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What is PCRecruiter?

PCRecruiter is a web-based recruiting platform. It supports candidate sourcing and placement via candidate tracking, job advertising, CRM, applicant tracking, and salesforce automation.
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Product Details

What is PCRecruiter?

PCRecruiter is a web-based system for candidate sourcing and placement, that combines the core functions of candidate tracking, job publishing, customer and contact relationship management with salesforce automation.

The vendor reports that PCRecruiter has tens of thousands of daily users in over seventy countries around the world.

The vendor also says that PCRecruiter is flexible and appropriate for a range of business models, including permanent or contract placement, candidate sourcing, corporate candidates sourcing, RPO, etc.

PCRecruiter Features

  • Supported: MS Outlook Integration
  • Supported: User-Configurable Screen Layouts and Fields
  • Supported: Job Posting
  • Supported: Custom Forms

PCRecruiter Screenshots

Screenshot of Adding an appointment to the built-in calendar.Screenshot of Mobile-friendly and fully customizable job board.Screenshot of Mobile app for Recruiters and for Contract Employees

PCRecruiter Video

The PCRecruiter Job Board offers everything you need to get your positions online for candidates to view and apply to, and the implementation is simple, swift, and affordable. Whether you’re designing a new website or are looking to modernize and improve on your current candid...
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PCRecruiter Integrations

PCRecruiter Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac, Windows IIS Server for On Premise Hosting
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Others Upon Request

Frequently Asked Questions

PCRecruiter is a web-based recruiting platform. It supports candidate sourcing and placement via candidate tracking, job advertising, CRM, applicant tracking, and salesforce automation.

CATS Applicant Tracking System, JobDiva, and Crelate are common alternatives for PCRecruiter.

Reviewers rate Performance highest, with a score of 9.6.

The most common users of PCRecruiter are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Since mid-2015 and [it] is used for all our locations.
  • Support
  • Support
  • Support
  • Support
  • UI - too many split screens and tabs
  • Hard to toggle between areas
  • Lacks a "current" look and feel overall
Overall it is outdated compared to some other products. The support is [PCRecruiter]'s claim to fame. The people are available, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.
  • Hard to say in terms of $$$
  • It worked well over the years for us
  • Lagging in innovation and user interface
  • Too many clicks to get around
[From my experience it is] lagging in UI, recruiters have to "work for the software" rather than the "software doing things for the recruiter". Data mining is a good one for positions and candidates.
  • Searching
  • Ease of use/intuitive
  • KPI's
  • N/A
  • N/A
Time to try [an] alternative product that is more current.
Excellent! None better.
Don't remember :-) but I was treated as Premium!
Small glitches but nothing major, resolved satisfactorily.
This can best be answered by our internal support person. [PCRecruiter] always did me proud with their support! Well done and Thank you.
Average in use and appearance. Too many clicks and tabs which is clunky for me.
  • Not elegant, but simple
  • Moving around, navigation clunky and cumbersome
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PCR across our Sales and Recruiting teams.
  • Overall easy crm
  • Good customer service
  • Sometimes tricky for employees to learn
It's suited for headhunting and executive search firms that engage in both sales and recruiting activity.
  • Easy crm, so easy to manage contacts
It's more simple than Bullhorn so easier for some to pick up on.
Easy to get to customer service.
Good overall software.
January 18, 2020

PCRecruiter At A Glance

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PCRecruiter is being used across the whole organization. It is usually alright to use. It can typically help when looking at class rosters, school-wide rosters, or sports teams. I found that sometimes the database could be hard to use because it would not load properly, or it did not have the correct information. From a class perspective, posting assignments on PCR was not an easy process and was not very user-friendly.
  • Creates rosters for classes and sports.
  • Is available to put all class assignments and calendar online.
  • Freezes/is down frequently.
  • Sometimes assignments do not work properly, or do not show on calendar as they should.
PCRecruiter is well suited for moments when you need a student's schedule, or you need to know where a student is at a particular time. However, the grading area of the website is hard to use and does not always make sense. It can easily be changed by accident, leaving you confused and your grades messed up. I think as a whole it is less appropriate for boarding schools as it does not function well for after school activities. It also is just not suitable for 2020. It does not look like it is a new program; it seems like it is from the 90s.
  • As I said, it is very old looking, which I think feels like the return on investment is not as good.
  • It does not always work well, which also feels like the return on investment is not as good.
I think ZipRecruiter is a much better option when trying to find employees. I believe in the grand scheme of things, it has made better updates to its appearance and is more helpful in finding positions that best suit both the employee and the employer. Often, I find that I get better results from ZipRecruiter than I do with PCRecruiter.
I gave it this rating because I find that even though they are great support, they don't help to improve the situation because often it is out of their hands. It is that the website is down or some other issue that they can not readily fix. While helpful, I think some changes need to be made for this software to work better.
Senior Systems, ZipRecruiter, Frontline Recruiting & Hiring
Tom Lampl | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are recruiters and everyone uses it. It is used daily to track everything from candidates, job openings, interviews, placements and of course reports. Our project coordinators find it very easy to add both companies and candidates linking them together as well and moving candidates to new companies. The search capabilities are very easy to use to prepare for new searches and projects.
  • I am not a computer person but find it easy to work with
  • Notes, tracking and linking candidates to companies
  • Holding history
  • Uploading candidates
  • Just simple with a lot of functions
  • Searching the database is very easy and preparing lists to call is simple. It is easy to expand or narrow searches as needed.
  • I love the interface between Outlook and PCR it makes it very easy to not have multiple screens to go back and forth to.
  • N/A
I have used PCRecruiter (PCR) for over 15 years. If every vendor that we work with was as good a PCR my life would be a lot better. The functions of the software meet all of our needs; customer service is extraordinary, if you have a suggestion they listen!
PCR has evolved over the years to keep up with new things that are happening like social media. As stated they listen to suggestions and take input seriously.
  • I have been doing the business for a long time and started when we did everything with paper , note cards and notebooks. PCR has made it very easy to search our database and track candidates.
  • Adding new candidates has become a simple task
  • Moving candidates to new companies is seemless
  • The key is using the skill codes so you can find the companies and candidates [you] have in the database so you can recall them. The setup, in the beginning, will save a lot of time and help make money.
  • Taking advantage of their interface with Outlook so who you need to be in touch with is in your phone directory is invaluable.
As mentioned above we did an exhausted search and choose PCR. We took a chance as PCR was new to the market but we were very comfortable with the staff as they understood our business and needs. They continue to do so and have growth with the market. We are raving fans of PCR. I have recommended it to numerous companies and have never heard a complaint from any that have chosen PCR.
You call and they take care of it including when you have a suggestion for a change or upgrade.
There is no need and I am not sure they even have it. The product is very good and we do not have many problems. When we do they could not be more responsive.
When we switch computer systems early on they stayed with us the whole day to help with the transition. Now that is is cloud base that problem does not exist but I still feel that one of the companies strengths is that they care and take care of any issues that arise. I also love that they listen to suggestions as they seem to want to always improve the product.
Paul Cornell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We provide a full range of Staffing, Recruiting, and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services. PCRecruiter is the primary platform for our business. We use it for marketing our services as a CRM and for recruiting to manage the entire recruitment process. We use the integrated OCR mail program as our email client. We use the Contractor time sheet module which we export into QuickBooks for payroll with temporary/contract business. We use the web extension to power our job boards and automate the applicant process.
  • All client and candidate activities are tracked and documented in one place. This makes it very easy for our team to work collaboratively. For example all email correspondence is written to client or candidate record, sales calls, follow-up, etc. are all contained in one place.
  • We like the ability to customize fields and the work flow. We have created specific data field that are relevant to some of the niche markets we work. This has allowed us to quickly slice and dice our data for marketing and recruiting campaigns.
  • The Bulk email feature is very easy to use and we incorporate it into most of our marketing and recruiting campaigns and since it is fully integrated we see all of the activity associated with the client or candidate.
  • The RSS feed of jobs has allowed us to easily integrate with social media. when a position is posted into PCR it is automatically fed to multiple social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter.
  • We use the calendar and Rollup list function to organize all of our recruiting and marketing campaigns. Rollups simplify the planning part of our business.
  • The metrics reporting is great. We are in a metrics driven business and with PCR we have automated most of the reporting such as interviews/hires, attempts/presentations, presentations/ interviews, etc.
  • Although PCRecruiter offers API's we would like to see a more Mobile friendly version. Especially for candidates when applying for a position.
  • Some of the administrative function still require writing a SQL query. For example there is no easy way to clear out a large number of old form letters and merging large numbers of duplicate records.
  • The basic web extension for clients is very limited. For example the position screen only shows the position title which if you have five positions with the title of "Sales Rep" in five different cities you can not to tell them apart.
I can say that from a recruiting perspective it is the best solution we have seen. We evaluate new / different packages each year and PCRecruiter is still the best we have seen. The product is very robust and may be a bit too complex for some applications.
  • PCR has increased the efficiency of our team. The ability to capture metrics automatically saves over an hour/week alone. The integrated email along with pre-set form letters save quite a bit of time during the call process which allows our team to make more calls.
  • The down side is that the learning curve is such that it does require a fair amount of training and time for a new person to acclimate to the software.
  • The custom service experience has been enhanced in that anyone on our team can pull up a candidate or client record and jump right into to help.
The short answer is that PCRecruiter provides what we believe to be the best overall value for the money. PCRecruiter offers a comprehensive and complete package that integrates all phases of the recruitment process and applicant tracking. PCRecruiter also understand the "sales" aspect of the third party recruiting world.
Sales, support, admin
The technical support team is awesome. Very knowledgeable and if it is something out of the ordinary they will quickly find the answer or someone that has the expertise to help. I have never had a bad experience with PCR technical support services. They are first class.
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