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What is Optibus?

Optibus headquartered in Tel-Aviv offers their integrated public transit software platform, providing route planning and optimization, rostering, scheduling, and other features for public transit agencies.

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Optibus has become a valuable tool for transit agencies and operators, addressing key business problems and improving their operations. …
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What is Optibus?

Optibus headquartered in Tel-Aviv offers their integrated public transit software platform, providing route planning and optimization, rostering, scheduling, and other features for public transit agencies.

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Optibus OnTime demo


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Optibus OnSchedule demo

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Product Details

What is Optibus?

Optibus is an end-to-end, cloud-native solution for transportation planning, scheduling, rostering, and operations, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and optimization algorithms. Optibus boasts users among transportation agencies and operators worldwide, who use Optibus to increase efficiency and service quality, promote transportation equity, reduce emissions and costs, and modernize their operations.

Optibus Features

  • Supported: The Optibus Platform
  • Supported: Plan and Analyze Your Network
  • Supported: Vehicle and Crew Scheduling
  • Supported: Create Optimal Rosters for Drivers
  • Supported: Operations
  • Supported: Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Supported: For Transportation Agencies and Authorities
  • Supported: For Public Transportation Operators
  • Supported: For Workforce Shuttle Operators
  • Supported: For Solving Driver Shortages

Optibus Screenshots

Screenshot of Our disruptive Scheduling module makes bus scheduling so much easier. It drives some of the most complex and large-scale transit operations worldwide, improving quality of service, efficiency, and streamlining operations. We plan and schedule the movements of every driver and vehicle, discover the best option and reduce costs.

With Optibus’ Scheduling module, you can:
● Quickly run multiple scenarios to select the optimal option to suit your business needs
● Set custom rules and preferences (such as relief vehicles, break preferences and more)
● Create high-quality schedules to help increase driver retention and satisfaction
● Optimize your vehicles, drivers, and even relief cars at the same time
● Increase efficiency and save significant costScreenshot of Scheduling for Electric VehiclesScreenshot of Ensure driver satisfaction, control overtime and workloads

With Optibus’ Rostering module, you can:
1. Bring speed to rostering
Optibus saves excessive manual work and allows you to meet your business goals. Easily set the rules and constraints that reflect your needs – from weekly route familiarity, day off patterns, overtime, guaranteed time, rest time between shifts and more.

2. Gain overtime control
Use Optibus rostering to create quality weekly shifts for drivers, ensuring their long term retention and satisfaction, while keeping operating costs under control. Address overtime, guaranteed time and uneven balancing of work hours (with some drivers having more hours and some less) simply and effectively.

3. Create roster groups and rotating rosters
Schedulers can easily input different driver preferences and cater to a variety of driver needs, while ensuring optimized results for each group separately and across the different groups. With rotating rosters, you can create an equit

Website: of Website of An end-to-end solution for all your planning, scheduling, rostering, and operational needs.

Optibus is the leading software platform for optimizing public transport operations.

Optibus' mission is to make mass transportation smarter, better, and more efficient worldwide through technology innovation that keeps pace with the needs of riders.

With our Planning, Scheduling, Rostering, and Operations modules, transportation agencies and operators worldwide increase their efficiency and service quality, promote transportation equity, reduce emissions and costs, and modernize their operations.

Why Optibus?
• First cloud-native solution with advanced AI and optimization algorithms
• Quick and accurate results — in minutes, not days
• Cost savings through better schedules, routes, and rosters
• Constant innovation and improvements, including solutions for electrical vehicles, in-depth analytics, and much more
Website of Website: of Website: of With Optibus’ Planning module, you can easily import data and begin route planning or modifications with unprecedented ease and accuracy — from map visualization to satellite and street views, with an integrated timetable that builds rapidly and is validated.

Optibus Planning is directly integrated with scheduling and rosters, ensuring quick work on a holistic, cloud-native platform. All of this helps save time and costs, reduce room for error, and improve efficiency.

With Optibus’ Planning module, you can:
● Visualize crucial geographic data, directly on the map
● Easily evaluate scenarios, their costs, and efficiency KPIs
● Improve vehicle and route efficiency, to save costs while maintaining service level needs
● Optimize your route to maximize PVR, improve your OTP, and more
Website of Real-time operations software for your real-time operations.
Optibus Operations (Ops, for short) is our next-generation depot allocations platform — an operations software that operates in real time, just like buses and drivers do.

Using cloud computing and open data to take depot allocations into the next generation of calculations, recommendations, and optimizations, Optibus Operations isn’t just changing the tools — it’s changing the game.

Optibus Operations seamlessly integrates with and syncs all the incoming data from Optibus Planning, Scheduling, and Rostering, creating one cohesive, end-to-end experience.

The Optibus Operations module offers the following components:
1. Driver & vehicle management
2. Long-term planning
3. Weekly & daily allocation
4. Timekeeping
5. Payroll
6. Reporting
7. Validations

It also integrates with operational data systems, including CAD/AVL, payroll, ticketing, fleet management, and HR through its top-of-the-line API.
Website of Operations of Operations of Plan and Optimize Electric Vehicle Operations
Electric Vehicles are the way of the future. This is where Optibus comes in handy, with specialized Electric Vehicle management, using EV-specific metrics to create the most integrated and optimal operational and charging plan.

Easily define charging times, locations and minimum battery levels and immediately get a schedule that’s optimized for electric vehicles.

Optimizing schedules for Electric Vehicles makes it easier to operate EV routes, meet regulatory requirements and bid for new EV business.

Why use Optibus for Electric Vehicles?
• Easily express rules and preferences related to battery use, charging requirements and more
• Create an accurate operational schedule that includes the optimal charging times and locations
• Valuable access to pre-defined battery and EV Optibus Customer Success best practices
• Integrate with and iterate schedules based on EV battery data

Website of Workforce shuttle operations — whether for high-tech employees, airport services, universities, and everything in between — need to be tightly managed. Driver retention requires good duties and rosters, as does cost reduction. Routes need to be planned and timetables scrutinized. In short, operations need to be efficient and effective, supported by the right technology.

At the same time, workforce shuttle operators need to have the technology infrastructure that will enable them to offer innovative services, with better routes, timetables and service levels, so they remain competitive and offer a compelling service.

With Optibus, you can:
● Increase vehicle efficiency (PVR) and save significant operational and driver-related costs — without sacrificing service quality
● Easily produce better vehicle and crew schedules, as well as more efficient rosters (rotas)
● Optimize operations by quickly testing many scenarios, until you find the optimal one

Optibus Video

Product Introduction

Optibus Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesGerman, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Optibus has become a valuable tool for transit agencies and operators, addressing key business problems and improving their operations. Users have found Optibus to be instrumental in creating optimized schedules and rosters, ensuring that labor requirements and other constraints are met while providing efficient transit service. With Optibus, users have been able to streamline route planning processes, allowing them to serve as many riders as possible while minimizing operational costs.

Furthermore, Optibus has proven to be a game changer for transit companies who have previously relied on consultants or outdated software. By transitioning to Optibus, these companies have been able to bid on government tenders more quickly and effectively manage their transit services. The ease of use and speed of Optibus have been highly praised by users, enabling them to create quarterly operational schedules with ease and test different alternatives effortlessly. As a result, Optibus has not only helped users reduce operating costs but also improve on-time performance, making it a valuable addition to the transit industry.

Great Customer Service: Users have consistently praised Optibus for its great customer service, with multiple reviewers mentioning that they received helpful support from the team.

Easy to Use: Many users appreciate how easy it is to use Optibus, as it allows them to quickly get up and running without the need for installation or IT maintenance. This user-friendly interface has been mentioned by several reviewers.

Web-based Collaboration: The fact that Optibus is web-based enables multiple users to access the software simultaneously and collaborate on projects. Some users have specifically highlighted this feature as a major advantage of using Optibus.

Slow Performance: Some users have reported frequent crashes and slow performance, making it difficult to use the software efficiently. The program takes a long time to load and complete tasks. Limited Capacity: Several reviewers mentioned that the software cannot handle more than 20 routes which can be a significant limitation for larger operations. This limited capacity is causing difficulties for some users trying to manage their transportation operations effectively. Steep Learning Curve: Users have expressed concern about the steep learning curve associated with Optibus. Some of them found it challenging to get comfortable with the software, taking them considerable time to get used to it.


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