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CommUnity by Personify

CommUnity by Personify


What is CommUnity by Personify?

Small World Labs Community is a hosted collaboration and social networking platform with easy drag & drop modification capabilities. Small World Labs offers implementation and community engagement services, plus an open API for integration with other systems. Small World…

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The Personify Community has proven to be a valuable tool for many users, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users have found it …
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What is CommUnity by Personify?

Small World Labs Community is a hosted collaboration and social networking platform with easy drag & drop modification capabilities. Small World Labs offers implementation and community engagement services, plus an open API for integration with other systems. Small World Labs has clients across…

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Product Details

What is CommUnity by Personify?

Personify Community delivers a digital space where constituents can connect to one another and deepen their commitment to an organization. The vendor aims to help organizations create lasting connections with forums and groups. They promise to help organizations inspire and share information via blogs, encourage participation and action with gamification, and measure the impact to their mission with easy-to-understand dashboards.

CommUnity by Personify Features

  • Supported: Communities with Forums, Groups and Blogs
  • Supported: Gamification and Motivation
  • Supported: Multimedia
  • Supported: Analytics and Integrations

CommUnity by Personify Screenshots

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CommUnity by Personify Competitors

CommUnity by Personify Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

The Personify Community has proven to be a valuable tool for many users, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users have found it helpful for engaging members and creating a sense of community, even in a remote setting. Businesses have benefited from the platform's ability to facilitate private discussions and the sharing of news within different units.

One key advantage of the software is its ability to centralize all projects and conversations in one place, making it convenient for users to manage. By reducing the need for individualized emails, teams have been able to save time and focus on other aspects of their business. Additionally, the software has helped create a user-friendly and useful community for organizations, enabling supporters to connect and share resources.

However, it's important to note that some users have faced challenges in getting comfortable with the system, even after repeated use. And while the software has served its purpose for some organizations, there have been instances where users would opt for a different online community solution due to frustrations with customer service and pricing practices. Overall, the Personify Community has proven itself as a valuable tool for facilitating engagement and collaboration within organizations.

Valuable Resource: Users have found the website to be a valuable resource for researching and comparing different products in the market. It has been described as a one-stop shop for gathering information and making informed purchasing decisions.

Easy-to-use Product Configuration: Some reviewers have appreciated the product's ease of use and reliability in configuring and creating lists for campaign targeting. They mentioned that the created lists were easy to migrate and use for marketing purposes.

Customization Options: The software offers extensive customization options, allowing users to easily personalize its appearance using CSS and HTML. This flexibility enables them to align the software with their organization's branding.

Limited Integrations: Some users have mentioned that the software has limited integrations with other products. This has caused inconvenience for those who rely on seamless integration between different tools and platforms.

Difficult to Navigate Interface: Several reviewers have found the admin/back-end interface of the software to be difficult to navigate, cluttered, and not user-friendly. They have expressed frustration in constantly switching between browser windows and struggling to locate changes or compare different views.

Steep Learning Curve: According to various users, the software is not beginner-friendly and requires a significant learning curve. Even experienced members have reported difficulty navigating and updating their profiles, finding it one of the most challenging programs they have ever used.

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December 03, 2013

Small World, Big Impact

Todd Fuhrman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Design of your community through the admin panel is very easy to pick up. Drag and drop functionality on the site admin allows you to make quick changes to your community on the fly. Easy to modify the look and feel of the site and keep pace with the changing needs of our membership.
  • The platform is updated on an ongoing basis with new exciting functionality added with each release.
  • The mobile version of the platform is very easy to use and looks great on all devices and operating systems.
  • Feedback on enhancements to the platform are taken very seriously and often suggestions from customers end up on the roadmap for the platform for future enhancements.
  • Integration with our Association Management System (AMS) didn't go as smoothly as I had wished. Having said that all of the issues with that integration have been addressed.
  • Because the platform is updated so frequently you need to stay on top of what is available to you and your end users or you may miss out on key functionality releases.
  • Our community has been very active since the re-launch of our site. Have seen some increases in member engagement.
  • Feedback from our membership has been nothing but positive since we transitioned off of our older Sharepoint community. Look and feel and ease of use have been real pluses for our members.
  • Having the Small World Labs community is allowing us to be more creative with the way we integrate our community into all aspects of our online presence, web-site, social media, etc.
Small World Labs has been a great partner in relaunching our community. They have had great ideas of new ways to use our community to better service our members. They are very knowledgeable in the world of online communities and are forward thinking about new functions to enhance the user experience.
Overall we have been very pleased with the platform and staff at Small World Labs. The improvement from our previous iterations of our community to our current Small World Labs community has been considerable. Having a dedicated staff member at Small World Labs for our community has been extremely helpful as she knows our community and our needs and we are working towards the same shared goal. Really get the personal touch from working with their staff and you can tell they are engaged and want our community to succeed as much as we do.
Jeffrey Montegut | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • A flexible, configurable platform that can be managed and updated without a requirement for technical skills.
  • Drag and drop, point and click update site administration.
  • A platform that is updated frequently with new features and capabilities (about once a month).
  • A broad, comprehensive feature set.
  • A platform that works in multiple languages.
  • Consulting before and during development phase. Ongoing consulting and strategic planning after product launch.
  • Product roadmapping is clear and well thought out. Good communication about what is coming and how it can be used in our community.
  • Senior management is very accessible and knowledgeable about the product and the industry. Attends and contributes to strategy conversations.
  • Not much to say in this section. Anything that the product doesn't currently do is quickly identified and prioritized appropriately on their road map.
  • Chat room functionality doesn't exist yet, but has been placed on roadmap.
  • Instant messaging between users doesn't exist yet, but is roadmapped.
  • We're unable to run a couple of specific reports, based on what's available in the reporting tool. There's a workaround that our community administrator can perform that is a little more time consuming.
  • Our community has had more than 100,000 interactions within the first 7 months of launching - and the product has been stable.
  • Small World Labs even contributes to the conversations in the community by participating with our community members and moderating, when necessary.
  • Our community experiences a high level of knowledge sharing (one of our goals), and is resulting in more informed and creative volunteers.
From the first conversation and beyond, it has been a pleasure working with Small World Labs. Their staff are genuinely interested in understanding our business and our goals, and actively make recommendation on continued improvement and long-term strategy. All of their staff demonstrate a clear understanding of the product and when to expect new features. Furthermore, their CEO, Michael Wilson, is more than competent and has proven to be an industry expert. He understands both the technical side and the community strategy side of the business. In fact, we have already initiated a project to build a second community with Small World Labs for a separate business unit.
You can tell from the CEO and all staff that this is a very competent company that wants you to succeed with integrity. There is a strong support and services team that works collaboratively with us to make sure we are always getting what we need. They provide 24x7 emergency support, online ticket support, email support, a client community, and the ability to call and talk to the same account manager or community consultant every time (I even have Mariano's skype and he replies on weekends!). They recently launched a client community - so they are now even practicing what they preach. Our questions in the client community are always answered quickly.
Dean Alban | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • It's easy to use. The admin panel has a number of drag and drop options to modify the experience
  • Flexibility. There are a large number of standard block features that can be added to areas. In addition, each dynamic block as a number of settings that allow you to tailor the experience you want to create. You can do this without being a programmer.
  • Personalization. There are good tools that allow you to personalize the experience based on whether users are logged in or not, whether they are in particular segments (which we can create) or recommendations based on information the user has provided about themselves.
  • Mobile. Small World Labs has a really great way of doing mobile. They give you a drag and drop interface for designing the mobile environment so there is a lot of flexibility with this. We are currently turning this module on.
  • If I were to nitpick, I'd say that you have to pay attention. Small World Labs adds new features monthly so you need to keep up to speed with what is available or you won't add something you have access to. I get updates on new features and can read about them in their client community, but you do need to pay attention.
  • The specific details are proprietary to our organization, but we've seen an increase in membership retention and in online applications for membership.
  • Our community has been very active, which has increased the overall activity across our web properties substantially in terms of vists, page views, and time on site.
It's been a great product to use and a great organization to work with. The people are accessible and interested in helping.
It's a great overall product and organization. In my opinion, the people at an organization are just as important, or more important, than the product (but I'm in the membership business). The Small World Labs team takes an interest in our success and it shows.
Membership and marketing
We have two people internally that monitor what is happening and coordinate with out top users and volunteers.
  • Increase engagement between our organization and our members
  • Increase engagement and communication between our members
  • Increase the retention rate of our members (by being more involved and more satisfied)
  • Increase member acquisition (via requests for membership)
  • To keep our member base informed about what we are doing and what our members are doing
We were using a forums platform before.
We evaluated a few different community platform vendors over the course of a couple of months. I believe we also evaluated Jive, Lithium, KickApps, and Powered.
  • Vendor implemented
We had staff turnover at our own organization during the implementation. We were able to get the community up and live in a good timeframe even though that happened and we had to switch some people around for managing the project on our side.
  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
In-person training is more ad-hoc based on if they are traveling to you or you are going to visit them. I imagine that if I paid for in-person training that it would be set up as well, but I've just used the standard training that comes with the initial set up and ongoing support.
Online training is through online webinar & how-to posts and videos in the client community.
There is a lot to learn about the product. If you are a very product-oriented person you could just click through the various areas and options to figure it out, but I'd recommend using the resources they provide.
The configuration is via point and click tools so why not use it?
Product support comes free with monthly fee, which includes hosting, updates, technical support, and account management through phone or email. We've also used the Community Engagement Services. When we use them, we always see an uptick in engagement and activity.
The people at Small World Labs are very accessible. I can email, open a ticket, or call and they are there. I'd also point out that senior management is quite available too. We frequently have talks about potential strategies and new things we might be doing, which is great. I think the whole organization genuinely likes what they do and likes helping us succeed.
There are a multitude of options to configure the exact user experience you want and what you want to emphasize.
Uptime has never been an issue.
Speed is not an issue.
  • We are looking at integrating Small World Labs with our member management database
Yes, we've talked with them about this.
The people are great to work with. I mentioned before that they seem to really enjoy what they do and take an interest in making sure we are successful.
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