problem of being able to easily send email blasts to our website users without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  • Managing audiences is easy and there are a lot of features such as groups, segments, and tags which are great for organization and targeting specific contacts.
  • The design capabilities of Mailchimp are great. Very simple and straight-forward.
  • I really like the ability to automate campaigns. This is especially helpful for new subscribers and lead generation.
  • I've found the process for accessing individual automation emails to be a little unintuitive.
  • Either I can't find it or it doesn't exist, but an easy way to resend a campaign to new subscribers would be great. I don't want to have to duplicate the campaign and send it out as a separate campaign.
I think Mailchimp is great for very small to very large companies. I've used the free account option for smaller businesses and a paid account for a larger business I own and it's great for both. Even in the free account version, you get tons of features and when you're ready to step it up you can easily switch to a paid account which has even more features and allows for larger subscriber lists.
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Brian Chung | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2020

Great to start, not the best as you scale

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is used to send newsletters for our marketing department and sales funnels for our sales department. We use automated emails to create an onboarding process for our customers. We use segmentation to send certain emails to specific groups of people, from purchasers to non-purchasers, to US customers versus international customers.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use design system
  • Analytics aren't good at all, I want to see more data on segmentation, tags, etc.
  • Automated emails don't have options for how people may or may not respond.
Mailchimp is good for someone who is beginning and wants something simple to use for newsletters. It's good for someone who also has no experience with design. It's probably one of the easiest ways to design a newsletter. Mailchimp is good for people who also want to link up their e-commerce store to a newsletter platform.
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Erin Spencer | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2020

Mailchimp is a great content marketing platform

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our agency has several clients who utilize Mailchimp. Primarily these clients (both B2B and B2C companies) utilize Mailchimp for regular newsletters with some using automation features based on user activity.
  • Ease of use, not a high learning curve.
  • Helpful guides.
  • I think automation features could have some more bells and whistles similar to more robust platforms out there.
  • Lead scoring features would be cool to see.
I think Mailchimp is really great for companies wishing to keep up newsletters and utilize some more basic automation features. For those who may be looking to streamline platforms a bit more to manage both communication and sales tracking in one place, I think there are better options out there, but as far as emailing is concerned I find Mailchimp to be the easiest platform to use with the lowest learning curve.
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Jason Revilla | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 13, 2020

Mailchimp is THE Email Marketing Platform for the majority of non-ecommerce businesses

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company has used Mailchimp for the last 7+ years as our primary email marketing vehicle. We've used it to manage various customer communications across numerous customer types.
  • List management is a breeze.
  • Automation sequences are easy to set up from scratch or via templates.
  • The campaign builder is easy to use to build visually stunning emails.
  • It's not easy for less technically skilled people to integrate with specific e-commerce platforms.
  • User website/ activity tracking is not as robust as some other providers in the space.
Mailchimp is excellent for 95% of companies, and 100% of companies who need to send emails to their customers while providing an easy way to sign them up. However, given our growing e-commerce presence and the need for easier to control user activity triggers, list segmentation, list flexibility. We needed to move. If you have customers who you need to move regularly across segments or new lists, you'll hit some roadblocks here. You are charged for every time a user appears on a list, which is frustrating. They've recently introduced user labels/tagging, which brings them a step closer to the likes of Klaviyo & Drip, but they still are not nearly as customizable.
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Angel Rojas | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 13, 2020

Customer satisfaction in the marketing process.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This platform allows the correct development of a marketing system [to increase] customer satisfaction when making the purchase or sale process or any subscription. I believe that this platform has provided the best possible features to develop a stable marketing system throughout my company. Together with the collaboration of all my employees we have been able to make the most of it to improve the sales process of our company in its entirety. Mailchimp offers really fast results compared to other platforms that take a little longer. I hope this platform can satisfy me for much longer in my company.
  • It provides me with a quick self-response system capable of notifying me when a client has sent an email to our system so that it receives an automatic response.
  • It provides rapid implementation for any company, which allows any user to implement them without any complications.
  • It offers the ability to create all types of advertising campaign with an exclusive design using the templates provided by the same platform.
  • Its operation on mobile devices is not really pleasant since currently the mobile phone application does not offer a corresponding notification system, since it sends notifications after a long time has passed.
  • The prices offered by this platform for each of its plans are really high, which does not allow small companies to access these great features.
  • The process of creating weekly reports on advertising campaigns is inefficient, since it creates reports and graphs automatically but they are not really accurate with the amount of subscriptions that each campaign has had.
This platform is really appropiate for those companies that want to have an extremely simple marketing system, since currently this platform adapts to the needs of the user and provides operation without any complications. In addition, this platform would not be able to function in a correct way in companies that do not want to invest in advertising, since its benefits will begin to be noticed as it is invested in the platform.
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Erin Paul | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 12, 2020

Come for the free version, stay for the scalability

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is a great solution for keeping in touch with our donors and supporters by email. We use Mailchimp to manage our mailing list database, and we also use it to send out quarterly newsletters, concert announcements, fundraiser asks, and other email communications we may need to share with our audiences. As the executive director, I am able to access our Mailchimp account, and I also manage another volunteer who is ultimately responsible for sending out the quarterly newsletters.
  • Contact management.
  • Subscriber quality - Making sure we aren't sending emails to fake or spam accounts.
  • For our needs, there aren't really any cons to Mailchimp.
Mailchimp is great for organizations that need a simple, all in one solution for managing email list subscribers and sharing basic email updates with a fan base or donor base. We love that we can see the open rate and analytics, so we can gauge which of our emails are most interesting to our supporters. We also like the ease that comes with using the built-in templates.
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Deirdre Makepeace | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 11, 2020

Mailchimp helps out little theatre generate bookings

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is used to send out weekly updates on theatre events, new releases, and offers. Our main list is consumers that have visited the theatre and signed up to receive these updates. This complements other online and offline promotional activities and the listings links straight to event booking pages.
  • Easy layout templates that make it easy to create a good visual impression.
  • Simple content editing with spellcheck.
  • Some challenges with cut and paste changing font styles.
Mailchimp is ideal for managing a GDPR compliant database and is an effective way of reaching customers beyond standard mail.
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Rob Race | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 11, 2020

Mailchimp is alright

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As a solo founder, I have used Mailchimp to manage subscriber lists and send emails to email subscribers, beta app users and customers of SaaS apps. In general sending emails has been relatively easy but creating and using custom forms has left much to be desired.
  • Design basic emails.
  • Set up basic settings for an outgoing email.
  • Creating custom form is painstaking.
  • Trying to use your own JavaScript with their API does not work.
Mailchimp could be best suited for those who have very simple needs. If you can collect email and user information through a basic medium that does not need to be deeply integrated and you are simply sending emails to the list of those that have subscribed, Mailchimp should work very well.
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Rose Grant | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 11, 2020

Love it all the way

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We’re using it for all marketing emails including newsletters, event promotion and follow up. The whole organization relies on it for mass emails. Business problems it solves is that’s it’s nice templates and emails are easy for our admins to make. We save a lot of time being able to just drag and drop images and easily adjust the text.
  • Design.
  • Easy for admins.
  • More templates.
  • Tips for good emails.
It’s good for all organizations. Really the only thing would be the price for large email lists. It saves time with drag and drop features, templates, and easy scheduling. It’s great for a relatively small organization with a comms team in charge of so many tasks so it’s nice for the emails to be easily made and scheduled. Reporting after the fact and getting. Data on open rates are great too.
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Brandon Mitchell | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

A great way to dip your toe into email marketing

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp was used as our primary marketing vehicle. Any one-off promotions or campaigns designed to generate revenue were deployed through this platform by the email analyst. It mainly served as a way to keep our transnational, newsletter and marketing emails all separated in an effort to keep email deliverability as high as possible in those different realms.
  • Mailchimp Free - Mailchimp has a free option that is the absolute best option for businesses that are looking to dip their toe into marketing.
  • Easy-to-use - This is one of the more intuitive platforms to use.
  • Not as easily customizable as other platforms - This is kind of similar to Apple, where products are easy to use until you want to particular custom things that just aren't as easily made available as other platforms.
MailChimp absolutely has value for anyone looking to use it, but I'd highly recommend this for new businesses that are just starting to dip their toe into email marketing. If I had to guess, I'd imagine the majority of Mailchimp's users are smaller businesses, but I do think it would scale well.
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Edgar Romero Maciel | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

Mailchimp, just about everything you need for email marketing & sales automation

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Mailchimp as our preferred tool for sales and marketing efforts. We currently love the automation process that you can achieve with its easy-to-use interface. We have made several emails to target our franchise leads so they can receive several emails throughout their life-cycle as leads.

Mailchimp also helps us to make on-the-fly emails with its easy-to-use template interface.

You can connect Mailchimp easily with Zapier or Integromat to automate your sales life cycle a little bit more .

Pretty cool application....we definitely recommend it.
  • Templates to create emails
  • Automation of sales cycle
  • Contacts importing and exporting
  • Email design, pretty user friendly interface
  • Contact management
  • Reporting
For sales and marketing departments that would like to automate their initial lead contacts and nurture their relationships in an automated way, this tool is awesome and pretty easy to use. We think that anybody in your marketing department would be delighted to use it since it is very easy to use and configure.
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Dan Hanna | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

Great Email Software with a Solid ROI

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At the Small Business Help Group, we use Mailchimp to blast email campaigns to both cold and warm leads. I use it to put out new promotions as well as reminders about some of the offers we run. We also use Mailchimp on our website in the way of forms for customers to contact us and to automatically be added to the mailing list for whichever promotion they choose to sign up for.
  • The WordPress plugin that Mailchimp provides makes it easy to set up forms on our site.
  • When a customer enters their information into one of our online forms, they are automatically added to that mailing list.
  • It is very simple to set up new email campaigns with the templates they provide.
  • It can become expensive when you have a lot of users to manage.
  • It would be nice if they had separate pricing for "Warm" and "Cold" Leads.
  • The addition of new email templates would be welcomed.
Mailchimp is best suited to take a user that visits our website and make it appealing enough for them to enter their information into a form to be added to a mailing list. They then make it easy to send an email out to all those who have decided to sign up. Also, it is very easy to retarget that same group of people with future offers.
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Dimitris Rakopoulos | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

Mailchimp - an all-around must-have tool for email marketing

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mailchimp in order to communicate our customers' products and services. It is a valuable service that provides the tools to create, monitor and report on any number of campaigns. The latest additions on automations gives us the power to easily create a series of email campaigns in order to target clients throughout the buyer lifecycle.
  • Ease of use and creation of email newsletters
  • Great features in the area of automations
  • Vast amount of integrations with third party systems (ecommerce, crm, etc.)
  • The ability to store inside Mailchimp external data such as sales that can be used for further segmenting a list
It is well-suited to handle any time of email campaign including automations. The built-in email creation engine offers the right tools and options to create mobile-friendly emails.

It lacks the ability to track extensibly web site activity use. The event tracking is somehow limited. Options like tagging use based on their behaviours on the website (or mobile app) would vastly improve the total feature set.
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Tim Sessions | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

MailChimp, the easiest solution to your email marketing

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use MailChimp to send out weekly updates and any other mass correspondence among my clients. I am just using it in a single department. It helps me communicate any upcoming events and webinars.
  • Newslettters
  • Resubscription Notices
  • Other correspondence
  • Pricing
  • A/B Splits
  • Subscription Forms
MailChimp is well suited for sending newsletters. It shouldn't be used to send one off emails.
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Mike McPeak | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

Great for email marketing and more.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mailchimp for our email marketing efforts. We do not have a newsletter, rather we send out highly segmented email. Our total email list is over 18,000 contacts, but at times we have emails sent to less than 1000.
  • Easy Segmentation
  • Unsubscribe management made easy
  • Integration is not easy with an uncommon CRM system
  • Can be pricey
Mailchimp makes audience segmentation for highly targeted email marketing simple and efficient.
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Karee Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

Great free email list tool!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am able to alert my personal customers with news, new products, sales, announcements, events, etc. I like that I can send it to my “business” list of people I have set up.
  • Adding your own images and text is very easy.
  • It’s free.
  • The templates are sometimes not useful and it can be difficult to maintain good formatting, especially in the app.
  • It is hard to change text size.
Anywhere you’d like to send the same email to multiple people, this is an extremely useful tool. I really appreciate that it is free and mostly easy to use. It also gives you reports of who opens it, who clicks on links, etc. the reports are helpful if you need data.
Read Karee Smith's full review
Susan Hammiche | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

Stay connected with your customers with Mailchimp

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Mailchimp is mainly used as a distribution method for our newsletter. We can keep our subscribers up to date with the newest information, products, and services on a weekly basis. The marketing department uses it for the most part. It helps us to communicate with our customers and subscribers as well as collect new subscribers through forms. It also assists in determining what they are and are not interested in.
  • Automation of triggers based on set rules
  • Analysis of email campaigns
  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop email template builder
  • Subscription prices can go very high depending on the email count you have
  • More languages should be available to create emails for people outside the US
  • Customer service can be frustrating at some times
It works well if you have compiled a good amount of emails that opted into your newsletter for example. With just one click you can send one email to thousands of people, track the open and click behavior, and set up follow up triggers based on that. You can also set up autoresponders when someone signs up on your website or blog. Mailchimp makes it easy to spread your message.

It will not work for affiliate marketing or spammers as they have strict rules in place and your list has to be clean. If too many emails bounce, they will put your account on hold to investigate.
Read Susan Hammiche's full review
Jeff Moriarty | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

MailChimp - You Can Beat the Options for the Price!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I not only use this for my 9-5 SEO job, but use it for clients as well. It allows us to send emails to all of our customers very easily. There are also some nice automated features that you can integrate with any platform that you are using for your website. It also easily syncs up with many of my client's website platforms, which makes communication with customers so simple.
  • Email Creation - Very easy to create emails. Drag and drop.
  • Pricing - You can't beat the price. If you are a small business with less than 2,000 customers, it is free!
  • Deliverability - We have never had any issues with emails getting into inboxes.
  • Triggers/Automation - To compete with some of the bigger email platforms, they need more triggers and automation options.
  • Better Support - There is only email and chat support. Phone support would be nice.
  • Better Multistore Support - Better options for companies that are handling multiple websites in one account.
Great for small to medium sized businesses. Large companies would be better suited for more expensive and powerful solutions such as Bronto, Zaius, Klaviyo, Springbot or others on the market. They offer more options, but with that, comes a higher price tag. But if you are a large company, the amount of money you can make should cover it.
Read Jeff Moriarty's full review
Jordan Comstock | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

MailChip is great for small businesses

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MailChimp is currently being used as a secondary email marketing software for my company. We initially used it as the primary email marketing software, but we have moved to a more advanced marketing automation solution. We still maintain MailChimp lists and credits so that we can occasionally send emails from MailChimp.
  • Sending out mass emails
  • List storage
  • Credits for sending
  • Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Organization
MailChimp is perfect for small businesses that want to get started with email marketing. As your company grows, you will likely need to grow out of it into something that is a better fit. It is great for the one size fits all approach to email sending for businesses. It also has a great email builder and great templates, which makes it ideal for someone that has fewer resources in a smaller company.
Read Jordan Comstock's full review
Fabian Kuhn | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2020

Why MailChimp is probably the best allrounder newsletter tool on the market right now

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MailChimp is used by our B2B business department as well as our PR and design team. We're using it as newsletter tool for all of our contact lists in those areas. Additionally, we're even sending an internal employee newsletter once per month via MailChimp.

Due to the fact that we're communicating to customers in multiple languages, the segmentation features of MC also help us a great deal.
  • Easy and fun to use UI which makes newsletter creation a matter of minutes.
  • Mighty segmentation features which make it possible to have one big list of subscribers which you then simply split via segments (e.g. for language, location, interests, gender, ...)
  • Good user management with different roles to make sure that e.g. a lot of people can create new campaigns but only a few can send them.
  • The categorization of campaigns is a little bit confusing. This often causes small problems because users don't know which campaign is meant for which segment / customer group.
  • Bounce rate is still a little bit high for some clients.
  • Responsive layouts don't always work out perfectly yet (especially on smartphones).
Well suited scenarios:
  • General newsletter tool for sending out a lot of campaigns to a lot of different customer groups.
  • Managing newsletters in multiple languages.
  • Have insights about the ROI of your campaigns after sending (connection to google analytics required).

Less appropriate for:
  • Sending single e-mails or e-mails with a very small recipient count. It also works of course but the effort for creating campaigns would simply be too big for that.
Read Fabian Kuhn's full review
Alicia Carter | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 09, 2020

Mailchimp helped us raise money for non-profits to do good!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mailchimp with our non-profit and small business clients to create seamless email marketing fundraising campaigns and newsletters. As a design, marketing, and fundraising team we have found Mailchimp to be easily customizable to fit each brand's voice and up-to-date on trends. Also, we utilize their tools such as A/B testing and pre-built templates to make the marketing process easier once clients take-over the work themselves since our model is a sustainable approach for non-profits! We take advantage of the analytics to inform future decisions, however I have been less impressed with how reports are built within the platform. It is hard to compare months or years as that option within the standard version is not available. Hopefully, this is improved in the future because it hasn't changed my overall review of Mailchimp!
  • Up-to-date on tech trends and a leader in the market.
  • A/B and other testing tools to inform campaign decisions.
  • Better analytics - I want a year to year comparison of email open rates.
  • Connection or partnership to stock photography or design assets.
Mailchimp is great for email marketing when you are not an expert in it. However, if you have a large design and marketing team you may want a product that gives you more flexibility and better analytics. Furthermore, their landing page functionality is very basic and I have yet to implement it, but there is no other product I have found that is better for its purpose so I would highly recommend it.
Read Alicia Carter's full review
Lisa Keyser | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 08, 2020

Mailchimp delivers the right tools for online marketing.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Mailchimp to maintain contact lists of both my clients and prospects. I also manage Mailchimp accounts for several clients, including initial setup and configuration, and maintenance. Mailchimp makes it painless to create and maintain an email marketing list through its many integrations with other software. The free tier in particular makes it incredibly useful to many of my nonprofit clients.
  • Management of multiple email marketing lists
  • Creation & scheduling of email campaigns
  • More finite control over styles when editing
  • I'd love the ability to post emails directly to a website via RSS or other method.
I almost always recommend Mailchimp to my clients or others who are looking for email marketing software. The free tier makes it incredibly attractive for small organizations and nonprofits that don't have large (or any) marketing budgets but still need to communicate with their audience. In particular, Mailchimp is great for groups that use social media because of the integration with several platforms to drive engagement.
Read Lisa Keyser's full review
Christopher Paul | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 08, 2020

Easy to Use Tool for Email Campaigns

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Mailchimp as an effective tool for sending automated newsletter and email campaigns for our faculty members and students. Mailchimp facilitates and improves our communication within our big organization. It allows our IT department to send personalized newsletter/messages for specific groups in our organization e.g. staff, new comer students, senior students, etc., in an effective and automated way.
  • Easy to use
  • Web-based and no need to install any software
  • Great tool for automation
  • Generates reports for better insights
  • Photo editor feature needs some improvements
  • Would be nice to have more templates for email campaigns
Mailchimp can be used for many purposes and in any field that requires sending a lot of emails. This platform is very effective for sending automated emails to a wide group of people and can be very useful for email marketing campaigns and newsletter. It helps our department for save time and get nice feedback from the generated reports.
Read Christopher Paul's full review
Ben Flemming | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 07, 2020

Mailchimp keeps us running

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our staff is all using Mailchimp to send personalized newsletters to keep their supporters up to date. Also, our marketing team manages our core MailChimp account to send newsletters, calls to action, and fundraising campaigns to all our supporters and followers. The main thing it helps us all with is to share stories directly to our supporters in a visually compelling way.
  • Image editing! We don't always get perfectly sized shots, and adding text and captions is so simple.
  • The layout and format of the email message are really easy to work with.
  • List management and targetting.
  • Integration with other apps.
  • Occasionally the text editor doesn't clear styles, bu the WYSIWYG editor is mostly right on.
It is excellent for sending newsletters to our audience. However, it is not great for one on one communication, as my colleagues sometimes try to do. For that, it's best to use a regular email to send the personal message rather than crafting a new campaign in MailChimp.
Read Ben Flemming's full review
Tom Pick | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 07, 2020

A Simple, Cost-Effective Marketing Email Solution for Small Businesses

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use MailChimp for my own business as well as for several clients. It's generally used by marketing to both help build an opt-in email list for the company to use as well to send out emails on either a pre-scheduled or ad hoc basis. It helps us stay in front of prospects and nurture leads throughout the sales process.
  • Provides a pop-up form to collect site visitor email addresses.
  • Helps build your opt-in email list using different forms.
  • Makes it easy to schedule regular communications, such as weekly blog roundups.
  • Could use more flexibility in designing pop-up forms.
  • More sophisticated segmentation and auto email sequences.
  • Simpler UI.
Mailchimp has broad applicability across departments and industries. It's probably not the best choice for large, multi-product organizations with very complex needs for segmentation and features such as conditional branching based on recipient actions, but it's ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses with less than 10,000 contacts and relatively simple needs.
Read Tom Pick's full review

Feature Scorecard Summary

WYSIWYG email editor (205)
Dynamic content (200)
Ability to test dynamic content (193)
Landing pages (146)
A/B testing (168)
Mobile optimization (205)
Email deliverability reporting (223)
List management (220)
Triggered drip sequences (144)
Lead nurturing (2)
Lead scoring and grading (1)
Data quality management (1)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (1)
Calendaring (1)
Event/webinar marketing (1)
Social sharing and campaigns (2)
Social profile integration (1)
Dashboards (62)
Standard reports (218)
Custom reports (40)
API (2)
Role-based workflow & approvals (1)
Customizability (2)
Integration with (2)
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2)
Integration with SugarCRM (2)

About Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one Marketing Platform for small businesses. The vendor says its goal is to help small businesses market smarter so they can grow faster. Mailchimp aims to be the backbone for customer relationships, with AI-powered, user-friendly tools. Mailchimp is designed to put the audience at the center so users can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online. The vendor reports that millions of businesses and individuals - from community organizations to Fortune 100 companies - use Mailchimp to connect with their audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Founded in 2001 and based in Atlanta, GA, Mailchimp has 1000+ employees and is privately held.

Mailchimp Features

Email & Online Marketing Features
Has featureWYSIWYG email editor
Has featureDynamic content
Has featureAbility to test dynamic content
Has featureLanding pages
Has featureA/B testing
Has featureMobile optimization
Has featureEmail deliverability reporting
Has featureList management
Has featureTriggered drip sequences
Lead Management Features
Does not have featureLead nurturing
Does not have featureLead scoring and grading
Does not have featureData quality management
Does not have featureAutomated sales alerts and tasks
Campaign Management Features
Does not have featureCalendaring
Does not have featureEvent/webinar marketing
Social Media Marketing Features
Does not have featureSocial sharing and campaigns
Does not have featureSocial profile integration
Reporting & Analytics Features
Does not have featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Does not have featureCustom reports
Platform & Infrastructure Features
Does not have featureAPI
Does not have featureRole-based workflow & approvals
Does not have featureCustomizability
Does not have featureIntegration with
Does not have featureIntegration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Does not have featureIntegration with SugarCRM

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  • Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
  • Has featureFree or Freemium Version Available?Yes
  • Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
  • Entry-level set up fee?No

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Mailchimp Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android