NetSuite CRM is built on the same code base as the NetSuite ERP product and is usually used by customers who are already using NetSuite for ERP/Accounting.NetSuite can be a good asset if put in the proper environmentNetSuite CRM+ is our CRM and it is utilized for legacy accounts still at this time.,It allows for a great record of events on tasks and customer profiles. It has seamless integration with our Professional services team to track cases. Has a search function that is pretty accurate.,It is behind on technology and seems to run a bit slow compared to Salesforce. The search helps, but it seems it has to be a detailed description (it is not very intuitive). The menu is hard to read and is not user-friendly.,7,Recently it has slowed us down, as it is hard to get information in and out between it and our other systems.,Salesforce Lightning Platform,MindTickle, Seismic, Adaptive Insights, a Workday companyAs good a view of the customer as our team entersNetSuite is used across both of our subsidiaries for Customer Support and Success, Professional Services, Education Services, Implementation Services, Sales and Finance. It allows us to have near a 360 degree view of the customer. Alerts are set up to allow account owners and executives to see trends and updates on at-risk customers.,Automation, sharing and collection of data about the customer experience all in one place. The cloud option allows you to access your customer data wherever you may be. We can see the data when at our user's conference or at another tax conference. We can see the data on one customer at a holistic view when talking to a user or the primary contact. It is very configurable to allow you to capture data of concern for you and automate reporting.,Analytics on notes are almost impossible and so much is hidden in the notes. The reports have some features while others are available in searches - and reports are difficult while searches are easy. While there are more data centers since the purchase by Oracle, the downtime has increased. They really need to work on the communication plan during outages.,8,Support can see what services is doing and vice versa. Finance can see both too. Support can provide leads to sales when a power user leaves a current customer and joins the team at a lead. We can see NPS and CSat near time on the account which has increased our ability to mitigate at-risk accounts and increase retention,Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM)A great Database/Contact Management Program, NetSuite!We use NetSuite for our whole database, keeping track of customers, contacts, products sold, orders placed, finances for customers. If the data in NetSuite is incorrect, it causes issues in the whole order process. It is a great central tool to house all our customer data when NetSuite goes down, our company is crippled.,NetSuite is a good central location to retain customer information, from contacts to company address NetSuite helps us maintain customer purchases, what products they've purchased. NetSuite helps us to maintains records of customer's transactions, sales orders, PO's, order process.,NetSuite is very good at customization, but sometimes it's hard to make the right customization that we need for particular situations NetSuite likes to change the layout without notifying it's users, so you might go home one day, and come back the next day to the office and have to do some searching to find what you're looking for in NetSuite. If you have an issue with NetSuite, it's really difficult to understand the technical support staff as they're from India and don't speak clear English.,8,I really don't have much experience with ROI. I'm not in a role that I have anything to do with that. I would say that as we've been using NetSuite since 2007, we've achieved the return on our investment with NetSuite. I do know that NetSuite has helped us take better care of our information, prior to NetSuite, we used two different programs to do what NetSuite does, so that's much more convenient.,Sales Logix and Business Works,Citrix ShareFile, Microsoft Exchange, Camtasia, Microsoft Office 365With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility [and a Learning Curve]We use NetSuite mainly for managing and reporting on leads, prospects and customers through the lifecycle. Integrated with marketing automation it is the record of truth for our inbound/outbound marketing activities. Also use it for purchase orders and sales transactions as well as pipeline tracking and forecasting. Also used for task and case management in parts of the organization.,High degree of customization ability (fields, forms, etc.) Powerful [saved] search capabilities once past learning curve SuiteFlow provides graphical workflows to add functionality,While I like the customization and workflow capabilities, part of that is because we needed them to make NetSuite work well in our environment. Help system is extensive, but not very easy to glean practical advice from which means much trial and error to get the needed results. Not many third-party software providers (for marketing automation, quotes, etc.) integrate well with NetSuite. When things don't work as expected, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot and fix.,6,Visibility into leads->sales activities Recording of activities by company/contact provides big picture Still discovering new ways to use every day but not without considerable time/trial and error.,Netsuite Tool ReviewI have access to NetSuite as part of the tools the software developer we work with provides so we can access information on the customers we work with. We can see the add-on features they own for the modules see who the contacts are and billing information.,Contact information Support case information,It is really slow in terms of toggling from one page to another. You are logged out automatically after a certain time even if you are using it. There is no option to keep logged in.,4, and Zoho CRM,GoldMine, Microsoft Office 365NetSuite for CRM, ERP and Resource PlanningIt is being used by our entire organization, except for HR. It helps us to have a consistent, cohesive system for the company. Everyone can have the visibility they need in order to do their jobs everyday, and there's no disconnect.,It has a great UI for ERP and provides in-depth reporting and budget planning. NetSuite allows alot of flexibility to build the system out to how your company does business. Our accounting department really likes the Adaptive Planning module as well, as they can provide and quickly turn around presentation-worthy reports. Due to the robust features and functionality of NetSuite, it is easy to customize and put workflows and formulas into practice when necessary to create efficiencies. NetSuite provides the full solution to a business, by tying all systems together for one source of the truth.,The CRM is great, but the UI leaves a lot to be desired for sales people. I like the reporting capability, but it can use improvements in report building and more graphic output. People are visual and don't want to see lists all the time. They want graphs and charts that they can drill into. Better forecasting features are always welcome. It's something every organization struggles to maintain, and we have to pull several different reports to get what we need each week.,8,NetSuite has allowed us to automate a lot of our accounting process and provide a lot of time and efficiency to our Accounting Department. Case Management and customer service features are great and have helped us to provide better customer support and service. NetSuite's OpenAir module has allowed our organization to become more adept at resource planning and utilization. We can better manage our projects and have much better visibility into backlog and scheduling.,,Professional services company,No,I was not with the company at that time.,6Netsuite ReviewIt's being used by our Customer Care and Operations team. We use Netsuite to change orders, track orders, and keep a database of customer profiles.,easy to navigate and learn as a first timer easy to change orders and write notes which help with efficient work flow in the team helps keep track of customer profiles easily,Wish it was easier to change addresses and spot tracking #s faster It tends to load very slow sometimes. Takes a few seconds to save changes wish it has an automated system where it won't let you create duplicate profiles (will automatically recognize there are duplicates),9,able to have better customer service, more efficiency as a company because different teams can work via the platform there's not much trouble shooting with Netsuite so it has increased the work flow efficiency the only down side is that it's sometimes too manual,Trendkite,Zendesk, TrendKite, MentionNetsuite Review 2015We have been using NetSuite across the organization since October 2011. Some of the problems that it addresses is that it's an all inclusive suite that connects the organization together when it works properly.,All in one system - for Accounting, Shipping, and Processing Orders Dashboard,Level of Technical Support - NetSuite Level of technical support is horrible. You get someone who does not speak English and it's always after hours when they contact you back. Having been on Gold Support for 3 years we learned that its better to get your answers from forums and outside vendors. Savings of 25k a year subtracted from our contract Empty promises from Sales Vendor/Support NetSuite - One World Module - Will need outside vendor to configure and script emails to work separately from parent and subsidiary. What was promised is not what you're going to get. Make sure to review all the details when jumping into the "One World Module" NetSuite is not very good at E-Commerce Marketing - modules like our shopping cart is very slow. Multiple tickets have been submitted on this case with no real solution. Takes sometimes 3-4 minutes for checkout (load page),1,NetSuite is very costly - Make sure to research and understand what you're getting into. Cloud based system which sometimes is good and bad.,Magento Community EditionSolid functionality in a powerful database.Used as CRM by entire sales team and marketing group. Used for forecasting revenue. Also used for by all accounting staff for invoicing and financial functions. Used for reporting to parent company.,The database capabilities are very strong. Searching in the database for customers and leads is very fast, on a par with a Google search. The service helps find duplicate entries and consolidate them easily. It is a simple matter to search out duplicate leads and merge them into the same company. Reports run quickly. Even though the site may warn that it will take some time to run a report, they always run very quickly, within a minute at most.,The report builder is difficult to master. It is not as intuitive as is common with other software products. There are some many fields available that it is daunting to figure out what they all represent. A very challenging task. The interface seems a bit stodgy. Could be more intuitively organized.,8,The ability to find data quickly and see what has transpired on any account makes customer service easier to provide.,QuickBooks Pro,Pardot Marketing Automation,DocuSign,Rackspace
NetSuite CRM+
64 Ratings
Score 7.5 out of 101
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NetSuite CRM+ Reviews

NetSuite CRM+
64 Ratings
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Score 7.5 out of 101

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Jeremy Stephens profile photo
August 06, 2018

As good a view of the customer as our team enters

Score 8 out of 10
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No one really knew what was going on with the account. Sales used different software as did professional services. Support case management had to be done in a third-party add-on.
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Paul Mills profile photo
December 27, 2017

A great Database/Contact Management Program, NetSuite!

Score 8 out of 10
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Alternatives Considered

  • Sales Logix and Business Works
Sales Logix is a contact management software, whereas Business Works is a financial type program. They're supposed to integrate with the other, but they didn't do that very well. We had to put in a lot of notes in Sales Logix in order to tie the two together, it was kind of a pain, but with NetSuite, it's all in one and the purchases are tied very well with the account, it's much cleaner.
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February 01, 2015

Solid functionality in a powerful database.

Score 8 out of 10
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  • QuickBooks Pro,Pardot Marketing Automation,DocuSign,Rackspace
Easily accessed from anywhere, strong security, suitable roles, superior data access despite very large data base, more features than the others, richer functionality, handles both accounting as well as CRM, reliable with very little downtime, and for basic functions is easily taught to new staff.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Customer data management / contact management (13)
Workflow management (11)
Territory management (12)
Opportunity management (12)
Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) (10)
Contract management (8)
Quote & order management (9)
Interaction tracking (10)
Channel / partner relationship management (8)
Case management (8)
Call center management (8)
Help desk management (7)
Lead management (9)
Email marketing (9)
Task management (8)
Billing and invoicing management (6)
Reporting (5)
Forecasting (9)
Pipeline visualization (10)
Customizable reports (10)
Custom fields (12)
Custom objects (9)
Scripting environment (9)
API for custom integration (6)
Single sign-on capability (7)
Role-based user permissions (9)
Social data (2)
Social engagement (3)
Marketing automation (9)
Compensation management (5)
Mobile access (9)

About NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM is built on the same code base as the NetSuite ERP product and is usually used by customers who are already using NetSuite for ERP/Accounting.
In addition to standard customer relationship management and partner relationship management CRM features, it includes sales force automation and sales performance management features like opportunity management, quote and order management, sales forecasting, and incentive compensation management.

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