TrustRadius time was free--but I will definitely purchase in the future!We used Quantum through our local Chamber of Commerce to survey employee engagement. While we utilized the version provided for us for free, there were other services Quantum provided for an upcharge. The survey was used for our Alabama location only (because it was through that local chamber) and the software was really good. If I had had the budget to purchase the other services I would have. Even the no cost version had great reporting that gave us really good feedback for our engagement survey.,Quantum reporting was really easy to read and great for presenting to upper management. They also offered some great additional resources for an upcharge. This software is customizable to your organization, which is great. This software was very user-friendly for my employees completing the engagement survey.,Some of the items that were available at an additional charge would have been great to use at a lesser cost. The results were broken out into categories, which was great. However for a small company it can be a little too detailed. Because our sample pool is small compared to a large company-I thought our results were not truly reflective of our culture.,9,Quantum did help us identify areas we need to focus on in increase employee engagement. Some of the areas we already had a suspicion about, but others were new. We are really glad we did this. By simply using an employee engagement survey our employees felt like they had a voice. This exercise was to show our workforce that we are listening and want them to enjoy working at our company. Just by our workforce knowing that we were taking an interest in their feedback helped boost morale. The survey results aided the management team in creating initiatives to increase employee morale. Some of these initiatives were very simple, for example, our employees love company luncheons. Some initiatives are more challenging which will have to be measured over time. Regardless, we have a plan in place and that is the first step.,FluidSurveys and SurveyMonkey,PayScale Insight Expert, ADP Workforce Now,Employee SurveysImprove your organization engagementWe are using the survey information collected across our entire organization. This has helped us determine the levels of engagement for our entire company as well as each department. This has helped us either confirm some of our thoughts of where the engagement levels are/were. This has also brought some new insights to our engagement levels that we were unaware of.,Provide detailed information for the entire organization engagement levels. Allows you to break down the engagement levels by each department within your company. Lets you create many different reports to help guide you to making action items you will work on to improve your workplace.,Making more recommendations on action items that you can work on and how you can roll them out in your company. Instead of giving you all of the suggestions when you look for ways to use your action items they could make it to where the ones that are related to the actions items are the only ones that appear.,10,This was our first year doing the survey so we haven't had a chance to monitor our ROI yet.,,Employee Surveys,20,1,Finding our employee engagement levels for the entire organization. Finding employee engagement levels for each department.,Find out areas that we need to work on.,This was our first year using the survey so when we use it again we can track if we have improved on any of the areas we decided to work on.,10,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,Would not change anything that I can think of.,Vendor implemented,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Did not experience any significant issues.,10,10,No,I never had any issues with the support that they provided us. Since I did not have any problems I would say this is exceptional support because they have a product that does not require much support. When I had a question it would get answered and they would show me how to do it.,Navigating through their portals and different areas on the website. Easy to break down or filter the results you are looking for. Reports that you can run are easy.,None come to mind.,Yes, but I don't use it,10Quantum Surveys Path to Improved EngagementIt is being used by the entire organization globally and is being used to identify areas where the company can improve its overall engagement with employees. Current areas of focus for us are change management, professional development and communication. It has been in place since 2013 and we have done a pulse survey as well. We have seen our scores increase each year past the target since we began using it.,User interface and ease of access from the Internet Reporting and report outputs Ability to slice data Ability to customize questions asked in addition to standard,More reporting options for slicing data Make PDF and Excel output files look the same,10,Improved employee engagement Reduced turnover Reduced replacement/recruting costs,,Employee SurveysQuantum Workplace Surveys can drive ROIRybovich uses the TeamPulse survey process on an annual cycle. The data collected is a key benchmark to steer our employee engagement priorities corporately, and helps steer operational and employee relations initiatives at the departmental level. This survey is the cornerstone of all our other leadership development efforts, in pursuit of the "Servant Leader" model.,Well designed content. The questions are clear and relevant to various employee audiences. Powerful reporting that line managers can understand. Action planning recommendations are valid and practical.,Translation of non-English survey responses would make the anecdotal reporting even better.,10,We are seeing a direct correlation between reduced employee turnover, and department productivity, for those departments that use the survey cycle and important follow up steps.,SurveyMonkey,Employee SurveysQuantum Workplace SurveysWe used Quantum Workplace's Engagement Survey with a small sample of our employees in order to determine our level of engagement and the engagement drivers we need to focus on. We then used the results to make various business decisions. The data itself has also helped us get buy in for various initiatives.,Various formats for easy and effective administration. Robust and easy to use dashboards.,Being sure that they can be flexible enough to meet the needs of a business that is constantly changing.,8,Better internal communications. Data supporting some of our critical initiatives.,None,Employee SurveysQuantum Workplace's TeamPulse Engagement Survey Does the JobWe use the Quantum Workplace TeamPulse engagement survey for the entire organization. I brought the survey to Amida Care as its first ever employee engagement survey tool in 2014. We learned quite a bit about ourselves via TeamPulse and have been working on areas of concern that came to light or were confirmed by the survey results. We also were able to insert some custom questions to dig a bit deeper into one area of interest, which was very helpful.,This tool allows us to drill down into departments to get an in-depth feel for the culture in each work group. This is all done while maintaining true anonymity for participants, which is always a staff fear. Although we did not make good use of it, TeamPulse includes an online action planning tool that allows department management to work with their teams on the results, drill into the real meaning of those results on a department level, and jointly build action plans that can be tracked in the tool. The analysis of the global results by the pros at Quantum Workplace produced an excellent executive overview of the results on an overall and department, job level, tenure and age basis. That analysis and the presentation delivered by Quantum Workplace was exactly what we needed for our leadership team that was new to the engagement survey game. Possibly the best feature of Quantum Workplace's engagement survey tool is the statistically significant comparative data from other organizations of similar size, location, type of business, etc. The info has far more value when we are able to see where we stand in relation to other organizations, including some of Quantum Workplace's high performing participants.,It might have this and we didn't realize or figure it out, but if the Action Plan tool pinged managers on a regular basis with reminders and also copied those to the executives or HR, it might generate more effort from the department level. Some phrasing of the questions allowed too much variability in interpretation. This was particularly evident in the phrase: 'the leaders of Amida Care.' Reviewing the responses to those questions gave too many executives and department heads an easy out when low scores were present. They could 'believe' that their employees were referencing the CEO and top execs. On the other hand, top execs could look at those questions as referencing department heads. We will be pushing for more specificity while remaining capable of comparing to Quantum Workplace's vast results data.,9,In our first organizational experience with this type of survey, we did not effectuate the department by department action planning the way we should have, so that limited some of our ROI. Survey results were instrumental in reinforcing impressions and employee complaints about some management staff. This enabled us to force changes in the management of people in at least one department. (Reassigning folks to non-management roles, not aggressively terminating low scoring managers.) The use of the survey and subsequent universal reporting of the results opened a new phase of transparency with our staff that, I believe, paid dividends when we faced some financial challenges and were forced to execute a reduction in force. There was a greater willingness to listen to leadership despite strong feelings and anger than there would have been a year before, prior to the survey. When we re-survey this year in December, it will be the second annual survey, not something new we're doing because of the recent staff reductions. This will further reinforce the enhanced communications efforts and transparency.,,Employee SurveysWhy Quantum Workplace?? Why not??? They rock!We use their engagement surveys across our entire organization to check the general levels of employee satisfaction/engagement. We look at Communication, Leadership, Overall Job Satisfaction, Member Focus, Performance & Values and measure the year-over-year progress (or lack of).,The results are published in easy-to-read and understand charts and graphs. The results are tabulated for year-over-year results. You can drill down to individual departments.,None known...,9,Better communication channels developed and more engagement with senior managers.,,Employee SurveysQuantum Workplace...Don't Think Twice!We are currently using Quantum Workplace to measure engagement across the enterprise. Tool use is decentralized, so our managers have access to the reporting site for detailed analysis and follow-up. Our partnership with Quantum Workplace enables us to poll perceptions and identify specific areas where our culture goals are being met and vice-versa.,The reporting suite is best in class. The available reports enable managers to pull something high-level and easy to digest while at the same time providing robust filtering/slicing options to get down to a granular analysis of engagement. The available tools are set in a very modern and intuitive UI. Customer support with Quantum Workplace is great. The team over there is flexible and seems to care about the client's needs.,I'm not often in a position to do this, but I really can't say much...every single time something concerning has come up (which is natural with a new relationship) our dedicated account managers have stepped in to quickly resolve.,10,Much better turn-around on reporting which has led to us being able to begin follow-up steps with our employees MUCH quicker. Improved results analysis allowing managers to better target their efforts. Reporting that is consistent with our marketing brand standards so that it doesn't feel too "off the shelf".,,Employee SurveysWhy I love QuantumWe are using if for our whole organization to gain the engagement of the company.,Allowed us to customize. Custom filter options. Fast and timely response from our Quantum Workplace contacts.,We are currently in the process of our survey with 4 days remaining. So far I have only had a positive experience. The only thing I wish is that I could have a better understanding of how our results will be provided. Since we did a custom survey not sure how the reports will work.,10,Since we can customize this survey, it will allow us to understand areas of improvement.,CEB,Employee SurveysAn Engaging, Engagement Survey!We use the traditional survey to measure engagement across the company and to obtain valuable feedback from our employees. Meritrust believes engaged employees drive our business results and we want to know more about how we continue to maintain employee advocacy and effort. Feedback from our associates contained in the survey has been the impetus for a number of enhanced communication and employee development initiatives. At Meritrust we consider our engagement score a measurement of leadership. The score is incorporated into our performance scorecard and engagement action plans remain a focus throughout the year.,Quantum Workplace associates have an organized process in place, documenting the timeline, assigning responsibilities and ensuring the survey content is accurate and ready to go by the deadline. They keep me organized from planning stages to generating result reports. The suggested articles regarding communication strategies for announcing the survey and developing the invitation have been invaluable. Their templates walk you through a good invite, a better and a best invite. And, they don't stop with how to communicate results...Quantum Workplace guides you through a communication strategy that can be used throughout the year to keep a continued focus on engagement initiatives. Quantum Workplace provides a high level, but thorough executive summary that has been key to supporting my efforts in presenting our results information to our senior leadership team. And because my Quantum Workplace contacts review it with me first I am provided with talking points that make my presentation more informative and effective. Every individual I have worked with at Quantum Workplace has been knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I sometimes find myself calling them with other types of questions about employee retention or performance because I have found them to be so helpful.,I mentioned this to them after our last survey. The first year we did the survey the Quantum Workplace site provided us with detailed information on creating improvement plans, questions for employee focus groups and best practice information. While the site still provides information on creating an action plan, they removed the other information and haven't offered any new tips in the past two years. I would like to see them bring this back and update it each year so it is fresh and provides usable action items.,10,Our survey results have probably had the most effect on communication across the organization from the top to the individual departments and has also had an impact on management development. We have used the survey for the past four years and have implemented quarterly staff meetings, a corporate communications platform, and a CEO blog. As a result our employees feel included and value the opportunity to put their questions to the CEO.,,Employee Surveys
Quantum Workplace Engagement Surveys and Pulses
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Quantum Workplace Engagement Surveys and Pulses Reviews

Quantum Workplace Engagement Surveys and Pulses
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Score 9.0 out of 101

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About Quantum Workplace Engagement Surveys and Pulses

Quantum Workplace provides an all-in-one employee engagement software that makes managers the central drivers of workplace culture. Serving more than 8,700 organizations, Quantum Workplace’s technology gives team leaders direct access to employee feedback and personalized real-time insights, so they can make work better every day. The software includes surveys, goals, recognition, feedback, one-on-one, and alert features — providing a powerful solution for team engagement and continuous improvement.

According to the vendor, with Quantum Workplace's flexible surveys feature, users have many ways to customize their survey and collect employee feedback including:

  • From pulse to an annual initiative
  • Survey content to fit your goals
  • Advanced survey technology
  • Surveys in any language
  • A platform convenient for employees

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