Qubit uses visitor history data to understand different user segments and serve personalized messages to segments using JavaScript. It is available as either a managed or self-service model. Data is collected using Qubit's own Universal Variable data model, or by integrating the user's existing model via our API. We combine quantitative data with qualitative visitor feedback to give Qubit users the ability to detect areas for optimization. Using JavaScript means that changes do not have to be hard-coded into the site, giving marketers and ecommerce teams greater power to implement changes outside of the development cycle. Users can A/B test any changes to their site using Qubit, and our user interface lets them know when the necessary sample size, and what the test results are. Qubit also allows users to bring different silos of information together to provide a holistic view of their marketing channels, and understand what action will have the greatest impact on their overall business. Qubit has received investment from Balderton and Accel totalling more than $36 million. platform and service to test your ideas and ultimately increase conversionWe use Qubit to gather user feedback, analyse user behaviour, form hypothesis and build MVT and A/B tests and finally, monitor the results. The platform is predominately used within the eCommerce department however test results are shared throughout the organisation and ideas are encouraged from all staff. Using Qubit allows us to quickly test new ideas; helps us make important design decisions; gives us a better understanding of what influences buying behaviour, helps steer our development roadmap and most importantly, improves overall conversion.,Great A/B test ideas based on both quantitative and qualitative evidence. The Qubit consultants and engineers we have worked with have an excellent 'can do' attitude. Excellent communication and clarity on test results.,There is room for improvement on the velocity of getting new tests developed and QA'd. I would like to see improvements to the exit survey interface to make it easier to flag, categorise and disseminate feedback to different areas in the business. Depending on the test/experience it can add extra weight to page load times and cause 'flicker'.,9,We have used Qubit's services and platform to test hypothesis, prioritise feature development, understand user behaviour and to try to help instill an evidence based decision making culture within our organisation. To date we have launched around 40 A/B tests, received almost 25,000 items of feedback, launched two bespoke surveys and are currently trialling a number of other optional modules.,Monetate, Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer,The Qubit platform and service has reduced our reliance on our internal IT team to implement changes on site. Test hypothesis can be created relatively quickly and the test outcome, either conclusive or inconclusive, provides answers that would not otherwise be very difficult to answer. The platform and process helps to introduce a culture of using evidence to make decisons.,The Qubit platform is very important to us to help introduce personalisation features on site.,Google Analytics, Bazaarvoice Conversations, JIRA Software, Google Tag Manager, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Google Search Console,8,9Qubit - User reviewWe currently use Qubit in the ECommerce department. We use this to A/B test hypothesised theories on our website. We have been able to make solid design and UX based decisions on the development of our site because of Qubit.,Split testing - Making analytical based decisions on results of split testing has been vital over the last 18 months, and will continue to shape the way we work. Data - The amount of data Qubit captures is still overwhelming to see, more support could be offered in what we use this with, and how to manipulate, but it easy to see the size and range of what is collected. Decision making - When your results become concrete Qubit breaks your results down into key metrics, this is massively useful when making a decision on your next steps.,Reporting - Cannot cross-pollinate your results into customer segments on the site. Easy editor - Although great for desktop, mobile and tablet hasn't been thought about, in a mobile first world this should start to become a priority. Loading of tests - Even when our pixel is implemented sync or async the test will always load after the page is completely loaded. This does put some doubt into results.,8,Qubit influenced our decision in adding delivery counters and urgency messaging to the website, both of which saw positive results for the business, and gives the customer more accurate real time information about what delivery or customer service they should be expecting upon conversion.,user conversion, vwo and google optimise,This is honestly an area that we haven't been able to make work for us.,Data, again is an area of Qubit that we haven't mastered. We have been able to create customer segments and see opportunities arise because of Qubit, but not been able to take advantage much more than that.,Magento Community Edition,10,10,10,10,10Great technology and a great team!Qubit is used for A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation on our website.,We’ve been using Qubit for over 2 years. They are easily up there with the very best of all our suppliers. I love the fact that the tool allows us the ability to test out new ideas without tying up IT resource or incurring costs from external development agencies. In addition to offering intuitive and user friendly technology, the support team behind the solution is excellent. They are a constant source of new ideas and suggestions and are absolutely committed to helping us achieve our business objectives.,Qubit have continually improved their technology since we've been using them. At the moment I can't think of any areas for improvement.,10,,The ROI generated from Qubit tests mean that their service has paid for itself many times over!,10,10About working with QubitQubit Deliver is used within the digital team to implement and measure our A/B tests on desktop and mobile. We test across all sites and site areas and use the tool to build, monitor and analyse the success of tests.,Qubit have strong customer service and are great people to work with Their technology is constantly improving and they're always ahead of the curve,Qubit's rapid growth has meant that they have, at times, been catching up with themselves in terms of internal resource which can have an impact on their clients,7,Increased employee efficiency Improved conversion,5,Don't know,3One of the best A/B testing and personalization platforms today.We use Qubit as an A/B testing and personalization platform on our e-commerce site. It is being used within the marketing and IT departments. We had tried previous A/B testing and personalization software with our site but nothing compares to Qubit. We finally found a solution that not only doesn't conflict with our e-commerce platform, but also gives us a way to change the design on the website without needing to go through IT development cycles.,Qubit has great support and Simon, our point man at Qubit has given us great ideas and contributed to our e-commerce strategy to increase conversion and overall ROI on our website. The ability to be able to A/B test different features on our site without impending other projects and priorities. One of my favorite parts of Qubit is their ability to give us back customer feedback collected on our site in an organized and simple to use feature in their dashboard. This gives myself and team a direct line with our customers. Something I have always wanted.,I would like more communication between myself and Qubit. I feel that a bi-weekly phone call isn't enough to push strategy forward. Initially we encountered conflicts with Qubit and other 3rd party scripts.,10,We have seen a slight impact on our overall ROI. It is still early days though, as our traffic sources have gone through quitesignificant changes.,Personyze,,3,The ability to be able to use Qubit to add a feature to the site, without having to go through an IT cycle We use the dashboard to help us discover any issues that our customers may have, whom may not necessarily contact customer service.,Sometimes when we have a promotion or sale and our own deployment wasn't successful, Qubit was able to step in and provide a solution for us. We had to temporarily disable a feature on the website and we were able to do this via Qubit's so that we didn't need to burden our already overwhelmed IT department.,We would like to continue to optimize and personalize the site further with Qubit. One of my aims is to really segment our audience and be able to deliver content on the homepage and even throughout the site that is personalized for that user specifically.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I was pretty happy with the process, we had a few bumps initially but were able to find a platform we were happy with and are excited to continue working with.,Implemented in-house,9,9,9,10
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194 Ratings
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November 23, 2017

"Qubit - User review"

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Our requirements change throughout the year like most E Commerce retailers. At Christmas and Peak we're dealing with around ten times the usual traffic on the site. Qubit had no problems with this at all, tests continued to fire, and stats were still reported accurately. I don't think that it is the most server intensive .js anyway, but we have seen no issues at all.
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About Qubit

Qubit uses rich visitor data to understand different user segments and serve personalized messages to audience segments using JavaScript. It is available on either a managed or self-service model.

Data is collected using Qubit’s own QProtocol data layer, or by integrating the user’s existing model via our API. Quantitative visitor behavioral data is combined with qualitative visitor feedback and ingested data from Qubit users' other systems of record enabling them to identify areas of the site and customer groups to optimize and target with personalization experiences.

Using JavaScript means that changes do not have to be hard-coded into the site, giving marketers and ecommerce teams greater power to implement changes outside of the development cycle.

Users can A/B test any changes to their site using Qubit, and the user interface lets them know what the test results are.

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