TrustRadius years with Sysomos MAP - what I've learnedWe enable distributed use by users around our global business, though primary use is centered on key brand and PR users. Our priority is monitoring the impact of our brand in the marketplace, including through share of voice on strategic area of focus.,Ad-hoc research. During planning phase of a campaign it is a helpful tool to understand the marketplace, key influencers and topics that engage a target demographic. Post-event hashtag analysis. Rapid generation of reporting on efficacy of a campaign, key voices, topics that resonated, viral reach and more. User interface. Friendly and accessible enough to minimize training needs and enable decentralized access, though we have found some hand-holding is still required to get the most out of the platform.,Limited API access to some networks. Though this is hardly unique to Sysomos, the limited APIs provided by closed-networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, and others like Instagram, often disappoint our users, who may have unrealistic expectations as to what we can report on. In reality, Sysomos MAP is highly focused on Twitter, which is often not our core channel. Though Sysomos is bound by the limitations of the APIs provided, perhaps some creative innovation would enable limited but interesting observations. Identifying LinkedIn statuses that were simultaneously pushed to Twitter, for example, gives a window into that otherwise private world. Scraping of LinkedIn's trending topics might be revealing. Sentiment analysis is automated and therefore only moderately accurate. Some advanced customization might enable us to get better results, perhaps by uploading custom dictionaries of positive, negative or neutral terms. For example to a loss-adjuster or insurer, many terms like flood, bankruptcy, damage, fraud risk etc may in fact be used positively as part of a marketing proposition or work undertaken ("X company insurance saved us from awful disaster"). Automated systems will always struggle with these. I wish I could make mass-edits to such inbound comments that would learn and persist.,8,Some savings on avoidance of costs for studies that would otherwise be outsourced to agencies. Some additional costs in terms of platform licenses. Some enablement costs within our business. Some added value - information we otherwise simply wouldn't have access to, at least not on-demand.,30,Sysomos Heartbeat, Radian6, Sprinklr and Synthesio,Sprinklr,7,6,8Sysomos MAPs your way to quick insightWe use Sysomos MAP as a way to get quick insights and numbers for a broad overview of a topic or issue. It can give ideas for volume and what potential irrelevancies may come in without going through a full set up of a monitoring project. It can also provide really good insights on influencer and interrelated communities identification, if that is something that is of use to the client. The tool is used primarily for desk research.,Influencer and communities identification is definitely a strong suit for the tool. Quick analytics. Historical data back a year.,It does not provide a visual for volume over time. The visuals aren't excellent, and would require an export to create better looking graphics. The interface isn't intuitive and sometimes requires clicking around to find things that seem like they should be under a different title.,it is relatively pricey for what it is, which is a quick insights tool it does save the time of the user as far as needing no complex set-up or continuous monitoring,8,Crimson Hexagon ForSight, NetBase, Talkwalker and Zignal Labs,Talkwalker, Zignal Labs, Crimson Hexagon ForSight,,8,10,8Thumbs Up for Sysomos MAPSysomos MAP is used across the whole organization to measure impact of social media campaigns on Twitter. It is also used to find social influencers.,Brand mentions Most retweeted posts Comparison of one Twitter account to another,Expanding to other platforms, namely Instagram Being able to weed out media members/organizations to find social influencers,Very positive as it has allowed us to showcase Share of Voice and engagement numbers without having to do it manually.,9,,110,7,8,9,Twitter analytics Compare users,Facebook Insights,9Sysomos Map Rules!I was consulting with a company that was involved in political polling and social media for political candidates and campaigns. I used Sysomos Map to query conversations regarding candidates, their campaigns and other wide varying subjects regarding climate change, alternative energy and traditional energy economic impacts. Sysomos Map gathers conversational data across the internet in detail from websites, forums, blogs and all major social media outlets. Sysomos Map is very effective at being able to reach backwards in time; which was very important and enlightening for my work.,It is particularly good at being able to look backwards in time at conversations. The information generated from queries is rich, and comes off in real time. The graphs generated along with data as spreadsheets is intensely rich with useful information.,Sysomos MAP does take some significant ramp up time to get a comfortable level of usability due its richness and sheer power of scraping from billions of conversations and web data. Sysomos MAP needs better tutorials and tools to help users quickly become adept at using. Sysomos should offer longer trial periods. The entry price is quite [high] compared to other tools that are now offered. The pricing structure is makes entry tough for many businesses and Sysomos could do better by offering alternative pricing and use possibilities.,It was very important to be able to scrape conversations that are dated. Sysomos MAP does this better than any tool we tried.,10,uberVU via HootSuite and Viralheat,uberVU via HootSuite, Viralheat,2,9,10,10Map is a great listening tool with a few expected caveatsIt is primarily used by the firm marketing team for brand research. We also use it on a limited basis for client research. On the client side, we use it most frequently for share of voice research. That means when we are doing a RFP or something, we'll show a client how they stand in their competitive environment. Most clients at this phase aren't doing any social efforts (or poor ones), so the results can be quite startling.,It's good for major brands and research (especially consumer facing) It's good for establishing share of voice It's good for identifying trends over time - focusing in on what caused conversations spikes.,Their influencer/klout score algorithm is worthless - it caps out at 10 so the New York Times and Jo Schmo gamer dude and Justin Bieber all have the same score. The Boolean builder can be frustrating, it will tell you there is an error, but gives you no indication of where. In a complex string it can take forever to figure out what you messed up. Twitter listening only goes back one year. If you ever need to compare something year over year, without anticipating the need in advance and downloading reports, you're screwed.,No proven ROI at this point, but clients have liked the information provided from share of voice. It has cut time in identifying massive trends, spikes and potential hashtags for campaigns from a manual process to a much quicker/shorter one.,6,Radian6,,5,7,7I miss you, MAP. Review from a former user.Sysomos MAP is a fantastic intelligence gathering tool. At my previous employer, I frequently used this product for two reasons: - Tracking success of a social media or PR campaign by looking at the growing number of mentions of a company name, hashtag or topic over time - Doing new business research by discovering strengths and weaknesses of an organization based on social media chatter around their products or services or discovering trends in their industry In both occasions, I found Sysomos MAP to be incredibly helpful. Being able to save searches and return to them over time was great, though I did wish for the ability to get a regular update mailed to me with new hits/data. The interface isn't the most user-friendly/visual in this space, but the quality of the data and speed of the product made that worthwhile for me. Their customer service is also top-notch: very helpful, friendly and quick to respond.,Huge amounts of data available across multiple channels (blogs, social. web, etc) Price was not too expensive for my agency's needs Speed of being able to quickly run searches and produce answers,Email alerts of recurring reports would be helpful Speed in adding new social networks is sometimes slow Visuals were lacking (downloadable reports weren't easy to read or print, graphics needed to be re-created by our designers to be client-friendly),Ability to win new business with smart data Ability to provide clients with fact-driven social media results Ability to generate new content ideas for clients,9,Infegy Atlas,Radian6,4,7,9,1Sysomos Map for Social Planning and InsightsWe use it for 3 functions. Monitoring, measurement, and insight development.,Quickly allows us to pull basic data. Very easy to use if you know how to construct Boolean queries. Flexibility to quickly update keywords / queries. Customer service.,Needs more and faster growth for shared / owned channel analysis. It is twitter heavy. Pulling from more social sources would be ideal.,Single seat / license can be used for multiple clients. It saves a bunch of time being able to quickly adjust and segment queries. The compare tab is very useful to get basic numbers with different filters, queries, geographic areas all at once.,9,,,3,7,2,To inform research and planning functions for communication programs. Measurement tool for earned communication programs.,10,,Implemented in-house,8,Online training Self-taught,8,They have a great online training for basic Boolean queries. That is the best place to start.,No,7
Sysomos MAP
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Score 7.9 out of 101
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Sysomos MAP Reviews

Sysomos MAP
42 Ratings
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Score 7.9 out of 101
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Kristen Squire profile photo
April 14, 2016

User Review: "Sysomos MAPs your way to quick insight"

Score 8 out of 10
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Data Collection with Sysomos MAP

It has a really broad range of capabilities, but it doesn't present at the out-set that you're pulling a sample of the coverage rather than the full firehose. The limitations on the search bar make it difficult to exclude certain things in order to avoid spam. It does have access to certain Asian outlets and social networks I've not seen on any other tool, which is very impressive.
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Sara Robertson profile photo
November 14, 2014

Sysomos MAP Review: "Map is a great listening tool with a few expected caveats"

Score 6 out of 10
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Data Collection with Sysomos MAP

They are best at measuring Twitter, and most useful in that arena. That's understandable given that Twitter is largely the only social network that people don't maintain privacy settings on. That said, they only go back 1 year in Twitter, so that's a major caveat for long running campaigns. It's tricky to filter out noise, and the Boolean can get complex, but I imagine this is similar in other systems. The language read is great, but as expected, it's best with English.
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Michelle LeBlanc profile photo
December 17, 2014

Sysomos MAP: "I miss you, MAP. Review from a former user."

Score 9 out of 10
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Data Collection with Sysomos MAP

Ability to filter using either Boolean search terms or built in language or demographic filters was amazing. Some social platforms are better than others in terms of data gathering, but most have at least a basic presence on Sysomos MAP. Data was usually fairly up-to-date if not immediately available.
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About Sysomos MAP

Sysomos MAP is a social research engine that is designed to deliver deep, actionable insights into the people and conversations that matter most to an organization’s brand. The vendor says MAP is key to making sense of social media data and using it to design the most effective social listening, content and engagement programs. This solution is focused on helping organizations identify key influencers, understand customer sentiment and track their social strategies over time. 

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