TrustRadius Value and Very EffectiveAfter a small test, we implemented a staggered roll-out over a month in 2016. Even recruitment uses it. Great flexibility to add conference call tracking later and improve reliability steadily. Virtually no downtime in the last 12 months, and great Sugar integration. Lowers downtime, and aids in the identification of miscues in new reps; has introduced some truly invaluable KPIs to us.,Accurate Number identification across CRM and web Customizing Call Dispositions Intuitive historical tracking "Gamification" of reporting in a team environment adds a nice reward and competition system.,Inbound calls occasionally pop up late in multi-tab/window environments. It could be easier to navigate to old calls in the quick view popup.,10,Increased outbound productivity - more calls = good. Earlier catching of mistakes through sophisticated tracking cuts down on turnover.,,Radian6, Sysomos MAP, SugarCRM, IBM SPSSEffective tool for pipeline managementTenfold is being used by out department (about 500 employees+). The problems it helps us solve - notes for pertinent info from customers related to pipeline management and ongoing projects with customers. We also use it to track critical time evaluations for each rep and have it report to SFDC. It is an effective tool for live customer info, pipeline management and KPI recording and performance for reps and managers.,Adding customer information to account and contact levels from the phone call with the customer Allowing a shortcut to a pipeline management tool in SFDC to monitor sales opportunities Tack time effectively for time on phone for a rep Customer service to us a client,The pop-up window often has a glitch Rebooting it to show the correct amount of time on a call Self resolution tips to getting solutions without having to reach out to support teams,7,Great for pipeline management Great for note taking while on the phone with customer, and syncing info to Salesforce Needs to be less buggy and interact well with other extensions,Ambition, Calabrio ONE, Google HangoutsTenfold is great!Tenfold is being used to keep our calls organized with the many different accounts we each have in our book of business individually. It helps keep track of who you are calling within our accounts and let's us take notes right on the pop out so that we know what we talked with each customer about without having to ask them over and over again.,Logs notes for each individual call Is very easy to get acquainted with and easy to use Works with our other systems very well to help keep everything organized without having to go from system to system to get information on calls Lets you know who is calling so that you can prepare for the conversation you are about to have before you answer the phone,Not popping up when I am clicking around on a website Sometimes but not often it doesn't log my call the first time I save it Staying on one contact when another call comes in but I am working on notes for another customer,10,It definitely has helped keep me organized to best help my customers and get them to make purchases because I already know what is going on when they call. I am sure that I have been able to sell more than the cost of what Tenfold is for me so that is great! It is a great tool to keep track of customers needs and then you can flip that into taking care of the customer and getting the sale.,,TenfoldTry Tenfold.... Seriously.Tenfold allows our organization to make more dials daily. Their click to dial feature has allowed our team to increase call volume by 37% which has lead to many more sales. It is easy to use and easy to teach. I would highly recommend this product to any mid size company with a sales team making outbound calls.,Click to dial feature allows a higher call volume per sales rep Monitor each individuals performance on call volume and activity in your CRM Ensure your employees are using company time to do company work and not make calls outside of work related environments.,No cons. Customer service is great Rarely goes down,10,Higher call volume Identify which inquiry is calling into you with their amazing caller id,SugarCRMGreat tool to use with CRMWe use Tenfold for call management. Able to utilize directly with our CRM system.,Great customer service. Easy to set up. Able to keep notes directly onto the pop up which imports them directly to CRM. Reliable since it has not shut down on our team.,There are a few glitches every now and then. The previous call may pop up instead of having a real-time caller. If a bit more information on the client could integrate into the pop up that would be great.,10,Able to track calls and return them. You can set reminders to call.,Salesforce App Cloud,Salesforce App CloudGreat Salesforce Tool!We use Tenfold for our sales department. We display live call metrics on a TV scoreboard, which helps to gamify calls among the salespeople. I believe there could be quite a bit of customer service use as well, which we might move to as we handle more RMA/support issues. Tenfold is useful for making sure Salesforce notes are used as a tool, rather than an extra task.,Easy to set up. It has been the smoothest implementation I've been a part of. Intuitive UI increases user adoption and decreases training time. The only solution for entering Salesforce calls that doesn't feel like a chore.,Occasional ghost calls Unable to update data if connection to phone system is interrupted Occasional issues with call timer, less than once a month.,9,Increase in calls logged in Salesforce, and less time to enter the notes. Improved follow up. Increased user competitiveness.,,RingCentralGreat Sales Tool!Tenfold is used in our B2B department. Tenfold is being used with our CRM, Salesforce, to allow us to log calls more efficiently. It is used to help us dial out to our customers quickly and efficiently with the click-to-dial feature. We are also able to record our findings from each call. Using Tenfold for our sales department, we display live call metrics on a projection scoreboard, which helps to create a fun, competitive, productive work environment.,Able to keep notes directly onto the pop-up which imports them directly to CRM Reporting statistics for calls Integrates with Salesforce easily intuitive and seamless,When putting in notes sometimes floating UI disappears so you have to reopen to finish. Occasionally there will be brief downtime Sometimes it will dial multiple times on one click,9,Better call conversations I can do my job faster and more efficient at the same time Keeps me organized,Ambition, Salesforce Analytics CloudTenfold is a great tool for Call CentersTenfold is only used for our Sales team which is about 150 people including Account Managers, Sales Reps, and Managers. We use it to sync with our CRM tool (Salesforce) for ease of use finding accounts, and also call stats.,Call Stats Team Groupings Support Staff,Crashes intermittently,9,Return on Investment Shows numerous phone stats,We have not used another service similar to this,Salesforce Partner Management, Infor BI, Cisco CatalystTenfold is GREAT!!This is used to allocate all of our computer programs and keep our days at a glance. It also gives us the ability to multitask more seamlessly. This product pretty much gives me a checklist of what I have done for the day. This is almost ideal for anyone that is remotely in a role that requires management.,It helps when I receive a phone call and it shows up on my screen. It keeps me in sync with all of my everyday tasks. The program is always evolving into to work with all of my programs. It works wonders with Salesforce.,Just continuing to work with Windows to move faster. None, this is a good product.,10,Tenfold,Zendesk, Zopim by Zendesk, SAP Business OneHelps me keep my appointments and documentation on track!Tenfold is the SIP phone used across all of Wayfair in all departments. There are units on our desks for dialing, but the software is used remotely without the desktop phone.,Integrates very well with Salesforce, our CRM software. As we disposition calls, the notes automatically generate on my customer's accounts, saving me valuable steps in documentation. Call metrics gathered in Tenfold are used for measuring productivity across all of the sales team. Reporting is done through Salesforce, once again speaking volumes of the integration capabilities. The clarity and consistency of quality of calls are outstanding! Very little delay, static or feedback.,When looking at recent calls from the pop-up window, it would be beneficial if the history went back further. Often notes need to be updated. When looking at the day's calls on the web page, it would be helpful if we could update notes from that page. This very well could be our own team's suggestion, not Tenfold - but if we could plug our headphones into the computer directly for audio vs. having to go through the external phone, it would eliminate having to have 2 sets of headphones when having to listen to online training on the computer.,10,When we moved over to Salesforce, it was the natural choice to upgrade the phone system used company-wide. I was not a part of the decision-making process, nor do I see any numbers - but from my department, it has made a positive impact on the everyday functions we are supposed to perform.,Avaya,DPS Outlook Office, dotConnect for Salesforce, Microsoft Office 2016Tenfold Saves Me TimeWe use Tenfold for call management and scheduling purposes. We say "if it's not on Tenfold, it didn't happen" It is used throughout our entire department to standardize our process and assure consistency among our workforce. All calls and scheduling start and end with Tenfold. It is essential to our work day.,Tenfold is intuitive and seamless It is very dependable, there is no need to have a backup scheduling plan It easily becomes part of your routine,Occasionally there will be brief downtime Sometimes it is hard to tell if data entered during downtime will be added later Inbound calls during an outbound call can cause some confusion,10,It has made me more productive It has given me confidence that my follow up calls are not being missed It organizes my day and allows easy review of my activity,SalesOutlook CRM,DPS Outlook OfficeGreat product, very easy to useWe use tenfold to manage and note our incoming and outgoing call flow. It's fast, user-friendly, and interacts with our other software programs seamlessly. I definitely recommend it. It makes managing my book of business easier, allowing me to focus on growth instead of software issues, and support tickets to get problems fixed. Great piece of software.,Click to dial Call notes Statistic tracking Call graphs,No complaints,8,,Ambition, Salesforce Backup, Google HangoutsBEST SALES TOOL EVERThrough Tenfold, I can record notes from conversations with my customers as I have them, and those notes are saved to my Salesforce. This makes it so easy to reference leads, or any other information I may have gathered on that customer.,Tenfold has all of my contacts saved already because it is linked to Salesforce. This is shown any time a make a call or have an incoming call. If a contact is not save, I can create a new one very easily. Tenfold has excellent customer service. I rarely have issues with it, but when a glitch occurs the Tenfold customer service makes sure the issue is swiftly resolved. With each new call I receive or make, Tenfold shows me the previous call I had with that person, along with the notes I made.,When I receive a call, Tenfold shows the contact(s) associated with that number. Sometimes I accidentally click on the wrong person, and there is no back button for me to change the contact after I click it. Occasionally Tenfold glitches and doesn't correctly record the number of calls made or received that day. Another glitch that happens sometimes is that is shows the incorrect contact when someone calls, usually pulling up a phone call I had the previous day.,10,Tenfold has created healthy competition between the sales reps in my office. Everyone can see the Tenfold dashboard, which shows how many calls each sales rep has made and received, as well as how much connections they made and the duration of their talk time. I have made more sales because of the leads I easily saved to Tenfold. Because of Tenfold, customers feel more appreciated and important because I remember everything from the previous conversations I had with them.,Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Epicor Prophet 21, MagentoGreat for growing Sales TeamTenfold is used across the Wayfair B2B Sales Org to intergrate call metrics, notes and opportunity creation to Salesforce. It is our most utilized tool in tracking enrollment and sales teams. Prior CEM tools proved and CRM were not scalable with our rate of growth and Tenfold's user friendly interface has greatly increased call production and opportunity generation on Sales Teams and provides a great real time view or production for Sales Managers.,Real Time Data User Friendly Dashboard and Floating UI Unparalleled Customer Service Flexibility and willingness to implement improvements based on customer feedback,Floating UI will innfrequently pop out without cause. Small inconsistencies with data between Tenfold and SFDC Dashboard not easily customizable to frontline users,9,30% increase in connections after full implementation Dashboard provides fun, light-hearted high level view of production metrics in real time, generating healthy competition Responsive customer service has reduced down time or data lapses due to faster correction of issue than prior software.,,Okta, Duo Security, Salesforce App CloudGreat Value Call Tracking Service!Tenfold is being used to track all our inbound/outbound calls. We are currently using it for the entire fulfillment/customer service team and are using it directly through Salesforce. It significantly decreases the time needed to pull up an account of a client when an inbound call is coming in. Overall it creates a more effective workflow for the team.,The ability to save notes directly to Salesforce is a major plus! The ability to schedule follow up tasks is also a major factor. The tag feature is also great! If a client calls in for another rep, you can tag them in the call notes.,The only major thing that I would suggest is logging a call in a client's account even if the call is missed.,9,Tenfold has had a massive positive impact on the company's finances. It has drastically decreased our cancellation rate.,Call Rail,Salesforce Analytics CloudTenfold new user reviewWe use Tenfold to help us dial out directly and take real-time notes and click-to-dial. We integrated with NetSuite, our CRM. We needed a way to save time and cut down on the laborious task of manually inputting all details about a call to a customer. Currently, it's only used by the sales and customer service teams.,Adds call notes to customer account Allows us to call out faster Keep a record of calls made,Better implementation with Netsuite More user testing to work out browser kinks.,7,Allows the sales team to see metrics and be a bit competitive, in a good way. Reports provide a clearer view of when staff needs to be on the phone or available for calls. Calls per day are up because of the time savings and click to dial feature.,,RingCentral, Glip, NetSuiteI cannot be without it!The whole organization in several states across the country uses tenfold daily.,Keep notes for individual calls Track you phone time to learn your VPC and grow businesses It brings up the account linked to the phone number for a faster and better customer experience Schedule appointments based on your notes without getting into a calendar,It misses seconds or sometimes doesn't count the time for the call. Click to dial fails to work sometimes,10,It shows the last note from that account so it makes easier to remember the last conversation creating a more personalized customer experience,none,Salesforce Analytics Cloud, DPS Outlook OfficeClick to Dial... PricelessTenfold is being used by everyone within our marketing firm. Every inbound and outbound call is logged and attached to our CRM. It streamlines record keeping and makes it easy for us to pull accounts based on phone numbers and extensions. The timestamp and custom premade note click options make it a wonderful telemarketing tool.,Note taking with accurate time stamps Capable of pulling account data from our database Click to dial!,The side panel does open up by itself in any window/browser that is open. So, that is a little annoying. For example, if you have two browsers open, outbound call or inbound call, Tenfold will slide open from the bottom left of both corners blocking whatever content is behind it.,8,Wish to not disclose,Avaya Aura Call Center Elite,Axiom Sales Force DevelopmentGreat product, needs a few updatesWe used Tenfold to get a popup when incoming calls came in through our phone system. We used RingCentral, Salesforce, and Tenfold together. The idea was to capture customer communications in Salesforce using the Tenfold popup. I have a one person sales team that I work with, so if that person doesn't utilize the software, we won't have a need for it. I used the software myself to log some tech support calls, but we did not have a need to do that. My sales rep ended up not using the popup and felt that it got in the way more than anything.,The sales reps were very friendly and responsive. If I ever had any questions about our account, pricing, etc., the sales team would respond to my e-mails and phone calls within minutes. They even directed my technical questions to their support staff when it was appropriate. There were several times I asked the sales team technical questions and they always connected with the right support technician. The tech support was very knowledgeable and quick to respond. Any time I had a problem they always had a solution and it was quick to implement. The software performed as expected. The popups worked most of the time and performance was never laggy.,There is no ability to customize the popup. It is stuck in one place (bottom right) and can't be moved. Just adding something as simple as being able to move it up and down would make a world of a difference. I don't know how many times the popup got in the way of other information I was trying to look at. It would, of course, be a much better product if the popup were it's own app that could be docked anywhere on the screen. Tying the popup to Chrome really keeps this software from being the best it could be. There are no skins, color options, customize options, or anything like that for the popup window. There is nothing you can do to affect how it looks, what information is on it, and where it is docked. Solve those three issues, and you have an amazing tool that is flexible and personable.,10,We used Tenfold for a year and a half. I logged several tech support calls with it, but the main purpose was to log sales calls. Because I have such a small sales team, one person, and that person didn't like using it, we ended up cancelling our service. The impact to us was neutral. The cost was low and there was minimum ROI.,None,FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Office 365, Camtasia, Skype, RingCentralAn easy, supportive system any company can rely on.We use Tenfold for many different things. One of them being tracking calls. It tracks our calls for us to be able to go back and see how many calls we made. We use the notes to track what happens in the call. We use it as a caller id, it pulls up the person's account when outgoing or incoming calls come in. Great way to keep things organized.,Accuracy. The call time, notes and details are almost always 100% accurate. Tracking. Great tool to track how many calls we make and what happened in the call conversation. Informational. Nice to be able to keep all of the information in one place. The account that called, what happened in the call and set follow ups.,Click to dial could respond faster. Sometimes it doesn't pull up numbers even when they are saved under a contact. Sometimes the pop up is delayed.,10,Tenfold has been a great added tech system to the company.,,Salesforce Service CloudYou need to check this out it saves you so much time!!Tenfold is being used as a third party integration system between our Nextiva VOIP System and our CRM Salesforce. It hyperlinks the phone numbers within the Salesforce system to be able to auto call right from Salesforce, which dramatically saves time on having to add a phone number manually into your VOIP system. It also allows us to quickly add notes in a pop out window to save time on duplicate entry.,Hyperlink Phone Numbers - It helps as every second counts when you are doing hi-volume sales calls. Integration of Notes - Eliminates redundancy of note taking and again speed is everything. Reports - Able to track all users very quickly and has great graphs and charts to identify problem areas that need to be addressed.,You may want to offer different colors of the APP. You may want to offer an on and off button for the pop out window.,10,We have been able to close 5% more deals as we are making far more calls!! ROI is huge!!,GoToMeeting, Infusionsoft, Salesforce App CloudTenfold gives me hours of my time back by taking away 40-50% of CRM busy work.Tenfold is being used to cut down on 30-50% administrative information input work that goes into operating Salesforce. Tenfold is predominately used in our sales department. Tenfold helps keep sales executives focused on the high impact behavior that continues to drive sales for the company. By helping sales executives quickly and seamlessly input lead information from a call or email, Invaluable has been able to focus more of its time on the phone with prospects or current customers.,I love how Tenfold allows me to access everything I need to Salesforce from their popup plugin every time I make a call. Once I complete a call, I am able to seamlessly and quickly add notes with the confidence that everything will be logged. The email function is great and can be customized for any template.,Not much to say here as Tenfold always seems to predict customer concerns and listen closely to feedback and make changes immediately.,10,Tenfold has given me hours of my time back to focus on getting on the phone with my prospects and customers By cutting away 40-50% of the log work that goes into using CRM' I can quickly jump on the next call and not lose my focus.,,AmbitionTenfold: the only Call Tracker you need!Tenfold is used through the business to business side of our company. This easy to use program allows us to keep a log of our interactions with our clients, as well as increase performance of every agent that uses the click to dial function. Without a tool such as Tenfold we would not be able to produce the results that we do in such a timely fashion. It is a tool that is a must have for daily operation.,The ability to click to dial saves much needed time on getting calls out to our clients to insure that they are taken care of. The notation log that is built in for every call leaves a uniform standard for all other employees to read and understand what happened on the call and what needs to come next. This frees up a lot of time on the next call because we don't have to cover any information twice. The local presence ability to assume a local number ensures that we are able to connect with our clients and ensure that our transactions are more successful because they are more inclined to talk to us.,The ability to move the extension around the screen would be a great benefit since you don't always want to minimize it just to be able to see what is behind the pop up. The ability to move it around so you can continue to update your notes and then when you do minimize it and have it snap back into its spot would be a great improvement on the tool's capabilities.,10,It has saved us time between calls and to call increase volume of our department. It saves/gains the company money by allowing more interactions per agent everyday allowing us to get in touch with more clients to ensure that orders are fulfilled. The peace of mind that you get from using a program that will save your notes for the next time you get in touch with them so you don't have to remember everything or write it down elsewhere. It is always attached to their number and so you will always have access to them when you need to get in touch with them.,Salesforce Partner ManagementOverall, I am satisfied with TenfoldWe are using Tenfold across the entire company. We use it to track calls and compare numbers with each other. It is pretty effective at tracking our number of calls and also provides analytics about call time and names. It allows us to keep track of who we called, when we called them. Also solves the issue of wondering about productivity or tracking it hour by hour.,First and foremost, it rarely ever crashes. I have never had an issue with it. It keeps a career history of your call logs (I believe). I have not gone too far back in my history but anytime I need to check back a few days about who I called or when I called them, Tenfold has had the information. Though I can do the math myself, Tenfold allows me not to worry about that. It lets me know how many calls I've made each hour.,I don't have any suggestions that stand out. Maybe some color variation. I'm talking in terms of customization. That would potentially be a cool feature.,10,Tenfold has let me keep track of all the calls I made. It makes sure I don't redial people if I don't want to, and lets me redial them easily if I do. The analytics are a nice feature as well. I definitely approve of those and definitely feel they are a nice added touch.,,SugarCRMTenfold is getting it done!!Tenfold has been a tremendous help since we first implemented it into our systems. The ability to track calls, connects and other KPIs is absolutely essential when it comes to our day to day operations and ensuring that we meet our monthly, quarterly and yearly quota. Thanks Tenfold!!!,Click to Dial is a huge plus The tracking reports are fantastic The integration with our CRM is seamless,Click to dial freezes at times,8,Roughly speaking, it's increased revenue and other productions by 10-15% overall,Adform,SugarCRM, WhiteSource, Paychex Flex
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71 Ratings
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About Tenfold

Tenfold’s solution allows companies to dig deep into their business history and aggregates all data, including sales, service, and marketing, and provides a unified view of the customer that users can access in real time. All contact points and interactions with customers are captured back into their existing CRMs, such as business call, email, text, and chat, reducing the need for manual data entry.

The product aims to solve the problem of callers needing to provide account information over and over, or long waits while reps take time to look up basic information.

With Tenfold, anyone interacting with a customer can easily access a unified view of previous engagements, actions, and conversations among other things with that particular customer, enabling them to make prompt responses and decisive actions to ensure customer satisfaction, more business opportunity, and improved business growth.

Tenfold integrates with many CRMs and phone systems, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys.

Improve Customer Satisfaction & Customer Experience

•Immediately recognize callers with inbound/outbound screen-pops

•Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT)

•Complete context at your reps fingertips

•Streamline case management and data capture workflow

Increase Productivity

•Click to Call

•Automatically log calls

•Eliminate Manual Searching

•Notes, Next Steps & Dispositions

•Streamline Workflows

•Support Blind & Warm Transfers

•Support Custom Objects, Cases, Opportunities

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Tenfold Features

Has featureClick to Dial
Has featureAutomatically Log Calls
Has featureImmediately recognize callers with inbound/outbound screen-pops
Has featureStreamline case management and data capture workflow
Has featureReduce Average Handle Time (AHT)
Has featureEliminate Manual Searching
Has featureNotes, Next Steps & Dispositions
Has featureSupport Blind & Warm Transfers
Has featureSupport Custom Objects, Cases, Opportunities

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Deployment Types:SaaS
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