TrustRadius is wonderful, not only as a virtualization platform but for increased DR capabilities as well.It is used across the whole organization. We use it as our core VM platform. It is a major component of our Disaster Recovery policy as well with live snapshot replication. The capability to live migrate between nodes and to instantly spin up snapshots made this an easy decision for my organization,Snapshotting - Scale is great at scheduled snapshots to add a layer of redundancy to any DR plan. it can also send snapshots to a remote scale system to act as a VM platform and a DR platform all at once Cloning - If there is an issue with a machine, it is extremely easy to clone it and work on it outside of production Ease of use - overall getting it set up required 2 or 3 command line commands and the nodes did all the work themselves. Uploading ISOs is easier in Scale than any other hypervisor I've ever used Replication - We utilize a second set of nodes in our DR site that all core servers replicate to hourly. We have never had an issue with failed replications over a VPN,More support for importing VMs from XenCenter I wish the main interface was more organized, I know the users can make it very organized by using tags and such, but by default, it is very chaotic Better logs for admins to understand what is going on. The current logs don't let us know anything outside of knowing we need to contact support The ability to expand drive size instead of requiring cloning,10,10,Everything from active directory to banking software. It is easy to scale up, not so much to scale down.,The best overall thing I can say about Scale is the increased DR support. If something fails with the scheduled snapshots we have a 10-minute recovery window so we never lose more than 10 minutes of data.,5,5,Disaster Recovery,10SCALE is Pretty Darn AwsomeWe use the SCALE platform across our whole Organization, It has helped us be more flexible , and faster to respond to issues. The smaller footprint has helped us with heating and cooling issues. Updates and patching has become less of a chore, and a more approachable task. Downtimes are becoming a thing of the past..reboots are amazing..!!,Implementation was smooth and their technicians were very knowledgeable the training videos were very helpful They responded to every issue, question, and situation very promptly.,Getting from our primary cluster, to our DR cluster through the console is kinda clunky, requires a login. Adding different colors for each VM in the console, would be awesome ( or some way to differentiate them). Possibly make it so the dashboard layouts are configurable??,9,9,We are planning on moving most of our mission critical Apps to SCALE. So far our migrations have gone well, and changing resources and moving servers has been fairly easy. Cert server, DC and DHCP are up and running. Plus HUGS, ( for infant security ) all run better and have had less reboots while running on the scale platform.,We have had to purchase fewer metal computers , and have been able to add servers quickly ,without waiting for hardware , less delays on implementation Because adding VM's is so easy, we may need to update our nodes sooner than expected..( More Cost) we are able to configure machines using only the resources needed , saving on disk space and Ram,,3,3,We have decreased our footprint within our facility, saving heating and cooling costs we can be more reactionary to needs within our facility( spin up a server quickly, ) better control of our budget moneys, easier to plan and forcast for our future.. Gives us room to grow!!,we plan on moving our servers from the cloud, and placing them in our own ! Backup and recovery!!,8,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,likely wouldn't change a thingSimply Amazing, the Node Cluster that can't be beat!We use the Scale Computing HC3 across our whole organization to supply our Staff and customers with our software application. This infrastructure solves the issue we had with stability and redundancy when using servers in the past. Since purchasing and upgrading to this node cluster, we have never been happier or more confident in our solution to support our staff and clients.,Hardware redundancy. Although I haven't had a need to use it yet, I know that all main failure points of any hardware has a redundant secondary to pick up in any failures. Easy upgrade; to update the Hyper visor or installing a new node is simple and easy to do. The configuration is a simple step by step process that even a non Techy person can follow. Automatic Snapshots; with the latest update for automatic Snapshots & Backups, I can control what backup schedule I want and mange my snap shots with ease VM Creation. I am constantly creating new Virtual machines for my programmers. With the easy to use tools provided by Scale, I can have a new VM up and running in seconds.,Automatic Exports. Although they have the ability to create scheduled snap shots, I am waiting on the tool to allow us to automatically create exporting schedules to a 3rd party NAS Historical Reports, the Hypervisor allows us to see real-time reports of our cluster, but it would be nice to have detailed historical reports of this data to look for patterns in our software resources,10,10,Currently I have run the following applications critical to my business: Exchange 2013 & 2016, Active Directory 2008 & 2016, Sage CRM, Sage Accounting, LDAPs, Custom Applications, Sharepoint and many more. All applications I've installed have worked flawlessly on the Scale Computer HC3. Thanks to the assistance of their Support, I was even able to receive assistance in some of the install when I had questions about different drivers.,We have ended up saving money due to less hardware purchases from the capacity given to us during the initial purchase of Scale Computing. We went from 6 servers and 2 NAS down to a 4 Node Cluster with a single NAS for off site replication. This has dropped our Power capacity by 1/4 saving us costs with our Data Center We are able to mange the Cluster from a single portal. This has cut our management time in half and allowed us to work on other items and less worrying about our Node Cluster.,,3,1,All of my use cases are the same, Our entire network expect external backups reside on the Scale Computing HC3 cluster. Our web application is 24/7 to clients. If it goes down at any point; I can guarantee I will be getting a call from a client in seconds. With the Scale Computing HC3 cluster, we have had 0 down time due to Hardware or internal infrastructure,At this moment the only unexpected item we do with this Node Cluster is the automatic Exports to a NAS based off of using the Tag line. This is not currently a feature on the Scale Computing HC3, so their support team was able to assist me in creating what I was looking for.,Right now in my internal office (My Node cluster is at a Data Center), I have a WD NAS for a shared device between all of my staff members. I am looking at creating an FTP on the Node Cluster to be able to remove 1 more device from my infrastructure. Currently I also configure computers every time we need a new one for additional hires. I am looking into different versions of Thin Clients and would like to see if this is something I can set up on the Scale Computing HC3 to give me easier management of computers.,10,Microsoft Exchange, Sage 50 Accounting, Pivotal Tracker, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Team Foundation Server,Creating a Virtual Machine. Simply fill out the size and specs for what you want and click Create. It is as simple as that Media Management. Simply upload what you need and it is ready to use Snapshots. Creating a schedule is simple to do. After that, simply edit your VM and select which schedule you want it to back up on.,Historical usage reports unfortunately do not exist yet. This would be a nice to have in the future. Feature for automatic Exporting does not exist yet,10I love our Scale[It's being used] To host most corporate servers including AD, file, print, CCTV and app servers.,Ease of use Superb value compared to traditional competitors,The time between order and delivery seems slow.,10,7,We currently host: - Active Directory - File Servers - Print Servers - Security Camera system & storage - Stadium concession systems (critical game-day system) - Stadium 50-50 system (critical game-day system). Our 50-50's are a huge deal in this part of the world.,Hewlett Packard,,2,Active Directory File & Print services Security Camera system & data storage Stadium Concession system Satdium 50-50 draw system,We are currently testing a new Windows 2016 domain setup I hope to one day host the Football Operations Video services on the same system. Football Coaches use a dedicated system currently.,10,Windows Server, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Office 365,Creating a new VM Adding OS Media Creating VM snapshots,I wish I could change the size of disk volumes easily.,No,9Scale helped consolidate our network needs into one solutionWe are using Scale HC3 as a 3 in 1 solution. We use the Scale virtualization software for our servers, including a VDI server. We utilize a 16TB SAN for all of our Virtual servers, user files, etc. Finally, we use a 2nd Scale cluster at our 2nd location as a Disaster Recovery solution between sites.,Disaster Recovery using snapshots. Easy clones and restores. Virtualization of servers is seamless and very intuitive. San is provisioned internally by HC3 eliminating dead and wasted space. Control panel is intuitive and easy to use,Would like to see ability to expand partitions without Scale Support. Would like to be able to have restores to folder or file level,9,10,We are running our VDI for desktops on the Scale servers and expansion is relatively easy with the current solution.,We were able to reduce our maintenance costs by 50% with the scale solution by eliminating the need for a separate SAN, DR, and virtual server solution. We are saving money by not having to upgrade/replace outdated San, DR and server hardware IT maintenance time has been greatly reduced with an all-in-one solid solution,,120,2,Easy Virtualization of all servers in company Large scalable storage SAN Ease of use,Eliminated need for additional Disaster recovery software,Desktop virtualization,9,Microsoft Office 365, Sage 300 ERP,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Third-party Reviews,I would choose Scale again. Have not found anything that we prefer over Scale currently.
Windows, Linux, Unix
Scale Computing HC3
225 Ratings
Score 9.6 out of 101
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Scale Computing HC3 Reviews

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Scale Computing HC3
225 Ratings
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Score 9.6 out of 101
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January 23, 2018

Scale Computing HC3 Review: "Simply Amazing, the Node Cluster that can't be beat!"

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Since I have had no issues with downtime; easier management of my cluster and the ability to lower the number of devices in my Infrastructure, I will gladly renew my support contract with Scale Computing HC3 and upgrade my equipment with them when it comes time for it.
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About Scale Computing HC3

Scale Computing offers edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions for customers around the globe. Scale Computing HC3® software promises to eliminate traditional virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage, replacing these with a fully integrated, highly available system for running applications. The vendor says that, using patented HyperCore™ technology, the HC3 self-healing platform automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects problems in the infrastructure in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime even when local IT resources and staff are scarce. The vendor says ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO are key differentiators. The product works for distributed enterprises, global retailers, and SMBs alike.

According to the vendor, key features and benefits include:

  • Install in less than an hour
  • Deploy new VMs in minutes
  • Built-in Browser-based Management
  • Software-defined, hybrid storage system with automated tiering
  • Fully integrated, cluster-wide resource utilization and alerts
  • Single vendor support experience, no disparate systems to integrate
  • Integrated all-in-one appliance
  • Scale-out Architecture
  • Mix and match new nodes
  • Incremental resources improve performance of existing workloads
  • Fast and easy to expand, no downtime required
  • No additional licensing required
  • Start small and grow as your business grows
  • No forklift upgrades

Scale Computing HC3 Features

Has featureSimplicity
Has featureHigh Availability
Has featureScalability

Scale Computing HC3 Integrations

Leostream, Cloud Unity - Google

Scale Computing HC3 Competitors

VMware vCenter Server, VMware ESXi, Nutanix, Hyper-V, HPE SimpliVity (formerly OmniCube)


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
HC12008,500Per Node
HC1250D15,170Per Node
HC12509,665Per Node
HC1250DF16,750Per Node
HC5250D25,700Per Node

Pricing shown in U.S. Dollar. Pricing for other regions available on request.

Scale Computing HC3 Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Scale Computing HC3 Support Options

 Paid Version
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Scale Computing HC3 Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix
Mobile Application:No
Supported Countries:North America, EMEA, Australia
Supported Languages: English