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What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc headquartered in San Francisco offers their eponymous electronic signature platform for sales teams, containing sales proposal automation and CPQ (configure, price, quote) features, and integration with CRMs.

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We love PandaDoc!

10 out of 10
June 19, 2024
We use PandaDoc to send documents to our partners. These documents are to update their accounts and require signature. We use PandaDoc to …
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PandaDoc for Pros.

10 out of 10
June 18, 2024
PandaDoc has been our key partner in creating contractual agreements for our friends in the health and fitness industry. Its smooth …
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I mainly use Forms

9 out of 10
June 18, 2024
I use PandaDoc to create forms for businesses that want to work with us. It helps us make a customized contract without having to …
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PandaDoc review

9 out of 10
June 17, 2024
We use PandaDoc for the submission, review and signing of contracts. It allows us to see whether the recipient has accessed the contract, …
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Product Review: PandaDoc's Template Editor Keeps Contracts Customized, But Consistent
PandaDoc Takes Document Management Into Digital Space For Fast Creation & Easy Tracking: User Review
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Product Demos

Best integrations for PandaDoc (for beginners)


Sending & tracking documents in PandaDoc (for beginners)


How to create pricing tables with PandaDoc (for beginners)


How to edit a PandaDoc template (for beginners)


How to create a PandaDoc template (for beginners)


How to eSign with PandaDoc (for beginners)

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Product Details

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc provides a document workflow automation platform designed to help fast scaling teams accelerate the ability to create, manage, and sign digital documents including proposals, quotes, and contracts. PandaDoc boasts users among more than 50,000 organizations, taking the work out of document workflow.

PandaDoc Screenshots

Screenshot of Custom-designed themes, templates, embedded rich media, and interactivity to give every deal the opportunity to get noticed.Screenshot of Automatic notifications, on-the-fly editing, CRM Integrations, and integrated eSignatures.Screenshot of Reporting, with drill down to the deal level with proposals, to pick which deals to include (or exclude).Screenshot of legally binding eSignaturesScreenshot of Centralized communications to streamline the negotiation process, and make revisions in real-time in a single location.Screenshot of Document analytics displays what’s really happening after documents are sent with real-time reporting on engagement and activity on the documents. This enables teams to respond faster to prospects.Screenshot of Drag-and-drop editing that helps build proposals faster, with a choice of 750+ ready-to-use templates, available at no additional cost. These can be customized with dynamic versions.

PandaDoc Videos

PandaDoc Vs. Other eSign Tools
Whether you are an independent contractor, sole proprietor, small business, medium-sized business, or large enterprise - digital contract management platforms are designed to keep you on schedule with agreements as well as organized should you ever need to refer back to a cont...
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PandaDoc Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android

Frequently Asked Questions

PandaDoc headquartered in San Francisco offers their eponymous electronic signature platform for sales teams, containing sales proposal automation and CPQ (configure, price, quote) features, and integration with CRMs.

Google Drive, DocuSign, and Dropbox Sign are common alternatives for PandaDoc.

Reviewers rate Vendor post-sale highest, with a score of 9.9.

The most common users of PandaDoc are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We mostly use it within the sales team. We send the service agreements via PandaDoc as well as a Client Verification Form, payment options, addendums, and exhibits.
  • Ability to provide various options to create documents
  • Ease of use
  • duplicability
  • Customer Service Questions and Answers
  • Pricing for Forms
  • Completed documents page, too much scrolling
It is a great service to get company documents standardized.
  • The most current version is always available which saves time and headaches
  • Clients are able to review and sign electronically
  • Required fields are key as well as signing order
Reusable templates and the content library have really helped to speed up the process of creating documents. We are looking forward to trying an integration this month!
I LOVE real-time communication. It is easy to track where we are in the sales cycle and to know if the client has even looked at the agreement. We can decide to call instead of email if they haven't.
PandaDoc makes the ability for us to provide consistent branding across all documents.
  • New User Forms
  • Internal Company legal documents
  • Trade Reference Requests
eSignatures has been a great resource for collecting personnel signatures for internal employee documents.
Most everything is pretty self-explanatory but there are some features that are a little more complex. It would be nice to be able to link out to a training right where you are trying to implement something and get stuck.
Support has gotten a little better over the past few months but I feel like there is much room for improvement, especially with CS questions. We get a lot of generic answers that do not fit our question and almost never solve the issue.
Never had any issues with how quickly everything loads and I am thankful for that!
Easy enough to work with from my experience so far.
Currently 4/9 use PandaDoc on a regular basis. Sales and Customer Service use it the most.
Someone with a lot of patience and experience builds the templates and documents and the rest of us just use it to send out and review client documents for setup.
  • eSignature via Sales Agreement
  • Adding boxes, drop downs, and check box options for Client set up
  • Viewing status of documents for the sales cycle
  • Payment options
  • Pricing documents
  • Product Documents
Not Sure
I was not involved previously but I would have asked for a little more help in setting up on how to use particular features. We have taught ourselves and had to move backwards several times before moving forward.
  • Don't know
  • NA
I was onboarded after the sale and implementation
  • No Training
No, I would recommend training and even segmented training or step training.
I am still working to figure that out.
I dont but I sure would like some.
No - the product does not support adding custom code
Would love to learn more about this.
No, we do not have too many questions. It is usually a technical issue that occurs that does not get fixed.
Yes, it was a feature upgrade that only took about a month or two after I added to the current open request.
The initial sale of the Integration between PandaDoc and Salesforce. Just starting this next week so not sure how it will go yet.
  • Sending documents
  • reviewing documents
  • downloading documents
  • alignment
  • workflows
Not sure, just starting next week
Unknown, I was not involved
Unsure, I was not involved
  • Not Sure
  • Unsure
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used for sales and billing purposes. We send quotes and service agreements with it. It addresses the problems we had in regards to making sure our customers receive our proposals, contracts and invoices. It has been very useful in keeping track of what parts our customers actually read and how much time they spend on each section. It also serves as an ''all inclusive'' sales and administration tool. We could not operate without it!
  • Proposals
  • Service Agreements
  • When using with Pipedrive, it overshadows the other page and we can't see information in our CRM when the proposal is opened without closing the app.
  • If you move your mouse off screen in certain text boxes, it closes the page altogether.
We cannot imagine working without PandaDoc anymore. Everything from proposals to service agreements to invoices. Even NDAs!
  • Time saved creating documents
  • Tracking
It's seriously the best tool we've ever used.
Real time notifications and electronic signatures have been an outstanding addition!
It looks very professional, streamlined and we can customize everything.
  • To create NDA's
We use both Yesware for email tracking and PandaDoc for everything proposal and quote related.
We only use PandaDoc for sales and invoicing at the moment.
Very user friendly and modifiable if needed.
Support has been fast and effective, using the integrated support chat feature.
Very easy and simple.
Performance is very solid, though sometimes it is a bit slow to load. This is probably due to the amount of customizable fields that we added on our end.
For the very few times we had to contact them, the support team was quick and efficient.
Sales manager, project manager, general manager and coordination team
Need to create templates, update products and catalogs. Three of us (myself, project manager and general manager) handle these aspects
  • Creating quotes
  • Making sure customer open proposals
  • n/a
We cannot imagine working without it
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
We needed something that was affordable, easy to use and insightful. PandaDoc does all of the above.
We wouldn't change a thing
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
  • Normal learning curve
Very easy, web based tool that requires little to no technical knowledge.
  • no training
Very easy to learn. My colleague got the hang of it instantly and passed on his knowledge to me. Everything else was pretty much learned by using it and I only had to contact the PandaDoc support team once since the beginning. Since everything is customizable, you can get around easily.
Everything is fully customizable to our liking and configurations are easy to change.
I suggest using the app regularly and trying stuff out. Trial and error has been the best way to learn for us.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively
We customized the interface so we could make it look unique and exclusive to your company. With great results!
No - we have not done any custom code
We haven't done any additional configuration or customization besides what was previously mentioned.
Initially, there were problems when we would make a mistake in the credentials of the people we were sending our proposals to. For example typos in the email address, missing letters in names, etc. I wrote to the support team and got a very quick response regarding the issue. It has been addressed and we can now modify the names of the people without having to restart the document.
  • Sending proposals
  • Sending service agreements
  • None really.
It's fully scalable as we have been using it more and more for complex documents and onboarding procedures.
We haven't had any real issues regarding downtime as of yet.
  • Pipedrive
  • Slack
Integrating with Pipedrive and Slack has been very simple and has changed how we work. It's a huge productivity enhancer.
  • n/a
No, we've already integrated with everything we needed to.
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
Nothing else you've missed.
Don't be afraid to contact their support team if you need help. They are quick and courteous.
Very simple to work with and always available.
We didn't negotiate per se. Pricing is fair and support is very good. Well worth the asking price.
No, they do a great job as is. Wouldn't change a thing.
  • n/a
  • n/a
January 17, 2020

Close more sales, faster

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PandaDoc to send proposals and contracts to our customers. It's easy to set up and we use the templates to generate collaborative documents. We receive an electronic signature in a very easy way.
  • Ease of use
  • Collaborative within users
  • Search
  • Version control
Sales proposals and all purpose agreements or contracts.
  • Customer experience
  • Employee efficiency
We use templates and the content library. We haven't used integrations or automated workflows, but are planning to.
First of all we started tracking the contracts for optimization, at one point we used to put pricing and signature at the very end. Due to metrics analysis we placed these on the very top now, and conversions have rocketed.
It's more focused for sales.
Collaborative and drag and drop
Non tech skills
  • send proposals
  • send agreements
  • do presentations
  • Automate the sales process even further
  • Integrate it with NetSuite
It simply works and solves a problem
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
The ease of use
not much
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
  • none
good and straight forward
  • no training
yes, intuitive and good online support
I would like more integrations
No - there is no facility to customize the interface
No - the product does not support adding custom code
no thank you
Never had a big issue that I couldn't resolve myself
  • not one in particular
  • Search
  • Undo
Yes, but I don't use it
I think is good, but can be better
It's scalable
It is available
Its good
  • NetSuite
  • Gmail
  • gmail
  • netsuite
  • File import/export
  • Javascript widgets
Integration is a must
Not specific
  • Search
  • Search
We use paid
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