Optimizely is a website optimization platform, providing A/B and multivariate testing. It enables users with and without technical expertise to make dynamic changes to their websites, test the variations to live traffic and gather immediate results. lets you test easily with low overhead.We utilize Optimizely to test our clients UX on the Magento platform. It is easy to install and there is a handy module for Magento that makes it easy for clients to add the snippet to their site. Optimizely is very easy to use and even better if you have jQuery knowledge. It loads fast and allows you to test many things on the site without a lot of overhead and minimal effort. If you are a savvy user it is easy to work with. If someone isn't savvy and tries to use the editor there is a risk of breaking your site. For example, if working with a product detail page template, be wary of using their WYSIWYG editor on any dynamic information like pricing. It can turn it into a static html element on the page. Overall it's a great tool that allows you to be nimble with your testing and has great reporting on the results of your test.,Test setup is easy and doesn't take a lot of company resources. The impact on page speed is incredibly small. The results dashboard gives great insights to how your test is performing and you can track multiple goals.,I'd like to see more tools comparable to Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). Like user recordings and in page analytics. If you have a dynamic area of information and edit it you pose a risk to making the page templates dynamic data static across the site. Pricing is a great example of this.,8,Increased click through rates from homepages for clients. Improved conversion rates from product detail pages. Tested category pages and increased conversions.,Visual Website Optimizer,Visual Website Optimizer,1,1,Testing CRO for clients Testing internal lead generation,Testing our lead generation funnel using mutliple landing pages / funnels.,Testing checkout processes for our clients.,6,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,None, but they change their pricing structure too often and we are considering other vendors.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,None.,8,Self-taught,It was easy and I became Optimizely platform certified.,6,Implement the snippet high up in the <head> so you avoid any flashing while loading the test.,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,No,4,No,They provided a great detailed explanation on testing pricing using a workaround method.,Changing static text or css elements. Viewing the results. They are easy to interpret.,Editing anything dynamic.,No,9Optimizely is Best-In-Class!We perform A/B tests and improve user experience with the tool.,It's very easy to set up tests Their tech support is amazing it gives very quick and strong results.,I would have liked to see improvements with the sitecatalyst integration.,10,We used this tool to execute several tests. We saw huge ROI compared to our prior use of Adobe Test and Target.,Adobe Test and Target,Google Analytics,8,Implemented in-houseOptimizely - It's GoodProvides a dead simple way to get up and running with AB and MVT testing on your web properties via its super simple installation and highly intuitive variation WYSIWYG based editor. Open and transparent with its inner workings. Curious what that WYSIWYG editor is actually doing? Optimizely provides full access to all variation code. Don't like WYSIWYG editors? Handwrite the standard Javascript based variation code yourself. Uncomfortable with code executing on your site that you can't see? Simply append the "optimizely_log=true" parameter to any URL on your website with an experiment running and check the Javacript console. You'll see a highly verbal log of all that is happening. Want to programmatically execute experiments yourself? Checkout Optimizely's extensive API ( Not just for beginners. Being "enterprise" doesn't have to mean being hard to use. See comment above. Very competitively priced. Offers competitive segmenting capabilities which allow you to target experiments based on location, operating system, device type, referral, javascript variables, cookie values, URL patterns of all kinds, and more. Supports mobile web testing with intuitive tools and emulators to create experiments specifically for mobile and tablet devices. Allows you to create custom user segments that can be reused across experiments. Ability to organize and group experiments under "Projects" which can have their own granular user permissions. Ex: Give a partner or member of your team admin access to one set of experiments and read-only access to others. Provides a very simple set of tools to create and track custom experiment goals such as "mouse click" events on a specific button or traffic goals to a specific URL. Ability to demo the product immediately without an initial sales call. With a recent $28 million round of investment, you can feel confident that Optimizely has the funding to stay in business for a long time and continue to disrupt this market. (,Optimizely does not support the use of alternative algorithms for judging experiment winners such as those of the "bandit" and "adaptive" nature. I can only imagine that doing this would be highly complex, but the ability to select different algorithms could be killer and a true differentiator. I know of no other optimization software vendor that provides algorithmic choices for judging experiment performance. Optimizely is not yet able to ingest and segment off of more advanced and / or custom data sources such as your own CRM data, weather and census data, data from re-targeters like BlueKai, and other fancy data sets that some of the other major players have. There are ways to build work arounds via their segment API and custom targeting variables, but it would be nice if more advanced, pre-built segmentation conditions were included in the product. The integration with Google Analytics, while extremely easy to set-up, leaves a bit to be desired. Its dependent on Custom Variable slots of which you only get 5 if you are not GA Premium (most aren't), and it does things with visitor scope that make repeat visit conversion tracking challenging to do over the course of an experiment without custom Google Analytics JS code to manually set GA visitor scope. That said, there are also work arounds for this as well. There's no experiment version control. You'll often find yourself having to hard refresh while editing variations within an experiment without saving to revert your changes. Not the end of the world because there is this and other work arounds, but it's a nice to have. Again, it's important to point out that few have others have this capability.,10,To start, Optimizely is very competitively priced and dead simple to set-up and install, so the bar to start getting a return on your investment starts off low. From there, it's up to you. What ideas do you have to improve your digital business? Optimizely is a tool that will help you test and measure them, and quantifiably tell you if they work or not. Your return will be as good as your testing ideas.,10,A/B Testing Multivariate Testing A handy work around for CMS and E-Commerce platform limitations.,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,The basics of Optimizely are very easy to learn especially if you have web development experience including basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. The documentation is solid. The community forums are fairly active, and the Optimizely admins regularly participate. However, the more advanced tips and tricks that the Optimizely support engineers know like the back of their hands are a little harder to find for the average user. Those tend to be gleamed during 1:1 sessions during support requests. It would be nice if Optimizely published more advanced "tips and tricks" video tutorials.,Yes,10Expensive But Awesome and Powerful Optimization ToolEasy to set up test variations, either with their visual tools or with Javascript. Easy to describe goals - can be clicks on a page element, page views, or custom Javascript. Can segment and target visitors based on URL, referral information, custom Javascript conditions, or a number of other variables. Good for previewing and testing variations prior to launching tests - has great live preview functionality and integrates with cross browser testing tools. Has good flexibility and control over implementation - especially important for avoiding the flash of unstyled content problem, as well as Javascript race conditions. API lets you integrate with Google Analytics or other third-party analytics system.,Javascript frontend sometimes loads slowly or requires refresh to load completely.,9,Varies from client to client and test to test.,,3,2,Website optimization.,10,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,Yes. Has a very intuitive user interface and lots of feature documentation.,No,8,9,9,7,Google Analytics,No,Visitor caps may be somewhat flexible.Considering A/B testing? Set up in minutes and move the marketing discussion from opinions to results.It is used for website optimization by the marketing team to improve web page and landing page lead conversion rates. e.g. testing call to action, name of tabs, color of buttons, length of forms, whether customer reviews or awards resulted in more leads.,Simple to set up and use Accessible to everyone on the marketing team; no web design technical knowledge required Solid results to make objective business decisions; eliminating well-intended but uninformed opinions,Would be nice to see an overall score trended over time for all tests. i.e. show the team whether overall the type of tests being run are improving or getting worse. Need to ensure this does not discourage testing. Some of the navigation is a little odd e.g. sometime things open in windows/tabs when you'd expect them to remain in the same window.,9,Increased lead conversion rate Increased click-through rate in the triple digits!!!! Decrease team discussion on what was the right thing to do.,9,3,0,A/B Call To Action Testing on Web Pages A/B Call to Action Testing on Landing Pages A/B Page Copy Testing on Landing Pages A/B Customer Testimonial Versus Awards Testing on Landing Pages,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,9Optimizely: Solid A/B testing solutionOur client has been happy with the tools. The set-up and execution of experiments is relatively simple. It has been used extensively to test content, banners, sign-ups, and product locations.,The design needs of the client has required a lot of developer experience to create test content and integration with site functionality that's not 'out of the box'.,In my current role I am not measuring the product performance.,8,7,4,1,A/B & Multivariate testing on a retail website.,,Professional services company,7,Self-taught,Product training is always preferred over self-training. This helps to have multiple people with a similar product skill-set available to assist with projects and train others to the same level of expertise.,There has been a lot of experiment integration with site functionality like email sign up, add-to-cart, product display grids/positions, custom espots with additional functionality, etc.,No,8,5,9,7,Adobe Analytics (Site Catalyst) Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager,Many of our clients also use eBay Enterprise Attribution (formerly ClearSaleing).,,N/AOptimizely - The A/B Testing Tool to Rule them AllThe best thing about Optimizely is how quick and easy it is to use. With one line of JavaScript, you are able to install Optimizely on your website and start testing. Design and dev work is no longer a bottleneck to start testing. Simply open up the Optimizely dashboard and use their WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get) to start changing content. If you are lucky enough to have design and dev resources, then you can simply create a redirect test that points to your new design.,The product excels at creating tests quickly and getting up and running. Results are also easy to read and no dev experience is necessary to get started.,We have been able to lift our conversion rates by 30% across various content assets since running Optimizely. This has, of course, had an effect on increasing signups and increasing revenue.,10,10,6,2,Optimizely is used to A/B test our entire website and marketing landing pages. By creating different types of content around different products and features, across different sources of traffic, we are able to test various messaging to find the 'optimal' one that works for a specific segment.,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,Optimizely has a lot of documentation on how to use their product. Reading these docs and experimenting with the product is the best way to get acquainted.,We added a custom event to Optimizely, to track a signup event from our application, in addition to Optimizely page view and click goals.,Yes,10,8,10,9,We have integrated Optimizely with CrazyEgg and Mixpanel.,eCommerce a/b Testing Tool: OptimizelySimplistic UI, but allows you to get dirty in the JavaScript and HTML if necessary. Reporting and validation metrics are easy to explain to non savvy analytic people. Digestible "QA ",Depending on the page scenario, sometimes loads pages very slowly. Don't recommend inserting elements with this tool, the z-index will sometimes be off w/ different browsers.,Validating treatments against controls that build a positive ROI. Allows justification of development time where needed.,8,8,eCommerce conversion. Increase click through rates / increase online conversion. User engagements and how to increase them on landing pages.,,,Implemented in-house,8,Self-taught,Yes, this tool is similar to other A/B testing tools. So if you have experience with them, you'll have no problems.,10Optimizely is the best!It made everything about creating my landing pages and enrollment funnel easier. I was able to change things on the fly and test many options without engineering help. No engineers needed (after javascript snipet is deployed),There were to very complex things I tried to do, that weren't great. One was adding a test popup with js which didn't really work, and the second was using interactive mode to edit a very dynamic screen.,Ability to test messaging and content without investing resources to update.,10,10,A/B testing Content Management,,Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,Totally easy to use. I taught someone else within an hour.,No,10Optimizely is for beginners and expertsThe product makes A/B Testing easy. The technical support staff is very quick to respond and very helpful. Most things require no knowledge of html, java or CSS.,There are discrepancies between the Optimizely visitor count and Google Analytics. I have been unable to resolve why these differences occur. The differences are small except with regards to mobile traffic. I am not convinced the mobile tracking works as intended. Differences with Google Analytics are fairly large.,The product has allowed us to quantify $500k in revenue gains and saves (not implementing poor test outcomes). This number is soft, and will certainly decrease as gains become harder to realize.,10,8,3,3,A/B Testing. Conversion Rate Optimization.,,,Implemented in-house,9,Self-taught,The program is very easy to learn, and as more difficult tests are implemented, they have been very helpful in guiding us along the way.,We have in-house (off-site) conversion data that we tie back to tests. This is accomplished through a nightly feed of data to Optimizely and helps us with test results.,10,9,10,10,Google Analytics In-house data clicktale,Data warehouse,Great tool overall, challenging for complex media sitesThe business intelligence and digital product teams are primarily using optimizely and my company. we are at the stage where we are trying to get buy-in from the editorial team as well as the rest of the company. we are using it to try to move the ticker on both traffic and engagement on our websites.,Testing CTAs (calls to action) Simple HTML changes Measurement Analytics Integration (Google, SiteSatalyst, etc.) Easy to use visual editor customer support,Hard to run significant tests without a major development investment on our side--it seemed like it would be a lot easier to implement tests without the help of our dev team Seems slightly less well-suited for media sites or sites where the KPIs are more complex than e-commerce sites (simpler KPIs such as click here or buy now),8,Hoping it will have a positive impact on site traffic and engagement (still to be seen) Hoping it will educate and challenge our teams about user behavior on our sites,,5,Implemented in-houseIf you just want to get A/B going, just get Optimizely already.Optimizely is used heavily across all our product lines of business' websites. It is primarily managed by our eCommerce team, executing tests asked for by business owners and/or through our own internal website optimization test ideas. The core of adopting Optimizely was to enable us to better manage website testing without the need for extensive development, due to our having a small eCommerce team. Its flexibility (after initial installs and modifications) allow non-technical colleagues to create and manage their own tests, which is vital given I am not able to support all items due to lack of resources beyond just myself. This is critical given the number of tests needed on an ongoing basis for us to continue to refine and improve our overall customer experiences.,Installing it is quite simple for more standard A / B testing. Only taking a few minutes to actually place code on site is a dream and you can almost immediately get tests designed, let alone launched. (If you had the right folks in place at the right time, I cannot imagine you could not get a live test going within a single business day.) Their support team is highly active and responsive to requests for information or troubleshooting. (NOTE: We have the Platinum account giving us more dedicated support staff). They are highly knowledgable and able to answer most questions quickly; else, they are highly effective on researching issues with other members of their organization (which speaks to the company's fluidity) The UI of the tool is very simple to use and elegant in design. That is an essential piece of why the tool is so effective / usable for non-technical staff.,Due to the nature of the tool, it can be difficult to make the tool work correctly with the standard install for tracking tests for more complex web pages, example being checkout pages. Due to checkout pages having a great amount of dynamic content (due to user input of forms, etc), it can conflict slightly with other online marketing tracking. Custom scripting is needed for this kind of testing, so its ease-of-install-use is a harder path for these more complicated pages. There are certain times the online tool will not work correctly and have to relogin via a new browser session. In a crunch time for test creation, it can be a bit troublesome. (But a minor issue.) The tool tends to be a bit "too smart" for tracking the changes made in creating a variation. Example is if you are working to change text on a page, say larger and different color. Through the process of using the tool to make the modifications, you possibly would try different sizes/colors. Each time you make a selection, the change is "logged" for the Optimizely test variation... this creates a great amount of "extra change code" that is unnecessary and have to clear it out via the code editor.,9,Highly effective in providing internal efficiency in getting A/B tests live Has shown us already opportunities to improve overall customer pathing throughout our websites, resulting in more conversions Enables us to quickly remedy serious errors in content and/or add elements to site that may not be able to be added due to other development projects "locking" website code bases. (Recently, we had a large development features update being done, and we needed to launch a small edit to our footer. We used Optimizely instead and took about 5 minutes!),Adobe Test and Target,Google Analytics,Monetate,Magento,10,9,3,I need to test whether content A or content B will engage folks more on my website. (A/B) I need to make an emergency change to the website and our webmaster is out of town. (Legal issues / quick fixes) Would adding advertising to my site (banners) as a revenue stream impact my ability to convert people on my own site?,Adding snippets to my site due to not having ability to embed in actual site code. Quickly hide pages within my site that were not supposed to be made live / but doing so remotely b/c I was not at the machine allowed to access the web server. Utilize it for CSS changes globally across the site using the multi-page test variation.,Developing a full mobile-rich web experience with responsive design techniques / using Optimizely to understand what's working (since mobile optimization is somewhat new for us this year as a focus.) Further split-test variations in relation to online marketing channel advertising / personalization of content.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,GA tracking. It would break and we couldn't see conversions via our GA reports for transactions involving tests. Took a bit of time with Optimizely to figure out a solution. Being ready with tests. We were so focused on getting it installed, we didn't have anything on deck to actually test the implementation and had to resort to small minor changes to validate. We could have save a good amount of time had we been able to use the first planned test as the basis for ensuring the tech was working properly. Getting the tech to span across entire website. Due to how our custom platform is developed, it was a bit more difficult than anticipated to install the Optimizely code across every single page of our website.,7,Yes,10,No,We had a big problem -- there was a huge desire to test messaging / layout on our shopping cart page. We were about 2 days from our promised deadline and had a huge amount of traffic coming with planned-for online marketing campaigns. We realized during our build-out that there was an issue with "activating" the variation on the page. Our site code was designed in a way that Optimizely couldn't "see" the elements we were testing unless something was in the cart. Raising the issue with the Optimizely team, they needed about three hours to determine the root-cause of the issue and a proposed solution. They provided this to us same-day and I took it to my development team. We then were able to get this proposed fix in place on our side (effectively creating a small "beacon" for Optimizely to see) and we managed to get the test running just in time. (And the result was great and we ended up installing the variation as our new control!),Starting a variation. Quickly asking for the URL, quickly loads and you're off and running to make your variation changes. Targeting the traffic. Their simple sliders and/or input % to allocate the traffic (and how you target them) is very easy to understand and use. Adding the script. It generates in seconds after creating a project and elegant in delivering the link to you to use for integration.,Preview functionality. It sometimes takes a while for the live preview to push to their servers for a full check. Google Analytics integration. It allows for the insertion of your account information, but the tracking/tool sometimes would break more complex pages like for a checkout, and then would render our GA data to be incorrect. Took some time to refine the tool / adding additional scripts to get it right. (NOTE: Our GA reporting needs are slightly custom as far as the metrics we're tracking..) Editor Settings VS. Live pages to target. It's a bit confusing to understand the difference between the two and sometimes would get confused that I wasn't developing off correct editor setting VS what page(s) I was actually activating the test on.,Yes, but I don't use it,8Optimizely, not so muchThe product is good for quick simple A/B tests such as moving of modules, buttons, text, color of elements on a page. It helps get answers to questions on whether simple changes to a page will drive conversion. The product is good for visual changes to a page - making changes is as easy as clicking on an element and replacing it with a different one on file (Optimizely is also able to host the content from their end).,The product is having problems integrating with our secure server checkout pages since the tool is iFrame based and it may cause a potential security risk. The code is not asynchronous based.,Increase ticket conversion rate. Get more users into the purchase funnel from all areas throughout the site.,3,4,Currently it is not being used due to an implementation issue with our secure server and the way Optimizely is implemented on page.,,Implemented in-house,2,Online training,3,3
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July 19, 2013

Optimizely is for beginners and experts

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  • Implemented in-house
I was not a part of this, but I know we implemented it by simply adding a script to each of our webpages. We even supplement the tests with in-house conversion data through a nightly feed. I'm not sure how difficult this part of the implementation was.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

a/b experiment testing (24)
Split URL testing (19)
Multivariate testing (19)
Mutli-page/funnel testing (19)
Cross-browser testing (14)
Mobile app testing (8)
Test significance (21)
Visual / WYSIWYG editor (19)
Advanced code editor (18)
Page surveys (4)
Visitor recordings (7)
Preview mode (22)
Test duration calculator (11)
Experiment scheduler (13)
Experiment workflow and approval (8)
Dynamic experiment activation (6)
Client-side tests (15)
Server-side tests (5)
Mutually exclusive tests (11)
Standard visitor segmentation (22)
Behavioral visitor segmentation (14)
Traffic allocation control (21)
Website personalization (10)
Heatmap tool (1)
Click analytics (9)
Scroll maps (2)
Form fill analysis (2)
Conversion tracking (17)
Goal tracking (20)
Test reporting (21)
Results segmentation (18)
CSV export (12)
Experiments results dashboard (18)

About Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the leaders in digital experience optimization, allowing businesses to dramatically drive up the value of their digital products, commerce and campaigns through its experimentation software platform.

According the the vendor, by replacing digital guesswork with evidence-based results, Optimizely enables product and marketing professionals to accelerate innovation, lower the risk of new features, and drive up the return on investment from digital by up to 10X.

Over 26 of the Fortune 100 companies choose Optimizely to power their global digital experiences, including eBay, FOX, IBM, The New York Times and many more global enterprises.

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SessionCam, AdBasis, Oracle DMP (Bluekai)

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