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SEON. Fraud Fighters

SEON. Fraud Fighters


What is SEON. Fraud Fighters?

SEON is fraud prevention for businesses that is built to be adaptable and accessible, presented as a risk tech stack for a digital generation, including fintech companies like Revolut, NuBank, Afterpay, and Mollie. SEON boasts a 30-day free trial, rapid…

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SEON has been widely praised for its effectiveness in catching fraudulent registrations and suspicious logins, thereby reducing financial …
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  • No setup fee
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  • Free Trial
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Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $599 per month
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Product Details

What is SEON. Fraud Fighters?

SEON is fraud prevention for businesses that is built to be adaptable and accessible, presented as a risk tech stack for a digital generation, including fintech companies like Revolut, NuBank, Afterpay, and Mollie. SEON boasts a 30-day free trial, rapid integration, and pay-as-you-go flexibility. Social signals combined with digital footprint data detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. AI and machine learning adapt to how different businesses evaluate risk.
SEON aims to stop fraud before it happens with speed, scale, depth, and breadth, running in the background for a frictionless customer experience.

SEON. Fraud Fighters Features

  • Supported: Device Fingerprinting
  • Supported: E-mail Analysis
  • Supported: IP Analysis
  • Supported: Phone Analysis
  • Supported: Risk Scoring
  • Supported: Login Authentication
  • Supported: Transaction Monitoring
  • Supported: Behavior Analytics
  • Supported: Blacklisting
  • Supported: Detect Multi-accounting
  • Supported: Machine Learning
  • Supported: Location Analysis
  • Supported: Custom Rules
  • Supported: Browser Extension
  • Supported: Graphical User Interface
  • Supported: API
  • Supported: Fraud Detection

SEON. Fraud Fighters Screenshots

Screenshot of Customer connections Check suspicious users for multi-accounting.
The Sense Platform can check relations between users' 
- IP address
- Device IP
- Phone number
- Registered address
- Billing address
- Shipping address
- Card hash
- Password hash
- Browser hash
- Device hash
to detect the suspicious connections between accounts.Screenshot of Reverse Phone Lookup
SEON can check on phone numbers. It provides information like which carrier the number belongs to, or if it is registered on messaging platforms, and when was the user last seen on them.Screenshot of Phone and Email Lookup 
SEON can check on email addresses, phone numbers, and it provides information like when the address was last used, if it was part of a data breach, and if so, when. Also shows if the email is registered on any of 20+ websites.Screenshot of Transaction Data look upScreenshot of Merchant and Affiliate Page MonitoringScreenshot of Scoring Engine - Custom RulesScreenshot of Applied Rules

SEON. Fraud Fighters Video

What Do We Do - SEON. Fraud Fighters

SEON. Fraud Fighters Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Reviews and Ratings


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SEON. Fraud Fighters is used in our company for sales assistance on a web page and avoid fraud on it. Since a while ago many customers reported that they did not receive their merchandise and a lot of money was lost.
  • Transaction Verification
  • order tracking
  • I wish that SEON. Fraud Fighters had a live tracking map of orders.
  • Maybe IP check could be more precise with mobile IPs.
It is a very good tool for an established business that wants to follow up on their orders to avoid any type of fraud, which can later be a headache for not having a way to follow up properly.
  • The IP can change for any country.
  • My good impact is correctly detected fraud.
I have not used another similar product.
WatchGuard Network Security, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)
Aleksandar Langer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SEON has allowed us to almost completely automate our fraud prevention process. It is truly a machine-driven workflow. SEON Sense gives fraud managers a complete end-to-end solution with flexible features to fit the way you do business and has lowered our fraudulent chargeback rates by almost 90% since we first started using it.
  • Automated fraud prevention.
  • Blacklisting and filtering fraud.
  • Complete control over fraud cases.
  • Filter improvement for filtering already reviewed cases.
  • 24/7/365 customer service.
It is well suited for smaller businesses that would be a lot more in danger if a bigger amount of fraudulent transactions would come in.
SEON is removing threats, bad merchants, and fraudsters from the equation.
  • Not sure, but positive overall.
Their support is great, but it would be a lot better if they would have agents always ready to help.
Bence Toreky | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We integrated SEON to different authentication points in the customer user journey. Our goal was to reduce fraudulent activities, but without creating any friction. The data enrichment tools are extremely powerful and with the help of them we are able to verify user’s based on their digital identity.
  • Easy to integrate
  • Powerful data enrichment
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Proxy and tor detection
  • We did not really experience any cons of using SEON Sense so far
SEON Sense was the perfect tool for us to significantly reduce chargebacks and manual reviews, thus saving lots of revenue.
  • Reduced chargeback rates to 0.01%
  • Reduced manual reviews significantly
  • Saved a lot of revenue
We received superb assistance while integrating and didn't really need support since then.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company uses SEON to monitor clients and prevent Fraud. It is used by our security and systems teams and allows us to monitor new customers, evaluating the risk based on their profile. We also establish fraud patterns that improve our fraud prevention systems. It saves time and provides a good overview of customer interaction.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Monitorization.
  • Information crossing.
  • Clean overview.
  • More optimized filtering for searches.
SEON is great for fraud monitorization on marketing automation companies, or any other communication platforms.
  • Helped keep structure reputation.
  • Expedite filtering operations.
  • Prevented chargeback costs.
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