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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 05, 2019

Data Management Platform that makes a difference!

Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Oracle BlueKai platform in our marketing department. Since it is our main analytics platform we are using it to personalize all of our marketing campaigns with more accurate information for targeted audiences. It allows us to ensure relevancy in the ads appearing for customers of our products, but also for potential customers browsing our websites.
  • Really well facilitated cookie-based interest based advertising.
  • Can process huge volumes of data.
  • Provides high quality metrics about your customers for campaign optimization.
  • Might be seen as an invasion of privacy.
  • Does not support the usage of any custom algorithms to dig deeper into insights.
Based on our experience Oracle BlueKai is a great solution if third-party integration is needed. It also works very well if your goal is to understand your audience composition grouped by device and/or operating system. May not be suitable for smaller businesses with a small or medium amount of data, since it is quite an expensive solution.
  • Oracle Responsys
  • Oracle Content Marketing (Compendium)
  • Oracle Maxymizer (Testing & Optimization)
Since we are using just one very powerful platform it brings integrated insights together to help our marketing department realize their goals and target the right public. Cloud based marketing allows us to pull information from a wide variety of sources and to keep pace with the desires of customers, which is hugely important for our business.
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Gaurav Gautam | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 01, 2017

My experience with Oracle DMP Bluekai

Score 9 out of 10
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Oracle DMP helps us to solve the most critical and complicate problem today - stitch customer from multi channel and multi touchpoint journey and understand them thoroughly. It is very important for effective marketing campaigns and solid ROI in marketing investment. It is used across many of our clients. We cherish our decision to go with Bluekai DMP. Custom audience with rich profile information allows us to target audience we really want to target for good ROI.
  • Reliable third party customer behavior, navigation and affinity information help to pin point our target audience.
  • Bluekai enables us to able to score each prospect in a universal profile and hence optimize our strategy better for acquisition vs retention.
  • There are limitations in applying complicated rules when we create a custom audience or segment. There should be more flexibility, similar to what Adobe Analytics has.
  • It takes more than expected amount of time to get issues resolved (when a ticket is created).
Great tool to leverage huge pile of data about customer journey and customer profile.
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Oracle Responsys
  • Oracle Maxymizer (Testing & Optimization)
It is just fantastic to being able to integrate them for standardization and integrated strategy.
Yes - We are seeing higher ROI for same marketing spend [by participating in user groups].
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Corey Buller | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 20, 2017

Oracle Bluekai is Great for CPG and Retail!

Score 8 out of 10
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We use BlueKai segments in almost every programmatic video and banner campaign that the agency runs. It is a value data source that can be used to reach broad and niche audiences alike. The quality is good enough that it does not generate too much ad waste reaching unqualified look a like users.
  • Some of the best custom purchase based targeting segments.
  • Easy to find and use in most programmatic technology platforms.
  • Unmatched customer service, typically receiving a dedicated sales rep or service manager.
  • In an age where transparency is key to agency success, Bluekai sometimes fails. It is difficult to understand how their audiences are built and where they come from.
  • Quicker turnarounds on custom segments.
Brands looking to generate increased buy rate among current users suits Bluekai well.

Bluekai cannot assist on account-based marketing that targets a specific company list. In fact, Oracle, in general, is not the best option for ABM.
  • Oracle Eloqua
The ability to build look-a-like audiences from the Eloqua page data has allowed one of our clients to expand their targeting base and generate more leads.
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Alina Hera | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 19, 2016

Oracle DMP Bluekai - Targeted Marketing with Visible Results

Score 9 out of 10
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Oracle DMP is mainly used by the marketing department, along with the customer service team in my organisation. We use Oracle DMP Bluekai to help us create very tailored marketing campaigns across different channels, and to also identify potential new leads to help us grow our customer base.
  • Data Management Platform capabilities
  • Ability to create very targeted lead groups based on very specific criteria
  • Ability to market across multiple channels
  • Improvement in reporting would be appreciated
  • The user interface should be simpler to navigate
  • It's difficult to switch from one audience to another
We have found that Oracle DMP Bluekai is very well suited in situations where you want to reach very specific target groups. Oracle DMP gives us access to reliable third party sources that we use especially when trying to reach potential new customers and target them with specific promotions.
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Oracle Maxymizer (Testing & Optimization)
The fact that we have integrated Oracle DMP with Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Social Relationship Management, and Oracle Maxymizer makes it a lot simpler for us to handle our various marketing efforts, and easily make changes to campaigns and to our website and various social media accounts as well.
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Jack Hui | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 23, 2016

Oracle DMP - Gold Standard for Effective Marketing

Score 9 out of 10
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Oracle Data Management Platform is used by the marketing department, along with Oracle Eloqua, to improve our marketing efforts and be able to better identify, and target the correct audience for our cross-channel marketing campaigns. Oracle DMP makes it possible for us to find potential customers who are actively searching for information related to our products, which makes our marketing efforts much more successful.
  • Ability to identify potential customers who show an active interest in our types of products
  • Ability to target cross-channel
  • Database of customer profiles
  • The UI can be improved because it can be difficult to navigate
  • Issues take a long time to be resolved with support
Oracle DMP is a very powerful product and will bring you great return. It makes it very easy to find the correct, and interested, audience to target and its integration with Oracle Eloqua makes it easy to set up multiple automated campaigns for various market segments and products, and monitor your effectiveness.
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Oracle Maxymizer (Testing & Optimization)
The integrations that we have set up with other Oracle Marketing Cloud products allows us to tailor our interactions with our customers, and to make them more effective. We are also able to analyze how responsive our customers are to our cross-channel marketing efforts and make any necessary changes to our approach.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 01, 2017

Big DATA - Big Tool

Score 8 out of 10
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Oracle DMP is being use by our Department for serving up targeted marketing to specific audiences for our services. The use of this software is restricted to the marketing and IT departments.
  • Oracle DMP helped us a lot with targeting the right consumers and improving the marketing of our company services
  • The cloud-based platform enabled us to look into cookie-based customer data and analyze their behavior.
  • Data Management is very smooth.
  • The User interface is not very user friendly. It can be improved.
  • Sorting through data should be easy and user friendly. It is a very large database.
It is a great tool for targeted marketing to specific audiences. The large database helps to find the best suited targeted audience.
  • Oracle Responsys
  • Oracle Content Marketing (Compendium)
It has helped a lot. Our revenue went up by 15-20% just because of targeted marketing and reduced cost of other avoidable expenses.
Yes - User group membership helps to collaborate with others and to get to know what's happening.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 30, 2014

Solid Platform for those with the resources

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Bluekai is a key component to our online data monetization strategy by providing a highly diverse exchange for our Consumer, Auto, Financial, Demographic, and Attributive data sets to a publishers. As an added benefit there are a multitude of other exchanges within BlueKai as well.
  • Publisher Diversity - Their exchange has pipes laid with the "who's who" of publishers providing a great conduit for our data to meet publishers.
  • Strong Customer Service - While there is plenty of documentation available online, it is nice having help a quick phone call away via our account manager.
  • Reporting - There is a lack of solid ah-hoc reporting in terms of data purchases and transactions. This makes it difficult for us to see what data points are hot and selling.
It takes a significant amount of resources to be successful in the exchange in terms of marketing, organization, and customer support. So for quick fix and / or smaller organizations should be prepared.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 23, 2014

You won't sing the blues when you use BlueKai

Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
BlueKai is being used in multiple ways. First would simply be to access their third party data segments to layer into any campaigns we are using that are BT tactics. If you are looking for truck enthusiasts or baseball fans you can find those segments created from BlueKai. The second would be as a DMP. We also utilize their data segments to create look-a likes and audience extensions.
  • They have a wide variety of 3rd party segments to access at a fair price
  • They have a very solid DMP offering
  • They have great behavioral data that is "in market" which is really the key to 3rd party data, especially in RTB based environments where we are targeting cookies not sites
  • Data is fairly priced but still tot expensive, especially for programmatic where clients are looking for efficiency in CPM pricing
  • You can utilize recency in terms of when a user hits a segment but that sometimes kills scale
  • Data in general isn't always actionable - we want to say that everyone is "in-market" but that's not always the case and because of it's pricing sometimes BT just doesn't perform as a tactic compared to other tactics like 1st party retargeting or various types of contextual and search retargeting tactics.
For data I would highly recommend them compared to most data providers, they actually sell most of their data to other partners so most segments in DLX or Exelate actually come from BK. For their DMP it definitely depends on the client but their DMP has the same capabilities as all the major DMPs.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Collection of first-party data (6)
Collection of third-party data (6)
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Audience taxonomy (6)
Tag Management (6)
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About Oracle BlueKai

Oracle Data BlueKai, part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, helps marketers target top revenue-generating audiences by unifying marketing data in one location. The platform is designed so that users can tap into the largest set of pre-integrated third-party marketing data with more than 1 billion customer profiles. Then users can combine that data with proprietary first-party—or owned data—to make smarter media buying, campaign planning, and creative messaging decisions.

The Oracle Marketing Cloud features solutions that are designed to help marketers acquire and retain ideal customers, engaging them with a relevant experience that spans the entire customer lifecycle. Oracle Marketing Cloud helps the marketer connect data across the marketing ecosystem to personalize customer experiences with software including marketing automation (Oracle Cross-Channel Marketing to Consumers/Businesses), content marketing (Oracle Content Marketing), social marketing (Oracle SRM), and data management (Oracle BlueKai).

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Oracle BlueKai Features

Data Collection Features
Has featureCollection of first-party data
Has featureCollection of third-party data
Has featureAccess to Third-party Data Providers
Data Classification Features
Has featureAudience taxonomy
Has featureTag Management
Has featureData Analysis Dashboard
Ad Network Integration Features
Has featureData Transfer
Has featureDSP integration
DMP Analytics Features
Has featureCampaign Analytics
Has featureAudience Analytics
Additional Features
Has featureSharing of permissioned second-party data
Has featureMarketer ecosystem integrations (Integrations with media & ad targeting, analytics, dynamic creative optimizers, site optimizers, data modelers, privacy partners, social, search, data on-boarders, classifcation partners, ad networks, ad servers, and more)

Oracle BlueKai Screenshots

Oracle BlueKai Integrations

LiveRamp IdentityLink, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, AdRoll, Amobee Brand Intelligence, AppNexus, Bazaarvoice Platform, Conversant, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting, TouchPoint, Exelate, Flite, GumGum, Marin Software, Oracle Maxymiser, Millennial Media, Monetate, Optimizely, PubMatic, Qubit, RadiumOne Activate, Rocket Fuel, Rubicon Project, Sharethrough,, SpotXchange, SurveyMonkey, The Trade Desk, Videology, Virool, Visible Measures, YuMe, Zemanta, Adometry, Drawbridge, Dstillery, Phunware, ReTargeter, Skype, Swoop, Visual IQ, SessionM, Tapad, Triggit, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator (Discontinued), TubeMogul (discontinued), Oath Ad Platforms (formerly Brightroll), Google Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick), Saba TalentSpace (formerly Halogen), Amobee Marketing Platform (formerly Turn), 24/7 Media, Accordant Media, Accuen, Adacado, Adap.TV, Adara Media, Adblade,, Adconion, Adelphic, Adify, Adinch, AdJuggler, Adloop, AdMantx, AdMaxim, Admeld, Admobius, Adobe Efficient Frontier, Adobe Omniture, Adotube, AdReady, Adtaxi (Denver Post), Adtegrity, Adtheorent, Adtonik, Adverplex, Adworkz, AdxDirect, Amnet, Annalect, AOL, AppsSavvy, Arcametrics, AudienceScience, Batanga Media, Blinkx,,, BrandScreen, BridgeTree, Cablevision, Cadreon, Casale, Centro, Clearsaleing, Cognitive Match, Cogo Labs, Cold Creek, Collective, Collective Ensemble, Collider Direct, Comscore, Cox Digital, CPX Interactive, Crisp Media, Datacratic, DataLab, Datamyx, DataPoint, Dedicated Media, Diligant, Digital Advertising Alliance, Discovery, DTCN Digital Trends, Epic Marketplace, Epsilon, Evidon, Evolve Media, Experian, Exponential, Eyeview, Fiksu, Flashtalking, Flying Point Media, FreeWheel, Genome, Ghostery, Giant Media, Goodway Group, Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Hulu, Human Demand, Interactive Advertising Bureau, iBehavior, IBM, Inadco, Inflection Point Media, InMobi, Insight Express, Instinctive, Intermarkets, IRi, Kepler Group, Kiip, Liftoff, Liverail, Lucid Media, Lumate, Magna, Managed Services, Martini Media, mdotm, Media Alpha, Media Crossing, Media Innovation Group, Media IQ, Mediabrix, MediaMath, Mediaplex, Melt DSP, Merkle, Meteora Media, Microsoft Media Network, Mobile Theory, Mode Media, Network Advertising Initiative, Net Shelter, Netmining, Neustar Ad Advisor, Ninth Decimal, nPario, Owner IQ, PaperG, Pinsight, PointRoll, Proximic, PulsePoint, Q1 Media, Quantcast, Ranker, Rare Crowds, Real Media Group, Recruit Communications, Reverb Nation, Revolution Messaging, RUN, Safe Harbor, Simulmedia, Sojern, Sovrn, Specific Media, Spongecell, Tapfwd, Taptica, Targetspot, Technorati Media, Telemetry PlanBlue, The Media Trust, The Video Network,, TidalTV, TraffIQ, Travora, Tremor Video, Tribal Fusion, Trion Interactive, TruSignal, Truste, Twitter, Twitter Mopub, Undertone, Undertone Legolas, United Online Direct, Upfront Digital Media, ValueClick, Varick Media, Vdopia, Videoplaza, Vivaki, WildTangent, X8, X8ox, XAd Direct, Xaxis, Yahoo!, Yelp, Yieldex, YPG, Zeta, Zynga

Oracle BlueKai Competitors

Adobe Audience Manager, LiveRamp IdentityLink, TouchPoint, Neustar Identity Data Management Platform (IDMP, PlatformOne), Amobee Marketing Platform (formerly Turn), Krux Next-Gen Data Management Platform, Lotame Cross-Screen Data Management Platform, Rocket Fuel Origin DMP, Google Data Management Platform, MediaMath Terminal One, Exelate Data Management Platform (Nielsen)


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Oracle BlueKai Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No
Supported Countries:North America, EMEA, APAC, LATAM
Supported Languages: English