TrustRadius your entire sales cycleWe use Salesforce for both prospecting and account management. The sales department utilizes Salesforce and is not used in other areas of the company. It allows us to efficiently track prospecting activity and schedule check ins with our current customers. It also organizes our database so salespeople don't call into the same accounts.,Salesforce is great at day to day organization through schedules tasks and events. It helps with efficiency as you have your required tasks laid out for you as soon as you log in. Customization in Salesforce is both a blessing and a curse. If you understand how to utilize custom fields to better organize your list views and reporting it is invaluable. Being able to mass email directly from the platform is great as it automatically logs the activity and streamlines the process,It is a very intimidating platform to new users. It's not at all intuitive or user friendly and definitely requires some training and help. No customer service. If you only pay for the basic license good luck figuring out problems as customer service just refers you to the community boards to search for it there.,8,Being able to efficiently manage your pipeline and prospects definitely helps increase conversions. I've worked off of Excel sheets in the past and the time you save when using a well organized Salesforce is invaluable.,QuotaFactory,,, LinkedIn Sales Navigator,6,1,Account Management Prospecting Tracking Pipeline and Sales Cycle,The biggest thing we have been able to do is find a lot of ways to utilize the reporting function to make sure our prospecting accounts are being touched,I would think upgrading to utilize the mass email feature would be huge. In the past I've utilized it and gotten a lot out of it.,10,No,Prior Experience with the Product,There isn't much I would change, I've had exposure to numerous CRMs over the years and despite Salesforce's shortcomings around support and the steep learning curve to figure out how to use it there isn't a better option.,Don't know,No,No,1,No,I cannot, and even if I paid for a tier that provided support the fact you are paying for it means you SHOULD be getting exceptional support every time.,Importing lists was quite easy from the start, as it imports from either .xls or .csv files. List views, once they are built out, are very easy to navigate and manage,Building reports and dashboards can be cumbersome if you aren't familiar with the system. Making list views can also be complicated for new users as even the smallest option in the process being off can result in nothing showing on the list view.,Yes, but I don't use it,8SalesForce is the best tool for keeping track of your leads and making $$$We use SalesForce across the entire sales department to keep track of our leads and store contact information. It solves the problem of duplicating accounts and having more than one rep call on the same company which is embarrassing. A rep is able to easily search the database to see if it is already logged and being called on.,Allows us to create follow ups so we remember to call on certain accounts. Allows us to see who is being called on already so that we do not double up. Allows us to capture much needed contact information. Allows us to log all of our activities and store notes for each.,I think that they should allow more features to be available without having to upgrade, for example privatizing leads. I think they should have an easier way to contact support for standard users such as live chat instead of submitting a case. I think that they should make it a little easier to merge the software with programs such as vertical response.,9,Being able to set reminders allows us to not let a potential customer fall through the crack. Follow up, follow up, follow up. Being able to look back on your notes allows you to better communicate with the customer and treat them as if you remember their needs well which in turn results in them trusting you to do business. Being able to export e-mail address of contacts allows us to integrate with our e-mail software and broadcast marketing messages which results in more business.,SalesOutlook CRM,Lead411, WordPress, Vertical Response,10,4,Logging contacts for key accounts in our company Being able to extract email addresses of prospects and accounts to broadcast important announcements or promotional material Keeping track of leads so as to prevent more than one rep calling on a similar account.,We use it put where the lead came, social media, etc. so that we can further efforts in that direction We are able to insert the top three opportunities for an account which allows us to easily export where our efforts need to be. Allows us to keep a customer and product profile/description we can easily reference.,Can move to more of an electronic approach...quickly exporting email address and doing more email marketing. Using the chatter section to quickly communicate internally. Using it to assign specific contacts obtained internally to our external reps.,10,No,9,No,They were able to walk me through how to combine numerous contacts into one account that were already established. They really took the time to walk me through it and then called and waited on the phone until I did it with them. They then followed up later on to make sure I didn't have any other questions.SalesForce is easy to useOur sales team uses salesforce as a CRM, it syncs with Outlook, and Toutapp,It's a great platform and we rarely if ever have any problems with it,On occasion we have noticed the account financials aren't lining up, but on the back end we have been able to resolve it,10,Having 25-40 interactions with customers a day, per rep, we are able to track all activity using SF and is virtually flawless,,10,3,sales tracking forecasting quotes,10Salesforce Customer/EvangelistWe utilize Salesforce across our global organization within our commercial (Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service), Supply Chain, Product Management, Agronomy and Credit teams. It is highly customized to match the specific sales process and forecasting needs of each commercial area. We utilize it to track customer issues as well as marketing events, offers and experiences. It is integrated with our backend ERP system and our front end product websites. It is an integral part to our commercial go to market strategy with our customers.,Excellent scalability (ability to customize and use standard features) Outstanding support both through the company and through the large user community Innovation- they never stop expanding functionality,They have some overlapping products that could allow for them to sunset older versions and relieve confusion They sometimes follow the B2C marketing side to willingly and B2B and other types of companies may not need the new features They are not inexpensive, but the breath of features should be taken advantage of for full ROI,9,It has improved our customer experience as we don not have direct revenue impact in a B2B environment. It has improved our visibility at a management level to sales status regarding achievement to plan.,,750,,Forecasting and customer facing and management level reporting Account Management and contact management with full rollup capability Digital Marketing (Email, Websites, Sales Tools, Campaign Management, Event Management, Product Management and Allocations) Supply Chain Management Customer Service Ticket Tracking and Workflow,We created several custom applications that are specific to tracking raw material usage that is very helpful in our business We created several sales tools that link front end applications to back end application (product websites and sales tools) We have workflow for tracking sales programs to ensure none can be oversold Branding with our customers is greatly enhanced with a common branding effort of all customer facing documents,Communities (customer facing portals that allow for collaboration) Additional Social usage and tracking with marketing cloud and Radian6 Mobile Apps via Salesforce1 branded as our company,Yes,9,No,Account Management Reporting Custom Development Opportunity Management,Advanced reporting,Yes,9,10Salesforce Sales Cloud: The Only Sunny Day Cloud You Need.Salesforce is currently used to track product transference from lead generation and combing(Leads),to initial POC with a physician or potential patient client(Activities), to requesting supplies(Products) that are then packaged and shipped to a physician for specimen collection and return(Opportunities w/ Stages), as well as Client Issue recording (Cases) and reporting metrics of various designs such as # calls per Service Rep, # Opps per week per Sales rep, etc. for management. We also use a map addon(InField Maps) to help the field sales team see problem areas, hot spots, cold spots, etc. as well as a few other addons such as roll-up helper and DemandTools for administrative maintenance.,Data Visibility Position flexibility (customized page views, access, etc.) Workflow (wf rules, validation rules, triggers, dependant picklists, etc.) Training resources,Reporting, only three ways of sorting, can't sort by multiple tiers, Emailing One contact to many accounts (currently a one-to-one relationship, so physicians that practice at multiple locations must be dealt with with custom development) Inventory management Mobile interaction (It's usually more efficient to use the mobile app to just navigate to the full site on a phone or tablet),9,Increased employee efficiency Increased accountability Increased visibility on ROI (Supplies sent out vs specimen tests billed) Better department interaction (sales with service with fulfillment with marketing with management with medical with laboratory with corporate),,60,1,Sales team needs to find leads in their areas and see what previous contact has been made Client needs to contact a member of the Sales or Service departments for supply requests Need to track Client interactions with both Sales and Service teams on a detailed basis,Mass email marketing, salesforce is terrible at this Using InField maps, Salesforce has been able to keep up with nearly constant territory shifting amongst the salesteam Using InField Maps and a snipping tool, Salesforce has allowed us to create on-demand service maps for clients,Inventory Management ROI calculation Use Communities to provide a HIPAA-compliant area where customers can access their patient' information,Implemented in-house,Online training Self-taught,10,Salesforce is not easy to learn without training. It's easy TO USE, but not learn if you're wanting to do development and customizations.,Yes,9,Yes,Record creation Pipeline monitoring Management visibility Data loading,Training and understanding are front-loaded Reporting: mostly front-loaded, but sometimes related objects can't be shown on the sam report Emailing/marketing campaigns,Yes,10,10Salesforce StrongWe utilize the Salesforce platform across our entire organization. Every department from Human Resources, Quality Assurance, and Accounting use the program on a daily basis to perform almost every aspect of their daily routine. Salesforce solves many problems including communication regarding customers, keeping track of projects for customers, and internal support requests. Any of our users can log in and know exactly what they need to do for the day, what their team is working on, and locate any other improtnat information they need regarding our customers. It is basically a one stop shop for information.,Custom programming - Salesforce is able to be customized which is a great asset. The ability to create custom objects, visualforce pages, and triggers is indispensable. Releases - Salesforce does a great job of communicating upcoming changes and offering training and documentation on the new features. IdeaExchange - They allow customers to submit enhancements ideas for the salesforce platform and allow voting by peers. They take these ideas into consideration for upcoming releases.,Field Limitations - Currently Salesforce only allows 25 roll-up summary fields which can be frustrating at times. I am not sure why there is a limitation on those. Dashboards - I would like to be able to customize dashboards more dynamically. Change colors, add more reports, resize as needed, etc. Customer Support - I loathe having to call or log a case with their support team. I always receive very dry service and rarely ever have my question answered.,10,Increase in customer support and service Increased employee efficiency Increase in our sales pipeline,,70,4,Sales Customer Tracking Task Management,We control access to our website through the application We create dynamic proposals and contracts through Salesforce for our customers,Implementing of Financial Force,Implemented in-house,4,No,N o I can't. I have never received exceptional support,9Salesforce for Dummies - NOT! Huge tool with huge setup and maintenance costs, not for small organizations.SF is used across the organization in two orgs I am a part of. It was to attempt to replace the ordering, registration, invoicing, and other forms of course booking and management.,If you can spend a huge amount of money with consultants tailoring the workflow, it is a good product. Plan on 2-10x the purchase price. If properly and simply configured, it is a good CRM with hooks to many other systems. Again, every hook is time consuming and can be fragile. Very flexible - to an extreme. So you can program it to do what you need, with either very expensive in-house expertise or consultants.,Having worked off and on in software development for decades, it is just too complex. That said, integrating point solutions is no joke either. SF tries to automate so many processes it reminds me of a 6 sigma project - 500,000 repetitions is a good mark, you will save loads of time and money. For a small team it is a tremendous time suck. Both the organizations I am familiar with here probably spent way more money that they could possibly have saved. That said, they did not have good guidance in implementation. From a database perspective, it is difficult to pull all information. Providing a link to simple tools would save having to deal with the complex reporting system.,2,Negative in almost all cases, way too much effort for such small businesses. Bad decisions both. At some of my other clients, who implemented a regimented inflexible set of rules, it works well. They are much bigger or have many thousands of repetitions.,Microsoft Dynamics,Sugar,custom Access versions,several others.,,,CRM - contact, lead, opportunity, etc. Pricing, billing, invoicing, managing receivables. Marketing, list management, emails.,Don't know of any.,SIMPLIFY so current staff can maintain.,Change management was a major issue with the implementationThe Ultimate CRM PowerhouseCurrently Salesforce is being used as our sales tracking and reporting, and customer interaction tracking system. We use 2 Marketing platforms that feed leads into Salesforce, for sales representatives to follow up on. We also use a dialer system for our inside sales team, which is connected directly to Salesforce.,Highly customizable Intuitive administration tools Robust application catalogue Advanced process automation capability Robust reporting capabilities,Dashboards could certainly be improved, limited customization Reporting formulas are limited, and make exporting/excel manipulation necessary is some cases Development options require a dedicated developer, so if you want heavy customization you will need to hire more resources.,10,We have seen increases month over month in our closed won and pipeline business since implementing Salesforce. Salesforce is a very powerful tool that help sales professionals stay on top of their prospects and pipeline. Since implementation, we now have advanced reporting that gives us full scope view to the health of our business. We now have advanced campaign, financial, and pipeline reporting that did not exist prior to our implementation.,110,1,lead management sales process tracking sales reporting/dashboards Quota/commission tracking,Forecasting Quota setting API Integration capabilities App Exchange options,Invoicing Payment processing Case management for customer issues,No,9,YesSalesforce Enterprise: Growing boldly with a CRMWe currently use the Sales Cloud for Salesforce almost exclusively, with our primary use revolving around our sales cycle. We have, however, also expanded our use of Salesforce to incorporate part of our ongoing client relationship management. Our users consist of marketing, account development, sales, client services, and finance department employees. Initially there was little in the way of customization, however we are slowly rolling out some of the more powerful abilities of the CRM. Overall, Salesforce is there to give our users visibility into their prospects, activities, pipeline, and ongoing customer relations. As a company with a relatively small commercial team that is servicing multiple countries, it is very important that we be able to share this information across the team no matter where we are at any given time. Salesforce also helps us better forecast our revenue for upcoming quarters.,Reports and dashboards in Salesforce are powerful and easy to build. They have been invaluable to our ability to track activities and forecast. Reports give you detailed information and can be filtered to extreme specifics. Dashboards give a great overview of a pipeline, or a snapshot of the quarter, that can be useful for executive that just need a high-level view of the business. The community is a fantastic resource to find answers to questions when you are stuck on a problem. There are users from all walks of business, and I have never had a question that didn't relate to someone else in some way. An extension of that is the AppExchange, where you can find apps that will work with Salesforce to answer those problems for you, as well. Salesforce is extremely user friendly. It is intuitive for an administrator, and it makes creating a fantastic user interface easy. There is a way to do almost anything, often multiple ways, and the process is always simpler than it may initially seem. It also looks a lot better than a bunch of spreadsheets. Salesforce integrates with everything. If there isn't an automatic integration with it, you can create new API integration points. If you use Marketo, which is a common marketing automation tool, it will integrate with Salesforce. Our finance and implementation departments are starting to work on creating integration between their systems and Salesforce. Having that integration makes it easier for us to use Salesforce as a one-stop-shop kind of system. Salesforce is easy to change if you need to. There are high levels of customization, and there are small changes that you can make to mirror your actual business processes within the "org." If your company goes through a major process change, it is relatively simple to alter your settings, objects, and fields in Salesforce to reflect that change. You don't have to shut the whole production down and start over; you just make a plan for change management and go about it. Automation, automation, automation. You can take out a lot of the human error with Salesforce's multiple automation tools. Workflow, approvals, and now processes. If there is a field or a message that your users persistently forget to update or send, then you can automate it and sit back.,There are a lot of ways to do things in Salesforce, which can be great, but it can also be frustrating. Because of its high level of customization ability, it is at times difficult to know which option for change is best to suit your business's needs. That flexibility can also make it difficult for less savvy users to follow processes correctly. While Salesforce can be customized almost everywhere, making global changes that don't involve security can be difficult at times. Most changes are granular, and there are a lot of trickle down effects. If you are putting together a new process for your business, or changing a layout, forgetting even a small step can sometimes add time onto the process. Seemingly simple tasks can become complicated in that way. They are always improving this, but in the meantime, the inability to make mass changes to some of the metadata is at times a headache. Some features must be turned on by request and cannot be taken away once deployed. While that is not necessarily a problem after testing the feature in a sandbox and deciding to deploy, it could be a problem when an org changes hands or a process changes. Salesforce does alert admins that these features cannot be turned off, but again, when inheriting a production org, like I did, it can become cumbersome to revive or reboot when there are legacy products that serve no current function. It can be difficult to sign up for a beta without a dev org or a sandbox. I have both, but I have met with roadblocks sometimes asking about beta projects that we can join.,9,Collaboration has gone up within our sales team, which has in turn helped us to win on more opportunities. Because the sales team can see what other area directors are doing, they can modify a tactic to work for them. It also provides a kind of gamified incentive. Our pre-pipeline organization has improved, which has allowed us to better forecast the pipeline and more accurately predict when an opportunity will close. Our pre-sales team has become more efficient and organized with Salesforce. They are able to more quickly share important leads or contacts with the sales team, and they can also leave valuable insights for the sales directors.,,35,1,We track our sales directors' activities to see what works and what doesn't, as well as to mark milestones in our sales process. Since we have three different teams that could be working with a prospect at any given time, the visibility to those milestones is important. We use Salesforce's customization to design different user interfaces and objects for different types of accounts - prospect vs client. The ability to create multiple apps and objects helps us to more clearly define records for each role. As contacts and leads age, or as we determine that we are not a good fit for a prospect, we use Salesforce to bucket those accounts and contacts, so that we can market to them directly based on their needs. It helps us to better target specific groups with our marketing, even though we do not use the marketing automation features.,We will soon be using Salesforce as a way to help our clients create an Annual Plan, that will look at how they currently use our offered technology and compare it to what else could be helpful to them.,We have considered integrating with software that our implementation and support teams use to be able to see all interactions with clients, short of simply moving it all to the Service Cloud. We would like to integrate with our billing software to allow finance and client services to better communicate about renewal fees for clients. We are woefully short on automation usage at this point, but we are in the process of changing that.,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,As I was not part of the original decision, I can only say that were I now in a position to choose a CRM, I would likely go with Salesforce still. Not only am I familiar with the platform, I also know that it has a strong reputation in the industry. The company is admirable in its philanthropic efforts, and it continues to grow and be at the forefront of its technology. As a technology company, that is what we look for in our partners.,Creating a user interface within Salesforce is a fairly straightforward process. Specifically the creation and use of custom fields, and even custom objects, is a breeze. Editing a page layout requires only drag and click, even to the choice of which direction tabs function in, but if you feel comfortable with code, then you can also dig in deeper. Salesforce gives you the ability to mass transfer or mass delete records. I took over the org from years of legacy records that hadn't been polished or dusted in a long time. After running a data cleanse, it was a breeze to either re-assign or remove the records. Report and dashboard building are both intuitive and easy to pick up quickly. While some of the report logic could become complicated, especially if new to reporting in general, it is easy to learn. Another drag-and-drop application (for both) that is easy to use. It is surprisingly easy to customize Salesforce. Even creating an app is easier than it sounds. They do a great job of creating wizards and guided processes that make personalizing the org to your exact specifications a doable project, even for a single admin.,Sometimes change is not easy. You can develop a process or automation to run and suit your business needs, but if and when that business need changes or evolves, changing the automation can be difficult. What makes it cumbersome is not deactivating an automation, but having the follow the thread to deactivate or remove every piece of the chain. For instance, if a field is no longer needed, you cannot always just delete the field because it may be used in a workflow, which means you have to go and reevaluate the workflow and edit or deactivate it before moving forward with removing the field. Salesforce is just releasing their de-duplication tool, which will catch incoming duplicates in most cases. However, finding existing duplicates is difficult and requires the use of external apps to make an automated process.,Yes, but I don't use it,9CRM is never done - Salesforce moves with youIt is being used across all sales and marketing. We have three brands and use slightly different sales processes for those brands. We have a consistent approach and SFDC provides a predictable pipeline funnel view.,Provides Sales 360 view of the Account/Contact when conversing with the prospect Provides a predictive view of the Pipeline based on actual activities by the prospect AND sales Sales personnel have one place for content and correspondence without having to "Cross Applications",The UI is dated and becoming cumbersome. The Console is a good start but needs work Forecasting: Not configurable, not sophisticated enough for our business. It is simple but not adequate.,10,Faster and viable lead conversion. We are now actually measuring it. Sales productivity. Sales can make more calls with intelligent history about the prospect/account without spending time in multiple app and data searching Can find other related prospects with to extend call reach and call plan,GoldMine,soho,49,3,Implemented in-houseStill going strong with Salesforce.comIt is used across our entire organization as our system of record. We use it (along with several integrated apps) for Leads, Marketing, Sales, Customer Install Projects, Support Cases, and many other internal things that we need to keep record of., is flexible and can accommodate any size company. It is highly customizable and virtually limitless with the development platform. It is a great product, and in my experience, the key to success with is having people that are dedicated to learning, maintaining and developing the system, with focus on a positive user experience. Support for is incredible. If you don't find what you are looking for in their vast Help & Training documentation, there is a great support community of users where you can search for answers or post your question. Also, a regular web search will return many hits, as well. There are many independent websites that have documentation, code sharing and support forums. But if you need to talk directly to their support team, they are very responsive and I have always had a positive experience with them. is highly available. In the 8 years that I have been using, I can only recall one time many years ago when we had a problem with the site, and it was resolved relatively quickly. I like that everything is available online and can be accessed from anywhere. This allows for people to work out in the field and from remote offices.,One of strengths could also be considered a weakness to some. I think it is great that the product is so flexible and customizable, but that also makes it very complex. It takes dedicated people to manage it. It is an ever-evolving system which is great because it stays updated and constantly improves, but for some it might be hard to keep up with the changes. I know from experience because of the position I was in for many years. I was responsible for the system, but it was not my dedicated role, so many of the updates went unnoticed and we started getting more internal requests to change the way it worked, and eventually we got behind. It's important to have a dedicated team of people, who will be involved with supporting the system, especially with a growing company. It's a wonderful product, but it will not appear so if the appropriate resources are not dedicated to it. You get out of it what you put into it.,10,84Senior Salesforce Developer (8 years) - Fortune 200 CompanySalesforce is being used by department, not organization wide, we currently have (5) five instances of including communities and provide access to over 500 Retailers / Partners.. The most common use(s) of Salesforce is for lead collection, distribution, sales support, analytics, basic account management and partner management.,Analytics. Within Salesforce, every data table or object and every field is tracked, the built in reporting, dash boarding and analytics features are plentiful. Lead and Case collection, distribution, processing and reporting is simply amazing. From collecting leads and cases in email, from websites or one of our many call centers is simple, effective and intuitive. Using Partner Portal and Partner Communities makes sharing data, processes and communication simple and transparent both internally and to our Partners.,Apex governor limits are a bit restrictive, however, most people will not run into this issues unless they are massively modifying their instance of Development tools for writing and deploying both Apex and Visual force are less than I would expect, although they work properly, they are a little thin on the "cool features" side. Approval processes are one of many of the newer and sweet features within Salesforce, but are currently a little difficult to setup and lacking in features. This does seem to improve with each new release.,10,Lead Management has gone from "eh" to "Wow" overnight, increasing inside sales number by and amazing % and partner sales by over 6%. Case management before Salesforce, a phone call, email, fax or telepathic communication from the Customer or Partner may be received or..... After Salesforce Case management 100% transparent to both the Company and to the Partner, contained within Salesforce, reportable. Some of the metrics are: Who requested what and when. Who received the case, when and time (HH:MM) to formally accept the case, what happen on the case (Reject and why, Completed, in Process), was the case closed and when (and Case completion time, from submission to completion (HH:MM). Productivity management. Sales person A did what, with how and for how long? Operations person did what, when and for how long? Etc....,,750,2,Leads and Opportunity management. Case management. Partner communities. Contracts and E-Signature.,Partner Communities. Contracts and E-Signature. Case Management.,With integration, equipment provisioning. Data aggregation. Marketing! cloud based and hard to is used across our entire company by every department. It addresses the need for multiple databases, everything is all in one place in real time. We can pull up any account view a history, notes, e-mails attached to the account, logged calls. Gone are the days of excel spreadsheets to track things.,Keeping track of events, tasks, and calls. This allows people in company to see what is schedule and what has been done so its not repeated or something is not missed. Cloud based so you can access anywhere, meaning you don't have to be on an internal network to use the service. Stores as many contacts as necessary. So you can list decision makers, tech contacts, controllers. This is helpful for making sure you call the correct person, depending on what task you are working.,Some reporting could be adjusted.,10,Increased employee efficiency due to the cloud base nature of Salesforce. You dont have multiple contact lists in all departments, the contacts are all in one place. Faster case/project completion once again due to the could based nature and all the info anyone needs to see or access is in one central location. Access on the road or in house. Better documentation, you dont have to find your notes or old e-mails. Everything is saved right where you need it.,,,Organization across the entire company, so all notes and details are in one place where everyone can see them Customer service capacity, we can have customer service in all sorts of locations and maintain the same level of support Sales, no more cold calls, you know what last person called and talked about so you can form a pitch that gets the job done with out wasting time,adding contacts keeping notes on various accounts integration the outlook email system to salesforce,integration some internal systems is difficult and sometimes does not always work as expected Reporting on some details of an account can be difficult attaching e-mails to Salesroom custom objects that live in the account object is difficut,Yes, but I don't use it,9Salesforce has a home run on its hands with support they extend to non profits with 10 free licenses....and a stable productThis is my 6th implementation and the first, where we are deploying the enterprise edition across the entire non-profit. Typically I have deployed in one or two departments. After 8 1/2 years the non-profit really needs a database.We need efficiency and integration with QB, constant contact, etc.We need to create cases and have a method to re-assign work to the right people to respond/handle. We want to reduce email. Chatter and groups with chatter will allow us to improve internal and external communication.,Its easy to add or deactivate users. For non profits it is free for the first 10 licenses. This is a $15,000 value of savings and is a great value for free. I prefer to put our resources into an implementation consultant vs paying for licenses. Chatter is each, fun and really helps get folks started touching the system. Reports are amazing with dashboards which can be sent automatically to folks.,We named our Salesforce instance. Created a logo, imported it in the system and at our login and are having fun. Avoid calling it Salesforce a non profit the name salesforce is not easily accepted and misunderstood. Making the name align with your own culture is y(our) responsibility. I wish Salesforce would create way for corporate and non profits to help each other more.,10,+ In past efforts increased efficiency by employees and volunteers in the area of customer service has been amazing. + Better donor/member/volunteer/ tracking on contributions of time, talent and treasure. Better tracking of what interests donors. + Tracking of customer service concerns and our responses are tracked to each customer. Its easy to see how a college addressed and issue. A single place a look creates a calm in any storm and really helps the team to work together. - Language in the Salesforce Eco System can be a block to communication. + Huge that this is in the cloud. I have never lost data and have used this system since 2005. Its a trusted product.,BBNC,Telesoa Exceed Premere,9,16,,Creation of a donor-centered culture- being able to have shared intelligence with all staff, about what our contributors are interested in or what they like is invaluable. One system, one place to look. Improved customer service- with a queue so the right staff member is responding and the right tone is being sent. No more silos- working together is invaluable. Very important. Seeing what is being accomplished and what the challenges are is amazing. Chatter deployment can be very helpful. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP's) workflow Analytics with our visitors Knowing who are repeat visitors means we can have a deeper conversation. Perhaps a membership is a better fit. Or they might like some of the events coming up? Or to get our newsletter. Reports, dashboards can be very helpful when developed with the staff. Feedback. Surveys, Polls, so helpful to hear what people need and want. Salesforce can improve our ability to listen. Innovation- I like seeing what else staff are asking for and wanting. This helps with adoption and also transfers to "we". Can we do this...? Love it...,Standards Operating Procedures workflow was developed to help with storing SOP's and also confirming the workflow documented in the SOP is approved. Quality Team- our consultants idea...they have a chatter group and meet almost weekly and are the testers for him. Its fun to watch people get excited and learn together. My favorite is when they help each other. I can show you,,,,or they clarify with each other... We have a contest with our staff on what to name our platform. We are right next to the Dreamlifter operations. The name that won is Dreamsifter. Its very fun and way better than saying check Salesforce. Instead you hear, in Dreamsifter I posted a question about....,Quick Book integration Signing up schools and youth groups including payments for our Education programs Adopt a membership app of some sort We will learn together...,Vendor implemented Professional services company,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Sorry just in beginning phase...,8Salesforce Implementation learningsReal-time Reports/Dashboards.,While the product provides core sales and service CRM capabilities, it does not have the breath of Siebel. Need to purchase Apps for additional functionality. The product works very well for opportunity forecast pipeline planning, but many other things require an add-on application. For example, an additional tool is need by reps to handle quoting. An add-on is also required to handle rep commissioning (Xactly is one obvious choice in this area).,Opportunity Pipeline: We have much better visibility into our opportunity pipeline which ultimately allows us to close more deals faster. Completed/Pending Activities: We have customized the system to trigger activities at various points during the sales cycle which helps us manage the process more efficiently. Competitive Data Find. We monitor competitor activity mainly through our call center and log this data in Salesforce.,10,10,700,5,We use Salesforce in a fairly standard way. The primary use is around sales opportunity forecasting. We have multiple franchise businesses that manage their own P&Ls and each of them uses Salesforce to managing opportunity forecasting. These forecasts then get rolled up at the corporate level. Individual sales managers can manage sales pipelines and have visibility into deal details like whether or not a product demo has been given, tracking follow-up calls, deal progress, etc. Marketing analysts are also managing which leads get entered in the system and a lead qualification process. We use Pardot for marketing automation, but have not yet integrated Pardot with Salesforce which means that we do not have a very clear picture of lead sourcing effectiveness. The product is also used to track the installed base.,,,Implemented in-house Professional services company,Self-taught,No. You need in-person training if you want to implement advanced functionality using the platform; integrating with other back-office applications, etc.,Business processes: We configured the product to conform to our internal business processes. For example, every account needs to be touched by a rep within a certain time window. If there is no activity after that time has elapsed, a flag is set that alerts the rep to contact the account. Similarly, flags are set at various points in the opportunity sales cycle to drive regular action after certain time periods elapse.,Yes,10,10,10,10,Oracle ERP,,We purchased a very large number of licenses and there was scope to negotiate around volume discounts.Dominant CRM leader.We used Salesforce's Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and platform. These are exceptionally well designed with inherent best practice capabilities. Here are some suggestions towards maximizing Salesforce -,I believe that Salesforce's inherent best practices are strong and the platform enables great flexibility, which can be a double-edged sword. Proper diligence must be given to your internal controls environment, especially around Quoting and linkage to your financial system. Data analytics and snap shots. Most people used a 3rd party tool for this, like Tableau Software or GoodData. Make it easier to track marketing campaign ROI. Campaign to lead is good. You must follow specific procedures during the Lead to Opportunity/Contact & Account conversion process to ensure campaign to opp/contact tie in. I believe the user interface of the online help could be better organized with a cleaner user interface. Data cleanliness (ie - duplicate leads and accounts/contacts). Most people use a 3rd party tool for this, like Cloudingo.,Tough to quantify ROI. I can tell you that Salesforce was essential for process management and visibility within our business model. We went live on Salesforce within 2 months. This included a full connection to our website, where people downloading our software would fill out a registration page, which created a lead within Salesforce. Goal was to give our sales reps efficient visibility into New Leads for prompt sales activity. It also enabled us to scale, organically AND via acquisitions.,9,9,120,3,Marketing campaign management, lead management and opportunity management in a high transaction volume, inside sales and channel environment.,,Implemented in-house Professional services company,9,Online training In-person training Self-taught,8,8,Yes. I know many Salesforce Administrators who are self-taught. These people normally have a finance and/or sales operations focus.,In some cases to reassign existing leads to different sales reps based on the lead's certain supplemental actions.,Yes,9,9,10,10,Our website. 2) NetSuite. 3) A custom SQL system.,In my current role as President of SaaS Consulting Group, my team has done many integrations, including Salesforce with Doubleclick (an Internet advertising solutions company). We are also in the early stages of a Salesforce to Zuora integration.,,Private. Salesforce has such a dominant market share, that it is difficult to negotiate special Much more than a CRM for your company!We're using as a CRM solution and also we've developed some applications over the platform. We've implemented Salesforce as a global solution for our main division and it currently serves our 4 main regions (North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific). We have also implemented different orgs for smaller divisions. Mainly we're using as a CRM tool to track opportunities and provide a 360 view of the customer to our Sales Reps. We are also running some processes natively on the platform like sample requests and marketing share info. We have integrations with legacy systems, so we can concentrate customer information into a single platform.,Opportunity tracking: It makes the process very easy by leveraging all the standard features of Collaboration with tools like Chatter and Content: Chatter really changed the way our users communicate and it's a new paradigm that is capable of replacing, reducing email usage. Easy to customize and implement any custom process: The platform makes very easy to create tables and entry forms to support any custom process not standard in Analytics: The engine is very powerful and enables the users to create their own reports and dashboards.,Price management: The standard module is quite simple and does not allow to track rebates. Salesforce1: The mobile UI is getting better with each release, but it's not there yet in the sense there are things that you cannot do on it. Lightning components: When developing for the browser and using Visualforce, automatically manage the look and feel of the screens. This is not yet the case when developing mobile applications under the Lightning platform. The styles and style sheets must manually specified for each element.,9,Standardization of processes across regions and divisions: Before each region/division was running it's own process and it was hard to consolidate reports. After implementing, we set a consolidated process and it was very easy to bring on additional sites. 360 view of the customer: With it was very easy to integrate with our legacy systems, and consolidate all the information related to an account in one place. Analytics engine: The engine is very powerful, and empowers users to create their own reports and track their own things. Chatter: It opened new levels for internal communication and decrease usage and dependency on emails.,1400,4,Pipeline tracking Case management Sample requests,Market Share: Calculate the market share for our current accounts. Sample Requests: We created a custom process that manages requests from our Customers Customer Scorecard: We created an automated scorecards that calculates metrics based on information coming from legacy systems.,Customer service with CTI integration Partner portal Managing of rebate contracts,10,No,5,Yes,Usually when the request is simple, like enabling a feature, there's no delay and addresses the issue really fast.,Find things: Salesforce has a global search box that makes it easy to find records and documents. Update information: You can access the system with a browser on any mobile device. It also has its own mobile application that simplifies the task. Run reports and dashboards: Its analytics engine is very powerful and it runs on all platforms as well.,Multiple updates: when updating multiple data at once (like prices), the UI seems not to be the best options, but usually its integration features (i.e. with Excel) help a lot on these user cases Some custom features we built (like the generation of a PDF), they need additional effort to make sure they run on the mobile platform, so they are not available (yet) on it.,Yes,10Unparalleled Sales ToolSales forecasting/pipeline management, contact management, task management and overall collaboration tool with executive management.,Very easy to build custom interface to meet unique demands of our sales process Easily integrates with 3rd party campaign management solution to drive leads Reporting provides insight that management had never had prior to having,Integration with MS Outlook still lacks robustness. I'm really surprised that in all the years that I've been using, the general rule of thumb is DO NOT install the MS Outlook integration because it messes everything up. Why can't you have a simple "Export to Outlook" for an individual contact and visa versa? The perception is that Salesforce doesn't want the data to go outside of their own database, so they make it hard. There really shouldn't be any threat of that. BTW, you should also do this for Apple Contacts and Google Contacts For years I've requested that the most recently used reports show up in the "Recent Items" list, but for some reason, they still don't show up. How hard is that? Allow Administrator to define colors for each individual rep in order to have consistent dashboard reports. Today you can do that for picklists, and I can see where the sheer number of reps could make that unfeasible, but for small to medium sized companies, it would be a very nice feature.,10,We have not quantified the ROI, but the best testimony came from our CEO this past week when he told the salesforce to get used to using Salesforce because it is never going away.,Insightly,SalesLogix,Siebel,6,1,Implemented in-house,10, enables org-wide is used all across our organization, differently by each department. The sales & account management team uses it to manage leads, accounts, activities, and opportunities. The accounting department has an integration with FinancialForce to build invoices directly from accounts. Customer service uses cases to track customers' needs. Marketing has integrated with Marketo and tracks campaigns on contacts and leads. Product development uses cases to track development of our own SaaS product.,Opportunity tracking for sales people. I'm not a salesperson, but I have seen the ease of use Salesforce provides for pipeline tracking. Other features like Forecasting make it easier with multiple levels of sales management to manage individual quotas, or a team's quota. Customization. As the Administrator, I'm often asked to add new fields to make the system more applicable. As is our mantra, If it isn't in Salesforce, it doesn't exist. Ease of use. The global search capability is a beautiful thing to find a record with little information to go on. No HTML knowledge is required to build custom objects.,Contacts attached to multiple accounts. Right now, you can only attach a contact to one account. We have several duplicate contacts because they reside at the corporate level, as well as at an individual branch. Better WYSIWYG. I personally loathe the Salesforce WYSIWYG. It's very limited. Obviously, Salesforce is not an email automation tool. But email templates built in Salesforce are so obviously not a regular peer-to-peer email unless the Custom type is built - which requires straight up HTML code, and cannot be edited before sending. Outlook integration - It's a nice tool - except for the part where it eats up API calls constantly and there's little customization of how it's used.,9,Increased efficiency. runs a lot faster than our previous CRM. Additionally, using some other tools (like DemandTools), we've been able to cut down on the duplicates created (although there's always room for improvement) Better customer service. Our customer service team has been able to offer faster customer service with the use of cases - and easily communicate solutions back to the customer. Increased Product Development. Using a case type to track IT requests has worked really well - what the IT department is working on is now more transparent across the organization as a whole. Customer service and sales can more easily share with clients where we are in developing new features. This has been pivotal for our success as a SaaS organization.,Sage SalesLogix,40,1,Opportunity tracking to know what revenue to expect each month Activity tracking - used by every department to improve transparency when you have multiple departments touching the same company Lead tracking - this provides transparency for other departments to see into marketing's efforts. It also lets marketing know if the sales department is following up on leads.,Tracking our own product development with the cases object. We have multiple case types so you can submit a case for another department. This is most heavily used by IT for their tracking, but it's also used to track Salesforce enhancements, like adding new users. Building a PTO Request object. While we don't use it now, it was very easy to set up a method of tracking PTO requests & approvals using a custom object.,The sky is the limit! I'm not sure now, but I can only envision it's going to get better.,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product,I wasn't involved in this process, so I'm not sure I have any input here.,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,8,No,8,No,Creating new records is very easy - depending on org settings. Permission sets and/or profiles for different user types are great for designating particular types of users with permissions that other users don't need Integrating with other tools. There are so many things to choose from on the Salesforce App exchange - there's just about an app for everything. The ease of installing these of course depends on the app, but I like that there are so many things to integrate to create a one-stop-shop for employees to manage their day.,Administration. It isn't particularly difficult, but it did require quite a bit of self-learning before I was ready to release to my colleagues. Creating email templates. This is the bane of my existence. Ideally, you want the email template to look like someone popped open a new email in Outlook and typed it out, right? That's really hard to do with Salesforce while still letting the user edit the email before they send it. Probably one of my least favorite things. I have to check the API Usage report regularly to make sure we aren't going over our API calls. There's virtually no customization of this report and no way to build one. There are some administration reports (and a few other reports, like HTML EMail Status Report) that are not available to build from scratch, or generate on an organization-wide level.,Yes, but I don't use it,8Indispensable platform.It makes Sales, Marketing & Services Automation so much easier. The ability to customize Salesforce according to our business needs and to get that done in a shorter time-span is the key difference.,I can't think of anything. It has its tentacles spread across almost all functions in an enterprise and proves to be a very efficient tool, if used properly. One area where they could invest more and extend the functionality would be to incorporate a completely native CPQ (Configure / Price / Quote), tool that can leverage the existing functionality of the platform.,10,No. of Opportunities converted in Salesforce Time to market Change Management - Release cycle time Effort spent on changes,,400,2,CRM for Sales & Marketing (New Business Development, Account Management, Email Marketing, Campaign Management, Channel Marketing etc.), Customer Support, Professional Services Management.,10,,Professional services company Don't know,5,Online training Self-taught,10,Depends on the individual taking the training. Self-taught worked for me and I'll recommend that approach to individuals who can benefit from that approach.,10,No,10,10,10,9,Sage Saleslogix BigMachines Echosign Netsuite Boulderlogic LMS,Yes,Not part of the negotiation in this company.Powerful database but clunky UI and high TCOAll team members use Salesforce, not only our sales people. For instance, our market research team uses Salesforce to mine contacts for their research. Finance is not actively using it though, except to pull the sales numbers. HR is not using it.,The database is very powerful The system is very stable and scalable Salesforce is the leader in the game, so not going away anytime soon,Does not provide API out of the box to Professional users and a lot of fixes to Salesforce flaws require paying for the API, and paying for third-party apps, and paying for consultants and admins to help get this set up properly. TCO is much higher than the list price of the license. User Interface is very dated, clunky, not user friendly. Company is not responding to user requests. On their community forum, you can lots of basic user requests repeatedly made over the years, and no response from Salesforce. Email integration is very poor for instance.,5,Hard to compare to what we would have got from another vendor.,,60, is the best CRM tool!We use across the whole organization, from Sales, Inside Sales, BusDevelopment, Finance, HR, Marketing, Operation and etc. The main purpose of this tool is for forecasting, Quote-To-Cash and Contract management. Professional Services group uses for Statement of Work creation and evaluation.,Easy to use when query data/ running report Tech Support is robust Easy customization to fit almost every business processes., does not offer too many different layout or grids on pages, when its come to customizing the "look" of platform, its almost impossible Wish they can be more flexible on their Collaborative Forecast module, our business has one additional forecast category and does not provide room to modify Wish we as the system admin can run a report based on each profiles access on each objects across the org.,10,Lead Assignment Rule can be a nightmare if business don't map out each rep's territory ahead of time. Dashboard/ if they can add more components Dashboard / on Dashboard filters, one filter to apply all components by regions or by date to eliminate the duplication of dashboard creations,,230,4Heavy reporting capabilities lacking.Ease of use for basic features Customizable Relatively simple self-service reporting Escalations Work flows,Heavy reporting or analysis Act as a true development tool Provide sub-second response times that might be required of a call center,9,Make no mistake, this software is not inexpensive. However the visibility and cross-organization communication it facilitates is more than worth the cost. In addition, bolt on software is available that can dramatically reduce implementation and integration times while adding needed features (i.e. order processing).,10,350,Provides clear view of accounts, prospects and sales activities Provides clear view of all client-reported issues Provides software to support change management processes across multiple internal groups,,Professional services company,,Online training Self-taught,7,Training was not required for most basic features.,Yes,7,8,9,9,Primarily other SaaS products. Many of which were on the platform.,Not many initially. We were able to get more favorable conditions as we grew.Great contact management for sales and marketing.Salesforce is best at Contact management for sales, marketing and customer support. These functions are pretty much out-of-the-box. It can be easily adapted (customized) to implement many different business processes and controls such as employee onboarding, project management and implementation, customer surveys, defect tracking, and billing, to name a few.,Out of the box email communication functionality is a weakness. Salesforce is not a mass email tool so notifying more than 250 customers in one batch or more than 1000 in a day is not done natively. Salesforce has said that they are improving their basic email service in future releases.,9,Through customization we are able to lower our time to resolution in the customer support environment and increase our sales opportunities in the sales environment.,750,7,Sales, Customer Support, Billing, Employee Onboarding, Knowledge Management, Contract Management, Customer Surveys, Campaign Marketing, and Project Management and Implementation.,10,,Implemented in-house Professional services company,10,In-person training,9,10,Yes,8,9,10,10,We integrate with many internal Sequel Server based applications and a data warehouse.,Oracle,No special terms.SalesForce at the heart of our businessSalesForce is used across many departments of our business to manage prospects and clients. This is our key source of information and where a lot of our processes are implemented.,Pipe management for sales rep Support cases management Account management,Reporting Dashboard Flexibility,8,Increased employee efficiency Better customer management,150,9,Professional services company,7
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October 20, 2017

Review: "SalesForce is the best tool for keeping track of your leads and making $$$"

Score 9 out of 10
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Users and Roles

10 - They are all in our sales department, marketing department or customer relations department. Customer service members use the tool to record leads but it is the sales department that works with the leads and records all of the activities and follow ups. The marketing department uses it to extract email addresses and broadcast emails.
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Samantha Safin profile photo
January 27, 2015

Review: "Salesforce Enterprise: Growing boldly with a CRM"

Score 9 out of 10
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Users and Roles

35 - Our company uses Salesforce's Sales Cloud, but we do have service-side employees that also use the platform. The bulk of our activity in Salesforce comes from our Account Development team, Sales team, and Client Services team, with special mentions to Finance and Marketing. Because our platform is integrated with our instance of Marketo, the bulk of our marketing and lead generation is housed there, and not in the CRM.
Sales is the primary use of the platform for us. We track companies (Accounts), contacts, and opportunities, as well as our interactions with our prospects. We use that information to forecast.
Client Services also uses the platform, with more focus on maintaining our relationship with current clients, as well as entering renewal opportunities and other tasks that come with providing excellent service.
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Jerry Clifft profile photo
February 07, 2015

Review: "Senior Salesforce Developer (8 years) - Fortune 200 Company"

Score 10 out of 10
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Users and Roles

750 - 

50 Call Center reps enter, work and sale products.

50 Sales managers work Leads/Opportunities on larger sales. ( > $1,000,000)

50 Operations people work cases requests, upgrades, product swaps, billing and general inquiries etc., from all sales and partners.

500 Community partner manage leads, opportunities and accounts.

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Bonnie Hilory profile photo
August 09, 2014

Review: "Salesforce has a home run on its hands with support they extend to non profits with 10 free licenses....and a stable product"

Score 10 out of 10
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Users and Roles

16 - This is my 6th implementation for Salesforce and my first throughout an entire company (non-profit).
We are starting with our Customer Service Staff who answers calls and questions. We have implemented a help desk ticketing system and automated solutions.
We have our development team also using this for database and record keeping.
Our CFO is exploring QB
Our Director of Operations is looking into staff scheduling resources
We all use chatter. We have 6 groups set up; quality team, implementation team, Directors team, All FT staff, etc
Marketing department
We have a volunteer who will help us with reports down the road
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October 13, 2015

Review: " Much more than a CRM for your company!"

Score 9 out of 10
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Users and Roles

1400 - Sales: All our sales people across the globe use opportunities to track the pipeline.
Marketing: They run campaigns and create leads on
Customer Service, Technical Sales, Inside Sales: They use the information related to our customers (360 view), they also create contacts.
Finance: They are involved in some approval processes, particularly when related to prices.
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March 18, 2015

Review: " enables org-wide efficiencies"

Score 9 out of 10
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Users and Roles

40 - Pretty much every department uses Salesforce in some way, shape, or form. Product Development track their requests and product enhancements using Cases. Customer Support uses Cases to track support issues, as well as custom fields for some their processes. Sales and account management use it for lead / customer / sales / forecast tracking. Marketing uses it in conjunction with Marketo for lead & campaign tracking. Management uses it for reporting on pretty much everything.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Customer data management / contact management (115)
Workflow management (109)
Territory management (89)
Opportunity management (114)
Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) (107)
Contract management (87)
Quote & order management (82)
Interaction tracking (98)
Channel / partner relationship management (77)
Case management (57)
Call center management (43)
Help desk management (47)
Lead management (104)
Email marketing (86)
Task management (100)
Billing and invoicing management (37)
Reporting (58)
Forecasting (99)
Pipeline visualization (109)
Customizable reports (112)
Custom fields (109)
Custom objects (105)
Scripting environment (77)
API for custom integration (90)
Single sign-on capability (86)
Role-based user permissions (68)
Social data (72)
Social engagement (71)
Marketing automation (94)
Compensation management (61)
Mobile access (100)

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a web-based CRM application that enables users to forecast revenues and track leads.  It is a leading sales, service, and marketing app.'s Sales (CRM), Service, Platform and Marketing applications are designed to help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. According to the vendor, on average, reps using Salesforce see: a +29% increase in sales from greater visibility, +34% increase in sales productivity, and +42% increase in forecast accuracy.

Salesforce Features

Sales Force Automation Features
Has featureCustomer data management / contact management
Has featureWorkflow management
Has featureTerritory management
Has featureOpportunity management
Has featureIntegration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail)
Has featureContract management
Has featureQuote & order management
Has featureInteraction tracking
Has featureChannel / partner relationship management
Customer Service & Support Features
Does not have featureCase management
Does not have featureCall center management
Does not have featureHelp desk management
Marketing Automation Features
Has featureLead management
Has featureEmail marketing
CRM Project Management Features
Has featureTask management
Does not have featureBilling and invoicing management
Has featureReporting
CRM Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureForecasting
Has featurePipeline visualization
Has featureCustomizable reports
Customization Features
Has featureCustom fields
Has featureCustom objects
Has featureScripting environment
Has featureAPI for custom integration
Security Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions
Has featureSingle sign-on capability
Social CRM Features
Has featureSocial data
Has featureSocial engagement
Integrations with 3rd-party Software Features
Has featureMarketing automation
Has featureCompensation management
Platform Features
Has featureMobile access

Salesforce Screenshots

Salesforce Integrations

123FormBuilder (formerly 123ContactForm), Act-On Software, Agiloft Flexible Service Desk Suite, Ambassador, Artesian, Autopilot, Buddy Media, PROS Smart CPQ, Connect First Contact Center Solution, Demandbase, OneSpan Sign (formerly eSignLive), Ektron Web Content Management System (Discontinued), Oracle Eloqua, CX Social, eTrigue DemandCenter, SalesGenius, Genoo, HubSpot, InsightSquared Sales Analytics, LeadLife, LoopFuse, Mavenlink, Adobe Campaign, Net-Results, Oktopost, Pardot, Aprimo, Unbounce, Woopra, Yesware, Zuora, ActiveDEMAND, Lead Liaison Lead Management Automation, Planyo Online Booking System, HG Focus, Aventri (formerly etouches), Makesbridge, Phonedeck, Mautic Marketing Automation, Zoho Creator, Celoxis, HRMSSoft, FieldService360, ReportMiner, Centerprise Data Integrator, LeadBase, ServiceTrade, CallidusCloud CPQ, CallidusCloud CLM, CallidusCloud Sales Enablement, Interactions Digital Roots (formerly ENGAGE), DataCurrent, Acquia Platform, Right On Interactive, SnapEngage, Boingnet, Sage Intacct, Allocadia, Projector PSA, Oracle Responsys, Wrike, MindTouch, Fathom Connect, Fathom Analytics, Fathom Q, Fathom Customer Care, Paperless Proposal, AWeber, QuoteWerks, Mycroft Assistant, SmartSearch Document Management,, SendinBlue, Quick Base, Lead Only

Salesforce Competitors


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No

Salesforce Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No