Marketo is a marketing automation platform with a range of capabilities spanning SMB to enterprise. Basic features include email marketing, drip nurturing, landing pages, and lead scoring, but other editions offer additional advanced features. Typical customers are B2B firms with complex sales cycles. expertise is a career shaperI use Marketo for our global company and across the organization. It solves CRM business requirements as well as personalization. We manage a lean marketing team and run campaigns using Marketo on a global scale. We can fully grow within the Marketo system and continue to segment and personalize and scale.,Trigger campaigns Personalized content Metrics and analytics Salesforce integration API integrations Custom campaign development Design Studio Lead Database Community,Form CSS - make it easier for everyone to modify Landing page guided templates More flexibility for email editor More design options for customization,10,Product Launches Upsell Cross-Sell Customer Service Lead Management Prospecting / New Business,Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio,100,000 to 250,000,B2B,Channels Programs Email Templates Forms Landing Pages Smart Campaigns Lead Scoring Lead Sourcing Segmentation Lead Nurture Reporting/Analytics,Templates, they are full customization available if you know coding Tokens, they are great for enabling others to use the tool Smart campaigns, changing and updating anything I need to,database hygiene and setting up fields accurately, there's always a lot of cleanup and it's easier to start correct from the start then to clean up later, but then again with so many users you are basically always cleaning things in Marketo for us.,FT, LT, MT functionality, preference center and subscription management. Email template design. All these long term projects can be started and you can learn in the community.,Marketo is the Cadillac of marketing automation tools for me, I learned the most on it and it's pretty advanced compared to other tools. I like the tokens, the community, the support it feels very best in class and that all the work I did is already in the system is helpful.,Folders, and archiving assets. I use these to keep my instance organized and it's up to me how I want it to be organized. I can change things. Then I also follow a naming structure to keep everything easy to find and for anyone else who uses the system.,I can use that field for custom reports in Salesforce as well as in Marketo for MT/FT reporting reasons and ROi for marketing campaigns.,Webinar, Events, Product Promotion and Partner related. We also look at strategies and regional focus.,I wish I had more segmentations and could make more than 20 but I do love using them.,For all routing and lead management. I also use them to sync to Salesforce and to move between programs or manage program members.,I use forms for all programs. I wish they had more functionality for styling and for mass pasting form field outputs. I also can't embed and have it recognized in a outside landing page which is frustrating but we have work around.,I build them from scratch using HTML. I also use tokens and the widget functionality.,25,2,Marketing Automation Marketing Activities CRM Salesforce Sync,Slack Integration Tokenized emails for fast email sends MT/FT Tracking ROI Reporting in Salesforce Tableau Reporting,More Tableau reporting Slack Integrations Business Development notifications (Alert emails from Marketo),9,Salesforce Lightning, Trello, Slack,Lead tracking with Munchkin Tracking FT, LT Reporting Marketing Automation,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,I'd probably ask other people by researching review sites and talking to people who use the tool, but also I remember back when I learned Marketo there weren't as many users of Marketo as there are now so it has definitely gotten to be more common recently.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Changes IT Background work taking longer,9,In-person training Self-taught,,I learned over the span of many years so it takes longer but resources are available online and in the Marketo community.,8,Follow the product docs and plan ahead for a long time.,Yes - we have customized the interface extensively,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,Pretty much as much as we could customize, we did.,No,9,Yes,I have had support people quickly answer obscure questions I've had very specific but not obvious questions and they get the answer I need. I'm impressed how even if they don't know the answer right away they figure it out.,Email editor Email programs Smart lists,Design for customizing Complex filters Database management,Yes,9,8,9,9,Salesforce Slack FeedOtter Tableau Facebook LinkedIn Wistia Zoom Webinar Adobe Connect,Homemade data warehouses Google Analytics,File import/export Single Signon API (e.g. SOAP or REST) Javascript widgets AppExchange or similar marketplace,9,I think its a learning curve, but well worth it.,7,8,Users, lead database size, add ons,A less salesy sales process,Yes,Security: http: - https:,Better UI/UX Reporting New features,NoIdeas for a better marketing spaceUsed by Demand Generation team, but DG team supports all other teams like channel marketing, product marketing etc. Business problem - execution of emails, database cleaning, lead scoring Execution of emails - Email is the most important channel for driving registrations for live demo and webinar. Database cleaning - we are performing data hygiene and normalization to remove any duplicates. Segmentation - We have segmented database based on industry and campaign interest for better targeting. Lead scoring - we are scoring leads based on profile and behavior.,Email creation, design studio works smooth Marketo community is helpful Forms are good with progressive profiling It is easier to clone old programs and tokens which saves lot of times It is easier to play around the HTML code in email templates It's integration with third party tools such as Brighttalk, on24 is good,Creation of landing pages are not smooth. One html code is changed from A to B, and let say we want to built on B to create C, Marketo does not allow that. We need to start working with A again to get version C It is impossible to work on HTML/CSS codes of landing pages Marketo should improve the deliverability tool package. It just shows that emails are landing to spam inbox but does not suggest any ways to improve Marketo have velocity scripting so that we can target multiple segments in one segmentation. But velocity scripting is difficult to write,7,Product Launches Cross-Sell Customer Service Prospecting / New Business,Oracle Eloqua and Pardot,Not available,B2B,Channels Programs Email Templates Forms Landing Pages Smart Campaigns Lead Scoring Segmentation Lead Nurture Reporting/Analytics,Email templates - easier to clone - to improve brand awareness Segmentation - easier to create by running the smart lists - better audience targeting Snippets - easier to acheive dynamic content in emails - better audience targeting,Segmentation - Initially we were using smart lists to pull our sendlists for emails which was a time consuming process. Have started using segmentation and it has improved email execution run time.,Marketo community is the best. People are really helpful and respond really fast. I have learned a lot by just reading the questions on community.,Marketo support is very responsive Marketo community is very responsive Marketo have email marketing as well as web personalization Marketo third part integration Marketo revenue cycle model,Tokens helps to avoid re writing the same things while executing the same programs Snippets helps to leverage dynamic content, sending different content to different audience AB testing helps to learn more about the database Smart list helps to execute the programs Triggers to leverage real time changes,It helps in better marketing and sales alignment Sales team can be better targeted and saves a lot of time for them helps to delete the unwanted data in our database,Webinar livedemo social ads,Segmentation is really good.,Form filled in last 30 days to figure out the engagement,Forms have really cool features such as progressive profiling, visibility rules, instruction rules,we customize marketo given templates as per our company branding,In-person training Self-taught,5,Yes, product is very user friendly. In person or online hands on training is not needed. Yes, I will recommend other to just start by watching videos and reading,8,10,8Awesome. Salesforce integration very easy.We use it for sending emails, gathering contact information on our website and at tradeshows, lead scoring, individual product scoring, tracking online behavior, managing leads through the sales cycle.,Nothing.,10,,25,000 to 100,000,Email Templates Forms Smart Campaigns Segmentation Lead Nurture Reporting/Analytics,Marketo's segmentation capabilities allow us to target market efficiently and track results in unique ways.,Marketo's smart campaigns allow us to complete very advanced filters, to target correspondence on customer preference as well as on information that we know increases our response rates. We want our correspondence to be relevant and engaging, advanced filters allow us to do that on a more massive scale.,15,2,Online forms, lead scoring, emails, automated campaigns, landing pages,9,We can track the effectiveness of various campaigns including tradeshows and emails. We can follow the customer all the way through the sale, and more accurately estimate ROI.,Yes,Implemented in-house,10,Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,10,The system is quite intuitive. So although I would recommend attending training so that you can learn the short cuts and best practices, most users could probably be self-taught and still use the software effectively.,No,10,Yes,10,10,9,Salesforce,Webinars.,We were able to negotiate quite a bit on the cost of the software since we were evaluating other companies, and Marketo knew this. They reduced the overall cost for us, and committed to not raising the price by more than 5% per contract renewal. So we know in the future we won't suddenly be stuck with a large cost to renew. I would definitely go back and forth with them when signing, because they WILL negotiate and lower the price. At least that is what we experienced.A great automation optionWe are using Marketo across the business to gather leads by offering content for download, send out marketing assets by email, and track website activity.,Automation Flexibility Scoring,Designing landing pages End to end visibility Support responsiveness,7,Product Launches Upsell Cross-Sell Lead Management Prospecting / New Business,MailChimp,25,000 to 100,000,B2B,Channels Programs Email Templates Forms Landing Pages Smart Campaigns Lead Scoring Lead Sourcing Segmentation Lead Nurture Reporting/Analytics,Guided landing page studio - once templates are created, landing pages are up and running in minutes Lead scoring - makes it easier to automatize everything Email 2.0 editor - great drag and drop functionality,Engagement program - great for nurturing leads,Help in setting up a complex form with multiple options leading to multiple nurture programs,I am less familiar but I think Marketo gives you the most flexibility over other options,Naming conventions are a must, because in the current UI it's hard to find things sometimes.,We use utm fields on forms. Helps us understand which social channels are converting better,n/a,It's basically as flexible and customizable as you want it to be,We use it for scoring, data cleanup, region assignment, and downloads,On all landing pages, very reliable and convert great,We have templates for basic emails as well as newsletters,Emails Smart Campaigns Forms,Reporting Complex campaigns Landing pages,No,7,8,9,9Marketo helps us get more/better leads!Marketo is used by our marketing and support departments primarily. We use it for all emails that go out to our clients and prospects. It allows us to seamlessly integrate with our CRM and communicate effectively with our contacts.,Tracks our leads through a funnel before passing them onto our sales team. Seamless integration with our CRM. Sends emails to our contacts and allows us to target our message based on roles. Allows us to personalize our webpage based on user experience, location and special promotions. Integrates with our webinar providers to allow us to promote our events across multiple channels.,The calendar, while a great addition, is not where we need it to be to track our campaigns and see how many are running within a specific time frame. The analytics section is due for an upgrade in the next few weeks, but for now when you go into RCE, it has a very old look/feel that can be taken the wrong way.,10,Constant Contact,250,000 to 1 million,B2B,20,2,Sending emails, whether promotional or thought leadership, to our clients & prospects Integrating with our CRM to provide a wholistic view to our sales team of all marketing activities Integrating with our event partners allowing us to brand & personalize all parts of a webinar or other virtual event Promoting our annual user conference Allowing us to personalize our website based on a users location or other experiences on our site.,Data quality with our CRM. We have been able to use it to help maintain that our country or state fields are maintained with the values that we want. The same goes for job title which is not available to be a picklist in the CRM.,There is an upcoming integration with SurveyMonkey that we plan on using and cannot wait for it to launch!,10,Marketo has definitely helped with efficiency. We moved from another program where we had to upload lists and could only do them in batches of so many at a time. This and many other factors have made us more efficient! Marketo has helped us with our tracking of leads through the entire funnel. We can now go from an anonymous lead just looking at our website all the way through to closed business. We can also then loop it around again to use our lead process for upsell opportunities which is critical in today's market. Marketo has had a huge impact on us because of its ability to integrate with our CRM. We can now work with sales and customer service to ensure that we have the correct contacts and there is seamless integration to offer them the visibility into what a contact has received.,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I don't think there's anything that I would change about my selection process. We were pretty thorough when looking at the products on the market.,6,No,Nurture streams are extremely easy to perform. You can drag and drop your completed emails into them and rearrange on the fly with Marketo automatically knowing which people in the nurture may have already received content and automatically sending them the next item on the list.,The calendar is slightly cumbersome. I find it hard to see what I want on it, but it's a very new feature that they have already made improvements to.,Yes, but I don't use it,9,9,10,7
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1593 Ratings
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Sagorika Das profile photo
November 14, 2018

Marketo Review: "Ideas for a better marketing space"

Score 7 out of 10
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Reliability and Availability

Marketo hardly have application errors or unplanned outages.
Marketo support is very responsive to answer questions.
Marketo community also really good to discuss issues or new product features. I have learnt a lot just by reading posts on community
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Brittany Stover profile photo
June 07, 2016

Marketo Review: "Nurtures Great, Reports Clunky"

Score 9 out of 10
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Reliability and Availability

Marketo provides different way and abilities to connect. If you are having product support or unexplained errors you can get someone on Marketo support 24 hours a day. One of Marketo's greatest assets in my opinion however would be the community. Often times our company is just looking for case success stories from someone else. In the community you can search for problems you are currently facing and see others having the same issue and solutions for those issues. If not, you can pose a question to the whole community and champions of the product and others can chime in to provide suggestions to fix your needs. The community is truly a 24/7 place to get your answers quickly.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

WYSIWYG email editor (497)
Dynamic content (471)
Ability to test dynamic content (461)
Landing pages (515)
A/B testing (485)
Mobile optimization (474)
Email deliverability (524)
List management (524)
Triggered drip sequences (466)
Lead nurturing (519)
Lead scoring and grading (502)
Data quality management (502)
Automated sales alerts and tasks (482)
Calendaring (395)
Event/webinar marketing (465)
Social sharing and campaigns (287)
Social profile integration (266)
Dashboards (480)
Standard reports (515)
Custom reports (488)
API (437)
Role-based workflow & approvals (378)
Customizability (465)
Integration with (450)
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (120)
Integration with SugarCRM (77)

About Marketo

Marketo is a leading marketing automation platform with a range of capabilities for small and medium businesses and large enterprises, across various industries. Some common features include email marketing, nurturing, SEO, landing pages, scoring, and analytics while other editions offer advanced features such as website personalization, mobile engagement, social and web retargeting. Typical customers include both B2C and B2B brands of all sizes.

Marketo Features

Has featureAttract - Your potential customers are out there researching solutions. Help them find and learn about yours more easily.
Has featureEngage - Easily build automated campaigns that engage prospects in a personalized way, without help from IT.
Has featureDrive Revenue - Convert more potential buyers into customers by triggering a relevant message at exactly the right time.
Has featureMeasure and Optimize - Move beyond opens and clicks. Quickly determine how each of your campaigns and channels impact revenue.

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Optional
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Spark$895per month up to 10,000 records
Standard$1,795per month up to 10,000 records
Select$3,195per month up to 10,000 records

For the Enterprise edition, contact Marketo for a custom quote.

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 Paid Version
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Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS