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What is Teamspective?

Teamspective is an employee engagement and performance management platform used by tech companies, that offers "3 unique twists":1). Teamspective's in-Slack user experience:From data collection to receiving insights, action suggestions and 1-to-1 notes capturing, employees can do it all without leaving…

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Teamspective has proven to be an invaluable tool for gathering information and metrics on team performance, according to users. By …
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Product Demos

Teamspective personal feedback demo video


Teamspective demo Palautteen seuranta tiimeissä ja organisaatiossa


Teamspective demo Henkilökohtaisen palautteen pyytäminen, antaminen ja seuranta


Teamspective – Smart 360 Feedback solution


Teamspective pulse questionnaire demo video


Teamspective introduction

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Product Details

What is Teamspective?

Teamspective is an employee engagement and performance management platform used by tech companies, that offers "3 unique twists":

1). Teamspective's in-Slack user experience:

From data collection to receiving insights, action suggestions and 1-to-1 notes capturing, employees can do it all without leaving Slack.

2). Teamspective uses AI to enable leaders to action:

Teamspective platform uses AI and large language models to provide personalized coaching, task automation, and conversational guidance to each manager

3). Teamspective does Network Analysis based on an organization's big data:

Knowing who people work and connect with is a vital piece of information for developing companies in a holistic manner.


- Engagement Surveys
Custom engagement surveys, Automated Pulse Surveys, Question Library, Benchmark data, Custom questions, Custom KPIs, Anonymous comments, Sentiment analysis AI, Action Suggestions summary, Leadership guidance for action

- 360 Feedback and Performance Reviews
Talent assessments, Feedback requests, Performance grid, Praise, Custom questions, AI summary (Start-Stop-Continue / Strengths and Development Areas)

- Organizational Network Analysis
Analyse silos and bottlenecks, Identify key influencers across teams, Find leadership potential

- Discussions AI (1-to-1 discussions)
Discussion templates, Custom templates (e.g. 1-to-1s or development discussions), Smart data-based discussion points (Engagement, 360 Feedback, Network), Calendar suggestions, Meeting prep coaching with AI, Notes capture and refinement with AI

- Anonymous Chat with Leadership

Collect anonymous feedback from employees, Anonymous commenting, Idea box, Whistleblower channel (compliant with EU regulation)

Teamspective Features

  • Supported: Smart Pulse Surveys in Slack or MS Teams
  • Supported: Organizational Network Analysis
  • Supported: 360 Flow Personal Feedback Solution
  • Supported: Performance Evaluations
  • Supported: Discussions AI (1-to-1 discussions)
  • Supported: Anonymous Chat with Leadership

Teamspective Screenshots

Screenshot of Answer engagement surveys directly in Slack or MS teams (in under 30 seconds).Screenshot of Provide personalized coaching, task automation, and conversational guidance to each manager with platform's AI functionality.Screenshot of Run effective 360 rounds inside Slack.Screenshot of Improve 1:1s quality and use data-based discussion points (Engagement, 360 Feedback, Network).Screenshot of Overlay engagement and performance data with network insights.Screenshot of Create anonymous feedback inboxes in Slack. Each customizable inbox has it’s own purpose, recipients, protocol, and user guidance.

Teamspective Video

Teamspective for Enterprise Feedback

Teamspective Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Finnish, Italian
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Teamspective has proven to be an invaluable tool for gathering information and metrics on team performance, according to users. By automating continuous feedback processes, the software has saved time on evaluations and enabled teams to collect pulse data from employees efficiently. Additionally, Teamspective has addressed the problem of lack of feedback by providing an easy and anonymous way for employees to give feedback to supervisors. Users have praised the software's user-friendly interface and ease of use, especially through the Slack application. The support provided by Teamspective's customer service team has also received positive feedback, with customers appreciating their consultative approach in answering questions.

In remote-first companies, Teamspective has provided a baseline understanding of employee sentiments, proving valuable in improving ways of working. The software constantly provides information about well-being trends and enables organizations to focus on the right areas for improvement. Users have found the overview of the general vibe across the company and specific teams particularly helpful in understanding overall sentiment. Moreover, Teamspective promotes a positive atmosphere through public recognition and boosts, which benefits all employees.

Administratively, Teamspective offers a clear and quick overview of team well-being and areas for improvement, leading to high satisfaction among organizations. The founders and team behind the product actively seek feedback and ideas from customers, fostering a collaborative development process. For HR departments, Teamspective has been effective in staying on top of employee well-being and satisfaction through regular pulse questionnaires. Furthermore, in project-based organizations, Teamspective supports self-development and learning through its peer feedback feature. Finally, users have praised the tool's analytics and reporting capabilities for providing in-depth insights while maintaining an easy and light respondent experience.

Easy to use and intuitive: Users have found Teamspective to be easy to use and intuitive, requiring minimal training for admins. Several users have mentioned that the platform is user-friendly and doesn't require a steep learning curve.

Anonymous feedback feature: The anonymous feedback feature in Teamspective has been highly praised by users. It allows team members to share their thoughts and ideas more comfortably, especially for introverts who prefer to communicate in writing. Many reviewers appreciate this feature for promoting open and honest communication within teams.

Convenient recurring pulse surveys: Users find the recurring pulse surveys in Teamspective to be convenient and integrate well with Slack. This makes it easy for them to provide regular feedback without any hassle or disruption to their workflow. Some users have mentioned that these surveys are quick and easy to answer, taking only a few minutes of their time.

  1. Repetitive and Difficult Questions: Some users have found the questions in Teamspective's pulse surveys to be repetitive and difficult to answer, which could lead to survey fatigue and decreased engagement.

  2. Inconvenient Report Access: Users have expressed frustration with the fact that reports cannot be accessed directly in Slack and require opening a browser. This inconvenience adds an extra step for users who prefer accessing information within their messaging platform.

  3. Limited Usefulness for Traditional Organizations: Several users feel that Teamspective may not be the best feedback tool for traditional, hierarchical organizations primarily looking for a performance evaluation tool for managers. They believe Teamspective's best feature is the peer feedback part, making it less suitable for organizations focused on top-down evaluations.

Attribute Ratings


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Companies can't remove reviews or game the system. Here's why
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Teamspective helps with several different business problems:
1. Peer feedback feature we use as a method to increase feedback in a project-based organisation where people don't have managers who could support them with their daily learning. The feedback feature helps our people to give peer feedback to each other, and through that, it supports everyone's self-development.
2. Teamspective's praise function we use as integrated into our Slack. Teamspective activates our people to give recognition to each other.
3. We use Teamspective's survey as a bi-weekly questionnaire. Teamspective helps our HR to stay on the pulse of employee wellbeing and satisfaction.
  • Support with developing employee-led feedback culture
  • Listens to their client needs and modifies the product based on the needs
  • Easy-to-use, for both the admin and the normal user
  • Slack integration - works very well
  • Performance evaluation feature that would match perfectly with project-based organisation needs (I think all feedback tools should improve in this!)
I have also recommended Teamspective many times! I think it's the best choice for a modern organisation who wants to support its people to take responsibility for their learning & development and not just passively wait for managers to do that. Teamspective integrates very well with Slack, so I recommend it to everyone who wants to have the feedback tool as a part of their other tools that are already used daily by the employees.
  • Pulse surveys
  • Seamless Slack integration
  • Peer feedback
  • Praise function
  • Teamspective has helped in building our feedback culture, which is often mentioned by our employees as one of the positive things in the company.
  • Teamspective helps our people give professional-level feedback independently, effectively, and respectfully. Feedback skills are important for any professional today.
We did a wide comparison and ended up using Teamspective as we felt that they are offering exactly those features we needed but nothing "extra," meaning we only pay for the things we need. Also, Teamspective seemed simple enough, and on the other hand, we appreciated their strong investments in developing the product based on customer feedback. The biggest differentiator to the average feedback tools is that Teamspective is not manager-led, so employees will become masters of their own development.
Teamspective answers quickly and really puts an effort to fix a problem. There have been several requests for the product to support our use cases that Teamspective has made true.
No, there is no premium support offered but also not needed as the normal support works just well.
Yes, very quickly, always within a working day.
Already from the first interactions, Teamspective has wanted to go the extra mile to create features that are crucial for us. I feel each time I contact them, the service we receive is top-notch.
Jari Lindholm | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our employees are the core of our company and therefore it is very important for us to have constant and reliable understanding on peoples wellbeing any different areas. Teamspective provides us an easy and convenient way to collect and analyse pulse from our employees from multiple different angles. Even the analytics and reports are extremely broad and in-depth, still the respondents experience is easy and light. Responding to surveys honestly takes only few seconds per pulse.
  • Easy of use
  • In-depth analytics based not only on direct question to answer, but the broad analytics database in background that links the questions to scientifically studied relations to broader analytics. As an example the importance of feedback and its correlation to motivation and wellbeing
  • Ease of implementation
  • Constant development of the tool in collaboration with other customers and Teamspective
  • Customer support and customer relationship management by the whole Teamspective team from Founders to developers
  • Not sure if this is already covered, but maybe some improvement on user and group management features. I think currently the user management is only handled from TeamSpective. Could for example Google Workspace user and group details be used with TeamSpective directly?
Often in organisations employees comment, that they receive way too many surveys, pulse questions, 1to1´s performance reviews etc... Teamspective provides very easy and convenient way to send pulse surveys in multiple different levels, without disturbing the respondent with heavy questionnaires. With Teamspective we have been able to implement a tool, that send different questionnaires (Pulse surveys) to employees either on weekly/monthly/quarterly basis. Based on this data we have always up to date data and analytics on what is the situation in individual teams and in the whole company. We use Teamspective in all levels from individual 1to1´s to company level OKR target setting.
  • Ease of use
  • In-depth analytics and reports from individual team to company level
  • Ability to ask feedback not only from our own employees, but from our customers and partners as well
  • Great tool to be used as a basis in our 1to1 discussions
  • Always up to date understanding of our employees current feeling and ability to act on possible issues early enough
  • 100% importance on employee wellbeing
  • Ability to really act early enough to prolong employee tenure
  • Easy to see status from team to whole company level in one glance
  • Much more detailed than simple Slack questionnaires.
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of implementation
  • Constant development based on the customer community feedback
  • Vendor that is easy to work with in every level, from developers to founders
  • With Slack integration responding the surveys honestly takes only few seconds per survey
  • This tool can and is used from individual 1to1 discssions level all the way to setting company level OKR´s
Executive management
People team
Team Leads
When mentioning 2 support people I mean the people that has administrator access to the system. Of course everyone acting in Teamspecitve team-admin role can be understood also as support people. In Summary what can be said, that after the implementation together with Teamspective staff you really don´t need too much support personnel for this tool to be used. Very self guiding and easy to use
  • Ease of use
  • In-Depth analytics and reports
  • One glance in-depth summary from team level to whole company level
  • We wanted to set company level OKR targets as well using Teamspective. These includes Wellbeing and Psychological needs, Learning, Collaboration and processes and eNPS. An all of these we wanted to improve and set Key Results and actions points to improve the results even more.
  • We use this tool in multiple team levels: 1. Internal teams, 2. Customer teams, 3. project teams
  • To hook up even more customers, partners and other stakeholders
tool has been shown to be exactly what we have wished for and the constant collaboration and development together with Teamspective and other customer community supports that we should and we are continuing the collaboration with them in the future as well
Slack and its custom created and some Slack marketplace tools
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Prodcut Usability is one of the most important ones. Teamspective is very well received by our employees as it is easy to use and does not create any extra burden to survey respondent.
Would still go with Teamspective! :)
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled
Be transparent, educate staff, bring out the benefits, communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • None
Involve key users from day one as in any implementation project. Describe the need, benefit and use cases for easier implementation. Communicate actively
From day one, the founders and developers from Teamspective have been in close contact and collaboration with us. Teamspective team is in touch with us on a regular basis collecting feedback and for joint planning for the future roadmap. They also facilitate and host gross customer community where we jointly discuss about ideas and Teamspective use cases.
This is not needed with Teamspective.
Since we have been with Teamspective as one of their early customers surely there have been some minor bugs or dev ideas. On all of these Teamspecitve -team have responded very rapidly.
We have direct connection with Teamspective team in our joint Slack channel so all thoughts, ideas, bugs and other development topics are discussed actively and rapidly through that channel.
Teamspecitve does not need heavy support organisation and tool it self is very self guiding. We have only 2 main administrators for the tool and the need from these perosons is very minimal.

Tool provides easy to use interface and one glance reports from team to company level in one page. Our survey reponse rates in whole company levels are constantly around 85-90%, so it gives good analytics on the current status in multiple areas.
  • One glance summary of the whole company or the selected team
  • Provided playbooks on possible challenges in team/company level that can be used and provides good hints/ideas on how to tackle each problem.
  • Easy and fast of use by the respondents.
  • hmmm.... None so far
Mobile interface is well planned and scales very nicely on different mobile devices
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