MindManager is a mind mapping and project management tool that aims to boost users’ productivity. It is designed to facilitate a wide range of project types, and includes cross-platform functionality and 3rd party integrations. - the center of my digital lifeMindManager is the go-to application for at the beginning of "everything". Catching ideas, creating and managing ToDo list(s), planning projects, outlining articles, writing projects, and other business and personal activities. In short I "live" on MM. I integrated my MindManager tasks with Google Calendar, MS One Note, and Excel.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Enterprise Collaboration Knowledge Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,I am lazy (and ADD) - I don't like to re-enter tasks, concepts or plans. By using MM I am able to capture my ideas and plans on the fly - and then return at a later date to refine, focus and organize my thoughts into a more coherent logical "item"... all without being forced to retype any of my original thoughts unless I care to. I use the sort and filter features extensively to 1) Set importance (Must do, important to do, should do, etc) and 2) When (Today, soon, this week, this month). I also use the color coding of items to draw my attention. I also set key project names/categories for each item (no more than 7). The sort and filter then let me quickly identify the items that I must focus on "now" - a "shortlist". In my consulting days, and now with the several non-profit boards that I work with, I use a modified "PowerPoint" version of MM to get my ideas across and to "brainstorm" with my audience (action items, strategies, priorities). For my literary non-fiction writing, I use MM to cast "islands" (random brainstorming), and no less than 3 days later to coalesce these "islands" into "continents", and then to drag the continents into the "proper" order. For my freelance newspaper work, the process is similar - but the organization changes to identifying and featuring the lede.,My current "ToDo" file is about 3 MB. I would like to be able to trust that when I send a large "chunk" of work to a linked map that I will not lose that link with LOTS of notification. The loss of the link is my problem (constantly moving large blocks) - but for whatever reason, I'm not being warned enough that I am breaking the link and therefore potentially losing the connection of the thoughts. Nested filtering - that is filtering and fine-tuning and already filtered list does not always work for me. Sometimes it filters only the filtered items, other times, it filters and presents the entire list. With the size of my file- this is a bit of a pain. It would be great to be able to "catch" thoughts, issues, to-do's and brainstorms on the fly - e.g. on my smartphone. I have tried a number of the MM smartphone apps to complete disappointment.,1 to 10,10,MM is perfect for catching random and not so random thoughts on the fly - and then refining them later. It is also very useful for cross-referencing ideas and issues between multiple areas of interest. MM saves a great deal of time and worries when it can be relied on for catching and retrieving thoughts and tasks on the fly. MM is a significant contributor to making more reasonable and logical arguments.,I have used MM extensively for dynamic generation of project plans, strategic plans and all the way down to simple "ToDo" lists - all on the fly. MM has improved the quality of the end product of these activities - and it has greatly reduced my stress by reliably catching these thoughts and issues and queueing them in a readily accessible location and format. RE: My earlier comment for the need for a well-functioning Android smartphone ap.,Best Mind Mapping softwareMindManager is used by me alone in my organization. It solves two important problems: it is the best software I have found that helps with the drafting of sermons. This is because MindManager allows me to get ideas "out" and "on paper" and then to rearrange them in the best and most logical sequence. It is far superior to using a word processor. The second problem that MindManager addresses is "brain storming" in board meetings. I use it to gather ideas from the group and organize them.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming,MindManager allows me to see the big picture while not losing the details. MindManager is a great brain storming tool, allowing participation by a group in strategic planning. MindManager is a great outlining tool, for writing articles and sermons.,MindManager could have a more robust and easier to use tablet app,1 to 10,10,MindManager allows us as an organization to work collaboratively at a high level.,When I am drafting a sermon, I need to have the whole of the sermon in view (big picture). But I must also look at the details. No software helps with this more than MindManager. Its visual interface, for example, allow me to see the balance (or not) in a three-point sermon. I can visually assess whether one portion is out of balance by viewing the whole map.,MindMeister and MindGeniusGreat tool for quickly organizing complex topicsI am the only person in my company using MindManager. I selected it because it was a highly rated mind mapping program that was offered by our official software provider. I have used various mind mapping programs for a long time, including good old pen and paper before the software was even available. (Yes, I'm dating myself!) I find mind mapping tools invaluable for initially organizing subjects or projects. This gives me an initial understanding and sense of scale.,Brainstorming Education & Training Knowledge Management Task and Project Management Project Planning,Super easy keyboard-only entry and navigation. Rearrange elements in one click with the "Balance Design" function. Export outlines to Word.,Save to PDF would be nice. Show theme preview on mouse hover of available themes. Offer a simple UI option for quick 'n dirty brainstorming when all the advanced features are just noise.,1 to 10,7,Saved several hours each month in providing a single source of knowledge about topics. Enabled me to create higher quality and more complete sales tools. Ultimately, it's a key factor in increasing the knowledge and effectiveness of our sales team.,I have a creative job role with my primary output being sales tools and marketing pieces. I use MindManager every time I am faced with a project that is large and/or not entirely known by me. My deliverables have a variety of formats, including documents, presentations, and videos. Usually, mind mapping is a tool I use for myself, but I have occasionally shared a map with others to collaboratively develop the basis for a new piece of content. I have also used MindManager as a tool to research other tools or services. For example, when we were searching for a file-sharing system to support our sales team, I was able to more quickly wrap my head around this class of SAAS by researching the topic and collecting my thoughts into a mind map.,MindMeister and Microsoft VisioMindManager is great, it lets my mind do the managing without the software getting in the way.I use it personally to organize almost everything I plan. Probably the most productive has been the application to the authoring of a textbook on a complex topic - Building Information Modeling. MindManager allowed me to not only organize the structure of the book but also to write the majority of the content in that structure and export it to Word for the final editing. Due to the complexity of the subject, the flexibility of MindManager was crucial in allowing the continual evolution of the final structure of the complex content without losing any of the text that was part of the project at any point in the process. The content could be refined without being concerned about the location in the structure and moved as needed to any other part of the organization of the overall project.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Education & Training Knowledge Management Task and Project Management Project Planning,The ability to apply it to almost any situation that requires the organization of ideas, concepts and/or facts. The ease with which a map can be changed, almost totally if necessary, without the loss of any content. The ease with which the tool is implemented to its full conceptual power. The ease with which ideas are communicated to others who did not do the map building themselves. The potential for collaborative efforts in developing thoughts, plans, etc.,It is still not easy (possible) to really schedule with MindManager and have a task develop in multiple sub-tasks and then bring these separate lines back to a main task downstream (in time). Some of the aesthetic (graphic) improvements to a specific map are sometimes difficult to find and somewhat limited. It would be nice to add graphics in the 'notes' field for a particular entry.,1 to 10,10,Without MindManager the BIM text would not have been what it is, the flexibility allowed a much higher quality final product. Using MindManager is an enormous timesaver when I use it for anything. Especially projects that seem overcomplicated at first glance can be clarified quickly with the use of a map. It is comforting to know the power of the tool before becoming intimidated by a complex set of circumstances that need to be addressed. MindManager allows a situation to be quickly analyzed and dealt with.,The visual nature of MindManager makes the complexity of information be able to be understood once it becomes organized in a clear way. The flexibility allows a continual restructuring to ultimately arrive at a simple overall organization if that is possible in the particular set of circumstances. The BIM book was restructured numerous times in relation to the relative location of information in the book and MindManager provided the ability to develop an ultimately simple overall structure that was easy to understand for the readers. A copy of the map was included in the book to give the reader a view of the organization of all the material in the publication.,MindManager for Managing an Academic LaboratoryI use MindManager in three main ways (1) setup a weekly dashboard for activities and goals (2) organize specific collaborations including, tasks, milestones, etc and (3) to help write papers and grants. For the latter I use MindManager to generate outlines for different sections of grants and papers and fill in details either as topics or associated notes,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Very easy way to setup a visual "Dashboard" for weekly activities. Much more flexible, interactive and interesting than a simple to-do list Great way to organize collaborations with topics for each project goal and individual tasks. Great way to generate outlines for papers and grants. Each topic can be a specific section and subtopics are piece of information that need to be put there. Then it's easy to rearrange until the structure and flow of the paper is set. From there the actual writing is much easier,I would like to be able to readily select groups of topics and apply formatting e.g. circle three topics and have them collectively outlined or colored Would be nice to have a small collection of the icons that I use most frequently in a group on the top bar so I can easily drag and drop Its a bit cumbersome to generate custom formats I've had trouble configuring this latest version to attach emails from Outlook which was a really useful feature for my dashboard,1 to 10,9,My weeks are better organized and am therefore more efficient and more productive My collaborations are better organized which makes them move quicker and more efficiently. Brainstorming for new papers and grants is more efficient with Mindmanager and therefore I spend less time writing.,Its difficult to organize more than a few collaborations with a spreadsheet. My lab has at least a dozen active collaborations at any given time and Mindmanager provides an easy overview of all of my collaborations. This way I can visualize the status of projects e.g. which tasks are underway and which are in the queue. The completion icons and coloring help highlight progress and areas that need attention.,The Power of Team MindmappingEvery consulting and business project involves a number of mind maps covering all manner of topics but especially good in strategy and digital transformation and large projects. It is the best problem solving, brainstorming tool I have ever found,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Enterprise Collaboration Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,If you have large complex problems or projects where people struggle to see the connectivity between initiatives, the whole picture and where their part fits into it. MindManager can provide a perspective to meet every stakeholder's needs. Good problem solving prevents people/teams from jumping to solutions but rather forces a tight problem definition and a generation of all of the possible solutions to that problem and then an assessment of these potential solutions to arrive at the best one to execute. MindMaps is the best way to do this. In design thinking you need a tool that can help with both the divergent and convergent thinking processing required by the team. MindMaps is the best tool for all the processes in a design thinking project. Any creative problem-solving exercise requires analytical/linear thinking and non-linear thinking - this is where MindMaps excel.,Learning/Exploring all of the features in MindManager and the best ways of doing things with it. All of the templates provided/shown are a bit basic and do not demonstrate the power of the tool for that application (relying too much on knowledgeable users). I am actually pretty happy with MindManager that way it is - simple but with endless use case possibilities. Presentation options for when presenting to Corporate clients.,1 to 10,10,Use it as a key tool in every consulting engagement and every business project especially the more complex ones,We use it for every client engagement and project. Sometimes a Mind Map is the only way to help people see a picture/project fully and all of its inter-dependencies. For creative problem solving and Design Thinking projects Mind Maps are an essential tool because it can do both divergent and convergent thinking processes so well. Most people and teams are good at the convergent, structured, analytical processes but often the real power is in the divergent, non structure more free flowing team processes which can then be rationalised with structured and more analytical processes.,A tool to mirror your mind on the screen! Improves efficiency in planning, implementation and monitoring.[MindManager is being used for] Planning, management and monitoring of projects, research ideas, manuscripts, developing strategies and describing workflows.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Transferring ideas and workflows from mind to a visible form Adding timelines and resource assignment for tasks and projects Converting mindmaps to Gantt charts, Excel sheets, reports etc Develop detailed budgets with sophisticated, smart breakups,Better visualization and sharing options for Gantt Charts Better mechanism to populate topics with new Topic Properties (e.g. a new line item that needs to be populated to entire mindmap or entire child chain) More convenient options to move Start-End dates Simpler integration with Google or Outlook Calendar Should have a better presentation mode unlike the one right now that makes it extremely slow and sticky when using big files with photos, videos etc,1 to 10,10,Save time Improved planning and monitoring processes across organization One stop app for several visualizations required in project reports, proposals and publications,At least in my team, we always conceptualize, brainstorm and discuss project planning, monitoring and budgeting in MindManager. Makes it convenient and easy to visualize. Even when drafting MoUs and joint publications, MindManager allows collaborations during meetings. One missing feature though is that of easy collaboration using cloud computing unless that is a feature which is hidden or out of sight.,Analyse your way ahead before instead of afterIt is being used by individuals and not for team work assignments. It depends upon the mindset of each individual as to whether the program suits their methods of working i.e. right or left brain dominant. Some staff can only work with lists and not the freeform abilities of MindManager.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Meeting Management Project Planning,Allows for "grasshopper" thinking and easy flow thinking capture Planning trips to different parts of the company globally permits adaptation to fit each situation at all stages from planning to visit to reporting. Works as an excellent database in a format that is easier to use and to trigger memory than working with lists.,The number of icons and images is well behind the major competitors such as iMindMap and it is falling further and further behind in this area. The layout is not as informal as some of the competitors particularly with the layout and thickness of branches. Printing of large maps can be difficult and an easier way of providing print options would be very welcome.,1 to 10,10,Saved time and managed to work in much greater depth because of the thinking format and layout offered. Makes a wonderful store of important information such as corporate basics. It gives a quick overview and the ability to quickly drill down to find information.,I created a mind map on a brain course just over 33 years ago. The challenge was to make a mind map of the BBC evening news as it was live and to read back the key points to the instructor the next day. After 33 years I can still pull out that mind map and go through everything that was in the news recalling an amazing level of detail.,MindManager ReviewIt is used for all types of business meetings from brainstorming to project management, we use the ACE template following the Continuous improvement Lean methodology along with Prince 2. MindManager is easy and simple to be understood by all teams from the floor up to the board. They allow for all types of learning from the visual to the spreadsheet people, I would not be without MindManager to support my projects.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Education & Training Enterprise Collaboration Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,MindManager is great for brainstorming as people can add to other ideas. Great for root cause analysis.,Transfer to the excel does not work as well as it could as it has to be manipulated before it can be sent out. MindManager is not good for detailed Sub Process mapping - I use Visio which is not user-friendly but allows me to subprocess maps to the detail required.,101 to 500,9,Identified cost savings. Improved team morale and removes frustration.,It worked really well when I was in the role of tendering for new business, keeping all the information together and project managing it during the bid and then afterward with implementing the new business. I built up a library for each type of bid and this saved a massive amount of time for subsequent bids.,Manage your Mind as you use MindManager!Primarily, it was used to create visuals of our organizational structure. I've asked other members of our team to purchase MindManager so we can expand our use of the software for project management and visualization of trends. The more we continue to learn the program's functions, we'll utilize it to help our mission.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Task and Project Management Project Planning,MindManager can be a dynamic tool to highlight your organizations greatest assets. The visualization of processes, systems, and plans is a powerful influencer that helped team members catch on and understand our intended message and communicated mission. The software is easy to use and very intuitive.,I'd like to see a custom option where the chart or form can be created and crafted freely without a prescribed format or template. I believe there is power in transforming the visual representation into a text format and I love the ability to do that in MindManager. But I feel it lacks in organizing the information in the text format. When adding a floating topic, it's glitchy and feels temperamental.,1 to 10,7,There are different ways to complete a task or project. When I have run into mental blocks when creating content, MindManager has given me another platform to keep me moving forward. Team unity is essential in any organization. Creating that unity requires trust, and trust requires clear communication. MindManager has allowed us to maximize our ability to communicate clearly, which allows for much quicker clarity in our teams, saving us time and allowing us to move further in our objectives. MindManager has saved us lots of time by helping us visualize what we are attempting to create.,Creating structure in our organization was incredibly important when we first began the task of merging two organizations into one. MindManager helped us process the needed changes we had to make in our structure. The matter was extremely delicate, as it meant that people had to move from their role into another role, and visualizing that change helped people in the transition.My mind spilled out onto the screen. MIndManager organized the mess.We use it as a planning tool across our section for managers.Organizational charting: what if and moving positions around.Workload discussions: we have several offices across Canada so the equitable distribution of workload is needed.Brainstorming: scoping out projects. It helps to capture what is in scope and what is out of scope. Ensure that all angles are considered.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Enterprise Collaboration Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,It is easy to shift points/ideas around and to attached somewhere else. Makes organization easy. Functionality is great. You can customize your map to look professional. It is intuitive. Using Mindmanager is quick and easy to start. It also has features that allow you to do fancier things as you become more confident with using MindManager. Every time I ask, "Can it do this?" and after reading some of the help pages, it can be done. There is definitely more power and flexibility under the surface.,I can't think of any at this time. There is more functionality I need to explore.,1 to 10,9,MindManager does all that (time-saving, sharing of information, planning, etc). You could take out a piece of paper to organize your ideas. This does it better and cleaner and looks professional doing it.,We recently are going through a re-organization exercise. MindManager helped us to adjust and move positions and responsibilities around easily. A real time saver.MindManager for just about everything!Personally, I use MindManager as a starting point for almost everything that requires documenting a process, brainstorming an idea, as a template for procedures, etc. One of the biggest pluses of the product is when conducting online/WebEx sessions with business groups, it's very quick to map out processes, decision points, etc. instead of using other options that take too much time for formatting. The audience always appreciates the visual walk-through. In the division I'm in, it is used by business analysts to document requirements.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Enterprise Collaboration Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Quick, Intuitive tool to get ideas and processes recorded. Flexible and can be used for a variety if needs. The export to other formats capability makes it very easy to start with MindManager and end-up with a formal text-based document in Word if needed.,More styles to select from would be nice. Export to PowerPoint and Visio is a little cumbersome.,11 to 50,10,Time saver, improved productivity, and communication of ideas to other associates.,Again, the use of MindManager in almost every business function brings efficiencies, visual representation and helps get past "thought" blockers.,Feedback on Corel's MindManager Mind Mapping toolWe use MindManager in development and alumni engagement for a number of purposes. In my team, I have used it in my facilitated workshops to identify new initiatives and to influence the direction of my strategic roadmap. In addition, I have used it for understanding professional networks.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Meeting Management Problem Solving,Network management - document personal connections within a group of people Service management - Identification of services offered and their contribution to the whole Service Planning - Document existing services as an analysis tool to identify gaps and potential for new services,None I am aware of. It is a fairly simple tool, in an niche.,1 to 10,9,Helps to clarify ideas and relationships Helps to plan and ideate,I have run facilitated sessions with large groups to define new ideas, plan out our strategic and/or technology roadmap, or synthesize survey feedback into a single visualization to help group common ideasEasy to use and corral your thinking!I use it for strategic planning and assigning work to my staff. It helps to lay out all the factors I need to consider and arrange them in a hierarchy.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Task and Project Management,I love being able to click things open and closed to change my view easily. When I found the feature to assign resources, I used it to assign my staff to particular goals. Printing is very easy.,I did want to have a bunch of things coming in from the left to our mission in the center and then things going out from the right and was not able to find a template for this.,1 to 10,8,It made it easier to think about our strategic plan. I had so much information and connections that I could not do it with conventional software.,MindManager Adds GPS to Your MapsCurrently I'm the beta fish for MindManager; beta testing solo for use by our team here, and then fighting for it. For 30+ years I've been using 'mind mapping' techniques, starting while at UW, then progressing through various versions of the software. Incredibly happy with what v2018 offers today (have maintenance package for the 2019 upgrade but yet to install). Much an analog man for early brainstorming on sketchbooks or whiteboards, all ends up in the software. MM allows for simply moving a branch of a map onto its own. As I hold various roles I need to link maps as I get more granular... I find sharing a map a few levels down is simpler for me than fiddling with a large map, but I haven't tried the new HTML exporting, so I could be behind the bus on that. MM also has an intense, immense and impressive ability for me to CODE AND SORT tasks for whatever I need. Beyond the obvious who/what/when the ability to code and sort tasks by font/color/icons/etc/etc/etc means allows for an insane amount of control. Implementing dashboards is next, so that specific people look at specific things. GANTT I believe will become my new best friend. Looking forward to sharing via the html functionality with non-MM users. Brilliant strategy to get power users work out there and give a taste to the uninitiated. Mindjet partner Olympic Limited sells an add-on that makes the above easier. Kudos to Mindjet for their partners. Regarding Corel, I'm glad they purchased Mindjet! I fondly recall how 30 years ago utterly intuitive Wordperfect on the NeXT platform was daily, as I struggle with MSO. Good on the folks at Corel to pick up these gems. TK,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Task and Project Management Project Planning,Super easy to use; everyone gets the basics and the power behind mind mapping. Incredible flexibility to grow/expand on ideas and then to link them. Dashboards and Gantt charts are polished.,Multi-monitor support...could be my setup here but I struggle with super large maps and I find using a set of linked smaller maps to be less grief than scrolling around a large map but I would highly prefer seeing the bigger picture. That or some hotkeys to improve using a super large map.,1 to 10,10,$400 for the ability to do a project mapped out or hierarchical. Ability to lay out all the tasks and Gantt them - included. Ability to share maps with anyone with a browser - included.,I'll keep it simple: the ability to easily, intuitively add/move topics and tasks around so fluidly isn't possible in Word or Excel,,1,,Brainstorming and then prioritizing Project Management and Tracking Knowledge Base - Storage Knowledge Base - Dissemination,Publishing Maps and sending as HTML Embedding multiple maps in HTML and sent as one big (non-editable) map Integrating Tasks with Outlook is on the docket,Resource allocation Integrating with office and committees Custom filtering to dashboards (eg for office, committee, even down to the person level),10,Microsoft Office 365, Snagit, Dropbox,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,Perhaps present the top 3 options to a user group, but I'll be presenting to the board so not really a change in the evaluation process but the next step.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,None with MindManager Some issues getting Olympic product to work with TrendMicro AV but my understanding is that was due to an IT managed platform,10,Online training Self-taught,7,Yes and no. Sure you can plug away but watching a 30-60 min video helped me greatly.,10,Take the time to consider your information/project classification and methodology!MindManager can handle anything you throw at it, so don't throw garbage.Once established, it's super easy to throw down info/brainstorming/etc against either an existing map or create a new one via templates and link it where necessary. That way easy to enter and find whatever you need to do.,Yes - we have customized the interface extensively,No - we have not done any custom code,Nothing done.,Yes,8,No,Haha, when the sales team gave the seat price for charities! We can get a few licenses now and not crimp.,Just getting fanfare to start mapping Adding formatting Printing maps Publishing and sharing maps,Scrolling large maps (but I really could rotate my monitor to portrait mode),9,10,10,10,Microsoft Outlook for tasks,Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Excel,,,No integration done.,10,10,N/A,N/A,Yes,Publishing and Sharing of maps,Better ability to scale Snagit attachmentsMindManager makes me look good!I am not aware that my organization as a whole is using MindManager. I discovered MindManager a few employers ago and have brought it with me wherever I go for my own project management and organizational needs. I have purchased it for myself if the organization itself won't purchase it for me. That's how important it is to my workflow.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,I love the ability to filter a map based on various attributes. It makes it much easier to distill or prioritize information especially as the maps get more complex. Being able to turn a map into a Gantt chart and/or an outline depending on the situation and the audience really prevents a lot of unnecessary effort in reformatting all the time you have put into a map. Love the newer ability to share a link to a web browser interactive map with people who do not use MindManager. Makes it much easier to convey the intent you had when creating the map (expand/collapse, etc.) to someone who doesn't have full access to the features of MindManager.,Over the 9+ years that I have been using MindManager, the application has added all functionality that I have longed for. My biggest one was having to use Microsoft Visio whenever I needed to create a flowchart. Now flowcharts are included as a map type, so I'm good.,I’m not sure,10,I have saved lots of time that would have been spent spinning my wheels at the beginning of a project trying to get clarity on what I was trying to do. I used MindManager to map out a website migration and it really helped me improve the quality of the migration by allowing me to track the status of pages (ie. what had been migrated, what still needed to be migrated, what shouldn't be migrated at all).,I'm not even sure where to start because I have used it for this purpose so many times. I have benefited from it personally by getting clarity in my own head as to what needs to be done and how to break things down into smaller tasks. I have also benefited from it professionally when I have used maps to create process flow charts, or migration tracking documents and showed these documents to managers or leaders. They are always impressed with the quality of the work and how professional yet easy to read/understand the outputs are. In short, showing my MindManager work to others makes me look good.,Microsoft VisioMindmanger ReviewIt is used primarily in the IT organization as a part of the Requirements ingestion and Project ideation.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving,Excellent at helping to brainstorm ideas. Intuitive and simple interface. Excellent tool to help to provide a more concrete representation of abstract ideas. Great integration with MS Office applications.,Project management capability was a bit weak. Template and map creation is somewhat difficult.,1 to 10,8,Time savings. More effective communication of ideas and concepts.,Great use of contextual information management (tags, group of tags, icons, attachments, links, notes). There is great integration w/ MS Office (Outlook, Excel). Excellent time saver and provide quality visual management capabilities.,Lucidchart and XmindLifesaverIt helps to organize notes from meetings, share information. You can add rectify and advise, create almost everything. It just makes our lives easier. You are able to do tasks with deadlines and all, track it and the other users can feed the information on the system. In meetings we do not take minutes anymore, Mind Manager does that for us and more.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Meeting Management Task and Project Management,Strategic Planning Process Mapping Meeting management Tracking tasks and projects,I need to be able to send information to users that don't have it,11 to 50,9,It has saved us a lot of time The information sharing part is marvellous We can slot in and add information,When people are given projects they can update on that particular project so that if their supervisor needs to check or to support them they know exactly whats going on,MindManager: Excellence in creating strategiesI am a technology consultant focusing on marketing and digital media in South Florida. I have been using MindManager for 10+ years. The best way that I can describe it is that it helps me defragment my thoughts. Once I have all of my thoughts on MindManager, it is very easy to move and maneuver and strategize the next plan of action. For my clients, I am able to shine by strategizing their thoughts, I defragment their thoughts and sample the right path for their success.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Knowledge Management Project Planning,Strategizing Process Brainstorm SWOT,Online training Support (how can I?),1 to 10,10,Close deals Makes me an expert in my field,Benefits are that your client appreciates your knowledge by doing a SWOT and other analysis. You really bring out the information from them with the ease of MindManager.,Convert a book into MindManagerI use mind manager to organize content of reference books and create value charts.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving,Dynamically organize information. Help identify strategy gaps. Maintaining mind maps in the cloud.,Improved process mapping. Support for Scrum.,1 to 10,10,Organized content needed for consulting. Improved strategic planning. Ability to quickly find information.,I took the BABOK guide and completely transferred all the content, text, chapters and illustrations into a mind map. I can see relationships between various chapters much more easily.,,1,,Process flow Brainstorming Business planning,Process engineering Presenting new idea or proposal Project tracking,Group cooperation on project Process flow documentation Business planning,10,OneNote, Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft Access,No,Price Product Features Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor Third-party Reviews,Not applicable,Don't know,Not applicable,10,No,10,No,I haven’t had any big issue with software,Brainstorming Process mapping with swimlanes Project Management,Process mapping and connecting relationships The mobile edition needs more functionality,Yes,10MindManager Review - Great for organizing thoughts and visualizing an argumentWe use MindManager to better communicate work flows and processes, document decision-making, and think through a variety of scenarios. We also use it to outline content before creation.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving Task and Project Management,Excellent at helping to brainstorm ideas Outlining an argument or research piece before constructing it Makes it easier to weight various scenarios and options in a decision making process,Some of the formatting could use improvement Make some of the controls more user-friendly,1 to 10,10,Improved decision making process Improved documentation Outlining,Allows you to better visualize an argument as you are constructing it. Helps to visualize a workflow or business process. Also helps to visualize and organize thoughts in a brainstorm session or in the decision making process.Visual, Easy-To-Use Project SolutionIt is not being used by the organization. This was used to test out the software and make a comparison to other Project Management software solutions such as MS Project. This was primarily tested out by the IT department. MS Project is the default standard that is build in Office 365, which our organization heavily uses, although with project-related software, there is more flexibility to look at other solutions,Process Mapping Task and Project Management Project Planning,It has great visuals and visual mappings as compared to a lot of other Project Management solutions, which are not as robust in this area. It integrates really well with other Project Management software, such as MS Project. you can easily import projects or info from MS Project right into MindManager, and MindManager will map everything automatically. it has really great drag and drop functionality from with the mappings/project. it is easy to move main topics, subtopics, tasks, callouts, etc. around, and you can visualize this in real-time.,At first, when using the Gantt chart within MindManager, I did not know how to close the chart. I was looking for an option to "hide Gantt chart" but there wasn't one. after some investigation, I noticed that you can just click on the Gantt icon to close the window. I also did not see much in the way of labels for the bar graphs in the Gantt chart, whereas with something like MS Project, these show up automatically. For example, progress % should also show on the bar graph, and not just in the progress column. Really, I have no other cons that I can see since everything is pretty intuitive.,1 to 10,8,I definitely see it as a timesaver, since you can create maps/items on the fly, without a whole lot of setup at the beginning of a project. since there are a number of people that tend to be visual thinkers, MindManager really helps users to see the big picture, without getting too caught up in all the details. MindManager seems to be a really easy platform to learn, whereas other Project Management platforms have a steep learning curve, and require users to really get in-depth training to take full advantage of the software.,As was previously mentioned, one thing I noticed right away was the ease of integration between MindManager and MS Project. This is most definitely needed by organizations that heavily rely on Microsoft products, as information can be easily exported/imported from MS Project to MindManager and vice versa. Also, I was able to pick up using MindManager without a whole lot of consulting Help menus or documentation. It was easy to visualize a project and all topics/subtopics/tasks, and move things around as need be,Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Project and Microsoft TeamsA versatile tool for brainstorming, planning and researchI am using it individually as a brainstorming tool, but I also use it during training.,Brainstorming Education & Training Knowledge Management Project Planning,MindManager is not an application closed upon itself. A file can be easily exported in a variety of format, including graphic, PDF, or Word. There are comparable products out there, but the output versatility is what is the most attractive aspect of this application. It is also easy to create visually appealing file using pictures and icons as you brainstorm. The application also presents ideas in a way that looks polished and professional.,I found that my current paid version has now expired. An update license key was sent to me, but it did not work. I am still waiting for the problem to be resolved after writing to the software license department. Try to make an LTI tool to allow users to use it within another system. Have a cloud-based server option for users to use it with multiple computers or devices. Add an iPad app version.,1 to 10,5,Saved time. Created some appealing visual representations. Saved some effort.,It helped me to represent "online learning," a very large and complex concept, in complex layers and branches. I also used it to do a literature review for research and it helped me to organize my thoughts as I could move items around as the scheme for clustering change.,Inspire and MindmatrixGreat program but a learning curve.Our department uses it to help with PI nursing projects such as accurate patient weights, discharge planning, or patient flow. It allows us to stay organized and present all aspects of the problem and possible solutions to the other team members We plan on expanding its use to other departments in the future and I will assist with the education since I think this is such a valuable tool.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Problem Solving Task and Project Management,Organization Clarity Detail oriented,Easy of use for beginners Sharing capabilities with those that don’t have the program Sharing between users in a cloud based system,I’m not sure,9,Improved presentation Improved quality Improved patient outcomes,This program makes it very visually appealing during presentation to other members of our team. However, for those not familiar, it can seem a bit overwhelming or cumbersome. I believe more members of our team are growing fond of the program due to its organization and presentation ability. Newer members are learning to use it sooner due to its values use.,MindManager is an Excellent Tool!We use MindManager to map each client household. All personnel views the maps, while 3 people create and update information. Use of MindManager provides a user-friendly visual map of our clients' accounts, personal and family details, goals, finances, and outside professional contacts. I'll print to pdf for our President to view on her mobile devices while traveling and prepping for client meetings.,Strategic Planning Process Mapping Enterprise Collaboration Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management,Excellent visual tool to quickly assess and summarize a client's financial position. Great tool to map and branch processes. This has been a great aid in brainstorming internal processes. Easy to update; the process of updating client information reinforces memory and knowledge of our clients.,It's not always easy to interpret and visualize margins for printing.,1 to 10,10,Huge time saver. Improved quality--deep dive on client information. Excellent resource for quickly identifying "holes" in client information. It's easy to see what we're missing.,Our financial planning group performs comprehensive wealth management for our clients. There are times when clients don't understand why we ask for details they don't feel are relevant to the investment management side of the relationship. We'll show that client the areas of missing information (i.e. CPA information and why we invest with tax implications in mind) to encourage forthcoming communication and facilitate relationship building. Great tool!
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192 Ratings
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Score 9.1 out of 101

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About MindManager

MindManager helps individuals, teams and enterprises do the right work, faster and better, by simplifying the way they capture, process and share information. Transforming unstructured ideas and data into dynamic visual maps, MindManager says it gives people a clearer understanding of and greater control over their time, work and world.

The vendor says that MindManager’s flexible, intuitive design supports freeform thinking, fluid organization and holistic understanding; its cross-platform functionality and third-party integrations enable a more streamlined, seamless work experience. Millions of users across thousands of global organizations brainstorm ideas creatively, plan and execute projects efficiently, communicate knowledge effectively, and drive more positive, profitable business outcomes with MindManager.

Key capabilities and benefits include:

- Creativity & Problem Solving
- Boosting Productivity
- Information & Knowledge Management
- Task & Project Management
- Business Planning
- Process Management
- And much more

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