MIP Fund Accounting™ is a configurable fund accounting solution. The solution includes functionality for fund accounting, procurement, budgeting, payroll, human resources, timekeeping, fixed asset management, grant management, and dashboards for nonprofits and government agencies. has been a huge win for our organization, would purchase againIt is being used by our accounting department exclusively. It helps us track all of our deposits and payables for our organization. It also is very helpful for importing entries from our different third party apps.,Export to Excel - Abila handles this better than our previous accounting programs. Chart of Accounts - Abila uses a segment based chart of accounts which was much better than our previous system that used a liner based chart of accounts.,There have been a few occasions where an update to the Abila software has created a few new issues that do affect our day to day operations. I don't receive any notifications regarding any current known issues for the products that we use and I think that would be helpful to know on a timely basis. Often times I don't know about the new issues until I call support and find out. We would love an online based, cloud solution version of our Abila MIP program.,7,Overall we have been able to better manage our accounting data through Abila because of its ability to handle our multiple locations and importing of data better than our previous system. Abila has also had a positive impact on our reporting compared to previous accounting databases. With its exporting to Excel function that doesn't majorly impair the formatting, we have saved time.,Our church doesn't have very many designated funds, but we do receive deposits from many various avenues. Abila has helped us import deposits from our different sources more easily by having a better import feature. Ultimately we are able to receive any deposits from a system that can generate reports in Excel which is a huge plus.,,Concur Travel and Expense, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google App Engine, Microsoft Access, Chrome Remote Desktop, CyberSource, TransNational, Dropbox for Business,Managing roles for user permissions is very easy to update and maintain.,Finding the appropriate report for information you need can sometimes be time consuming since you have to guess and check to understand which reports contain which information.,Yes, but I don't use it,8Abila Fund AccountingAbila MIP Fund Accounting is being used by our finance department as a bookkeeping and financial reporting tool. We also use it to process payroll.,Fund Accounting has a strong general ledger package. It tracks accounting transactions well. It has a pretty good payroll module.,The payroll module can be difficult to use at times. It does not allow you to calculate a single net check in order to answer an employee's question as to how a change will affect them. The financial statement package is difficult to use. I cannot print and use a financial statement as is. I have to download to Excel in order to get it in a usable format. Small help buttons in certain areas which explains a function or how to do something.,7,It has allowed us to be more efficient in our accounting processes. Financial reporting has improved.,,Microsoft Exchange, Adobe Flash, Adobe PhotoshopFirst time user reviewOur organization uses Abila MIP Fund Accounting for our basic accounting needs, with the exception of Payroll, Patient Records, and Inventory. It is only used by our Finance Department.,Abila MIP Fund Accounting is quite user friendly. I came into this position with absolutely no prior experience with this software and was able to pick it up easily.,It would be nice if reports were more customizable. Sometimes you have to look in several places to find the information you need. It would be nice if you could simply click on an item and it would take you to the backup data. This is something that is available in QuickBooks and is quite helpful. Otherwise, you have to navigate to a completely different page to find the information you are looking for.,8,I am new to the organization, so I am unable to answer this question,Yes we have multiple funds and utilize the software t manage them.,None,QuickBooks PremierA Robust SolutionA government organization that we manage uses it for accounting, grant management, payroll, and requisitions. All employees on site and offsite have access to specific areas that they need to do their job.The Employee Web Services is the most heavily utilized module by the majority of employees - this has almost entirely eliminated paper timecards.,Time keeping for employees Workflows for different modules Granular security permissions,Reporting is lacking, no custom reporting can be built EWS only works on web browser, no app is available for any device Setting up test databases can be cumbersome,9,Less time running payroll More time manually creating reports using standard reports,Consolidation of all books and better management of cash flow with reporting.,QuickBooks Enterprise SolutionsMultiple funding and cost programs used.Our organization uses Abila MIP Fund Accounting for our general accounting needs, cost reports, and expense analysis. It provides useful tools to access and review our revenue and expense data.,We use the financial statement reporting very often to review organization efficiency. These reports are easy to access and user friendly to read and follow. We have a complicated fund accounting system with multiple revenue sources and expense/cost programs. MIP allows us to track all of these with details necessary for management. The AP/AR modules allow us to quickly see detailed information on vendors/customers when needed, so questions from them via phone can be researched and handled almost immediately.,Some of the specific report builder criteria is not user-friendly and lacks the ability to easily preview/modify the outcome. MIP does not offer the flexibility and ability to handle our payroll needs [so we use MITC for payroll processing]. When reconciling cash accounts, the suspense items to balance one month are not saved for that month, once they have been cleared in the following month.,8,We are able to make better business and staffing decisions due to the ability to readily access our financial standing.,Our organization has multiple funding sources of varying degrees and amounts, as well as numerous cost/expense centers. We are able to accurately keep track of the complicated fund accounting transactions with MIP.,,DonorPerfectAbila ReviewHDF uses Abila in the cloud to have the ability to work remotely. We brought the accounting/finance functions in house from an outside servicing company.We are a CDFI - a hybrid bank for low-moderate financing to assist first time homebuyers. We have to use many Excel spreadsheets and outside systems for lending related activity to augment accounting records....making it an expensive system for us.,Cloud based/multiple user environment Tracking of recurring entries,Would like to ability to model an entry prior to posting Easier download to Excel Better budgeting module...especially balance sheet,6,Negative on is very expensive for our not-for-profit Difficult reporting for our needs.,This does allow us to track sources of funds and grants.,QuickBooks Online,QuickBooks OnlineReview at a GlanceIt is only being used by the Finance Department. It can pull many report based on activity or department.,Many options for pulling different reports Access by multiple users at one time,I think the importing function can be difficult to get used to and set up Entries that are made to different fund codes have to moved through a clearing account. You can not make one entry to 2 different fund codes.,7,It gives us the opportunity to roll up many councils into a bigger overview of what is being impacted.,Yes, we are able to manage multiple funds through the different segments. It has worked well.,,DonorPerfect, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email StudioMIP Fund AccountingAbila MIP Fund Accounting is being used by the Global Accounting Department. We use it to consolidate the books from our international operations. We record payroll for several foreign countries as well as transact in four different currencies.,Accounts Payable Multi currency Reporting,Multi currency reporting Multi currency payroll processing,9,Overall better than what was being used previous to switching,Tracking for multiple funds is very easy and reporting is dynamic,,Concur Travel and ExpenseMIP is a great softwareWe use MIP to organize our budgets and do payroll and all other stuff involving accounting. Right only one division is using it but we are going to be adding more in the near future.,It keeps records for all our employees, current and past ones. It makes payroll easier for our employees to run payroll faster.,The upgrades are a lot of work to do. The database size is way too big even for a small company like ours.,5,It has helped us with mostly the number of employees, because we are going to be running the HR module which is tied to the Abila's MIP payroll function. It will be good because the database has all the names of the employees.,Well not really but I can not blame Abila for it, because we can not run the software at our other campuses because of bandwidth problems so all of our people can not use the software.,MalwarebytesA great alternative for a non-profit organizationAbila MIP Fund Accounting is use by our Accounting Department for the past 15 years. It very reliable and easy to deal with.,One of the main aspects MIP Fund Accounting does well for an organization that has so many funds, grants and donations, is to help us to keep track of each individual by different options, program, fund - funder or even by user defined field You can have different budgets and keep track of each one separate. It is user friendly It is easy to create different types of Financial reports,It will be great if any void transaction will void the check at the same time. It will be nice to make it easy to import transactions from excel to MIP,10,It had been a great ROI since the organization overall business objectives had been accomplished.,We have been able to keep track of the different grants designed to different programs. It has helped to provide donors with excellent reports of their donations.,,QuickBooks ProMIP software recommendationMIP is our primary Accounting database for all our Financial needs as a non profit.,The allocation process within MIP is excellent. MIP is able to handle complex non-profit processes and organizational structure with ease and reliabililty. The reporting is excellent. I can get just about anything I want out in any format I want it.,The biggest drawback is the history. It doesn't have a historical storage component for certain parts of the system, such as point in time allocation tables or customer or vendor list changes.,9,MIP has been our Accounting system and has grown with us for the last 16 years. We have grown from a 12 million/yr organization to a 28 million and it has met our needs so far.,We have over 80 funds from all different funding sources, including local, state, and federal governments, as well as other non-profits. MIP has kept up with our complex growth and increased funding allocation needs as we have grown our business over the years. We anticipate it will continue to meet our growing needs in the future.,QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions,Salesforce CommunitiesWorkmanlike accounting systemOur organization uses Abila MIP to handle its financial accounting needs. The two accounting department staff enter transactions, and five executives have read-only access to reports.,We generate financial statements for the Board directly from Abila MIP without having to manipulate them in Excel. It's easy to track accounts payable vendor history.,We'd appreciate more flexibility in reporting. We'd appreciate better drill-down capability. The look of the user interface is outdated. While not a critical functionality issue, it does not inspire an enthusiastic user attitude and makes it more challenging for read-only non-accountants. Budgeting is clunky.,7,We need to do accounting, and it does accounting.,We use separate funds for unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and endowment. Abila handles it well.,QuickBooks Premier,QuickBooks PremierGood at the essentials, but needs to work with other programs betterAbila is being used by a three-person accounting team as our primary accounting software. The software is used exclusively by the accounting department. Abila addresses our need for a fund-accounting solution in order to track restricted and non-restricted funds.,Tracks restricted vs. non-restricted funds, department budgets, etc., very well. There are many available tools to customize how revenues and expenditures are tracked. Lots of reporting options, all of which can be customized.,Does not work with our DMS (donor management system), so lots of manual entry is required to enter donations into our system. Does not allow for easy importing of data from most credit card companies. Credit card expenses are not easily imported.,5,I started at my current position with Abila MIP already in place, so I can't speak to it's impact at time of implementation, but I believe it did have a positive impact in that the prior software was unable to handle the need of the organization for a fund-accounting solution.,My organization has absolutely utilized the fund management capabilities of Abila MIP to track and manage funds from multiple sources. We have a number of restricted gifts - some cash, others stock - that are tracked by the software.,QuickBooks for Mac
MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Abila MIP)
619 Ratings
Score 8.0 out of 101
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MIP Fund Accounting
619 Ratings
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Score 8.0 out of 101

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Pay calculation (121)
Benefit plan administration (86)
Direct deposit files (102)
Salary revision and increment management (92)
Reimbursement management (71)
API for custom integration (74)
Plug-ins (48)
Single sign-on capability (220)
Role-based user permissions (266)
Dashboards (151)
Standard reports (287)
Custom reports (280)
Accounts payable (299)
Accounts receivable (209)
Cash management (191)
Bank reconciliation (267)
Expense management (212)
Time tracking (77)
Fixed asset management (126)
Multi-currency support (30)
Multi-division support (116)
Regulations compliance (89)
Electronic tax filing (141)
Self-service portal (89)
Standardized Processes (14)
Inventory tracking (1)
Automatic reordering (1)
Location management (2)
Manufacturing module (1)
Pricing (50)
Order entry (51)
Credit card processing (2)
Cost of goods sold (2)

About MIP Fund Accounting

MIP Fund Accounting™ is a configurable fund accounting solution that allows you to report and track information that is most important to you, your board and your supporters. According to the vendor, the solution can change and grow with you through your most difficult of fund accounting, human capital management and payroll decisions alike.

MIP Fund Accounting™ exclusively serves the financial management and fund accounting needs for thousands of nonprofits and government agencies. MIP™ has received the Campbell Award for several years in a row. The company focuses on your long-term needs, and allows you to custom design your system to enable you to manage effectively, get timely information, streamline processes and provide strong controls.

MIP™ is a fully integrated system with comprehensive functionality including fund accounting, procurement, budgeting, payroll, human resources, timekeeping, fixed asset management, grant management, dashboards, and more. The flexible structure enables you to manage and report on multiple cost centers at the general ledger level including multiple organizations, funds, projects, grants, programs, departments, locations, etc. The product can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or self-hosted. Separately, you choose whether you would like to purchase/own the system or if you would like to pay by subscription.

MIP Fund Accounting Features

General Ledger and Configurable Accounting Features
Has featureAccounts payable
Has featureAccounts receivable
Has featureCash management
Has featureBank reconciliation
Has featureExpense management
Has featureTime tracking
Has featureFixed asset management
Has featureMulti-currency support
Has featureMulti-division support
Has featureRegulations compliance
Has featureElectronic tax filing
Has featureSelf-service portal
Does not have featureGlobal Financial Support
Does not have featurePrimary and Secondary Ledgers
Does not have featureIntercompany Accounting
Does not have featureLocalizations
Does not have featureJournals and Reconciliations
Does not have featureEnterprise Accounting
Does not have featureConfigurable Accounting
Does not have featureCentralized Rules Framework
Has featureStandardized Processes
Inventory Management Features
Does not have featureInventory tracking
Does not have featureAutomatic reordering
Does not have featureLocation management
Does not have featureManufacturing module
Order Management Features
Has featurePricing
Has featureOrder entry
Does not have featureCredit card processing
Does not have featureCost of goods sold
Does not have featureOrder Orchestration
Does not have featureEnd-to-end order visibility
Does not have featureOrder exception Resolution
Payroll Management Features
Has featurePay calculation
Has featureBenefit plan administration
Has featureDirect deposit files
Has featureSalary revision and increment management
Has featureReimbursement management
Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureDashboards
Has featureStandard reports
Has featureCustom reports
Customization Features
Has featureAPI for custom integration
Has featurePlug-ins
Security Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions
Has featureSingle sign-on capability
Does not have featureMulti-factor authentication
Has featureUser-level audit trail

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