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Qualtrics Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

Reduced cost in several areas. Improved communication. Provides Validation.

Related Quote from Verified User

Implementation partners have been a challenge and expensive Training our internal resources, so relying on partners.

Related Quote from Luke Ferrel

It's simple enough but has enough features to create value. The real value is that you can expand into a more complex license or other features and

Related Quote from Verified User

had a lot of difficulties assigning the values I needed. I couldn't figure out a way to copy/paste the values for multiple-choice items. This led to a … Allowed us to collect data electronically (no cost for manual data entry) Allowed us to collect surveys anonymously

Related Quote from Verified User

collecting a large dataset. It would be less suited for small datasets as the cost may outway the features.

Related Quote from Amy Pearce

quantitative and qualitative) side. Survey monkey is a great tool for a cheap cost which our other departments use a lot, but for our research needs, we … I haven't found a weakness yet (perhaps cost! But we prioritize it in our budget). Suitable

Related Quote from Robert Muenchen

exception to that is the 360-degree performance reviews, for which they charge an additional fee. Most of the surveys are for academic research, but we … QuestionPro, which is a very similar product at one eighth the cost, but it's still costing us to move all the surveys. … exception to that is the 360-degree performance review…

Related Quote from Katharine Mason

greatly improved in the last twenty years. Survey Monkey was ok for the cheap price, but Qualtrics can do so much more. … all four reminders for the entire survey when I set up the survey. I most value the immediate support when I run into a problem. A problem stops my…

Related Quote from Verified User

learn, maintain, and administer the system. Less appropriate: this is an expensive solution per user. Smaller companies could not easily use regularly.

Related Quote from Verified User

helped drive new product revenue at least 100x the value spent on the platform and the respondent cost.

Related Quote from khalid Abdel-Rahman

ability to create registration forms saved us from using other programs costing around $100,000 per year. it saved around $700,000 instead of hiring an

Related Quote from Billy Lu

everything and they are always innovating/improving. Only problem is the cost.

Related Quote from Steve Wygant

More sophisticated than Survey Monkey. Far easier to use, far less expensive and much more flexible than the IBM/SPSS tools.

Related Quote from Elek Pew

It's added tremendous value to our quality assurance teams across the business that have adopted the

Related Quote from Elizabeth McGhee Hassrick

I went from pen and paper data sheets to Qualtrics - so huge cost savings on data entry and accuracy. … I went from pen and paper data sheets to qualtrics - so huge cost savings on data entry and accuracy.

Related Quote from Fernando Cadena, CSP

Lower acquisition cost of job applicants Higher retention rates Higher client satisfaction rates

Related Quote from Dan Loton

The affordability of Qualtrics with an institutional licence has definitely netted significant

Related Quote from Daniel Simonet

longitudinal/experiential sampling capabilities which are exorbitantly expensive and incentivize me to seek out other options. Since they got their start … support on advanced issues, such as auto enrollment, forms and paperwork, and price negotiation. They have an outstanding product but would be better if they … and takers of surveys or tests. It is less appropr…

Related Quote from Miha Vindis

critical for academic research. I am not sure how one can put a value on that. … Other than the price (Qualtrics is not free), it is far superior to any alternatives

Related Quote from Erika Meeske

several panel houses from which they can get a random sample which reduces the cost considerably. … longer do we have to send drafts back and forth with the programmer at a cost every time. The platform has streamlined our process and allowed us to comp…

Related Quote from Kevin Chang

clicking involved. But once you build out a report, it's good for life. Expensive. Should make API free and available for other reporting tools not just … SurveyMonkey is much more affordable, but it lacks the survey flow and embedded data capability. SurveyMonkey … an…

Related Quote from Greg Timpany

Only because I was approached by another platform that better suited our cost constraints. If you have the budget I would highly recommend Qualtrics.

Related Quote from Anthony Rivas

question types that lack the ability to re-code the data output's name and values. Still fresh: The platform has an entirely new back end that takes some

Related Quote from Alex Gurn

Much more powerful design features than free or less expensive options. Their customer service is fantastic.

Related Quote from Verified User

While SurveyMonkey is free of charge, Qualtrics is far superior in terms of customization, data collection, and