TrustRadius Computing HC3 is a no brainerIt is being used across the whole organization and we have migrated most of our servers to run virtually within HC3. We should be finalizing all the movements this year.,Ease of use Great support Uptime is great,10,10,Right now we run everything from active directory, file and printer servers, HR software, and 4 to 5 different databases without issue.,Less hardware to manage Lower energy cost Less time to deployment,Nutanix,Deploying new servers Managing virtual images and moving them from node to node Easy to use and understand dashboard,None,10Scale RocksWe virtualize several servers used by the entire school. Also, we have a replication node in another location for disaster recovery.,Their customer service is top notch. When we have issues (rarely) they get back to us immediately, always resolve the issue in a timely manner, and explain everything that happened. The GUI interface is way beyond any other virtual appliance I've ever used. It's super easy to configure. I can ramp up new servers in minutes.,I have no complaints whatsoever about their products.,10,10,Our main database runs on Scale. When we need to do updates, they are worry free since we can do a quick snapshot and/or clone so that we could recover quickly if need be. We also run several web servers and some other services that we are testing for eventual deployment - it's super easy to ramp up a new server to test anything and then blow it away once we're done.,Less hardware server overhead to maintain. Great support for less downtime.,Scale HC3 - The value in hyper-converged computingWe are using Scale across our entire corporation which includes retail, wholesale and manufacturing entities. We run a mixture of Debian Linux and Windows Server 2012r2 with 27 VMs total. We have appreciated the performance improvements and flexibility of a single large storage pool after migrating from a solution where we had several standalone servers hosting VMs.,HC3 makes it dead easy to clone a VM from a snapshot and get it up and running using their simple web interface. The HC3 dashboard allows one to see at a glance the major indicators of server utilization across the cluster. Spinning up a new VM based on a template makes the job of adding a new server easy and quick.,HC3 does not offer guaranteed support for Debian Linux, however we have not run into any significant issues despite using it heavily in production.,10,10,One of the business-critical applications we run our our Scale Cluster is Epicor ERP. When transferring our Epicor server from a physical box to a Scale VM we saw marked improvement despite allocating a lot less RAM. This was due to the improved IO of the cluster.,Purchasing a Scale Cluster, instead of one off server from Dell, has allowed us to rapidly expand our server base without managing or maintaining a mixture of hardware models. This took a substantial up-front investment but over the life-cycle of the cluster is expected to result in reduced cost.,Tired of VMWare - Scale up to a better solution!Scale is providing 98% of our virtual infrastructure for the entire CU.,Ease of Deployment Baked in replication US Based Support that cares about their clients,Increased support from software manufacturers,10,10,We run voice and data applications that support our environment, and the built-in replication to another cluster affords us the peace of mind to fail-over and it just works. No third party products to worry about, no crazy changes, just fail-over and you are up and running in minutes. We demand high availability for specific applications that affect tens of thousands of members.,VMWare Licensing in itself along with NOT using VEEAM has provided huge savings to our bottom line,VxRail, SimpliVity OmniCube and Nutanix AcropolisScale's cracked it. Here's a quality product that fits just right.HC3 is running almost the entirety of our server workload. The IT department (2 employees) are really the only direct users.,Spooling up a new virtual machine is crazy easy. Our setup for our 4-server infrastructure was done (OS install and configuration included) inside of 2 hours! Granularity, speed, and ease of use make for a very potent combination. Monitoring and managing from the HC3 console is excellent. The intuitive interface has just the right amount of detail. Changes - from changing a backup/replication schedule to adding a new drive to a VM - are done in a snap. Rolling updates are awesome.,The snapshot scheduling interface could use a bit of work to become as intuitive as the rest of HC3. The granularity is beautiful, as is the ability to make live changes, but it took a bit of time to understand how to create a nightly *and* hourly schedule for the same machine.,10,10,Our file server resides on one of the VMs managed by HC3. Soon after firing up the primary file server, we implemented its twin (with real-time replication) as a second file server VM at our disaster recovery site. No issues. Seriously, none. On the next VM over, we find our company's primary DNS server. Very important. No issues. No interruptions, lack of compute power, nothing. I would gladly recommend using Scale for business-critical functions.,With our hyperconverged, node-based solution, we don't see a need to examine hardware or hypervisors at any time in the foreseeable future. Nor do we find ourselves worrying about imminent hardware deterioration. These are massive weights off the server administrator's mind. Our Senior Sys Analyst has the objective of "leaving this place in such good shape that you could run it all by yourself." HC3 has been a measurable and significant step toward that end.,VMware ESXi and Hyper-VMy Scale Computing HC3 ReviewOur Scale HC3 system has allowed us to consolidate and visualize our current outdated servers. This solution should keep our environment running more efficiently for years to come.,We are able to utilize all available within the servers We are able to control every aspect of our VMs from one central control panel. We are able to spin up a new or duplicate VM in seconds.,Integrating a front end security control panel or integrate with 3rd party. The ability to export syslog files.,10,10,Redundancy ....... Reduncancy ......... Redundancy........ This provides a easy simple way to accomplish this objective.,Moving to a new location and to a new network was easy and required less setup and configuration. The management of all the Carepacks, licensing and service agreements for all of the servers we use to have has been eliminated.,Happy with Scale Computing HC3I use Scale Computing HC3 for my entire organization. It's home to several Microsoft virtual services, some of which include Exchange, Internet Information Service, and SQL. We also host Active Directory services and File sharing. I have 5 nodes implemented so it provided great hardware redundancy.,Redundancy Failover Easy to use interface Good Customer Support,I have nothing to offer in this area,9,9,Proprietary Learning Management SystemMicrosoft SQL servicesWeb ApplicationsMicrosoft Exchange,Lower power consumption compared to the HP server environment I was running Total cost of ownership is lower as I don't have to pay for Microsoft's Hyper-V licensing for additional servers,Hyper-V and VMware ESXiScale Computing is the bombOur entire organization used the Scale Computing Solution. Our Scale Solution served 32 locations with all network and application resources from a single data center. This allowed for centralized computing, centralized backup, and a dramatic improvement in the resources and time required to manage IT systems.,Very simple, intuitive user interface Very fast application performance over RDS sessions. Very easy to update, maintain, and expand Great customer service from sales to support.,I really don't have any suggestions here. i was very pleased and highly recommend the Scale Computing Solution,10,10,We ran medical billing, scheduling, and electronic medical record applications on the system, which was delivered to clinic and clinician users over an RDS session running on thin clients. All applications were delivered in a busy clinical setting where all applications were used at the point of care.,Our major win was on the reduction in travel and physical server maintenance costs associated with essentially consolidating and removing all remotely located server equipment.,Scale Hyperconverged System is a WinnerScale is used across the entire organization as a host for multiple server and workstation VM's. It host DC's, file servers and specialty servers.,Their support is spectacular Their business ethics are strong Their products perform very well, are easy to use, and straight forward to setup,Cloning a VM requires turning off the virtual NIC to allow an IP reset. Would be nice if this wasn't required,9,9,We run our domain controller, our ERP system, freight server, antivirus server, file server, and some Win7 workstations on the Scale. It's critical for us to have all systems up and running.,Reduced administrative time Virtually 100% uptime,My life with Scale Computing.We are using the HC3 cluster as our main virtual environment for our servers. We also use it to connect to an offsite location for our server backups.,You can quickly install OS images to put into production or to test. Technical support has been wonderful in answering my questions. Keeping up to date with firmware updates.,An easier way to delete older notifications (conditions). Better scaled console interface in the web browsers.,9,9,I'm runnig a Domain Controller and a file server. Nothing major.,I haven't had any real problems or changesd in my system in the pass 2 years.,None.Scale upWe currently use Scale across the entire organization. It provides us the redundancy and scale-ability that would have cost us much more had we not chosen Scale.,Reduces downtime due to hardware issues Allows us to quickly restore VM's to a prior point Allows us to create new Apps as required.,I have not yet encountered, sorry.,10,10,We are running all of our Apps on it. We have migrated from the older Servers to entirely Scale.,We have had absolutely no downtime in the 2 years that we have been running Scale When a new App is required, we have been able to spin up a new VM within minutes of identifiying the need.,Nutanix, VMware ESXi and Hyper-VGreat for a Small business with a small SQL environmentScale Computing HC3 was going to be used to Virtualize our Infrastructure. This was purchased prior to me coming onboard and I did not not purchase this product. We no longer use this infrastructure.,Customer Service and Support Full Supported by Scale with little user management Complete virtual hyper converged solution,Simplify the Disaster Recovery fail-over and fail back. Provide support for external storage.,7,9,We tried running SQL Server that had a 750 GB database. The infrastructure was not able to support a database of this size and we had to purchase separate hardware to install Hyper-V.,It had a negative impact on ROI. We haven't fully depreciated the cost and I am moving to VMWare to meet our business needs. This product was not setup to meet our company needs, this was in part due to previous management making the wrong decision.,How Scale tipped the Scales for usScale Computing HC3 is our main virtualization platform. It is our first endeavor in the hyper-converged space and we could not be happier. Absolutely every aspect of our dealing with Scale has been top notch! They are custom tailored to SMBs and really get what it is we need from a vendor in regards to upfront sales, purchasing, implementation, and support.,Sales Implementation Support,Uh.... Logo?,10,10,DCs, File Shares, Web Servers, Exchange 2016, SQL, the list goes on.,Less time supporting our solution UP time ( providing services to end users while replacing nodes or doing maintenance ) Lower expendatures for virtualization,Nutanix AcropolisScaleComputing... The mother of all VMs!Scale Computing is used throughout our entire company. With HC3 simplifying our lives, we are able to maintain 30+ servers, for 5+ companies, and still keep our head on our shoulders! Thank you, Scale.,Reliably support large infrastructures Operating in rough environments Creating, managing servers,Display RAM usage per Virtual Server from the Scale Dashboard to easily identify Servers that need extra memory Support for Chrome Browser when using the web-based console (So far, I can only get it to work reliably when using IE) Show more information about DR remote clusters from the Production cluster,10,10,We have a very large File Server that we heavily rely on. Recently, we've been growing at a rapid rate, and being able to expand the resources on the server on the fly has saved our bacon many of times. Whether it's expanding the CPU, RAM, or most often in our situation, the hard drive space; It's great to know we can always scale our server as needed in a quick fashion.,Increased our overall service up-time significantly Allowing IT to act quickly when needing to make any changes to our production servers Having the piece of mind that we can recover from a disaster situation from our remote DR (a feature we never had prior to moving to HC3),VMware ESXi, Hyper-V and Oracle VM VirtualBoxEase of Use!My IT department uses Scale Computing HC3 to host VMs for critical business and service functioning within the organization. We also replicate the VMs to a second remote Scale for DR purposes.,Scale is easy to use. Basic functionality and management of Scale is easy to learn and put into practice.,The primary con is Scale is not recognized as a 'big player' in the market. As a result, some applications will not assure support for their product running on a VM on something other that VMware or Hyper-V or XenServer. My disappointment lies primarily with these companies who don't recognize Scale.,9,10,AD, TermServer, Database applications, File server functionality.Disaster Recovery as we replicate VMs between two Scale devices.,Our Scale has reaped tangible benefits simply by providing on the fly server functionality at the drop of a hat. And anyone can learn it.,Scale vs. VMware (Scale Wins)We use Scale Computing HC3 to host our VOIP product, this replaced a VMWare setup.,Simple interface: The user interface is graphical and easy to navigate. Creating a new VM is quick. Scalable: Easy to add additional nodes to increase capacity, no loss of data and minimal down time. Support: Scale technical support is helpful and responsive. We have had a few drives fail and replacement shipping is usually overnight!,Details performance reports: We would like to see detailed performance reports for a specific VM, server and cluster. Better error logs: We have had errors on the GUI that say something like "The system has an error, contact support". This is unsettling as a large portion of our business relays on these servers. Better built in graphics support on VMs. We would like to use a few VM's as remote connection workstations, however the virtual graphics cards make this impossible, we can only get 800x400 display and that carries through to remote connection programs.,8,10,We have only run our hosted VoIP product on Scale. It runs well, we have had an issue with cron jobs across the VMs that spike system resources that was difficult to diagnose using the reporting tools provided by Scale.,Scale has allowed us to grow our product without the fear of every growing VMware licensing and server fees.,VMware ESXiScale Computing helped this SMB growWe went with Scale Computing, because we were running into increased licensing costs associated with VMware. As an SMB that was growing, we did not need the "Enterprise" level of VMware licensing. We needed to ability grow at our pace and not have to pay large licensing costs for features we would not use for a while.Scale Computing allowed us to get our two production sites (separated by a couple of miles and connected via MPLS) the ability to be up and running after migration very fast, have a DR Site for each cluster, and the ability to ad-hoc add more CPU/Ram/storage when we needed it.At the time our IT department was very small (just me), with Scale Computing the cluster and interface made things simple. There was not a cluttered feel like vSphere. Having one support number to call for all issues is great, and Scale's support team is awesome!,The software used to migrate from physical or virtual to the Scale system is great. The support team is great. Tailors to the SMB market really well.,Be faster to make updates for newer MS Operating Systems. Easier VMDK support. In-house notification system - if my cluster is down so is my Mail Server, so it's not able to send me notifications that my system is down.,8,9,We run our Exchange Sever with 85 mailboxes that are 4-8GB each. We are a sales driven company so we see a lot of Exchange traffic and have never had slowness related to the hyper-converged model. We also run our entire ERP system from Scale Computing and that system is used by 90% of our employees 8-9 hours a day with no slowness issues.,The ROI was met in year two solely off the savings of getting us off VMware and allowing us to add more VMs to both locations. One negative so far is the lack of backup ability for KVM VMs. No VM backup - only at an agent level.,VMware ESXiTip the Scales in your favor, go with Scale!We are using Scale's HC3 system across our whole organization. We've been able to not only virtualize a couple of physical servers, but also to migrate some virtual servers off a failing VMware platform.,The HCMove migration utilities are top-notch. Really makes migrating to the Scale platform from both physical and virtual systems very easy. The portal is extremely user-friendly and makes setting up new machines and maintaining existing machines a cinch. Tech support has always been quick and efficient.,I would like to see Scale get recognition and integration with other utilities at the same level as VMware and Hyper-V. We utilize a Unitrends device for backups, and while it has native support for backing up on VMware and Hyper-V platforms, I lose out on the virtual-aware benefits and have to just backup my Scale virtual servers as if they were physical.,10,10,We have run our corporate ERP system, HelpDesk system, file servers, web servers, etc., through the Scale system.,The positives are numerous. Our servers are faster than when they were physical, up time has vastly improved, we've saved money on power by eliminating old hardware. I have yet to see a negative impact on the ROI for the system.,VMware ESXi and Hyper-VWindows, Linux, Unix
Scale Computing HC3
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Scale Computing HC3 Reviews

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Scale Computing HC3
241 Ratings
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Score 9.7 out of 101

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Score 10 out of 10
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We evaluated offerings from HP/SimpliVity, Dell-EMC/VxRail Appliances and Nutanix. We choose Scale based on them being the best value for our needs. One of the way's Scale does this is by not requiring a separate hypervisor with additional licensing. Also they are less unreasonable with their hardware margins.
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Score 10 out of 10
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We chose Scale because of the people first, and the product second. The desire to truly want our business and the commitment to be hands on in our deployment was a huge factor. The product also is a much less expensive solution to the others I mentioned but packed with features.
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Score 10 out of 10
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Scale took their goal of targeting small-to-medium businesses and made an awesome product out of it. The big dogs certainly have quality solutions for virtual server administration; however, they lack the single-minded focus on that issue. Enter Scale's HC3. Not an OS manufacturer, not an early VM implementation, a purpose-built, scale-able, easy-to-work-with solution.
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Score 10 out of 10
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When I was evaluating different systems we were already using VMare, I was not too happy with the interface. So right off the bat, I was looking for a friendlier user interface. One place to do everything we needed to control our VMs.

I was on several demos and was impressed with the simplicity Scale had to offer. I then ran across an onsite presentation that happened to be in my city Scale was putting on that was being held onsite at an actual working location. That was really impressive. Seeing Scale in action and not just a demo.

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Score 10 out of 10
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Compared to the competitive solutions, we found Scale Computing to be much more affordable for a small to mid-size business like ours. As I recall, the solutions was around 50% the cost of competitive solutions.
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June 19, 2017

Ease of Use!

Score 9 out of 10
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I have experience with VMware and XenServer. These products were overkill and quite a bit pricey for the very basic functionality we needed.
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About Scale Computing HC3

Scale Computing offers edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions for customers around the globe. Scale Computing HC3® software promises to eliminate traditional virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage, replacing these with a fully integrated, highly available system for running applications. The vendor says that, using patented HyperCore™ technology, the HC3 self-healing platform automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects problems in the infrastructure in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime even when local IT resources and staff are scarce. The vendor says ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO are key differentiators. The product works for distributed enterprises, global retailers, and SMBs alike.

According to the vendor, key features and benefits include:

  • Install in less than an hour
  • Deploy new VMs in minutes
  • Built-in Browser-based Management
  • Software-defined, hybrid storage system with automated tiering
  • Fully integrated, cluster-wide resource utilization and alerts
  • Single vendor support experience, no disparate systems to integrate
  • Integrated all-in-one appliance
  • Scale-out Architecture
  • Mix and match new nodes
  • Incremental resources improve performance of existing workloads
  • Fast and easy to expand, no downtime required
  • No additional licensing required
  • Start small and grow as your business grows
  • No forklift upgrades

Scale Computing HC3 Features

Has featureSimplicity
Has featureHigh Availability
Has featureScalability

Scale Computing HC3 Integrations

Leostream, Cloud Unity - Google

Scale Computing HC3 Competitors

VMware vCenter Server, VMware ESXi, Nutanix, Hyper-V, HPE SimpliVity (formerly OmniCube)


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
HC12008,500Per Node
HC1250D15,170Per Node
HC12509,665Per Node
HC1250DF16,750Per Node
HC5250D25,700Per Node

Pricing shown in U.S. Dollar. Pricing for other regions available on request.

Scale Computing HC3 Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Scale Computing HC3 Support Options

 Paid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Scale Computing HC3 Technical Details

Deployment Types:On-premise
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix
Mobile Application:No
Supported Countries:North America, EMEA, Australia
Supported Languages: English