TrustRadius track your marketing footprint on real-timeAt my company, the Insights team uses Sysomos MAP on a daily basis for many different clients; from CPG to financial brands and many more. The tool is reliable and we mostly use it for real-time monitoring, tracking what people are saying on different digital channels (social media, forums and blogs) about a specific brand or campaign.,Identify most retweeted and most authoritative tweets. This helps us understand why and how conversations go viral and who is influencing the overall sentiment. Show volume trend and popularity. A snapshot overview on how conversations are evolving throughout a specific date range. This helps us analyze relevant spikes and predict future analysis. Build queries and analyze everything and anything. Within Sysomos, we can build infinite queries and also analyze competitive share of voice.,Sentiment. The sentiment analysis in Sysomos is not as accurate as it is in other third party tools where you can apply/modify sentiment manually. Any link of content analyzed within Sysomos should open on a different tab.,9,Increased employee efficiency. Analysts can spend more time reading and analyzing data, so to provide insightful solutions.,Visible Intelligence,Radian6,Topsy,Simply Measured,HootSuite Enterprise,Sprout Social,Sprinklr,Spredfast Conversations,10,5,0,Build or adjust queries Analyze spikesSysomos Map for Social Planning and InsightsWe use it for 3 functions. Monitoring, measurement, and insight development.,Quickly allows us to pull basic data. Very easy to use if you know how to construct Boolean queries. Flexibility to quickly update keywords / queries. Customer service.,Needs more and faster growth for shared / owned channel analysis. It is twitter heavy. Pulling from more social sources would be ideal.,Single seat / license can be used for multiple clients. It saves a bunch of time being able to quickly adjust and segment queries. The compare tab is very useful to get basic numbers with different filters, queries, geographic areas all at once.,9,,,3,7,2,To inform research and planning functions for communication programs. Measurement tool for earned communication programs.,10,,Implemented in-house,8,Online training Self-taught,8,They have a great online training for basic Boolean queries. That is the best place to start.,No,7Best listening tool for quick results and flexible Boolean queriesUtilizes Boolean queries which enables user to build very specific, complex searches. Returns search results in near real-time (vs. several hours or days like competitor products). Easy-to-understand, intuitive platform. Easy to navigate through listening results.,Fairly expensive. Customer service response time can be inconsistent.,Complemented our media monitoring efforts, making our daily reports that we created for clients more comprehensive. Enabled our agency to stay on top of market trends by listening to what topics/keywords were "hot", which guided our content marketing strategy. Assisted our clients in understanding what was being said/written about them online so they could better develop a unique and effective POV for their brand.,9,9Sysomos MAP: So easy to use, even an intern can't mess this upThis platform was particularly useful in organizing Twitter data. It accurately pinpointed the tweets' impressions (positive, neutral, negative), saving me time I would have spent sorting. The buzzgraph feature has a lot of potential in providing insight leads. I found that the 2nd, 3rd, etc. searches using combinations of buzzgraph words often led to the heart of a question or conflict I was researching. The sentiment graphs were very useful as timelines of when an issue was hot. More importantly, it allowed the user to tell how long that issue remained popular as measured by the # of social media posts and news reports.,Searching through forum posts was a painful experience because the platform had trouble sorting through spam. I would find myself reading through duplicate spam posts rather than original content/posts. I wish there had been an option to search through Instagram. I wish there had been auto-detection when it came to boolean logic errors. It was frustrating locating where I had missed quotations or a parentheses when I made very specific searches.,Sysomos MAP allowed you to tell a story from the data and analytics, making client presentations more powerful and easier to follow. Research efficiency shot through the roof. Instead of spending time gathering the data, we could focus on interpreting it and making the best insights/recommendations possible. Overall, the platform is very intuitive. It allowed me as a new team member to contribute almost immediately.,8,9Sysomos MAP is a staple in my analysis methodologyThe tool provides quality information on demographic and geographic breakdowns. The tool's capabilities of quickly altering boolean queries and the versatility in search and filtration is especially nice to have.,For whatever reason, conversation numbers do not match similar tools using the same search queries. Exported data could be organized in a fashion that would make information easier to analyze.,Sysomos makes it easy to set benchmarks for brands and to set up competitor sets. Providing accurate geographic and demographic information allows us to show that we are targeting the correct audience.,10,8Faster than Radian6 and better-looking reports.Identifies conversation around a product or service Tests brand perceptions around the 5 W's & how (ex: who is talking about my product? where are they talking? how are they describing it?),Influencer search on Twitter should be better. MAP weighs too much on the volume of a retweet, so it sees spam bots as influential Like all text analytics tools, the software does not understand sarcasm in speech,Online word-of-mouth, understanding what percentage of the conversation is dedicated to certain terms, where the conversations take place, and a (somewhat brief) look at the demographics of those talking about the researched product/service,5,5,8,1,Social Media Analytics,No,,Vendor implemented,10,Online training,10,8,7,10,9,Ideally, the tool would allow users to manually change the sentiment returns of comments from within MAP, and MAP would save the edited version. The users could fix poor sentiment returns via crowdsourcing.,,Negotiations are largely based on length of contractSysomos is great, but it isn't the best thing out thereTwitter aggregation into one place. In-site previews of content. Comparison analysis of Twitter handles.,Purchase intent. Passion intensity assessment. Multi-word assessment. Understanding two word phrasing rather than only keywords. Sorting keywords by positive and negative connotations.,In-depth understanding into brand trends. Specific information for how to be more efficient and effective in online persona. Large cost that is hard to sell in to companies who cannot see a direct correlation with social prowess and sales numbers.,4,6Sysomos MAP used for advertising agencyIdentifies key social conversations around a brand across social media, blogs and traditional news sites Helps to calculate estimated impressions for Twitter campaigns Shows buzz around keywords for up to 2 years (only 1 year for Twitter),Less information is available for Facebook (only up to 6 weeks) though this is due in part to Facebook's restrictions Would like historical data for longer periods of time,The ability to access impressions on Twitter allows us to quantify earned media more effectively than with other agency tools. Overall buzz and impression numbers help to quantify earned media overall.,8,9,10,Ad hoc keyword searches Blogger identification Key hashtag identification Twitter campaign impression calculations Consumer behavior research Quarterly Social Media conversation analysis Campaign buzz research,,,Don't know,9,Online training In-person training,10,8,No,10,8,8,9,,We did not necessarily negotiate specialized terms but had in the past been able to communicate our budget and work towards a solution to fit within it. These were not the final terms agreed upon (as our budget changed), but Sysomos was very willing to discuss possible options to work around budget constraints. My best advice is to communicate any shortcomings that may prevent the contract and see how much they are willing to work together to get around them. The team is very good at working with agencies and clients across the spectrum of industries.Boolean logic powerful but tricky to learn.Using Boolean syntax, we are able to tap into what conversations are happening around the search set. Searches are keywords-based, but the Boolean capabilities allow us to filter the data set to drill down to precisely what we want.,Although Boolean logic is a powerful way to filter large data sets, the syntax can be tricky to learn. For full-on sentiment analysis capability, Sysomos Heartbeat might be a better choice. In Hearbeat you can see what people are saying specifically. You can also alter sentiment (e.g. from negative to neutral). In MAP you cannot manipulate the data in this way.,We are able to harvest competitive insights on behalf of our clients.,6,8,10,0,Reporting for social media reports, consumer insights, competitive reporting. The principal use case is collection of data for our clients competitors to help with campaign messaging and design.,,,Implemented in-house,7,Online training In-person training Self-taught,9,8,Somewhat better to dive in and play with the system yourself. Geeting in to the tool was better than the training classes. This might be a reflection of the way I prefer to learn things.,The only customization we did was creating a folder-based organizational system so that individual client histories are easy to locate by team members. It's easy to create folders and organize search history by client.,No,7,8,7,7,No,,N/AVery comprehensive data, but influencer ID weak.The user interface was very intuitive. This was important for us as we let others use the product without much training. Comprehensiveness of data was also excellent. The system caught a large number of blog posts, etc. This was augmented by the full Twitter fire hose. Sysomos also generated decent visuals. We did not have to export the data to Excel to get acceptable looking charts and graphs. The system generated graphs that we could re-use.directly with clients.,Influencer identification. Influencer functionality is designed to tell us ho are the most influential people on a given topic. Sysomos was not great at this. It looked at someone's social graph and could tell us who a specific Twitter user is connected with, and how often they interact with these people. But it was not stellar it identifying who were the true influencers rather than those, for example, who just re-tweeted content from someone influential. This is an immature area. These tools are typically good at counting re-tweets, but not at identifying who the re-tweeters are. Influencer ID was a nice to have for us, rather than a strong requirement so we could live with this weakness.,Ability to research and guide strategy. This was the number one thing in our case. A lot of PR is guided by soft factors / qualitative metrics. This data is not invalid, but to be able to look back at what actually happened and and back up the strategy with data is great. We were able to do things like, for a given client, present them with their competitor's playbooks We could demonstrate what are people actually talking about versus what we might think they are talking about. We could make more data for clients on reporting side. We could give a solid picture of how they performed on Twitter. The tool was quite powerful and gave us a lot of confidence that the data we were reporting to clients was accurate and reliable.,10,8,12,1,We use Sysomos for two primary purposes: Measurement and Strategy. Measurement: we build quarterly reports for clients which clearly show the buzz that was generated over the last period. we correlate that social media buzz with press hits which are monitored in our custom tool. The correlation between mainstream media mentions and social media comments gives us a complete picture of the defectiveness of marketing campaigns. Strategy. Sysomos Map is a great tool for working on strategy. Because it allows us to look back to social media activity over a 2-year period, its's a great way to research, for example, competitive activity: What are a client's competitors doing in the social space and how is that helping to drive revenue. It's a great tool to work on strategy with clients on new engagements. we can do things like look at a specific industry and understand what's generating buss , what's trending. We can also start to look at who are the influencers that do not show up on standard media lists.,,,Implemented in-house,9,Online training,8,8,9,10,9,We thought about integration with our home-grown too media tracking tool, but we decided it wasn't worth it in the end. we were fine using both tools independently, and then correlating the data manually. They have APIs for sentiment, charting, etc, and the product can be integrated with other platforms quite easily. We just never did so.,,The buying process was fairly standard and transparent - not a big negotiation. They offered bulk discounts and some pricing flexibility.
Sysomos MAP
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Sysomos MAP
42 Ratings
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Score 7.9 out of 101
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Kristen O'Neill profile photo
October 29, 2013

Sysomos MAP Review: "Best listening tool for quick results and flexible Boolean queries"

Score 9 out of 10
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There are two differentiating features that Sysomos MAP has that the competitor tools I have experienced (Radian6, Meltwater Buzz) did not: user-friendly Boolean queries for searches and near-real-time results. The former is important because, of course, your results are only as good as your search/campaign. With Sysomos, once you master Boolean queries (which isn't terribly difficult) you're set for creating any kind of listening report. I strongly prefer this to the "campaign creator" forms that other services provide.

Second, Sysomos MAP returns results almost immediately - like a Google search. So if you get your results and see that you need to tweak your query - no big deal. Or if you have a last-minute request for a client - not an issue. Meltwater can take up to 48 hours for a search to fully populate. This is a major issue if you get your full set of results back and see that you need to adjust the query; you're looking at another two days of wait time. A long wait on results can also prove problematic in agency settings where clients or prospective clients often need results with a quick turnaround.
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Joseph Chiang profile photo
October 26, 2013

Review: "Sysomos MAP: So easy to use, even an intern can't mess this up"

Score 9 out of 10
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I enjoyed using Sysomos MAP on a daily basis because of its ease to pick up and the variety of ways it can represent the same data set. I do have to subtract at least one rating point because there is room for improvement on speed. The wait during a search is not at all excruciating, but it is an area for improvement. I would recommend and gladly use Sysomos MAP again for any projects related to social media analytics.
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Sysomos MAP is a social research engine that is designed to deliver deep, actionable insights into the people and conversations that matter most to an organization’s brand. The vendor says MAP is key to making sense of social media data and using it to design the most effective social listening, content and engagement programs. This solution is focused on helping organizations identify key influencers, understand customer sentiment and track their social strategies over time. 

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