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Carlos Roman | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 03, 2017

Great Value Call Tracking Service!

Score 9 out of 10
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Tenfold is being used to track all our inbound/outbound calls. We are currently using it for the entire fulfillment/customer service team and are using it directly through Salesforce. It significantly decreases the time needed to pull up an account of a client when an inbound call is coming in. Overall it creates a more effective workflow for the team.
  • The ability to save notes directly to Salesforce is a major plus!
  • The ability to schedule follow up tasks is also a major factor.
  • The tag feature is also great! If a client calls in for another rep, you can tag them in the call notes.
  • The only major thing that I would suggest is logging a call in a client's account even if the call is missed.
Tenfold is perfect for our entire organization. Being that our business mainly revolves around phone calls, it allows us to keep track of everything way easier.
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Brendan Sullivan-Sariñana | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 03, 2017

Tenfold new user review

Score 7 out of 10
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We use Tenfold to help us dial out directly and take real-time notes and click-to-dial. We integrated with NetSuite, our CRM. We needed a way to save time and cut down on the laborious task of manually inputting all details about a call to a customer. Currently, it's only used by the sales and customer service teams.

  • Adds call notes to customer account
  • Allows us to call out faster
  • Keep a record of calls made
  • Better implementation with NetSuite
  • More user testing to work out browser kinks.
If you have an existing CRM and you work in a high-call sales environment, Tenfold is great. It's a terrific way to take notes on a call without having to go back into the CRM manually.

The customer service side is a bit harder because they get a lot of calls from people who don't have a contact in our CRM yet. So, Tenfold isn't as useful for them.
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Andrew Nelson | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 14, 2017

Great Product!

Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
At Trading Advantage we use Tenfold across the board. From brand new sales trainees all the way up to upper management. The process is extremely streamlined this way and we are able to focus on our clients rather than back office issues such as the phone system. On occasion Tenfold has been delayed but a simple fix to this has been found to manually log out and log back in. Each individual rep would need to do this. Overall it has been a great experience!
  • Saves the sales floor a ton of time on the front end so we are able to reach out to more prospective clients.
  • The ability to sync Tenfold with our CRM made it that much easier.
  • Inbound and outbound calls that pop up on your monitor make it much easier while notating a previous call to know who is on the line as well.
  • Having the ability to track metrics at any given point in time is excellent as well.
  • The Tenfold pop up can get a bit annoying while trying to do something else on that page.
  • Sometimes it will be delayed or stop working altogether.
  • Instead of having to track metrics on the actual website, maybe throw them onto the pop up since it's already there.
Any kind of sales floor where calls are outgoing and incoming for 90% of the day this is perfect. Tenfold will allow you to focus on what's important for the overall business rather than the nitty gritty. With the metrics and call counts monitored you'll also be able to see how to better your overall process rather than just trying to dial until your fingers are numb.
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Hannah Lawson | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 11, 2017

An Integral Salesforce Add-In

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Tenfold is used by all of our sales account managers. This software is essential to my day-to-day sales functions. It automatically populates the contact’s name for an incoming/outgoing call if the number is in the system. Call notes appear easily to remind you of previous conversations with clients, which in turn, causes you to follow up on any outstanding opportunities. Tracking the amount of our calls to each account and the duration of those calls helps us to easily analyze which clients aren’t being targeted enough.

This enables us to accurately measure calls going in and out of our books of business. Being able to track calls and to link them to logged opportunities in Salesforce holds our salespeople accountable and enables more transparency on the sales floor.
  • It automatically populates the contact’s name for an incoming/outgoing call if the number is in the system. Call notes appear easily to remind you of previous conversations with clients.
  • The software tracks the time and duration of every incoming and outgoing call.
  • Tenfold’s customer service is fantastic. If we’re having an issue, there is always someone available to assist.
  • Click to call works more often than not, but every now and then the system crashes.
  • The floating UI doesn’t always pop out.
Tenfold is particularly well-suited for organizations where sales personnel are managing particularly large books of business (i.e. 100+ accounts). I don't know how I would stay organize if I didn't have this software. It enables me to track all previous calls and call notes to figure out which segment of my book of business isn't being adequately targeted.

If you have a smaller book of business, and are working with the same people on a daily basis, this software might not be as useful.
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Brenda Williams | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 02, 2018

Tenfold, My Work Companion

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Working in an office, call counts (plus inbound vs outbound), and call duration, can all be tracked and compared to co-workers, and this allows work to be far more quantifiable. Lastly, the product is extremely versatile and feature-rich, so that each person can use it how they see fit. We are metric based so the tracking is a great way to look individually, by teams, demographically is a huge benefit.
  • Pulling contact numbers from salesforce
  • Tracking Quality connects
  • Disposing calls
  • Too many times there is a glitch in the connect-ability of calls
  • During high call times, the system seems to struggle to depose calls (focus in this area would be great as it currently affects efficiency).
When Tenfold is working it's GREAT, when it isn't, it really can affect your numbers for the day as it doesn't seem to catch up and redeem itself. I'd like to see this better catch the true data, offer some additional dispositions in the completion of a call. Other than that, I'm a happy end user.
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tayler teuscher | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 06, 2017

An easy, supportive system any company can rely on.

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Tenfold for many different things. One of them being tracking calls. It tracks our calls for us to be able to go back and see how many calls we made. We use the notes to track what happens in the call. We use it as a caller id, it pulls up the person's account when outgoing or incoming calls come in. Great way to keep things organized.
  • Accuracy. The call time, notes and details are almost always 100% accurate.
  • Tracking. Great tool to track how many calls we make and what happened in the call conversation.
  • Informational. Nice to be able to keep all of the information in one place. The account that called, what happened in the call and set follow ups.
  • Click to dial could respond faster.
  • Sometimes it doesn't pull up numbers even when they are saved under a contact.
  • Sometimes the pop up is delayed.
Tenfold is an essential tool to use for keeping things organized. Great way to track, record and organize information.
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Kenneth Shelton | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 31, 2017

Tenfold for the win!

Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is used as a pop up for incoming and outgoing calls. It has been a great tool for organizational purposes. After each call it allows you to automatically log your call into whatever sales system you are using. My favorite part is I am able to link each call to a specific deal that I am working on. I am often working on several deals with one individual rep, and Tenfold is perfect to help me keep my conversations filed correctly. All of our reps use Tenfold on every call; and have had nothing but positive experiences. Overall Tenfold is a great tool to help keep you organized, without it I would be lost in between my phone calls and would not have an opportunity to review if need be. I'd recommend Tenfold for any business who makes/received consistent phone calls.
  • Connect individual calls with direct deals you are working on.
  • Identify callers and immediately link it to their LinkedIN profiles.
  • Collect phone call information and tally the days totals.
It is great for outgoing/incoming phone calls.
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Karyn Luciani | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 31, 2017

Easy and effective to use

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
There are many pros to using Tenfold. For example, we are able to easily write notes while on the phone with clients - this is great to be able to go back and see what was discussed. We can also link new opportunities right from the Tenfold pop up - all our notes save directly into the opportunity in SalesForce, which means nothing is lost in translation. It is a great tool for accountability and organization.
  • productivity metrics
  • saves notes from conversations with clients
  • link sales opportunites
  • Sometimes can be delayed
As you click to call, the pop up displays making it easy to notate any important information while on the call
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Felix Hechel | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 31, 2017

10 points for Tenfold

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold tracks notes, how in depth I'm connected with my customer and leaves the option to track opportunities within my SalesForce profiles.

  • Fully automated in logging my notes and recording all necessary information.
  • I am only having to log information for customer calls in one place and it converts to all other avenues. I love that it's a time saver.
  • Call tracking is exceptional. I am able to see when I made the most calls and when I was actually connecting to the most people.
  • The only slight complaint I have is that sometimes I have to click a phone number multiple times before it call. This happens very rarely.
Well suited for high-activity sales environments. Could not see it being very beneficial for non-phone based firms
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Alex Pointon | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 30, 2017

Increase telesales rep efficiency

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is used by our sales department, mostly allowing business development reps to monitor their call activity in real time, take notes and use the click to dial functionality. This enables the reps to be more efficient, as they recognise a slump in activity much more quickly - and react to it.
  • Click to dial functionality makes a telesales job easier - when the number is formatted correctly.
  • Live call count.
  • Visibility.
  • Not all features are available outside of the US.
  • Integration with Salesforce is not perfect.
Tenfold is perfectly suited to an outbound telesales agent, improving the speed at which they can work (using click to dial, and inline note taking), as well as allowing a greater understanding of their outbound activity using the live call count function. It may be less appropriate to a sales rep who places less emphasis on call count/time etc.
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Rich Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 30, 2017

You need to check this out it saves you so much time!!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is being used as a third party integration system between our Nextiva VOIP System and our CRM Salesforce. It hyperlinks the phone numbers within the Salesforce system to be able to auto call right from Salesforce, which dramatically saves time on having to add a phone number manually into your VOIP system. It also allows us to quickly add notes in a pop out window to save time on duplicate entry.
  • Hyperlink Phone Numbers - It helps as every second counts when you are doing hi-volume sales calls.
  • Integration of Notes - Eliminates redundancy of note taking and again speed is everything.
  • Reports - Able to track all users very quickly and has great graphs and charts to identify problem areas that need to be addressed.
  • You may want to offer different colors of the APP.
  • You may want to offer an on and off button for the pop out window.
Tenfold is very suited when you are trying to get to that next call and just can press on the number you are trying to reach and then put notes in quickly and then move on to the next call. Very fast and efficient!!
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Tiffany Paiz | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 22, 2017


Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Fantastic Application!

This makes my calling my customers much easier and tracks my phone calls no problem! I love this application!
The click to call function is great, and the timer for calls makes tracking mine and my teams' calls a cinch!
I love the badges awarded to employees for making or meeting call goals!
  • Click to call function
  • Call tracking function
  • Badges awarded
  • Sometimes the application doesn't update with all the incoming calls
  • Make the overlay easier to work with, sometimes prevents me from clicking certain things
  • Great application otherwise
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Edward G Caballero | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 25, 2017

Tenfold is the future

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our entire sales department uses Tenfold. It addresses a lot of issues. Our ability to text our prospects allows us to get information quicker in their hands. The iPhone app is easy to use and allows us to access information on-the-go. Also the fact that we can catalog and save people's information is very helpful. We are used to making 100s of calls a day and sometimes when we get a call back, it makes our lives easier to know who is calling back so we can be prepared, as opposed to answering the phone and not sounding informed.
  • Texting is such a great feature. My e-mail can be hard to spell for some people so I love being able to tell people "hey I'll text you my email."
  • I have group chats with my team on Tenfold and it is useful to be able to access it through the iPhone app.
  • I make 100s of calls a week. When a prospect calls me back I used to ask, "Who is this?" And the prospect typically would respond with "I don't know you called me!" That was one of the worst feelings. Being able to catalog the prospect's information avoids that issue altogether.
  • I randomly get signed out of my iPhone app? Sometimes I click on the app and it's signed me out. Weird part is that if I click on it again, I'm signed in.
  • Connectivity issues on the desktop. The older guys at our company believe the service should be as reliable as a land line. So they're always complaining about this connection issue.
  • I like that this integrates with Salesforce. Although I'm not sure what information it shares and how it works. Because of that I haven't been using this feature. I have some ideas on how to improve this, if you're reading this Tenfold!
  • Sometimes I'll make a phone call, and the call seems to disappear into nowhere but I can still hear it ringing. The app just won't allow me to disconnect or hang up the call. This doesn't happen all the time. And it only seems to happen with disconnected phone numbers. But it still annoys me.
To be honest, I can't think of one place this platform wouldn't be well-suited.
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Evan Carlson | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 22, 2017

Tenfold gives me hours of my time back by taking away 40-50% of CRM busy work.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is being used to cut down on 30-50% administrative information input work that goes into operating Salesforce. Tenfold is predominately used in our sales department. Tenfold helps keep sales executives focused on the high impact behavior that continues to drive sales for the company. By helping sales executives quickly and seamlessly input lead information from a call or email, Invaluable has been able to focus more of its time on the phone with prospects or current customers.
  • I love how Tenfold allows me to access everything I need to Salesforce from their popup plugin every time I make a call.
  • Once I complete a call, I am able to seamlessly and quickly add notes with the confidence that everything will be logged.
  • The email function is great and can be customized for any template.
  • Not much to say here as Tenfold always seems to predict customer concerns and listen closely to feedback and make changes immediately.
Tenfold optimizes a CRM experience by taking out the tedious busy work that most CRMs require such as call logging, followup tasks, notes. etc.
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Ryan Wamhoff | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 22, 2017

Tenfold: the only Call Tracker you need!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is used through the business to business side of our company. This easy to use program allows us to keep a log of our interactions with our clients, as well as increase performance of every agent that uses the click to dial function. Without a tool such as Tenfold we would not be able to produce the results that we do in such a timely fashion. It is a tool that is a must have for daily operation.
  • The ability to click to dial saves much needed time on getting calls out to our clients to insure that they are taken care of.
  • The notation log that is built in for every call leaves a uniform standard for all other employees to read and understand what happened on the call and what needs to come next. This frees up a lot of time on the next call because we don't have to cover any information twice.
  • The local presence ability to assume a local number ensures that we are able to connect with our clients and ensure that our transactions are more successful because they are more inclined to talk to us.
  • The ability to move the extension around the screen would be a great benefit since you don't always want to minimize it just to be able to see what is behind the pop up. The ability to move it around so you can continue to update your notes and then when you do minimize it and have it snap back into its spot would be a great improvement on the tool's capabilities.
Tenfold gives you an easy place to take your notes for the call and goes with you as you change pages which is a must when you are constantly jumping to different pages about orders and account information. It is smart and saves what you have been typing so if you happen to close it you can pull it back up and continue where you left off.

The only place where it is not appropriate is for internal calls when you are transferring a customer to a different department and it switches your notes out for the new number's information. It is still an easy fix to get back to the original number however.
Read Ryan Wamhoff's full review
Dan McComb | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 22, 2017

Great Software! Absolutely essential to daily efficiency

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Tenfold daily to interface my Cisco Soft phone and my Salesforce account. It allows me to quickly and automatically record all interactions with customers and all my notes are saved directly to Salesforce.
  • Fully automated in logging my notes and recording all necessary information.
  • Quickly identifies and links to account with inbound calls.
  • Streamline and intuitive functions if something needs to be updated on the fly!
  • Occasionally struggles with duplicate account within my Saleforce database
Tenfold is perfectly suited for any scenarios where consistent interaction with customers must be kept organized and easily accessible. Also hugely effective at productively, I'm able to increase my daily efficiency without fear of human logging errors. I wouldn't recommend this product if you're only needing to make 1-2 calls per day.
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Sabrina Eberling | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 11, 2017

I cannot be without it!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The whole organization in several states across the country uses tenfold daily.
  • Keep notes for individual calls
  • Track you phone time to learn your VPC and grow businesses
  • It brings up the account linked to the phone number for a faster and better customer experience
  • Schedule appointments based on your notes without getting into a calendar
  • It misses seconds or sometimes doesn't count the time for the call.
  • Click to dial fails to work sometimes
Busy day you get a call from a customer and instead of asking customer personal questions to find account Tenfold brings it up automatically. that's very helpful!
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Jack Paleczny | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 13, 2017

Simple and clean UX and UI! Easy to use!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We needed a great platform to record and track all of our calls in a non invasive and easy solution, Tenfold definitely solves for this issue. It allows all of my reps to track their call metrics in real time!
  • Great UI and UX
  • Simple design
  • Very easy to use
  • From a reporting standpoint, there is sometimes a discrepancy between the # of minutes on the physical handset, the tenfold pop up and the data that is in Salesforce.
  • I wish there was a manager override button that I could [use to] input a call with a specific call length so it feeds into Tenfold and Salesforce.
  • It’d be great if there was a snooze function, where the pop up wouldn’t pop up for a given time in the event one of my reps need to focus on another task at hand.
From the smallest scale operation to an operation of 1000s of reps, this is an easy to use product that just works.
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Luke Byron | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 31, 2017

Tenfold is an excellent tool!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is used by our entire sales force. It allows for greater connectivity with customers on a daily basis.
  • Tenfold is very easy to use!
  • There are a number of possible ways to record information through their interface, resulting in greater connectivity with customers.
  • There is the ability to compare daily progress and notes with peers through Tenfold's Dashboard.
  • No cons to mention.
Tenfold allows for greater thoroughness in notes during calls with customers in real time. Information is stored for easy follow up.
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Jerry Khemraj | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 31, 2017

Changed our business

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is currently being used by our support and development team. Problems we have been able to resolve are retention for consumers, and time management.
  • Supply notes for each account which integrates with salesforce
  • Accountability
  • Easier to resolve concerns
  • Initially the support needed when we first got started was not there
  • Application crashed in the beginning a few times
Identifying issues clients may have and recent communication with them.
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Luis Miguel Saucedo | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 30, 2017

Tenfold saves time with a great UX/UI. Amazing support too!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold helps me save time by auto logging my calls, and helps me with an efficient interface where I can dial, write notes, select appropriate opportunities/leads/contacts when making these activities. Tenfold is easy to use, and also provides the team with insight on data regarding best connection times.

Overall, tenfold has helped my bottom line, and has helped me with my time management.
  • Logging calls.
  • Providing data regarding call times and metrics.
  • Easy interface to log notes to the appropriate fields within SFDC.
  • I think they can continue to expand in terms of Sales Enablement, but they are doing very well.
[Tenfold is well suited for] Sales Enablement for Calls and Metrics.
Read Luis Miguel Saucedo's full review
Damian Lira | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 30, 2017

Overall, I am satisfied with Tenfold

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Tenfold across the entire company. We use it to track calls and compare numbers with each other. It is pretty effective at tracking our number of calls and also provides analytics about call time and names. It allows us to keep track of who we called, when we called them. Also solves the issue of wondering about productivity or tracking it hour by hour.
  • First and foremost, it rarely ever crashes. I have never had an issue with it.
  • It keeps a career history of your call logs (I believe). I have not gone too far back in my history but anytime I need to check back a few days about who I called or when I called them, Tenfold has had the information.
  • Though I can do the math myself, Tenfold allows me not to worry about that. It lets me know how many calls I've made each hour.
  • I don't have any suggestions that stand out. Maybe some color variation. I'm talking in terms of customization. That would potentially be a cool feature.
I work at a company where making calls is important and the Managers, VP-Level and C-Level continuously keep track of how many calls we're making and who we're making them to. In companies like mine, Tenfold is definitely useful. In others it may not be as well suited, but telemarketing, insurance, and a few other industries might find good use for it.
Read Damian Lira's full review
David Kavrell | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 29, 2017

TenFold a 10

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used across the whole organization, but it is most beneficial to the sales department.
  • It monitors the number and quality of calls made. These are great indicators of sales success.
  • It helps sales people compare themselves to others.
  • It shows the time spent and when it occurs. Other great indicators.
  • I don't like the popup window that gets in the way of my CRM.
[For] ANY sales role it is a must. If you are not concerned with being on the phone, don't use it.
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Sean Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 24, 2017

Tenfold is getting it done!!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold has been a tremendous help since we first implemented it into our systems. The ability to track calls, connects and other KPIs is absolutely essential when it comes to our day to day operations and ensuring that we meet our monthly, quarterly and yearly quota. Thanks Tenfold!!!
  • Click to Dial is a huge plus
  • The tracking reports are fantastic
  • The integration with our CRM is seamless
  • Click to dial freezes at times
[It's well suited for] call centers and any organizations that are heavy with phone calls and telesales outreach or CRM intensive.
Read Sean Murphy's full review
Simon Vargas | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 23, 2017

Why You Should Try Tenfold

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Tenfold is being used to help sales reps get an accurate representation of the current customers (hospitals) that we work with in the industry. We call customers who have existing business to ensure that they are happy. We also prospect new business by getting in touch with customers generated by leads on Salesforce. Tenfold tracks the amount of time we are on the phone with customers which helps depict what calls are being tracked for the day. The longer you can keep a customer on the phone, the more information you can extract. We use Tenfold for the sales department. Many of the other departments do not use it. I use it specifically to touch as many customers as possible. The more interaction you have with customers throughout the day, the better you can offer a solution to solve a specific pain point for the business.

We tend to have goals set for sales reps to hit a certain amount of calls a day so that makes Tenfold very attractive because it creates an adrenaline rush in the work environment that is very healthy.
  • It tracks the amount of time you have with each customer. It lists the specific phone number that you called and will give you detailed information of how long that calls last.
  • If you're conducting analysis of how many calls it takes to convert a customer, this tool can be helpful in doing so.
  • We generally like to say that when making calls to customers, the longer the customer is able to be on the phone, the better the call can be at addressing pain points to offer our solutions.
  • Tenfold has been doubling up our calls for the last month. It has prevented us from accessing our information in a timely manner.
  • In the past, we have had a misrepresentation in call time. It will double, sometimes even triple, our call times.
  • If an incoming call has made its way through our sales line, we do not always have a number on file to give them a call back.
Tenfold allows the user to see how many calls are tracked throughout the day. If you're able to see this, it can drive sales. The more customers you speak to, the more likely they are to listen to you. If they listen, you can then provide a suite of solutions to help your customer more effectively. It is not used in our Quality department or even Marketing. They don't interact with customers as frequently as we do so it is not needed.
Read Simon Vargas's full review

Tenfold Scorecard Summary

About Tenfold

Tenfold’s solution allows companies to dig deep into their business history and aggregates all data, including sales, service, and marketing, and provides a unified view of the customer that users can access in real time. All contact points and interactions with customers are captured back into their existing CRMs, such as business call, email, text, and chat, reducing the need for manual data entry.

The product aims to solve the problem of callers needing to provide account information over and over, or long waits while reps take time to look up basic information.

With Tenfold, anyone interacting with a customer can easily access a unified view of previous engagements, actions, and conversations among other things with that particular customer, enabling them to make prompt responses and decisive actions to ensure customer satisfaction, more business opportunity, and improved business growth.

Tenfold integrates with many CRMs and phone systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys.

Improve Customer Satisfaction & Customer Experience

•Immediately recognize callers with inbound/outbound screen-pops

•Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)

•Complete context at your reps fingertips

•Streamline case management and data capture workflow

Increase Productivity

•Click to Call

•Automatically log calls

•Eliminate Manual Searching

•Notes, Next Steps & Dispositions

•Streamline Workflows

•Support Blind & Warm Transfers

•Support Custom Objects, Cases, Opportunities

Categories:  Contact Center

Tenfold Features

Has featureClick to Dial
Has featureAutomatically Log Calls
Has featureImmediately recognize callers with inbound/outbound screen-pops
Has featureStreamline case management and data capture workflow
Has featureReduce Average Handle Time (AHT)
Has featureEliminate Manual Searching
Has featureNotes, Next Steps & Dispositions
Has featureSupport Blind & Warm Transfers
Has featureSupport Custom Objects, Cases, Opportunities

Tenfold Screenshots

Tenfold Integrations

Sugar Sell (SugarCRM), Mitel Applications Suite, Zendesk, HubSpot, NetSuite, 8x8 X Series (Formerly Virtual Office), Sangoma Asterisk, formerly from Digium, Avaya Intelligent Xperiences Contact Center, RingCentral, Genesys PureCloud, Genesys PureConnect, Genesys PureEngage, SAP CRM, Infor CloudSuite CRM, ServiceNow, Pardot, Microsoft Teams, MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel), Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Bullhorn CRM (unpublished), SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris), Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Cisco, NetSuite CRM+, Android, iOS, Microsoft Active Directory, Asterisk, Siemens, Mitel, and many more.

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  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
  • Entry-level set up fee?Optional

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Tenfold Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:International
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese