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What is Optmyzr?

Optmyzr is a PPC management suite from the company of the same name in Mountain View, built on a foundation of AI and machine learning. Optmyzr drives PPC automation. Founded by former developers at Google, Optmyzr helps marketers improve their…

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Optmyzr has proven to be an invaluable tool for users in various fields, offering a wide range of functionalities that save time and …
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Product Details

What is Optmyzr?

Optmyzr helps PPC teams improve account performance. Campaigns that target the wrong keywords bleed money. As ad engines further limit the data they share with advertisers, it’s never been more important for search term optimization to be quick and easy. So Optmyzr helps users:
  • Discover new keyword opportunities
  • Find and exclude expensive keywords
  • Remove one-word and duplicate keywords

Optmyzr also helps users optimize manual bids, maintain oversight when using Smart Bidding, and provide measurability to prevent wasted spend, with the goal of:
  • Boosting ads to the first page
  • Increasing impression share for converting ads
  • Reducing bids for expensive keywords
  • Optimizing automated bidding targets
  • Meeting spend targets and increase ROI

Optmyzr lets users test ad components, exclude non-converting placements, with the goal of helping users create a top-quality experience. This entails enabling users to:
  • Optimize ad text components
  • Find winning ad text through AB testing
  • Create and add Responsive Search Ads
  • Exclude non-converting Display placements
  • Exclude all mobile apps with zero conversions

Optmyzr, enables users to create Shopping campaigns aligned with real business goals, helping to locate the right campaign structure, import business data, and group products. Users can:
  • Create standard and/or Smart Shopping campaigns
  • Refresh existing campaigns to reflect product feed
  • Manage bids and mark search queries as negatives
  • Bid by any Shopping attribute
  • Build groups of individual products (GRIP)

Optmyzr bid management features encompass:
  • Set Hourly Bid Adjustments - Analyze campaign performance throughout the week and set bid adjustments
  • Use Aggregated Data - When individual campaigns don't have enough data to make a bid adjustment decision, see data for similar ones to discover patterns and bid smarter
  • Data-Powered Decisions - Optmyzr analyzes millions of rows of data, and visualizes them to help you set bids based on performance
  • Automated Bidding Control - Layer automation via its Rule Engine for additional control
  • Scheduled Bid Changes - Design bid rules, and set new bids hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Prebuilt Rules - Start with prebuilt rules for target position, target ROAS, and target CPA. Tweak as needed for every unique situation
  • Use Offline Data - Integrate business data into bid management by connecting it with the Rule Engine
  • Manage Bids at Scale - See the biddable elements in an account on a single page. Find items that need new bids, and apply changes with a click
  • Bid by Attribute - Segment products by ROAS, color, brand, and other attributes. Adjust bids at a granular level to drive more profitability

Optmyzr also presents in-built monitoring and reporting features. It can be used to monitor the performance of PPC accounts, get instant notifications when accounts need attention, and streamline reporting. Its reporting features can be used to generate executive annual reports, quick account summaries, and multi-account reports.

Optmyzr's campaign management solution, Campaign Automator, is available as a standalone tool or as an add-on to a larger Optmyzr solution. Campaign Automator uses inventory data to create and manage up-to-date ads, and keeps ads automatically updated.

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Optmyzr Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Optmyzr has proven to be an invaluable tool for users in various fields, offering a wide range of functionalities that save time and optimize their digital marketing efforts. With the ability to generate campaigns dynamically, users have reported saving over 100 hours per month, allowing them to focus on strategic optimizations and improve their overall performance. By efficiently identifying what is working and what is not in paid search campaigns, Optmyzr helps users make optimization adjustments more effectively. Its built-in optimizations and rule engine have also been praised for streamlining manual optimization methods and providing significant time savings.

Users appreciate that Optmyzr eliminates the need to log into multiple advertising platforms, saving them valuable time and enabling them to manage more accounts efficiently. From optimizing webpages and blogs to target the right audience to generating consistent reports month after month, Optmyzr's features cater to the needs of digital marketers. The ease of use and layout of the tool have been highly regarded, with users considering it a significant time-saver.

Optmyzr stands out by providing valuable data and tools that are lacking in other platforms, making it an indispensable tool for digital marketers. Users find value in creating workflows and custom automations, as well as leveraging its bid management suggestions and guidance for better control over budget and CPA bids. It excels at improving the performance of PPC clients, providing complete reports of their accounts, and solving cross-channel reporting issues across platforms like Google Ads, Amazon, and Facebook Ads.

In addition to its time-saving features, users highlight the advantage of uploading dynamic ads from a Google Sheet feed, which sets them apart and contributes to their success. Optmyzr plays a crucial role in PPC management for multiple clients by monitoring, auditing, and reporting on various aspects. It enables efficient management of campaigns with accurate budget pacing and offers useful tools for performance improvement.

By automating tasks such as campaign building, budget pacing, and stock management, Optmyzr helps users focus on high-level optimizations and strategic work. Its support team has been highly praised for their expertise and responsiveness, providing reliable assistance to users. The tool's automation capabilities, bid and budget management, valuable insights, and data-driven suggestions have proven to be vital in optimizing accounts and reducing wasted ad spend.

Optmyzr solves the problem of managing too much in too little time, making it easier to cover a wide range of optimizations efficiently. Users have seen improvements in impressions, clicks, and conversions by utilizing Optmyzr's suggestions and finding the various suggestions helpful. The reporting functionality of Optmyzr is highly regarded, allowing users to easily gather insights and track changes in their accounts over time. The bid rule engine in Optmyzr has been praised for its customization abilities and its effectiveness in improving campaign performance and conversions. Users have found that Optmyzr enhances productivity and workflow efficiency, allowing for better management of budgets and faster completion of regular tasks. Customizable alerts in Optmyzr have been useful indicators for identifying underperforming accounts and taking appropriate actions.

Optmyzr has been recommended by users for its time-saving features and its value in optimizing accounts and reducing wasted ad spend. It has a wide range of applications, from fixing account errors to improving budget management and speeding up optimization processes. Users have reported saving hours of time each month, particularly in reporting, bid adjustments, and keyword optimizations. With Optmyzr, users are able to optimize their PPC campaigns across multiple platforms, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon, and Facebook Ads.

The tool's user-friendly interface and automation capabilities have made it a go-to solution for managing multiple PPC clients efficiently. It allows users to confidently handle multiple accounts without becoming overwhelmed. By automating tedious tasks involved in PPC management, such as campaign creation, bidding, and analysis, Optmyzr frees up valuable time for high-level optimizations and strategic decision-making.

Users appreciate Optmyzr's data visualization tools, which facilitate effective communication with clients by providing clear insights into campaign performance. It also offers meaningful suggestions based on data-driven insights to reduce the need for manual analysis and report generation. Moreover, the support team behind Optmyzr is known for their expertise and responsiveness, providing users with reliable assistance whenever they need it.

In conclusion, Optmyzr is a versatile tool that caters to various use cases in digital marketing. Its time-saving features, automation capabilities, and valuable insights make it an indispensable asset for optimizing PPC campaigns, improving performance, and reducing wasted ad spend. Users rely on Optmyzr to efficiently manage multiple accounts, enhance productivity, and streamline their workflow. With its comprehensive functionalities and strong customer support, Optmyzr helps users achieve their PPC goals effectively and efficiently.

Valuable bid adjustment tool: Users have found the Hour of the week tool valuable for recommending or allowing manual bid adjustments based on specific targets, saving time and resources. Many reviewers appreciate how this feature helps them optimize their campaigns effectively.

Cost-saving keyword optimization: The Negative keyword ideas tool is praised by users for identifying costly keywords and optimizing campaigns, saving money. Several reviewers have mentioned how this tool has helped them improve the efficiency of their advertising budget.

Powerful Rule Engine: Users express satisfaction with the capabilities and coverage of MS Ads offered by Optmyzr's Rule Engine feature. This powerful tool allows users to automate repetitive tasks and implement complex rules, making campaign management more efficient.

Lack of Customer Support: Several users have mentioned the lack of customer support and account management support as a disadvantage. They have expressed frustration with the limited assistance provided by Optmyzr in resolving issues or answering queries.

Billing System Issues: Some users have expressed frustration with the billing system, particularly with being charged in USD instead of their local currency. This has caused inconvenience and confusion for these users.

Non-User-Friendly User Interface: Many users have found the user interface to be not user-friendly and have suggested improvements to make it simpler and more modern. They feel that navigating through the platform can be difficult and time-consuming due to its complex design.

Users have provided the following recommendations for Optmyzr:

  1. Optmyzr is highly recommended for saving time and money on optimizing Google and Bing Ads accounts, particularly for local marketing campaigns and complex campaigns with multiple accounts. It is considered a must-have tool for PPC management, offering strong features and continuous improvements.

  2. Users appreciate the useful tools and features offered by Optmyzr that cannot be found elsewhere. The excellent customer support provided by the team is also highly praised.

  3. Optmyzr is recommended for digital marketers within search engine marketing as it helps save time and money on reporting and managing complicated campaigns. It is a go-to tool for PPC management, especially for large agencies handling multiple PPC accounts.

  4. Users find Optmyzr's founder to be a thought leader in the PPC industry, providing valuable insights for making correct decisions in PPC.

  5. While acknowledging that Optmyzr may be slightly pricey, users still recommend it for serious PPC users due to its overall value and benefits.

  6. Running multiple PPC accounts is made easier with Optmyzr, and users find the low cost of the tool to be a positive feature.

  7. To fully explore all the available features, users suggest setting up a demo with Optmyzr's sales team.

Overall, users highly recommend trying out Optmyzr, especially through the free trial, to see if it meets their business needs and helps streamline their PPC management processes effectively.


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