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Score 7 out of 10
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We used Oracle Application Express for the improvements of our Business.The tool is being used in several departments to access different systems. The use of Oracle APEX has replaced use of paper-based and spreadsheet-based checking of data on a day to day basis.
  • Oracle APEX can be used as good replacement for Excel data entry sheets.
  • It provides high level of security about their personal information.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • As it is Oracle-specific, it is not suitable for other databases.
  • Everything is stored online, if there is no internet we can't access the tool.
Oracle APEX is a Versatile tool. Though it is database specific, it can be used with many other different technologies. Also, it is accessible from browser as well as mobile.
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Kathryn Gamble profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Its used for business information reporting and for application development. Its used across the whole organization and was adopted to provide a fast flexible solution for information reporting. It has replaced paper-based and spreadsheet-based checking of business data on a regular daily basis. Its also being used to replace 3rd party software - for example a complaints management system.
  • Enables fast application development and can be used by all levels of developer from novice to advanced
  • Produces good looking, intuitive responsive web applications that are easy for the end user to understand and use
  • It's in the database so can leverage all the power and functionality already there in Oracle.
  • Improvements are being made all the time. Some more documentation of javascript APIs is in the next release - this will be useful
  • Increased range of charts and diagrams would be good but it is already possible to do these using Oracle Jet with a bit of effort using javascript.
Well suited to data entry and reporting. great for replacing small departmental spreadsheet applications in very quick time - up and running in minutes but I've also been involved in large-scale projects with thousands of users so scalability isn't a problem. One of the best things is that users love using Apex applications - I was told today by a user that it doesn't feel like working when she uses my applications.
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Dan Hotka profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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APEX is a neat application generator/maintainer designed for online/web-based applications. You can get quite fancy with it by embedding Java but you can create robust applications easily just using the APEX environment. The programming and deployment are all web-based. The security is simple and strong. Sometimes simple is good. The Admin people can EASILY see how the APEX app is doing, who has been accessing it, monitor space utilization, and more. Personally, I enjoyed building applications using APEX.
  • It's all web-based. Very easy to get started.
  • Lots of tutorials and books available on the topic
  • Easy to build useful apps
  • Security is both simple and strong
  • Just need a web browser to use the app
  • It is not a batch processing environment. Not sure this is 'room for improvement' but it is best at collecting and displaying information, getting information from spreadsheets, form entry, and more.
  • If the web is not available, you cannot access the app.
  • No connection to the server' and manually editing anything. it is all online and stored in Oracle tables.
This is well suited for order entry, displaying information on mobile devices, getting prototype applications up quickly, and more. Reports are rather robust too and again easy to assemble and put up. APEX is wizard-based or you can open the app and make your changes via the web environment as well. It is best for working over the web, collecting information and displaying information.
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Kali Kishore Gomattam profile photo
December 28, 2017

Apex is the new Era...

Score 9 out of 10
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We have implemented the solution to automate the process of applying for leave, and for managing shift rosters, via an easy to use Apex GUI. This solution, allows us to be more productive regarding customer deliverables, through not having to worry about all the complex calculations for leave or shift management.
  • Easy to build and configure
  • More graphical reporting
Apex could replace any reporting tool, and also, websites can be built using Apex with ease.
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Richard John (Oracle Development) profile photo
December 15, 2017

APEX-ED Review

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Oracle as our main development tool within the Oracle development team; we now have applications which extend almost every module of EBS that we have licensed, including Purchasing, HR, Payroll and many others.

APEX has allowed the Oracle development team to keep pace with the application development team and we now have the opportunity to create projects we wouldn't have in the past.
  • Allows for rapid application development - within days you can create applications that are business ready and have an intuitive UI.
  • Bridges the gap between database development and web development. Due to its declarative nature database developers with no web development experience can create enticing and visual front-ends. It allows you to dip your toes in the water of web development and slowly pick up the concepts.
  • Automated testing capabilities - it would be good if APEX could have some testing capabilities so that it could further speed up the development cycle.
  • More of a selection of declarative JET Charts and the JavaScript actions that can be done against them.
Oracle APEX is very well suited if you want to bring old forms applications into the modern web landscape - they allow database developers with little to no skill in web development to create applications that can be easily distributed through E-Business responsibilities.

APEX also allows you to reduce silo working through the development of Access and Spread-sheet based data collection - with APEX you can easily re-design these applications and distribute across the internet making them global. Out of the box this can be done in a secure and logical manner.
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Nikita kumari profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
It helps us to develop web-based applications for users. We make mobile and window applications using this tool.
  • Easy to build web-based application as we need to write less code.
  • It provides an attractive user interface to build database queries.
  • It provides high-level security which means never worry about their personal info.
  • It should increase the perfomance as we face performance issues while using dynamic files.
  • It should return instant results so that resubmiting a page can be avoided.
  • There are many steps required to find out the actual issue in the code.
If there is a time limit and more security is required one should go with it as it provides locking functionality to prevent a deadlock situation.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Oracle Application Express is being used in our Asia Pacific region where the ERP system has a gap in functionality. It solves the problem of creating labels for shipping our products to our customers and suppliers. We were able to prototype the application created with this tool in a month and go live within two months after testing.
  • We were able to create a web based label application and it was quite robust.
  • Very easy to create proto-types that can be developed quickly and thrown away if not satisfying the needs
  • Developers do not require a long learning curve to pick up the fundamentals.
  • Must have Oracle Data Base to use this product. Only works with ORACLE products.
  • Could use version control. Developers must communicate in order to preserve each others work.
  • Not all Web hosting companies support APEX. This would be a nice to have.
Well suited for small teams of developers for very small applications Also good to prototype using this tool and moving to another one that has cross platform and vendor support. It is included with ORACLE RDBMS so no additional costs or licensing required to use the product. It is scalable from PCs to RAC systems.
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Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
It is being used by a few of our clients for internal portal purposes. It has been interfaced with EBS as well. It is lightweight and easy to administer and use.
  • It's easy to install/upgrade.
  • It is having a very small system footprint.
  • We have deployed it on a WebLogic server and interfaced it with Oracle EBS. It is currently offering us very flexible and lightweight forms/reports.
  • We find it to be a very good product. No suggestions here.
It is very much suited where ever there is a need to maintain a portal/site for any kind of use.
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Paolo Borghi profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Oracle Application Express, or ApEx, is a web interface offered for free by Oracle (is included in the database) to interact through a browser with other applications, Oracle or not. In my company, I work as a business intelligence consultant by developing with Oracle back-end tools (like Oracle Database, Oracle Data Integrator, FDMEE), and I've had many occasions of seeing the potentialities of Oracle Application Express.

Thanks to its versatility, ApEx is able to solve many kinds of business problems, like - small reporting, through the implementations of simple and navigable reports; - database writing, through many kinds of forms; - web-service (Oracle and non) invocations; - creating charts and data based diagrams. ApEx is a really flexible tool that can interact with many different technologies, has a lot of plugins and is fully accessible from a browser, both from a desktop platform and from mobile.
  • Installation included for free with Oracle Database
  • Easy to access from a browser, both from desktop and from mobile
  • Simple web based interface for development
  • Easy to learn, with a good variety of functionalities already implemented and customizable
  • Able to interact with Oracle back-end technologies and with many third parties web tools
  • Sometimes it is so simple that it doesn't offer the desired functionality
  • At the beginning it may be a bit difficult to work with the customizations required starting from the basic applications offered inside the installation
  • It may be difficult to insert "advanced" customizations on the page (eg: web scripting for effects or popups)
ApEx is a fantastic tool to create web pages (the easiest access point for anything) for users. It can be mainly used to create reports or insert forms on small database tables or for invoking web-services from other tools or integrating other web tools. For example, it may be used as a monitor for Oracle Data Integrator flows, directly selecting logs from the ODI work repository or from custom tables. Moreover, through the invocations of ODI agent web-service, ApEx also allows us to execute ODI flows (keep an eye on agent license for this purpose). Finally, and the simplest scenario, it can be used to directly write inside a table or loading a file in it. On the contrary, ApEx is not suited at all as a reporting tool, since its pagination and graphical rearrangement are quite limited.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Oracle Application Express or APEX is a nice front end tool that comes along with your Oracle Enterprise server license. What you need is to install and configure APEX. In my previous work place there was a need for a reporting solution with the ability to have writable reports. Meaning users will see the report and can adjust/change few metrics and data elements. APEX is a great solution that can give a quick and easy to use powerful interface to create data entry form+report. In simple words you have a database table in Oracle and you want it to be exposed to users for reading and editing, Apex can do that. In the current organization i have used this tool to move away from individual Excel spreadsheets to centralized database tables.
  • APEX can help you create complex and powerful reports and drill downs along with the ability to Edit the data on the fly.
  • APEX can be a good replacement for Excel data entry sheets, providing centralized access to table data with authentication.
  • Data entry forms with validations and triggers can be created using your existing Oracle infrastructure, easy to implement and deploy.
  • APEX is a tool that can combine data entry forms and reporting (parent/ child ) using the Oracle tables in your database.
  • Users get the ability to make changes to the forms data in Apex and commit, get to the report page and see the changes in real time.
  • For complex APEX applications you need to be a pro expert in PL/SQL
  • Debugging in APEX can be complicated if there is a logical error. Syntax errors will end up shown as ORA errors
  • Lack of designer interface. Even though you are designing a form you need to do it by means of APEX interface using a series of steps, no UI for design
  • Oracle specific not applicable for other databases
Automation scenario : Suppose there is a user group that maintains Excel or their daily cost data entry. There are 4 users who work on the cost Excel worksheet. It can be individual or a shared excel. Once the data entry is done the data need to be reported in a BI report and distributed. Excel data entry can have fat fingering or typo errors that can cause issues with a report. In this situation we can use APEX and design a form that the 4 users can access at the same time, we can track which user is making what changes and without any delay once the data is committed in the form it can be made available for BI reporting . For small to medium size organization APEX can be used as a low cost BI tool for reporting and forms need, as it is free with the Oracle license.
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About Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Oracle APEX is a free feature of Oracle Database. It's an online low-code application builder that allows users to quickly develop a database-drive application, customize the application's UI, and then give their users access to the application via URL. Oracle APEX includes a suite of pre-built productivity applications and examples, such as a Survey Builder, Bug Tracking, P-Track project management, etc.
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