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Salesforce Pricing Overview

Salesforce has 4 pricing edition(s), from $25 to $300. A free trial of Salesforce is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.



Per User/Per Month



Per User/Per Month



Per User/Per Month



Per user/Per month


  • Free Trial
  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $25per month

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Salesforce Pricing-Related Quotes

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purchase and settle on a price, they come back and recommend spending thousands more to have someone onboard for you. It's a hidden fee that isn't part of the … the original negotiations. In our case, we couldn't afford that right off the bat so the onboarding process is slower…

Related Quote from Angel Arciaga

I rate the contract terms and pricing structure for on a scale of 10? Because I believe the unit pricing or billing frequency is reasonable

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The reporting could be more intuitive, and the tool's value requires thoughtful design and configuration. The dashboards could be more

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process of dashboard, reporting and customer interactions. It proves its value to generate sales revenue and ROI. The potential advantages of every customer

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considered looking into alternatives. Mainly due to price. Salesforce can be expensive for a small team. We purchased it when we were larger so I think we've … helps us stay on top of projects better. The only negative impact is the price for a small team. … Salesforce. Again, Salesforce does what we need it to…

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sometimes the sparkle can require shades. Looked at Citrix and evaluated price and features vs Salesforce but it pales in comparison. Not as many features

Related Quote from Erik Viager

as these organizations can get basic CRM functionality from free or much cheaper CRM platforms. But if a company is forecasted to grow, is

Related Quote from Jason Carlage

Salesforce requires a certain level of expertise on staff, so in addition to the cost of Salesforce there are payroll and training expenses required

Related Quote from Verified User

had to decide to buy vs build an internal solution - which we found for the cost Salesforce would save from development / IT perspective and provide a more … Dynamics CRM product -and again, we found Salesforce to be a more robust / cost effective solution.

Related Quote from Vítor Hugo Pacheco

working on multiple tabs Too much functions that are not customizable Expensive

Related Quote from Bryan Goodyear

and configuration is needed to gain value from the tool. Can be seen as an administrative task rather than a value add by some sales or account groups … opportunities through sales stages. Salesforce is best used when enabling value-adding business processes, rather than just…

Related Quote from Verified User

We are a small company; it is geared towards larger corporations. The cost is a bit steep. It is not easy to navigate. … However, there are too many features that we are unable to use and the cost outweighs the benefits.

Related Quote from Nichole Pelaez

intuitive, very little training is needed before you're off running and getting value out of it. It feels like a digital Rolodex with all the information you need

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so nice working for a company that uses Salesforce well. It doesn't come cheap, but it's well worth it. HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics are pretty solid

Related Quote from Kurt Johansen

Costs vs. ROI: The initial cost to BUILD whatever instance your SF sales rep presents to you and sells; the COST associate to get to that build is … you the platform can do. There is extreme neglect in discussing the actual cost to get their CRM platform to do WHAT they have showcased t…

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features available so they need to place in well-organized categories It is expensive software and only large companies could purchase it conveniently. … For small organizations; [] has much to display but the pricing policy restricts it. It will help your team…

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Cost (have to weigh return on investment to verify use justifies the cost) Helpful to have someone knowledgeable … Salesforce is an expensive solution so it is recommended the organization have the buy-in from the

Related Quote from Daniel Cooper

management. It may not be appropriate for small businesses because of its price.

Related Quote from Megan Murray

fence of keeping it. I can conceptualize the reasons for using it and its cost but when it comes to actual usage I fail to implement. I also wish the there … there was a light version where we can also add in other users but not at the cost level it is currently at. … simply haven't adopted to using it. Because you pay…

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better for the cost of the license in the Professional Tier. … I think that maybe it is too much for a small organization, where the cost can be a problem

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the governor limits. It's less appropriate if you are looking for a lower-cost solution, as it's a premium subscription app. … and Billing TeamsBusiness Analysts Sales Incentive Planners Quote CPQ CLM Pricing and Contract ManagementSalesforce Administrators, Developers, and…

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Salesforce is way, way, way too expensive! Salesforce customer support is horrible. Imagine trying to get support … where Salesforce is well suited. I guess to be fair, it's kind of like an expensive old car that breaks down all the time and costs a lot to fix. In fairness … fai…

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call my bank and request a new card number because they are still trying to charge me. This is the worst service from any marketing professional I have ever

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Salesforce is being used by the whole organization, reduces the cost of sales, improves customer retention, better customer service, build more sustainable … Improved performance and increased annual revenue growth of 35%. IT cost savings of 50% reduction in projects.

Related Quote from John Chavez cheaper than our last sales tracker Integrated with our software which saved us