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What is QNAP NAS?

QNAP offers a wide array of network-attached storage units for SMBs, home, and enterprise.
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What is QNAP NAS?

QNAP offers a wide array of network-attached storage units for SMBs, home, and enterprise.

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What is QNAP NAS?

QNAP offers a wide array of network-attached storage units for SMBs, home, and enterprise.

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have been working with QNAP NAS devices for more than 11 years. As you know, storage solutions require more space every day and must be available at all times. When we received the first of the QNAP NAS solutions, it managed us very well for 3 years and met our expectations. When we realized that the capacity of the first device we bought was not enough and that we could produce very different solutions with the QNAP NAS, we immediately bought our second device and it has progressed in this way and now we have 3 devices.
  • Management interface is very useful
  • Quick solutions can be produced with flexible storage pools
  • It can create a powerful customizable system on its own, along with connectivity features and add-ons.
  • A powerful customizable system can be created with flexible connectivity features and add-ons.
  • Advanced user management can be easily provided either in its own interface or on the domain.
  • It can take on the role you want with its integrated modes or add-ons that you can install later.
  • Most wonderful feature, advanced support service, we never had any unsolved problems and the support engineer was always interested, followed one to one
  • With web, ssh, ftp, winscp connections, you can easily access in any environment.
  • It is not related to the QNAP NAS, but the most common problem we have experienced is with the disks themselves.
I recommend the QNAP NAS device because it is a simple solution that responds to requests. Simple here does not mean that the product is insufficient, it is designed in such a way that you can easily reach a solution. For example, you can perform a failed disk replacement within 30 seconds without connecting to the interface, or you can start taking a backup of a new user without ever logging into the system.
  • The NAS Server itself is expandable, so you can develop it instead of changing it whenever you need it. Such as Ram, Network Bandwidth, Disk Capacity.
  • We have not experienced any hardware malfunctions in these years, the hardware structure is very stable. Even at first, the environment in which we were running the device was not what it should be, but it still did not cause any problems.
  • We stopped doing investment cost analysis because it looks like it will work until we retire.
QNAP is a professional in this business, we think it wouldn't be so good if they were doing it in other jobs. In the free do-it-yourself scenarios we used, he could not meet our needs somewhere. Another NAS product from another manufacturer that we tried for a fee did not have such ease of management.
IBM FlashSystem 5000 (formerly Storwize V5000E), Huawei OceanStor
QNAP NAS is a really good product, but I think the best part is the support for the products. Whenever I have a question or imagine something that won't happen, I can ask the support side. When the support engineer understands what I want to do, he does his best.
I do not know if QNAP has such an additional service, I just did not ask for on-site service. Maybe this service works for that matter. But I didn't need it because the support engineers do a great job.
A few years ago I could not access my nas device in any way. The device was on, but there was no connection. I checked everything and registered to the service engineer and then called. He was connected to my system and saw that I could not access the device, he told me to eject all the disks on the NAS device and turn it back on (!) That scared me but still I did the device turned on. Then when we turned it off and re-inserted and opened the discs, it did not turn on again. The device was intact but we could not access my data due to a problem with the raid structure. Turning off the device, connecting the disks and connecting a monitor keyboard to the NAS device, was the only solution to recover from the command line. He explained everything to me one by one for hours and all my data became visible after the operations we did. At the end of the day, I felt like I was trained as a QNAP Support Engineer, and I saw again that the right product was built with the support behind it.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
QNAP had been a great addition to our network storage over the years, together with other products. QNAP is currently used with great storage as an additional back for our servers via network. It is also used to store data that we do not need on a daily basis since it has a massive storage capability. It addresses all business needs for storage and the possibility to scale as needed.
  • Ability to scale and increase storage as needed.
  • Safe RAID setups to protect on hard drive failures.
  • A lot of apps to address many aspects of business.
  • Ability to expand memory.
  • New 10GB connection available.
  • I can not think of any at this moment.
  • Not a con - but security issues are due to users' negligence.
QNAP is extremely suited for organizations that want and need to expand their network storage in a safe manner and as a cost-effective solution. It provides a lot of security when it is correctly setup. Units with capacity for 8 or more hard drives can be setup as RAID 10 giving the possibility of 2 hard drive failures yet with all data protected.
  • Cost effective to expand storage for all organization.
  • Great hardware that lasts many years.
  • Safety to many different business purposes.
  • Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued)
Cost-effective over EMC Celerra, QNAP was chosen due to its costs and easy maintenance. QNAP can be constantly upgraded and easily maintained over many years.
Customer support is effective once communication is established. A technical support person is required on both sides. The support is extremely knowledgeable and provides detailed support and explanation to any issues, as well as some will provide recommendations to the business needs as there are many different technologies or methods depending on what the business is trying to achieve.
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