TrustRadius Keeping Orchestra Software in tune with our CustomersAt Orchestra Software, we utilize SmileBack to gather customer satisfaction data once we've resolved a support ticket via Zendesk. Currently, our Customer Support department is the only team to be using SmileBack, and thus far we've been loving it! SmileBack has allowed us to gather feedback more quickly, simply and with less interruption to our busy customers.,SmileBack is fun! Who doesn't love to click a smiley face as a way to describe their experience? It brings more emotion into the mix, which in turn has garnered better and more robust customer responses. SmileBack is simple! Step 1: Click a face (smiley | neutral | sad) Step 2: Write a brief description of experience (optional) Step 3: Submit! SmileBack provides instant feedback! As a leader, it's important for me to be on top of the pulse of our business and customers. SmileBack sends me notifications when a customer leaves our team a note. I can immediately address concerns if I need to, and more importantly can pass on kudos right away! Talk about a mood booster!,Honestly, I can't find any room for improvement with SmileBack at this time. For what it is designed to do, it is simple, fast and convenient. Just what we were looking for so our customers can drop us a note and get back to making great beer!,10,SmileBack has given us 4-5x Customer Feedback scores, and the ability to reach out and address issues right away with customers. As more data flows in, our plan is to review customer feedback directly with our customers, letting them know their voices and feedback is being heard. While I don't have tangible numbers today, the hope is for SmileBack to directly impact customer retention and in turn loyalty.,Zendesk, Teamwork Projects, AmityCapture reviews the easy wayWe use SmileBack's integration with ConnectWise to request feedback from service desk customers. As soon as a technician closes out a ticket that user is asked to review their experience. It's addressing any lack of completion or poor customer service issues. It allows us to establish a trend and establish organization-wide goals for customer satisfaction.,Intuitive user interface Ease of integration Rapid report generation,I'd like to have more customization options for the survey I'd like to see more than three options. Five smiley faces would be great.,10Gamechanger Solution!We use SmileBack surveys through our ticketing system (ConnectWise Manage). Everytime our helpdesk closes a ticket, an e-mail is sent to the ticket contact and they can select from the 3 smiley faces and leave comments. We get notified if the client is unhappy. Also, this integrates with BrightGauge so that we can see the survey results along with other service metrics important to us. Not only does our helpdesk use this to gauge feedback but the whole company sees this on our displays and management loves it! Because of the integration of SmileBack into BrightGauge, we get even more visibility into our customers' feedback!,Integration into other business software Ease of use Quick setup Set it and forget it Lightening fast support!,I would really like to be able to expand to 5 options. I've had some clients I resell this to and they requested it. Would be nice as an option.,10,We send our clients executive summaries monthly - being able to show not just their KPIs but also the health of surveys to the main contact the reason they hired us and the CSAT scores/comments, it is nearly instant ROI each and every single month. Well worth it.,ConnectWise Manage,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), Bright Gauge, HighfiveGreat software - Simple to use and ImplementSmileBack is our company's primary customer feedback tool, we use this to provide KPI measurements and customer satisfaction results outside of our business relationship management. Our goal with SmileBack was to Identify customers that were unhappy and required a little more love, at the same time this data allows me to incentivise my staff.,Simple to Implement Easy to administrate Plugs into Bright-gauge, so I can have all my stats in the one location,Rather than a con, a suggestion or feature, I would like to see is more controls over how the system issues surveys.,9,SmileBack is a cost centre, we are paying for our customers' feedback. I am not sure how to qualify an ROI based on this app's specific function.A great, simple CSAT tool to encourage feedbackWe use the software to measure the satisfaction our clients have with our services. We have increased the level of feedback we receive immensely. By integrating with our ticketing system (ConnectWise) we are able to keep the record of the feedback with the ticket, along with any follow-up work or conversations.,The simplicity of the feedback mechanism increases the chance of our clients leaving it, which gives us more chance to improve the service we provide. The integration with ConnectWise links it all together so we can see the full record, the feedback, and any actions taken after it was recieved.,Not a big fan of the most recent interface redesign,9,50% increase in CSAT responses with SmileBack compared to what we were doing previously Better awareness of what we are doing both well and badly,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech)Great Response from Clients with SmileBackAfter 10 years using a question and answer surveying system with a response time of less than 1% we decided to move to SmileBack and the day after our implementation we started receiving around 20% feedback. Our organisation started reaping the benefits of surveying from day one!,Increases response on surveys instantly and constantly Ease of Use for customers Easy to understand dashboard and fully integrated,What improvements are planned need to be communicated more.,10,Instant feedback on issues that result in less admin time,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), QuoteWerksDoes what it says on the tinSmileBack is used by our support team to collect and analyse satisfaction data. We originally implemented it to gain insight into how our support team was doing not just in raw ticket numbers and sales but in how satisfied our customers were. This means we can address issues quickly as clients are typically quicker to use the review system than send an email, as I think it is a lot easier than trying to find the correct escalation path.,Review collection: Most of our clients, once aware of the system submit a fair number of responses to the surveys sent out Analytics: We can clearly see using the inbuilt tools trends of clients that are unhappy / happy,Only issue would be the view of who actually worked on a ticket, but this is more an issue of internal process that something that the smileback app would necessarily solve.,8,Can't put this into numbers really but we at least know roughly how happy our clients are and we have used this along with other initiatives to increase customer satisfaction, which you can't necessarily put a price on.,ConnectWise ManageGuaranteed to make you SmileSmileBack is being used to assess the effectiveness of our support departments interactions with our clients. It allows immediate feedback to come to my team for excellence in support and for clients to provide negative feedback in a way that can be addressed immediately.,SmileBack customer support and implementation are fantastic! They are extremely responsive and pleasant to work with. Providing a simplified way for a client/customer to respond regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of our support or alert us of any issues. The ease of accessing data/reports to compare client-by-client, time periods, and/or technicians within our company.,In the review area it is not possible to select a data range and save it - it must be selected each time. For example, I want to see 'this month' only when I initially open it - this must be chosen at each log in. Saved ranges by user would be awesome!,10,We have been able to address the negative responses immediately.,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), QuoteWerksEnjoying the ability to provide simple surveysWe use SmileBack attached to our ticketing system in order to track our client satisfaction. When a ticket is closed our clients are given the opportunity to rate the experience. The survey itself is pretty straight forward and I find people are more willing to answer a survey with only 3 options over a numerical rating system. We are able to quickly reach out to clients and address any concerns in the rare instances we receive a neutral or negative review so we can work on maintaining a strong positive connection to our clients. We are able to combine the ratings as well with our performance reviews and employee incentives.,Simple and straight forward survey questions Integration with ConnectWise Provides quick updates when responses are posted,Nothing I can think of,9,Providing an upset user an outlet allows for working to rebuild the relationship. Without this outlet, an upset user can become an angry user, and an angry user can become a former client.Great Design & Easy to Use!SmileBack is used throughout our entire company. We are allowing our customers to easily rate their experience, and before SmileBack it was a laborious task and we got very few responses. With SmileBack our response rate is up 43%!,How easy it is for customers to give feedback, it is really amazing! Easy to understand. Very easy to set up. Clean emails that get sent out. Easy to make back-end changes.,I would love to be able to tweak the widget design more easily. Real-time widget reporting.,10,With SmileBack our response rate is up 43%!,Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator CCSmileBack is a game changerSmileBack is used to get clients' feedback on the support tickets we have with them.,SmileBack has significantly increased the amount of feedback we recieive SmileBack integrates into multiple tools we use Smileback was very easy to roll out,Nitpicking here, but reporting could be a bit better.,10,SmileBack lets us filter reviews by a technician, letting us see how our techs perform. We also share with them so they know where they stand. Negative reviews lets us know where pain is so we can right our wrongs.,SmileBack - the perfect tool for experienced and first time users looking for CSAT reporting.We are currently using SmileBack to track and measure CSAT scores across our entire company for our Service group (consisting of IT, Facilities and EH&S). We are using it to determine areas of improvement for our Services group.,SmileBack has a very good, easy to use dashboard. Their reporting is simple and effective. I particularly like how easy it is to see user comments and response to the survey's being sent. The users really like how quick and easy it is to provide direct feedback without complicated response mechanism or lengthy questions.,I would like to see a mobile app developed soon allowing managers and users of the tool be able to have access to the management portal.,10,We have only been using it a few months now and have not had any tangible ROI to date.,,Zendesk, OktaSmileBack is a great solution for measuring customer satisfaction.We use SmileBack to measure customer satisfaction of tickets we work through different tiers and departments within our company. We are improving customer satisfaction by taking action on their reviews. We improve our employees through coaching on customer responses and we strengthen our relationships with our customers by listening to what makes them happy and what doesn't.,It integrates into ConnectWise Manage. It alerts us with each new review. Reporting from it is easy.,Some of the filters remain the same when revisiting the site and some have to be changed. You have to update the date range each time. You have to add the agents each time.,10,ConnectWise Manage, ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech), ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)
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15 Ratings
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Score 8.7 out of 101

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Sarah Bergeron profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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SmileBack is well suited to gather customer feedback at the end of a process or project. Whether it's the final step before closing out a project, at the end of various stages or once a ticket is solved, it allows internal teams to find out what they did well, if a customer felt neutral about the service provided, or if there is room for improvement. In any data-driven company, SmileBack is a key tool to leverage for reporting and department KPIs.
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Score 10 out of 10
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  • For customer relationship management software like ConnectWise where you would like to gauge customer satisfaction with interaction.
  • Any help desk scenario where you want the customer to easily be able to rate performance.
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October 10, 2018

Gamechanger Solution!

Score 10 out of 10
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SmileBack is suited for any situation where you are wanting to gauge your client base and ask for feedback unbiased! Any customer service-oriented business could use a tool like this!
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Score 9 out of 10
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SmileBack is a sufficient solution for gaining an insight as to how the customer perceives our business. It was not a surprise to me when we had a customer move to another MSP after a few months of poor feedback scores. We can also easily see which customers rate us the highest and would rate our business highly.
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SmileBack Scorecard Summary

About SmileBack

SmileBack helps its users easily gather feedback after every single support interaction through their help desks. The product also helps companies track trends, respond to customers based on all kinds of triggers, and create deep, meaningful reports.

It’s hard to get people to rate their customer service interactions; response rates are usually a dismal 5% or so. SmileBack removed all the pains to provide feedback, with a very clear one-click on a smiley face, which then prompts the user for a short comment. On average, the vendor says its customers get a 39.6% response rate.

This means support staff knows where they stand and tend to get more motivated than before thanks to a steady stream of positive feedback.

The vendor aims to offer ridiculously simple product design and a stable platform that just doesn’t break. The company has 650 customers.

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