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What is Procore?

Procore is a project management software designed specifically for the construction industry. Procore is cloud-based and allows unlimited users per instance, so that construction team members and stakeholders can all access project information and documents.

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Pricing Structure: Users have expressed frustration with the pricing structure of Procore, stating that it is unfriendly for small …
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All in one project management tool

10 out of 10
March 30, 2024
Amazing day to day tool for project management you get the oversight of every detail how the project started what are the gaps how we can …
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Procore Review

10 out of 10
November 22, 2023
Procore is an excellent tool for all sizes of construction projects. Everything is very well organized and easily accessible for everyone …
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  • Plan distribution & viewing (692)
  • RFI tools (676)
  • Photo documentation (695)
  • Document sharing (711)

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Procore Review: Elevates Construction Project Management
Procore Review: Keeps Communication Flowing Between Those In The Field & Those In Office
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Human Resource Management

Organizing, tracking and providing instant access to critical employee data, job profiles, transfers, promotions, and benefits information.

Avg 7.7

Payroll Management

Provides for pay calculation and benefit plan administration, in addition to managing direct deposit, salary revisions and payroll tracking.

Avg 7.6

Reporting & Analytics

Users can report on and analyze usage, performance, ROI, and/or other metrics of success.

Avg 7.9

Construction Project & Field Management

Features related to collaboration between construction management and project execution (e.g. the office and the job site, general contractors and subcontractors)

Avg 7.4


A set of tools and applications that allow contractors to forecast, track, monitor, and adjust the cost of building a structure. Cost estimates are used by project owners to determine the scope and feasibility of a project, and also for budget allocation. Contractors also use cost estimates when deciding whether or not to bid on a project and for bid creation.

Avg 8.2
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Product Details

What is Procore?

Procore construction software manages construction projects, resources and financials from planning to closeout. The platform connects every project contributor to solutions built specifically for the industry for the owner, the general contractor and the specialty contractor. The ability to communicate across teams makes it easier to work together by establishing a single source of truth. This is how Procore gives teams access to everything they need to know to get the job done.

Procore Features

Construction Project & Field Management Features

  • Supported: Plan distribution & viewing
  • Supported: Plan markups & sharing
  • Supported: Document sharing
  • Supported: Issue tracking & punchlists
  • Supported: Photo documentation
  • Supported: Jobsite reports
  • Supported: RFI tools
  • Supported: Collaboration & approvals
  • Supported: Mobile app
  • Supported: Submittal design and management
  • Supported: Meeting Minutes
  • Supported: Specifications
  • Supported: Change orders

Estimating Features

  • Supported: Job costing
  • Supported: Bid creation

Human Resource Management Features

  • Supported: Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)

Payroll Management Features

  • Supported: Support for external payroll vendors
  • Supported: Payroll history for each employee
  • Supported: Payroll tracking and auditing

Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Dashboards
  • Supported: Standard reports
  • Supported: Custom reports
  • Supported: Data exportability

Additional Features

  • Supported: Bidding
  • Supported: Budgeting
  • Supported: Contract & Change Management
  • Supported: Daily Log
  • Supported: Dashboard
  • Supported: Directory
  • Supported: Document Management
  • Supported: Drawing Management
  • Supported: Email Tracking
  • Supported: Photos
  • Supported: Punch List
  • Supported: Reporting
  • Supported: RFIs
  • Supported: Sage 300 CRE Connector
  • Supported: Scheduling Integration
  • Supported: Submittals
  • Supported: Timecard
  • Supported: Transmittals
  • Supported: BIM

Procore Video

What it takes to be a Groundbreaker

Procore Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web, 7606800209
Supported CountriesUnited States, Canada, Latin America, Spain, UK, Australia, New Zealand
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Procore is a project management software designed specifically for the construction industry. Procore is cloud-based and allows unlimited users per instance, so that construction team members and stakeholders can all access project information and documents.

Reviewers rate Takeoff tools highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Procore are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


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Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As of now Procore is the backbone of our firm. We use it for all aspects of construction. Starting with generating bid invitations and scopes. We then use a hybrid to receive bids due to our sub contractor base being technologically diverse. Once a project is awarded to us we then move to the Project management tools. In the filed we use daily log, RFI's, Observations, Safety checklists, picture albums and submittals. In the office all the submittals and reviews are pushed through Procore to ensure proper work flow and keep the project moving. We wrap up the project with the Punch list tool and the office closes the rest.
  • Emails
  • Drawing management
  • Submittal review
  • Bidding
  • Pricing
  • Easier navigation
  • More support included in base price
Procore is a great piece of software for managing a construction project overall. It works great for the field but in our experience the office side is a bit cumbersome and confusing at times. It would be better to not update the modules without some advance notice and included technical support.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Procore as a project coordinator on residential construction sites. With Procore, I can communicate with all parties involved in the project and keep project documents organized. Procore helps with team communication, detailed documentation as well as ease of review of drawings and project specifications. Additionally, Procore helps manage tenders in a very efficient way. It gives access to recent design drawings and reviews. It also helps consolidate tenderers contact information.
  • Tender Management
  • Drawing Update Management
  • Administrative Organization
  • Communication Between Involved Parties
  • Excessive Reminder Emails
  • Difficulty Managing Project Permissions for Various Users
  • No Location to Store Project Progress Photos
Procore is well suited for preconstruction and active construction management. It helps a lot with tendering, RFIs, viewing of drawings, organization of project documents, management of meeting notes and safety inspection documentation. Procore is also well suited for communication with project stakeholders.
Procore is not well suited to handle personal to-do lists or storing site progress photos. Procore is not well suited to compare bids received during tendering as it does not include any method of distinguishing between what each trade has accounted for in their submitted bid.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a Superintendent working with a General Contracting company, we deal with various specialty contractors that range in many trades. With that comes the challenge and responsibility of keeping everyone in tune and coordinated very closely so that the operations can flow as smooth as possible. Procore provided us with the solution we were looking for. By allowing every Foreman on site to collaborate with us on Procore, they are able to see and interact with any updates, schedules, meetings, inspections, and punch list items that we may have for them, making the flow of information efficient and clear. From using the forms tool which allows them to fill out daily forms, to creating and assigning inspections that the subcontractor on site can respond to in timely manners, Procore has alleviated time consuming tasks that previously were tedious and complicated. Even sending announcements to the team so that everyone is aware of any upcoming site changes, has really changed the way we communicate and keep everyone informed. The ability to update plans and distribute any revisions instantly to our subs on site eliminates the chances of subs building without dated plans. Procore without a doubt has become the tool in our toolbox that makes building that much easier.
  • updating and distribuiting plans
  • Submittal workflow process
  • Punch list assignment
  • Job hazards analysis on a inspection type format with areas for workers to sign.
  • back and forth conversations with collaborators across the announcement tool
  • saving forms or inspections from the tools to the document folders
Great for construction, but missing the ability to adapt to other branches of the firm, like charities work, internships with schools, community out reach, and externship with other organizations.
Jobian Tang | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Overall, it is an effective tool that can solve 70% of our problems. Due to regional lingo, we had to get used to it terminology. Procore Financials is quite powerful and only suitable to use if your projects lasts a few years. If you are managing multiple projects with short duration, and/or if you have many clients, you will need to spend alot of time and effort defining work breakdown structure, which is essential for billings. What we are not happy about Procore is their pricing model, and how they are forcing companies like us (we manage projects on behalf of our clients, aka agent) to pay the full price. Even if we had correspondence with Procore to lock in agreed pricing for the next couple of years, it is not reflected to their management, and they forcefully force us to commit to their standard pricing from my experience, (which is ridiculously expensive). Furthermore they will not disclose to customers it is their practice to increase their standard pricing by 5-7%
  • quick snap feature which allows quick capturing of photos and fill in details later
  • Action Plans that helps to define SOP, criteria
  • Analytics comes with pre-built charts, separately, it allow us to connect directly to their SQL and subsequently mash them with other data
  • Pricing - not friendly
  • Bait and trap situation for renewals in my opinion
  • new features are rolled out way too slow
Expensive. poor ROI. not transparent
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As an estimator for a general contractor I use Procore to file away all of the initial site photos, subcontractor bids, and Client proposals along with any revisions to them. After a project is awarded we use the forms tool to discuss job start-up task and it helps to ensure I complete everything required for the project. We add subcontractors and clients to the directory of each project. We utilize the RFI tool, Submittals, & Meeting tool throughout the course of the project. We also track drawing revisions using the drawings tool.
  • Meeting Mintues
  • RFI Log
  • Document Management
  • Photos Tool on the App
  • Procore Drive
  • Support Services and the Live Chat feature
  • You can't delete a Form once it is created
  • The email function can be a bit clunky when responding in your personal email such as gmail.
It is well suited for those in the construction industry. Being able to have multiple employees connected to a central database is phenomenal because we can all see details and information in real time. It only takes a matter of seconds for someone else's documents, photos, change orders, etc. to show up for others to view.
Adrienne Via Sherwood | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Procore is being used as a project management software for our construction company. We use it to track most of the aspects of our project, from purchasing to project management to BIM coordination. The modules are easy to link together so the overall picture and status of the project can be easily evaluated.
  • Linking different pieces together - RFIs that cause a change to our contract, etc
  • Creating a searchable database
  • Granting subcontractor access to project documents
  • Enabling field staff easy access to BIM coordination models
  • Submittal packages need to be sent from approver to submitter as a whole - right now my architect has to update each submittal item individually
  • Refined user access to RFIs - either the subcontractors have zero access or they can see all replies whether they are official or not. There needs to be a 'can see official responses only' option
  • When some submittal items in a package are rejected, there needs to be a way to automatically create revisions for those items instead of doing them one by one.
  • More granular permissions for use of the Navisworks plugin so that contractors can use the plugin on their own models but not have admin privileges
Good for construction project managment.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I manage all aspects of projects on Procore. We input every contract job and work order. We utilize all tools in Procore and are integrated with Sage 300 CRE. Time tracking and material procurement are the most widely by all users. Our company has converted to a paperless payroll process and material procurement. Procore has solved several problems.
  • Manages Time Tracking and Exports to Sage 300 CRE
  • Organizes Drawings and Specs
  • Simplifies the Submittal Process
  • The Bidding Process Has Been Revolutionized
  • The ERP processing of change orders.
  • The Budget on change orders.
  • Prime Contract doubling when changes are made in Sage 300 CRE.
The mobile app is a huge benefit for field workers and foremen. They are able to view drawings and specs in the palm of their hand. Field workers, PMs, and office personnel can report their time on their mobile devices or via the web from anywhere.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are currently using Procore for document management. We had previously used it for financial management/project management in terms of cost reporting and subcontract/change management. We had switched off of Procore for our financial related data mainly due to our experience with too many issues with the ERP of data back and forth between our accounting system.
  • organization
  • document management
  • subcontract management
  • In my opinion, no accounting, would be it a premium product if it did, would rival CMiC or Trimble
  • In my experience, ERP was inconsistent - not totally Procore's fault
  • In my opinion, extremely expensive compared to competitors
In my opinion, it is a very good product but overprices compared to the market. While it does an excellent job of managing documents, in my opinion, it does not offer enough functionality to justify the price. In my opinion, had Procore offered accounting features it would have been more appealing but having to ERP data back and forth created too many issues that were not fixed in a timely manner more often than not.
Miguel Dominguez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company handles with Procore the entire issue of daily reports from the construction site, use of heavy equipment, entry of workers' hours, as well as the financial aspects associated with the project's subcontractors. For the purposes of contractual management of clients, the change events tool is also widely used to generate change orders.
  • Daily Logs
  • Changes Tracking
  • Photo Report
  • Financial Control
  • Tasks
  • Program
Procore is very useful for general/specialty contractor companies of any size, as it allows you to centralize the most common functions and tools of a construction project. It would perhaps not be recommended for companies that do not work with any standard coding scheme or system (such as CSI MasterFormat). It'll also depend on the tools that said company pretends to implement.
October 23, 2023

5 Stars For Procore

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
On a day-to-day basis, I use Procore for all my RFI's/Submittals and communication with the whole team. I love this program because it has everything in 1 program, no need to purchase any other software because Procore has it all. Procore is very user-friendly, and also has training videos to guide you through each step. If you need extra help the also have remote access and can answer any question you have for them.
  • Submittal workflow
  • Easy access to drawings
  • Store files
  • Overlaying drawings could be better
  • Budget codes could be easier to manage
I would always recommend this to a colleague, as the whole team can collaborate on 1 software, and you can use this on the go from a touch of a button from your phone.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a GC, our entire company uses Procore on a daily basis to manage $65 million + per year.
  • Central platform for all project-related information.
  • Internal and external access.
  • Ease of use.
  • Training resources.
  • Faster screen loading times.
  • Ability to add multiple new COs to an invoice when billing. This was previously an option, but it changed with an update about a year ago, and you now have to add the COs one at a time, which is time-consuming.
  • A dedicated sales rep who knows your account and makes suggestions based on your particular usage and needs.
It is the best program out there! Is it perfect? No, but it meets most of our needs.
September 12, 2023

Procore Review 2023

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a GC not a specialty contractor
  • well designed
  • intuitive
  • well received by customers
  • support
  • pricing
  • Estimating tool should have better options for General Contractors
  • reduce more many clicks you need to complete a task
  • too many micro actions with no ability to do macro actions
  • transferring estimates to budgets continues to be an issue
  • ERP integration troubleshooting is difficult
People very new to software are well suited to use procore. Good fit for specialty contractors. The project management tools are a well oiled machine.

Companies that have admin to assist with Project Management will be challenge, as it is design, in my opinion, is suited to running few large projects.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Overall, the product works well and has multiple features that can be used daily. Day to day accounting, meetings, daily logs, RFI's, submittals, etc. are all put together very well. I have found that the email to Procore feature is something I use often to keep legacy information during projects when trades do not communicate or upload information through Procore.
  • Exportation of any page whether it's meeting minutes, G702/703, budget, etc.
  • Single location for all change events
  • Ease of adding new users to any project
  • Customization of cost codes, templates, or contracts
  • Use of DocuSign integration is incredibly helpful
  • Unknown system outages that are during normal working hours (once every couple months it will be down for 3-4 hours)
  • Site map doesn't allow for specific landing pages. For example, invoicing: I'd prefer to be able to have a "favorite" be for either subcontractors or owners
  • Drawings functions are not user friendly when needing to do estimation takeoffs
There isn't a platform that is as robust and relatively construction-friendly as Procore. The competition in this realm does not have the amount of functionality or it is too clunky in the other systems. For example, one competitor has WAY too many menus to click through and is not user-friendly. RedTeam, Buildertrend, Paskr, etc. cannot compete with the way this program operates.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a small general contracting company, Procore is a great tool for us because it is applicable to a wide range of project from smaller residential buildings to larger commercial project including medical commercial buildings. We've begun to implement Procore slowly. It is a very dense program and there is a lot to learn; both a good thing and a bad thing. Since it's so dense and there are so many options of different tools to use, it can be tricky to start learning how to use the program. I recommend playing around with it and learning how to use it first. Once you figure out how to use the interface, it's only too easy to manage any size project from this program. Procore also offers a variety of tool (and you get to choose which ones you want in your subscription!) from project management to organizing financials. These tools are amazing because of they work together, all internally in the Procore program. Workflows from bidding transfers smoothly to creating subcontracts and organizing a budget, all in the Procore program which is a huge time saver when jumping back and forth to different aspects of the project management.
  • Exporting data to other programs and people outside the Procore program
  • Freedom with methods of using tool, many are multi-function
  • Communication through auto-generated emails send out as reminders
  • Not very transparent about functionalities that require an extra subscription
  • Utilizing the custom support team is also an added cost, per hour
Procore is well suited in construction management and in organizing a project to make it easier for site workers. Specifically the option to switch between a web browser and cell phone app is very helpful. Combining this with other tool such as "adding locations" is amazing for managing constructions projects. We have uploaded all the rooms for one project under "locations" in Procore and were able to add a subfolder in each room titled north, south, east, and west. This is great for punch lists since our supervisor can walk around the site, take a picture of an issue, and designate it to a certain room and communicate that to the rest of the team in a matter of seconds!
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize Procore to manage multifamily and commercial construction projects. It helps us manage our contract documents, financials/job cost, scheduling, daily reporting, and procurement. It helps us provide a single source of truth to our field and partners while enabling faster and more accurate cost reporting.
  • Document control - easy to ensure most up-to-date is distributed while allowing version control and lookback.
  • Change management - Quick and accurate process to enact and manage change events with owners and trades.
  • Daily Reports - Easy to navigate and provide tons of useful information.
  • Reporting - Some simple metrics are unavailable in the correct locations for reporting.
  • Internal Document control - Storage and management can be a little clunky.
  • RFI - RFI workflow could be improved.
  • Customizations - Some seemingly simple customizations or improvements are largely unavailable or ignored (like default font size!)
  • Emails - Emails sent from system become white noise.
  • Meeting Minutes - Very rigid and produces notes that are WAY too lengthy due to repetitive info and whitespace.
  • Mobile App - Lack of Gannt chart access inexcusable. Organization of app confusing.
Procore is great for project management of medium to large-size construction projects. It is very useful for general and trade contractors alike. It would be hard to recommend for small contractors and small projects due to the complexity and cost of the software. Due to limitations on access, I would not recommend it for owners unless they are controlling the construction program in-house.
January 04, 2023

Switch to Procore Today

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Full Service Real Estate developer. We use it for complete contacts directory. We manage the projects from procore to meetings, change orders, contracts, inspections, punchlist. Issues are in the ERP Linking of items from the financial tool. Procore does help but some issues are ERP technical issues that have to be elevated.
  • Help/Chat
  • Continuous Improvement
  • User friendly display
  • They have roadblocks in systems/workflows that need to be tailored more to actual accounting .
  • Granular Permissions are severely lacking to allow a better team use of Procore
  • Procore tends to Prioritize improvements on their goals instead of the "Idea" database created by users of the systems
One stop shop for project management into a project. No digging through various reports and file folders.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We run everything Project Management through Procore, from Subcontracts and Submittals to Prime Contracts and Change Orders. We are still looking to bring more into the fold of Procore, with the goal of collaboration and less double entry from our staff internally. We love the aspect of workflows and seeing who is "Ball in Court", and that those users can log in and respond directly within Procore updating the whole team in real-time.
  • Stay current
  • User friendly
  • Support, even for end-users outside our company
  • Consistent upgrade schedule, they drop random ones in the middle of a day sometimes.
  • Update documentation on upgrades, guides still reference things that have changed 6 months ago.
  • Feedback community / Feature requests
If you are a generic construction company, Procore will work great. If you are already customizing other software beyond their scope, you might hit a wall with Procore's rigid structure. One thing that limits us is the limitation on the number of custom fields per table, and this is not a consistent number across the board.
January 03, 2023

Honest Procore

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We manage almost every type of projects with Procore, even the financials with the Purchase Orders (Commitments), its very easy to use and to consult when we are at the field. It helps us with the documentation and communication in the project. With the Punch List tool, we also make observation to the subcontractors.
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Drawings and mark ups
  • Commiments process
  • Links between Observations with the financials of the project
Procore is really well suited for maintaining people connected, from the field to the administrative part of the Project Team. Is very easy to ask for information, send observations, do reviews on projects, submit things for approval, with the punch list tool you can provide points for corrections and improving
Nitinkumar Patil | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Managing different projects with single account in the most needed part of construction industry. This can be managed with the help of procore easily and conveniently.
  • RFI management
  • Clash issue
  • Approval process
  • Interpersonal coordination
The bidding process in broker is very much suitable for the proper wedding process. Also need comes to approval of any documents then proper is very much helpful and it goes with a proper process.
Kush Meshram | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Procore, A wonderful tool for the construction industry. We can easily communicate our clash issues with the sub-Trade contractor. With this, we can install the addins of procore for our primary software like Revit and navisworks. We can track our Clash issues and make an approval hierarchy and close it procore itself with final approval from authorities.
  • Assigning task to Sub Contactors or team Members
  • Details of consultant and there contact informations
  • Handling of documents and its approval process
  • RFI creations and submitting process
  • Its mail notifications process can be made more easier
  • Inside clash detections can be made possible in Procore
  • Have to be more options for dimensioning tools
In a complex project, It is very difficult to manage the documents, Models, Submittals, and Drawings with different revisions and amendments. Here comes in Picture i.e. Procore. We can easily make all these things possible in Procore and The most updated drawings or documents can be identified directly with the help of Procore.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize Procore both on the bidding side and on the project management side. The platform helps us to share important project information between our company and our clients and subcontractors both in the office and in the field.
  • File Sharing
  • Document Storage
  • Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Bidding
  • Communication
  • Site Access
  • Access via a Link
  • Dashboard Display
Procore is a very comprehensive platform ideal for the construction industry. Contractors and subcontractors can utilize the software to manage complex construction projects. The platform allows for the flow of communication between all parties involved in the project.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are an underground utility construction company that specializes in horizontal boring. We use Procore to track our daily progress on each project, such as bore footage, and percent of project completed. Procore has drastically helped us gain some structure and insight on our day to day operations. We are able to budget each project for time and resources. By using this, we are able to stay focused on the goals in order to complete the project with a profit.
  • Allows you to budget for each project.
  • Tracks your project progress.
  • Would be nice if it could track the location of certain users. For example, employees while they are clocked in.
  • Integration with software such as TSheets & Paychex.
Great for construction projects and management
September 08, 2022

Procore is awesome

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Procore; the project management and financials modules the most. The financials are a bit tedious but they work and project management is always evolving and making improvements. The field uses the quality and safety module for multiple things, such as inspections and toolbox talks.
  • The RFI tool is fantastic and easy to use.
  • The submittal tool could use some work.
Procore is great for tracking labor in the daily logs tool, it is easy to use and navigate. It helps track labor and progress from the subs, I really like the function where it logs your outgoing phone calls to subs when called through the project directory. The financial tool gets a little tricky but works.
August 26, 2022


Ahmad Abu Sharea | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Procore as a developer/owner, not a GC. It is our first project in the company to operate through Procore, it is a condo resort-type. Procore is still not designed for owner/developer, but it was the best software that can simulate and help among other project management software. Procore does help us in managing our day-to-day site activities, and at the same time the financial part, which is what we were looking for from the beginning, we run the software as a GC while our GC is a subcontractor, and it is working very well so far.
  • Daily log.
  • Invoicing.
  • Commitments.
  • Payments.
  • Daily log.
  • Direct cost.
  • Cost codes.
In my previous work experience as a GC, I found Procore is the best suitable software to work with as a GC. We are currently trying to implement it from an owner point of view, and it is working fine if we classified the cost codes as per our internal budget.
Julius Barodicas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Since our company specializes in construction projects abroad all over Europe, Procore allows our project management teams to have a semi-independent construction process. There is no need for extra excel sheets, phone calls from the HQ, or any other type of report to check on the project's health. Procore package together with analytics tool allows us to monitor everything from the background.
  • Manages both large and small projects.
  • Reporting and exporting data.
  • Tool variety.
  • Great mobile application.
  • Tool field sets could use more flexibility.
  • Permissions could be more detailed.
  • Tasks could be reoccurring.
Before Procore, our projects would use their templates for issue logs, assigned tasks, or timesheets, but now, everything is in one place, and if a project management team member moves to a different project, he does not need to readjust to their liking. Another excellent point is that we can collect data from all project and use it in multiple ways via Procore Analytics
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